Living Monday like a rock concert

Why does Monday feel like an accident? It’s like we’re cruising down the interstate inside a couple days supplied to us by Don Henley and the next thing we know, a day comes out of nowhere to sideswipes our asses. And the worst part is, our insurance won’t cover the damage since the day really didn’t come out of nowhere. We saw it coming for days, in fact.

Mondays roll like that. They’re used to being the punchlines divvied up by their more fortunate calendar compatriots. Tuesday gets off on knowing at least it’s not Monday. Wednesday is the hump day darling . . Thursday is the Eve of Friday, whose proper is disco lemonade to our senses. Saturday is so dang popular thatย Chicagoย wrote an anthem for it, and Sunday is where all the other days come to chill. All the other days excepting for Monday, which ain’t fetching an invite on account of all the mellow it harshes, just by being in the room.

And so this Monday finds the Dubs as the baller kings who just sent LBJ off in search of a funky town where he can reclaim his crown. And I want it to be Miami . . with KD and Kawhi. Because Mondays can be for dreaming too.

Monday is Trump in Singapore, in an historic meeting with the dude from that Seth Rogen movie. And like . . . what’s the worst that could happen?

And speaking on Monday . . are we like . . at war with Canada yet? Because I’m not sure whether Trump and Trudeau hate each other or whether they are very much in love. . .

Monday is figuring out why Anthony Bourdain is gone much too soon, and knowing that we’re never gonna figure it out. Because he took all those thoughts and voices that never quit his brain, with him. We were thieved a genuine voice and immense talent. And it happens every day, to names not famous. And sometimes? We just need to be thankful for the time we have.

Monday is being knee deep in a baseball season whose news is going to be stolen away in snippets from now until October. Like with Nadal winning France again and Bob Baffert cementing his status as best trainer ever with Justify’s triple crown win . . and the World Cup coming strong.

Monday is wondering why we need another Jurassic movie, and its realizing because Jeff Goldblum is as good a reason as any.

Monday is letting go of what’s not coming back and taking hold of what’s ahead. It’s making the best of things. It’s putting a face to the name of the moments that are waiting for us. It’s kicking ass, taking names and it’s living as if Monday isn’t Monday at all.

Monday is taking me back to the summer of 1984. Back when I thought Orwell a putz when it came to predictions. Must’ve been the mood.


89 thoughts on “Living Monday like a rock concert

  1. B, oh B!

    You have made me laugh this morning during my break before the crazy restarts…

    Don’t get me started on the Trump/Trudeau thing.

    You, Sir, truly have a gift with the written word. You make me smile, laugh, think…

    Have a wondrous MONDAY ! Coz Mondays are Mondays and we’ll never get away from them…

    Lotsa love and good cheer,


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    • Q,
      I am happy to supply something less serious than Monday and long days. So . . at your service. Pun kinda intended.
      Thank you kind lady. I think that I covered all the bases on this one then, huh?
      Wondrous Mondays ARE possible. And since we ain’t gonna be able to escape their clutches for very long, we might as well dress ’em in whatever we damn well feel like!
      I won’t get you started on the War of the T’s. Because if it leads to war with Canada, we will be forced to correspond in secret!

      Love, good cheer and peace on earth (and especially North America)

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      • B,
        At my service, eh? Nice… ๐Ÿ˜‰
        You did indeed!
        Mondays are no ALL bad, yanno… I bet you can have a wonderful one in the near future… I’m thinking we make of them what we would like them to be…
        Could you imagine? Corresponding in secret? I dunno…. could go so many different ways…

        Love and peace ‘twixt our two countries.

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  2. That’s the perfect anthem for today! If any other day started the week, it’s be as crucified as Monday’s are. Just praying the nuc guys don’t wig out. I’m still in shock over the kerfuffle in Canada. The nicest people in the world and we have to go poke them in the eye. ๐Ÿ˜ณ WTH?! Here’s to a week of a$$kicking.

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  3. Emmanuel Macron is very much like the current occupant of the American White House, Macron just knows how to speak in public and conduct himself like an actual diplomat. Macron very much reminds me of Dr. Henry Kissinger, very cold, calculating, and knows exactly what he is doing. As an undergraduate at Harvard, Henry Kissinger wrote his senior thesis on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, and Emmanuel Macron during his advanced studies was a graduate research assistant for the French poet Renรฉ Char. Both lost out to money and power, without regard for the common weal. This all said, I am not at all wanting to debate this, simply an observation in that Emmanuel Macron has his issues as well.
    I wish in 1984, I had had time to find Orwell a putz, but I was living in France at the time, and I had an entire address book of friends in the United States that had died. So, I know what it is like, literally, when one’s government turns its back and does nothing.
    We made it to Wednesday ! Good Morning !

