Dragons, Whiners and ‘Zombie’ Flicks

Divisional Round - Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees - Game Four

Well . . . fuuuuccckkk! 

It appears Babe Ruth hit the snooze again . . lazy bastid. We are officially living in the radioactive new age of baseball where the Sawx are the dragon in this ancient battle of Sawx vs. Pinstripes. And while I cannot bring myself to root for the Sox, I can and do wish them well. I’ll be an anomaly as far as baseball fans go, seeing as how I will tune in to Astros vs. Red Sox whereas most Yankees fans are making lateral moves into other sports now.

Speaking of . . .

  • The Astros were pissed, and rightly so, that the Yankees and Red Sox remain prime time darlings while they battle it out before dinner time. Houston is the champion, and they deserved better. Unfortunately, ratings prevail over all else . . even great teams.

Speaking of . . .

  • Ratings . . Regular season NFL games crush MLB playoff games, and I’m not sure what can be done. Baseball has become the new hockey, strictly a niche sport whose regional sectarianism should concern the hell out of Rob Manfred.

Dolphins Meme

Speaking of . . .

  • Concerning? How’s about my Dolphins fucking up a 3-0 start to the season with two comedic performances? They had no business being on the field in New England a couple weeks ago, because they did the worst thing a team can do. They quit.

Speaking of . . .

  • The business of football is supposedly what’s keeping Colin Kaepernick from getting signed, maybe ever. The Dolphins had their chance last year and instead they gave Jay Cutler a ten million dollar retirement gift to spend the fall in Miami. Never mind that the dude was retired, or that he had checked out long ago. Never mind that, if there was something left in Kaepernick’s tank, Adam Gase might’ve found it. Nope. Our owner Stephen Ross didn’t want to piss off the Cuban contingent of his home town by signing Kaep. So instead, he pisses off the rest of the fan base because it’s painfully evident he has no clue. My team has one playoff win and one division title in the last twenty years, and the immediate future looks every bit as bleak. You can cut players and fire coaches, but none of it means a thing if the owner ain’t doing the job.

Speaking of . . .

  • It seems as if the NFL is currently divided into dudes who do their jobs, and whiners. For every Pat Mahomes, there is an Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ is being paid like a franchise cornerstone while behaving like a damn fool. Dudes like him and Antonio Brown of the Steelers talk as if they’ve actually won something. And every time they open their mouths, they’re whining about the horrors of having to be accountable for their actions. Poor. Babies.


Speaking of . . .

  • Horrors . . . I’m about done with all the shade being thrown at Rob Zombie these days. Hey, I’m uber excited to see Danny McBride’s vision of Halloween, and I give him props for wiping the slate clean and being true to the original. However . . Zombie’s Halloween was a brilliant rendition and John Carpenter didn’t have to give it his blessing for me to love it the way I do. It’s all cool.

Speaking of . . .

  • I didn’t think it cool that SNL had a skit running hard within the same week of Kavanaugh’s endless rant. Matt Damon was spot on, but the timing rubbed me the wrong way. Probably because we’re talking about a young woman being violated here. Celebrities love to have it both ways. They want to be Alysa Milano serious and Matt Damon funny when it’s only the former we should be focusing on.

Well, that’s about it for this time. If you made it through to the end of this post, congratulations! You’re three minutes closer to the end of the Trump administration!

Hey . . . it’s something. 




71 thoughts on “Dragons, Whiners and ‘Zombie’ Flicks

  1. Darlin’ B,

    You know me and baseball are limited to the movies… however, that said, I like that you aren’t a quitter. And, while you may not tune into whole games, you will keep yourself “in the know” about what’s what. So, there’s that! And what is UP with two teams being the ratings darlings? Maybe the Astros need a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to make ’em cool – but again, I wouldn’t know 😉

    I honestly can’t believe what a bunch of chickenshits are out there. If Kaepernick is a good player, should he not be signable, somewhere? Get over the fucking knee thing already, people! Is this about sports and winning or about politics and… nevermind. Forget what I just said…

    As for horror flicks… this here chick IS a chickenshit. My heart’s pounding at even thinking of going to see JLC in the redux… so, you can tell me all about it, K?

    And, finally, I have to agree with you on the SNL skit. Yes, Matt Damon did a fine job but I just find it all in bad taste to be mocking such a serious situation.

    Here’s to breathing in a time of endless gasps.


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  2. I like the idea of three minutes closer to the end of the Trump administration. I have to say I don’t agree with your thoughts on the SNL skit. I think the only thing we have left on this horror show called politics is humor. Serious is overrated these days since there is nothing but serious in Washington, serious on Main Street, and serious on Wall Street. We all need a break. I do get your point about having fun while someone is in pain but when are people not in pain? Super post, Marc.

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  3. Gawd, you do these posts and it drives me crazy. I want to respond to every point, but there are so many, where do I start? Where do I end? Crap!

    Much like Yankees fans who can’t watch anymore, I’m a Giants fan who can’t stand to watch the Dodgers in the playoffs … unless it is to watch them lose and suffer and experience intense emotional pain. So, I’m torn, do I avoid and hope? Or do I watch and risk watching them do well? I paid attention tonight in the hopes of seeing the misery and was rewarded. Each game will be a game-time decision whether I take the chance on seeing merry Dodgers dancing around the base paths. It will become even harder when they shift to L.A. and I have to risk seeing happy Dodgers fans — the most unholy of groups I never want to see grace my TV screen.

