Life is an outrage, so think simply

In life, there are questions that never get answered.

I know I have scores of questions that will follow me to the wherever after, and I’m plenty fine with that. Because I’ve always been a believer that not all questions are meant to be answered. Certain questions are simply meant to provoke us into moving forward.

Mind you, I’ve also got a great big pile of questions that possess not a lick of import as per the grand scheme of things. It’s in keeping with my personality. I don’t get all caught up in the big deal stuff like Why are we here? because I think it’s a bacon cheeseburger cliche of a question, and I’ve never been a traditional wanderer.

Here’s a sampling of that great big pile . . .

  • Has my son ever picked up a vacuum cleaner in his life?
  • Are chips and dip considered a meal? And if not, why?
  • Is Kelly Ripa a Dementor?
  • Why do we name certain inanimate objects but not others?
  • Is it wrong to call an inanimate object a fucking piece of shit hijo de puta? (When it doesn’t do what I want it to do?)
  • Was Mary Hart ever a real person? Please tell me she wasn’t . . .
  • Is it wrong to miss pain pills every time I hear certain love songs?
  • Why did I watch television before remote controls?
  • Will Domino’s Pizza be fixing potholes with their pizzas?
  • Was God paying attention when I voted for Bill Murray?

As you can see, my questions are simple ones. That’s because I thrive on spatial integrity as far as me ‘noggin is concerned. Sure there’s a value to being in tune with one’s self, but you best wear a harness so’s you don’t plummet into the deep. Because there is an abyss to which most of our brains are not equipped to navigate without some third party involvement making the scene. Trust me on this.

Keep things simple, kids.

32 thoughts on “Life is an outrage, so think simply

  1. B,

    You are certifiable! This is a hoot and a half post. On that note, Dude. Of COURSE chips and dip are a meal…. and NO, it is not wrong to cuss out a piece of shit hijo de put a when it doesn’t do what it is supposed to…
    Wouldn’t worry that pretty little head of yours with that other stuff 😉

    Peace and chips and dip and beer

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  2. I’ve never seen that Dominoes commercial. How ridiculous. I had Dominoes pizza once upon a time — probably about 30 years ago. Never again, I swore. A few months ago, the wife and I decided to give it a try. Never again, I swear. Pizza Hut is in the same category. Would be far better to use their pizzas for pothole repair than what they are currently used for.

    As for Kelly Ripa — Yes.

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    • King,
      It IS a ridiculous commercial, isn’t it? Ugh!
      As for those two chains, I cannot stand Domino’s. And their commercials don’t help in the least because they’re always coming up with another gimmick. I’m like . . try making an edible pie why dontcha?!

      As for Kelly Ripa . . I knew it!


  3. Why you’re even entertaining “is chips and dip a meal?” This question has been answered, by the lovely Dale above, and now me (YES!!!), and any decent society in general really. In fact, this ISN’T a question for most decent people. Are the Lancasterians shaming you on this or something? You’re in the wrong area if you didn’t already know the answer to that question, my friend.

    Also, I never thought of cursing bilingually, and with a lovely turn of phrase like hijo de puta. Nice job there.

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    • T-Sizzle,

      No idea! I’ve rarely met a rule I didn’t at least contemplate breaking and yet . . the chips and dip thing stumps me most days.

      Most of the best Spanish I know is curse words. Mi abuelita was the best!

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  4. Think simply is a good rule. Someone asked me what does contentment look like. I had to think but it really looks like paying attention to today. Loved your questions but might revise the TV on to say “How did I watch TV before remotes.”

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    • Simplicity is my bag. No drama no pretense . . and hold the complications por favor.
      Paying attention to today . . yes indeed!
      I used “Why” instead of “How” because I was the official remote control in my household growing up. So you would think that, by the time I arrived at an age where I could have a TV in my room, I would have passed based on that experience! lol.

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  5. I like this simple (and funny!) questions. I concur on the chips and dip question. It seems like a blessing to be so satisfied that the big questions don’t matter. I think I may be approaching that level of enlightenment, too. 😉

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  6. Know the feeling. I wonder why is a donut hole called a donut hole when it is not a hole nor contains a hole? Take the term “power mower” – how can two words differ with only one letter but sound so different? … and why don’t we say it the other way as in Power Mauer, or Poe-er Mower, or Poe-er Mauer?

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