Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

In the news, Hawaii is looking to pass legislation that will ban smoking for anyone under the age of 100. Fake ID’s are about to get a hell of a lot more interesting on that island, tell you what. Meanwhile, football season has come to an end . . . until this weekend when the Alliance of American Football kicks off its inaugural season. Eight teams, and nary a major market. It’s a league worth rooting for since the Patriots won’t be involved. And in the weather . . . Mama Nature is playing the North East like a street corner hustler doubling down after losing time in the clink.

And there was a State of the Union speech this week which I never got around to watching on account of my binge watching Mr. Robot. But I see where Nancy stole the show until Bernie tried to steal it back. Those crazy kids.

Without further ado, my top five heroes ‘o the week!

Shine On, Crazy Diamond- One of the greatest downhill skiers in the history of the sport is calling it quits. And it’s just not going to be the same without her. The thirty four year old out of St Paul, Minnesota made her World Cup debut in 2000. After which she got down to the business of crushing slopes and winning. Much. Her trophy case includes four World Cup overalls, eight World Cup season titles and three Olympic medals. She became the first American woman to win gold in the downhill at the 2010 games in British Columbia.

She crashed hard during a Super G run on Tuesday and still got back up after being attended to. And finished the race. It was a testament to her courage and tenacity that she wouldn’t let the mountain send her out from the ground.

Her retirement is the right move for an athlete who’s endured an insane amount of punishment over her career. From Mantle to Koufax, and Sayers to Seles to Vonn, sometimes it’s the body making the decision even if the talent still has miles to go. The memories Vonn leaves behind are better than gold. They are priceless.

Patriots Fan Brings It Home- Meir Kay is a Patriots fan, but don’t hold that against him. Because while we all have to pick a team to root for, Kay is really all about bringing hope to the desperate places. And not for nothing, but the man knows how to throw a kick ass Super Bowl party. He’s been doing it for a few years now, and the video which accompanies this post is from two years ago when the Pats played the Falcons.

Whereas most of the country hunkers down at sports bars and house parties for the game, Kay brings the party to the peeps who need it the most. He shuttles around town inviting the homeless to his makeshift crib where he supplies the jerseys, grub and beverages. Not to mention the humanity which society has stripped from them. Now that is winning. Thank you to Dale for the 411 on this one.

Zero Of The Week- There’s only one zero this week, and it goes to the Democratic Party. With the exception of Nancy Pelosi, who was a one woman photo bomb the other night.

The Dems just cannot get out of their own way. The Big Three of Virginia politics– Governor Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring- find themselves in a world of shit. Northam insists it wasn’t him dressed in blackface in his med school yearbook and there ain’t too many peeps buying it. Fairfax also dressed in black face when he was in college, but he’s admitting to it. And then there’s Herring, who is facing sexual assault charges that date back to 2004. Three strikes and Virginia is starting over.

On the national scene, the party is looser than a Craigslist Chevy at Daytona International Speedway. Sloppy, discordant, scandal ridden and running out of time. Because it’s one year to Iowa.

Tin Cup Maestros- PGA golfer Gary Woodland invited Special Olympian Amy Bockerstette to join him for a practice round at the Phoenix Open recently. Woodland has enjoyed a good deal of success in his ten years on the tour, with three wins and over twenty two million in career earnings. Last year, Amy became the first collegiate golfer to compete with Down Syndrome. When they took to the links, they carried on like life long pals.

Amy’s drive off the tee veered left into the bunker. With Woodland and a growing fan base cheering her on, she beat back the sand pit to set herself up beautifully on the green. She finished it off with a stone cold ten foot putt to finish the hole at par three.

My favorite part of this video (supplied courtesy of Frank) is when Amy is walking down the fairway as the crowd roots her on. She turns to Gary and says “They love me!”.

And how.

Don’t Stop Believing- Silvano Columbano became a rock star thanks to a Fox News piece which claimed the NASA scientist stated that alien life has visited our blue planet. Social media’s tentacles did the rest and before you know it, Columbano’s ‘claim’ had gone viral.

Thing is, Columbano only speculated as to the possibility of alien life visiting our crib. His opinion is that we should stop skimming the water on all the unidentified phenomena and perhaps dive in to some serious homework on it. And his “research paper” as Fox News called it, was really just a document that he prepared in order to get feedback from his peers as to how research on the topic might look going forward. The distinguishing characteristic being that a research paper details hard evidence, whereas Columbano’s document simply outlined the hypothetical scenarios.

I don’t want Columbano to become a caricature. He’ll become a checkout line curiosity if we don’t keep his real motivations in the sunlight. Brilliance and vision oftentimes gets vandalized this way. Thanks to lazy reporting and pinball machine facsimiles driven by the techno-cultured noir that passes as real news.

Like Scully, I want to believe in close encounters and phoning home and signs that actually mean something. And if alien life happens to be reading this and not wasting time with Fox News porn, please do me a solid.

Call me?








77 thoughts on “Top 5 Heroes Of The Week

  1. First of all, the song/video at the end had me hooked! Great collection of stories, Hats off to all the positives, and the Super Bowl guy was awesome! Glad you enjoyed (and used) Woodland. Thanks for the shoutout.

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  2. When I was in college I created my own minor in Middle East Studies. To do so, I had to have an advisor. The professor who served as my advisor was an Iraqi professor who taught most of the classes I took to fulfill the minor. One year, I decided I wanted to dress in Arab attire — robe, kaffiyeh, etc. I asked the professor if he had anything I could use. He was disappointed that I would do this because his perception was that I was mocking the attire. I told him that wasn’t the case, that I was doing it out of respect. He gave me what I needed and I wore the costume. I know that there is a picture of me in that costume somewhere. What if it were to turn up now — would I be accused of being insensitive and racist?

