Pick Six Tuesday (or) Why My Therapist is Underpaid

It’s Tuesday again, which can only mean it’s time for my semi(ish)weekly rant post (again) in which I share with you, my precious readers, a few things that grind my gears. So pardon me while I pet my peeves . . .

Parking Lots– If Dante Alighieri had penned Inferno today? Parking lots would’ve been tucked between Greed and Anger as per those circles of hell. Greed because peeps want their front row parking space and they’re willing to dismember your ride in order to get it. The Anger happens after they use your bumper like a toothpick when they back out of their parking space whilst checking their look and posting to Facebook.

Of course, a tenth circle would totally fuck up the hunchback effect that the number 9 has imbued on our culture, because while 10 is perfect . . it ain’t possess that haunted curlicue of its predecessor. So while Dante never had to deal with parking lots, his writings are proof that he knew such hellish propositions would beset humanity some day.

People who yellWhoo!‘- There is a brief moment at the top of an MTV Unplugged live performance where Eric Clapton steers his six string into the bluesy version of Layla that drives me bat shit crazy. For all the wrong reasons. The crowd erupts in a brief celebration when it recognizes his direction. Buried inside the applause are several ass hats who thought it a good idea to issue the requisite Whoo that all too often makes its way into recordings of live performances. E-Fucking-Nough! Eric Clapton is a once in a lifetime gift from the musical heavens and the best fucking idea you got is to yell Whoo? How unfuckingoriginal can you get?! Stop low browing the high brow stuff! Whoo is something you emit in a dive bar after one too many dollar shots whilst listening to a heavy metal cover band that sounds like frozen vomit. Get that Whoo shit out of here and go back to your dive bar!

Live Performances– If I want to hear crowd noise, I’ll go Black Friday shopping. You know what I don’t want to hear when I’m listening to music? Crowd noise, that’s what. I want the diamond cut sound of that primo shit and I want to inject it straight into my veins, and I don’t want it laced with filler. I want the straight up mad hatter tipping my velvet.

Crowd Shots– Have you ever tuned into a live sporting event to see what the crowd was up to? Me either.

Nutritional Facts Labels– I don’t pay attention to them when I grocery shop, so why in the blessed fig of my Newtonian gravitational pull would I wish to get my reading in at McDonald’s? I’ve never thought to myself ‘Hey self! I gots to get my protein in for the day so Imma quick stop the arches on the way to my physical!’. It’s like this. I’ll have a Big Mac, medium fries and please . . hold the nutritional labels.

Dudes Who Whine– I’ve covered this as far as the crybabies who seem to predominate the sports world, but they’re a small sample size of a larger problem. Because it seems that dudes are whining more than ever. They whine about women, superhero movie endings, fantasy league, chick flicks and musicals, Pretty Little Liars, the curious popularity of cupcakes, having to hold her purse for ten seconds when they’re standing in line at Target, dents on their glam truck, straws, Chihuahuas, Nicholas Sparks, Barbara Streisand, tiramisu, drama, fake tans . . .

I could go on, but then I’d have to explain to you why I might have sipped and supped a couple of these varietals, so lemme tuck this puppy into bed. And Imma do it with a ditty that’s so pretty wit da gritty. (Warning: This doctor’s order ain’t suitable for work or church . . unless you work in an adult film store . . or Congress.)





74 thoughts on “Pick Six Tuesday (or) Why My Therapist is Underpaid

  1. Bwahaha! So wish you’d stop sugar coating stuff! You crack me up with some of your more descriptive comments on life in the age of self absorbed twits who can’t possible go a nano-second without posting something stupid somewhere. Cheers my friend. 🥃 And keep up the good work!

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  2. I love your rants, Marc. This time you hit on all cylinders. I am in lock step with you on every item. I also hate folks who talk on a cell with the speaker on. I really don’t want to hear the latest non-news from the other end. Good job

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  3. The ‘Whoo’ phenomenon is
    an American thing. All live
    recordings should be done
    in an Australian parking lot,
    where the audiences are very polite, and intent on
    actually listening, with only
    the occaisional tribal mosh
    pit seething & bellowing.

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    • YES!
      Drives me batty when I have my phone playing some station or other and then a favorite song comes on, only to be taken hostage by the crowd! I hate that . . .

      Yes, in the audience . . it’s a totally different thing, haha! It’s all about location, I guess.

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  4. Realizing you don’t have a sarcastic bone in your body, I know you are totally serious. Yes – nobody watches a game to see the crowd … everyone knows McDs isn’t nutritional paradise … everyone knows parking lots are a pain … but your ending song is perfect for some whoos!

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    • What is this sarcasm you speak of? Buahahaha!

      Please, tell the networks that nobody watches a game to see the crowd. And while you’re at it, let ’em know they don’t tune in just to hear the announcers either . . .

      Mickey D’s is what it is, and I respect that.

      Parking lots are just the worst. Every time I drive through a crowded parking lot, the theme to Jaws is swimming through my brain.

      The ending song is WOOT worthy! 😉

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      • Grocery stores with all their carts just add to the chaos. Do you remember the ONE telecast a network did without announcers? In terms of sarcasm, I don’t really know what it is because it was a new word of the day that I had to use in a sentence.

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        • Those grocery carts are a menace, and you always find one where it doesn’t belong too. I DO remember the one telecast! I believe NBC tried it, I watched. The last time I remember someone really caring about the announcer was when Howard Cosell was doing Monday Night Football. I know Jason Whitten is on MNF now, but I’ve no blessed idea who the other guy is. Most of the time I have music on while I watch.
          I might want to use this sarcasm word in a prompt!

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  5. B,

    Of course, I love this. Every single bit.
    Parking lots: I wanna go “Tuwanda!!!” regularly…
    Whoooo!: Do NOT get me started… Oh sorry(less)… you already did 😉 Here I am, k.d. lang concert…. she’s doing her best “Halleluja” evah… I’m even secretly recording it… what does the chick – who, fuck, CAME with me do? At that long pause near the end, when she takes a deep breath and everyone is waiting for that beautiful Halleluja that goes way up? The crowd holds their breath at the same time…. she fucking WHOOOOO! I wanted to stab her right then and there. All the peeps in the vicinity looked at her in disgust. I couldn’t even because she would have seen the loathing in my eyes.
    Crowd shots: What in the fuckity fuck? Who cares who’s there?
    Nutritional Fact Labels: Why? ESPECIALLY at joints like McD’s. Seriously? You tryin’ to tell me you are actually trying to get nutrients when you go there? No. You wanna eat crap and you own that.
    Dudes who whine: Don’t. Dudes? Just. Don’t.

    As for your video choice… as per. Perfection.

    Lotsa love,

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  6. Parking. Lots. Ugh. Where selfishness reigns supreme and lazy people abound! I always park on the back 40…. one… I don’t mind walking….two… my Charger. I don’t want careless people slamming their doors into it or parking right on top of me. This also helps ensure I get more than my quota of steps for the day 😛

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