Champagne Girl

Look at your eyes, lighting up a room; effortlessly, flawlessly. Your smile with the given ability to melt even the coldest heart. Your personality; glittering, outgoing, beautiful. The human personification of a Gatsby soirèe. How do I describe your beauty without sounding cliché? A face and body created in the image of Aphrodite. No, no; as you cannot be compared, you are your own unique kind of beauty. This goes far beyond what the eye can see, darling. Maybe it’s in the way you carry yourself, you easily stand out in a crowd. Perhaps it’s the way your heart beats with passion; or the way your mind flows with imagination and truth. You’re new, mysterious and a goddamn sight to behold. Truthfully no orchestration or symphony of words could begin to communicate just how auspicious of an existence you have created for me by entering my life, Champagne girl.

16 thoughts on “Champagne Girl

  1. Thank you, Marco for sending me (I know, not directly, but I had to go see) to read this beautiful love letter.
    How lucky is the recipient of these love-filled words? Extremely.

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          • Hah! How old are your kids?
            My boys are 20 next month and 18 last October. And my first-born boy would have been 22 in May. We had him for almost 8 months before he passed away. (Not looking for sympathy, just stating facts. I feel weird not including Austin when I say how many kids I have)

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          • Austin. Thank you for sharing that. I understand.
            My son just turned 23 and my daughter is 21. It doesn’t seem like time has gotten away from me this quickly but it has. Every now and again I will see little ones and I miss when my kids were that age. But you know what? I have enjoyed their presence in my life at all the different ages, so I guess for that we are all truly blessed.

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          • Thanks.
            Yeah. Time has gotten away big time. I miss their wanting and needing me like when they were little, and actually, occasionally, feel they might actually still do. But they keep it to themselves, mostly. Boys. Not easy.

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          • Yeah, my boy is so confident and driven. He is no nonsense and very opinionated, not to mention one hell of a writer. But you know what? When he needs advice or for someone to put him in his place, my lovely and soft spoken daughter is the one he turns to. Funny how that works . . . lol


          • Sounds like my eldest. He often goes to Mick’s (late hubs) friends for most advice, occasionally actually me – but for food stuff! His best friend, Marie-Soleil is the one he takes shit from when he’s being a jerk!

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          • Haha! That’s great!

            Apologies. I took an intermezzo and went for a run. It’s my run day and I was putting it off and putting it off because I was having so much fun reading and writing.
            Gotta say, running in the rain with Young Mozart kicking on my playlist is pretty nice.

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          • No apologies necessary. And good man. Zeke – my beast – keeps looking at me with eyes accusing me to get off my arse and move! And of course, I was convincing myself that I was waiting to be close to sunset so I could capture beautiful images whilst walking said beast. And the sun is where? Hiding behind the clouds that are calling for rain to start tonight and go on all friggen day tomorrow.
            Mozart – gotta love Mozart.
            Looks like it’s you who’ve given me the boost…. Laters!


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