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      • I’m just kind of getting tired of what’s going on with people being held accountable for stupid things they did when they were teenagers or in college. I mean, seriously, who can withstand that kind of standard.

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        • My question with the blackface though is, was the costume industry so devoid of ideas that these peeps had to resort to that?
          I hear you on the retroactive “gotcha” game that predominates our political process anymore. But when it comes to blackface, these dudes HAD to have know what it symbolized. I did some really stupid crap back in high school, but I was cognizant of my actions even then. Of course, I didn’t foresee a social media bill that would come due later on. But these are smart dudes who had to know what they were doing was in poor taste and worse. I’m not sure it qualifies as a deal breaker, but the criticism was earned.


  3. Dear B,

    Another great Friday list!’

    Kudos to Lindsey Vonn for calling it quits with grace and her body mostly intact. The search for excellent, despite having achieved it umpteen times over can often become obsessive to the point of destruction.

    I’m glad you were able to do a bit of research on that wonderful Meir Kay. That is taking care of your fellow man in a human and loving way!

    Gotta love Pelosi’s “clap” – it speaks volumes, whereas the rest of the party… I’ll just leave it there.

    That Amy! How adorable is she? She doesn’t run in the same circles as Sally Field but oh yes…what’s not to love? I loved her assertiveness and “I got this” attitude – something sadly lacking in all disciplines.

    Considering all the outta this world shit going on in the White House today, you’d think there would be more openness to the possibilities that hey, we are not alone in this Universe…

    Who’d a thunk that li’l (stature, not age) Canadian’s tune would end up orchestral! I love when that happens, to tell the truth.

    To your fab lists, B!


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  4. I forget everything else I might have said in response to the list because that video is CRAZY. That pop song is… oh… come on… no, no, NO! This is just so wrong… … …


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  5. What’s bleating like neon is the State of the Union. Don’t you fucking hate Congress? Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams are rolling in their graves. I mean. SHAME ON THEM. ALL OF THEM, NOT JUST THE TRUMPET.
    Nancy…ugh…IT’S NOT PERSONAL NANC, EVEN IF HAS YOUR NAME ON IT. A 12 Step slogan one could apply here. I hate him too, but get your punctilio out, and no…it’s punc, not PUNK…

    Sorry Sorryless, but well, my Connecticut panties are in a twist.
    Like they did last summer. Sigh

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    • SB,

      I should have called the 800 number before drilling, because I think I hit a nerve with this one! And sorry(less) to say, but I am not apologizing. Because when you start seeing red, things get interesting. And it’s just my style, to want to watch a woman breathe fire, LOL.

      And as for your Connecticut panties, I’m too much of a gentleman to follow that one up, LOL.

      Instead, I’ll give you one that came to mind as you were busy doing yo thing on this comment . . .

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  6. Virginia is a mess and I wonder how many other “celebrity types” are checking there yearbook photos. Blackface was not uncommon back then and never written about in negative terms. Many entertainers took it up as part of their acts. For decades. But this is a different time. I read the other day that Joy Behar put on black face and a curly wig some years back to dress as a beautiful black woman. I read the article but never saw another thing mentioned about it on the news or online. I wonder why.

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  7. In the half empty/half full debate, I have to disagree and say it isn’t just the Dems who have disgraced Virginia. The idea that people from both sides of the isle in the commonwealth think blackface is ok is completely mind boggling for this Chica from the land of purplish-blue. WTF? Why has the South drug its feet when it comes to racism? I will note a majority of both state and federal pols have called for resignations from the offenders, something that did not happen with the other side for their own cretins or others with an R after their name (Iowan, Steve King, not to mention the leader of the pack who is still litigating the Central Park Five). There must be something in the water in Virginia beyond normal H2O contamination.

    Knowing that (now) the fierce competitor from Vail, Lindsey took a bronze today in her final race. Apart from the blip with a ‘tiger,’ we applaud Ms. Vonn on a career of distinction and honor. I wish her all the best as she moves on to the next chapter. 🏆

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    • Yes indeed, Monika. But the Dems have to be the adult in the room while He Who Must Not Be Named is busy running carnivale at 1600. Their core cannot be lost at sea, not right now. Not with time winding down to the 2020.

      Never understood what Vonn saw in him. Ugh. She is something truly special.

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      • Adulting sees to be the issue in the southern states, and it’s despicable. How these knuckledragging cretins have managed to survive is beyond explanation. Something needs to be done to shift the balance of power when it comes to racism. For all their genteel posturing, the fact that a MEDICAL SCHOOL allowed that kind of photos is beyond incomprehensible. You people are supposed to be civilized grownups for crying out loud, not just some young pranksters getting their freak on! Jeez. The 1600 Carnivale hosted by none other than Voldemort is beyond horrifying. I am so ashamed the institution is being so sullied. While I knew there would be broken furniture, the depth and breath of the damage is incomprehensible. 😱

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  8. Sorry to take your comments number to 70. And also sorry for that sentence. Wait, your Sorryless, so sorry not sorry! Loved the post and litle turns of phrase like the hustler and inclusion of the Shyamalan reference in lower case. But I am sorry I don’t get to read every one of your posts when you’re so good about commenting on mine. To err is human, to forgive is a large trans actor who once ate poo.

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    • I was gonna says . . Dude, that is way too many sorry’s for a sorryless comment, LOL.

      And thank you for the sugar, but please don’t be peddling sorry around here. I don’t feel like anyone has to comment on my stuff unless it is talking to them. I comment on yours and sometimes if the words escape me, I just like it. No questions asked because none are necessary.

      You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.


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