    As for the regionalism of MLB — I think you have a point there, but I think at least a part of this is because of the media’s obsession with the Yankees and Red Sox, and to a lesser extent, the Dodgers and Cubs. It’s kind of odd, but it seems the coverage of the other major sports, the TV exposure of other major sports, is more democratic. Not perfect, but closer. You see the teams that are doing well. Yes, it’s a gradual process and some teams surprise each season and don’t get much national media exposure, but look at how many prime time games the 49ers got this season based solely on Garappolo’s performance at the end of last season. That simply doesn’t happen with MLB. It seems like 90% of the games that get televised on Saturday’s by Fox or in the featured games on ESPN involve one of a handful of teams. MLB needs to demand that the networks provide more exposure to the other teams.

    Meanwhile, what is it about the wide receiver position that it produces the most diva/prima donna type behavior in the NFL. It’s not just Beckham and Brown this year … but Dez Bryan, Terrell Owens, etc. Yes, there are plenty of wide receivers who aren’t, but it seems like every year produces a few more who are the most narcissistic figures in sports.

    And finally, you want to know what really pisses me off? I don’t watch a lot of the postseason when the Giants aren’t in it (see above regarding regional sectarianism — more below, so obviously this isn’t my final point), but when I do, all I hear is about how many home runs these teams hit. Tonight I heard that seven Dodgers finished the season with more than 20 home runs. Meanwhile, for at least the second year in a row, the Giants finished the season with not one single player with 20 home runs. My god, it’s pathetic.

    And, really finally — again, this is to blame the networks for what is happening with MLB playoffs. I simply cannot stand the announcers and their efforts to turn every play, every pitch, into the most momentous event to occur in the history of man. They so over-dramatize the game I simply cannot care. So, yeah, I think some of the blame for the problem with MLB relates to what the media and the networks are doing to the game and its fans.

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    • Mark,

      If my posts drive you crazy to the extent where you pen these incredible replies, I ain’t stopping ’em any time soon.

      Outside of Milwaukee, can anyone name more than one or two members of that club? And no, Ryan Braun doesn’t count. This is a team that has been the best in baseball over the last month and you would never know it. Because the Red Sox lineup gets the spotlight, and the Yankees 267 homers is gushed about. The Dodgers and Yankees was the dream matchup . . . for the network televising it. Never mind that the Astros swept right through a solid Indians club or that Milwaukee is having a charmed season. Nope, doesn’t matter.

      You’re right about how other sports can air games in prime time and the teams don’t necessarily have to be from one of the major markets to fetch eyeballs. And it’s funny how it takes LA vs NY or something of that sort in order to guarantee good ratings, but you can have Kansas City play Denver and fetch better ratings. For a regular season game.

      The feast or famine nature of MLB is a turn off. When the Yankees were winning titles, they were doing it with a team that worked the count, that took the extra base, that stressed the fundamentals. Now it’s HR or K.

      I don’t know what it is about the WR position that brings the divas out to play. I guess they can afford to be children since they are not the true leaders of the team (that would be the quarterbacks). But I get a kick out of how Odell wants to be taken seriously, and yet he doesn’t behave like a person who CAN be taken seriously. Grow up, stop whining and just do your job man!

      Thank heavens for Mike Trout. Brings his lunch pail to work every day, does his job, no drama. Maybe he needs to have some ‘swagger’ or play for a status symbol team or get himself in some trouble or say something provocatively stupid to get any real pub.

      Sad . . .

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  4. Pink Floyd’s DSOTM is a good way to start my day.

    I didn’t watch one full at bat of the MLB playoffs to date. The reason is simple – I’m a loyalist. Someone asks me who I want to win the World Series, I say the Reds. They remind me the Reds aren’t it, then I remind them I don’t give a damn.

    The Dolphins image is a hoot … but I am surprised you didn’t mention me regarding last week’s game. 😉 Bengals-Steelers tomorrow. Bad news as Bengals shutdown corner may be out – but that’s good news for Antonio Brown.

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  5. This was a good rapid fire session! You were on point with all the sports stuff. I especially agree with you on the whiners section. Can’t anybody with loads of money in the bank take accountability for their actions. Dude. Plus I totally agree, if the Dodgers weren’t in it I wouldn’t be watching. I think the only sporting event that gets everyone watching regardless of team is the World Cup and March Madness. Watching is intense, and commentators are much better 🙂

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    • The World Cup for sure. But I do get into watching football and the NBA. Because if I waited for my teams to play meaningful games, I’d never watch those sports! LOL
      Methinks Justin Turner shouldn’t go near social media after last night’s 4 K performance . . .

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      • Oh my God! He must have not had his Wheaties. Bellinger is not too far behind he’s killing in the postseason. And can you believe that in the middle of the 9th inning comeback we had a power outage! The entire block! I had to scramble for the iPad which was at 10% because the kids forgot to charge it in order to try and catch the rest of it. Apparently I didn’t miss it. But he’s still one of my favorites just hoping he gets his groove back today. It was tough to watch.

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        • 6-1 down, it felt over. More ‘over’ than the Walking Dead series even! But they did battle back, and now we are left with two questions. Where is the real Clayton Kershaw? And how do the Dodgers bounce back with the prospect of going home down 0-2. The Brewers have that special look about them.


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