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    • B,

      I read lots on Nixon when I was in High School. Shakespeare and Nixon, and I think both intrigued me for different reasons AND the very same reason- what makes people who seemingly “have it all” want more than that? It’s a compulsion to which I was always intrigued. Power is such an addictive property. KIssinger was always fascinating to me because he was a ‘wonk’. He knew his shit and he just went about it, as you said . . cold and calculated with a crystallized vision. I will definitely be looking into those similarities, because I dig.
      Macron followed a similar road to Trump in that he was an afterthought who gained traction thanks to a fractured political climate. And yes, he actually can speak and conduct himself as a diplomat, but I see what you’re saying.
      In high school, I had time to get in trouble. Too much time. And I obliged. Your 1984 speaks to the wound this country has never properly addressed, I think. Your 1984 is a story worth telling
      Wednesday? It HAS been a long week already hasnt it?

      Love the chime, as per!


      • Yes, Richard Milhous Nixon has always held great intrigue for me, because he was neither stupid nor ignorant. From the beginning of his career as a politician to the very end was nothing but a tragedy, pace Shakespeare. An aside, I find Shakespeare much more literary and interesting than Richard Nixon, as were Shakespeare’s characters. Now that all of Nixon’s papers have been declassified and are available, it is now known that everything people thought about Nixon, from Jane Fonda on, was completely true. Nixon was much worse that we all thought. After Nixon resigned and gave his farewell address in the East Room of the White House, he ended by saying, roughly : We don’t have a word in English, but the French say au revoir , we’ll be seeing you again. And indeed we did see him again.
        Me, having been an active member of ACT-UP in the 80s and having lived and worked in Paris and London, everything we are seeing today has always been there, now it’s just on the table and people are appalled, but hell, some of the things we find distasteful started with FDR. History of Occident is not always pretty.
        Et voilร  ! Votre petit fol.

        A nota bene : I know why I like you so much, one of my many French lovers was named Marc !!!!!!!

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        • Last part first. Blush, hugs!
          Okay as far as Shakespeare is concerned, Imma choose him every day of the week and twice on Sunday over reading anything more about Nixon at this point. Been there, done that. The payoff leaves me with indigestion. Whereas I can always cull something inspiring from Shakespeare.
          And since I’m into attaching music videos to my comments tonight (it seems), I have one for your rather brilliant sentiment. I do agree, that the political machinations of our past always fetch a reboot by the new suits in charge. And like . . when can we stop with the excuse that we didn’t see it coming? Anyways, thank you for the double time on your chime, and here’s that vid!

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  4. To some, I was known as the one with a sick sense of humor. To others, I was just sick. For instance, I would proclaim that Monday was the best day of the week because we had 5 work days ahead! Woo hoo!!!!!! โ€ฆ. so of course Fridays bummed me out.

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  5. This of course was an awesome Monday post for the Monday’s that do kick your ass. I loved your breakdown, brother. I’ve been listening to Zac Brown’s latest (the one he does with Mr. Roosevelt called Sunday’s Finest) That has definitely flipped the switch on how I look at calendar days. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been able to Jedi-Mind trick my Monday’s with some Tim Ferriss, Eric Thomas, Oprah pump me podcasts. But sometimes those Monday’s be creepin’! Loving that Nadal won again though and enjoyed Justify winning. But Anthony Bourdain … that was rough. I remember loving his show Parts Unknown. He was definitely a cool cat on the Travel Channel and it was serious hit to hear the news about him. Good post bud! Here’s hoping your Monday is a good one!

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    • I do remember your affection for all things Zac Brown! Very cool.
      Mondays don’t really bother me much. Then again, neither do rainy days. Karen Carpenter would be ashamed of me.
      Nadal owns the French Open, still. And is it just me or is Justify winning the Triple Crown cool, but not quite as exciting as when Pharaoh won a few years back? I think it happening so quickly after an almost forty year drought take some of the thrill away. Which kinda sucks because Justify is a great horse.
      I think Bourdain’s death took most people by surprise. There’s nothing that isn’t disconcerting about it. It scares me.

      Happy Monday Guat

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