All Creatures Great and Small

I volunteer at a local animal shelter with my daughter.

Volunteer mornings are a favorite thing. Time moves in a quieted roam whose fine deliberations are dressed in simple miracles of faith and belief.ย The world goes small and understandable and its price tag feels redeemable inside the peace achieved as if angels made it so.

It’s a gift of moments wrapped in time and place. It’s a warm embrace full of love’s most earnest try. It’s a lesson taught unfailingly. It’s a promise kept. It’s a dream obliged. It’s what makes this spinning world worth all the secrets.



21 thoughts on “All Creatures Great and Small

  1. B,

    And you don’t DO short 100-word prompts, eh? This was beautiful and showed a side of you that is tender and loving (not that I doubt that one iota). It’s been a good while since you two went and visited the pups, eh?


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