Annoyances Post #2,632

I was chatting up irksome things with a fellow blogger this morning, and it inspired me to revisit the ‘Annoyances’ posts I used to do back on my drinking blog. So this evening, I came up with a plan of action. Sit down and set the timer for a couple minutes whilst listing some of the things that annoy me.

Back in the day, (a couple years ago, on my drinking blog) I would’ve supplemented my vitriolic acid with alcohol, nicotine and Oxy.  Sadly, this post was written with nary a performance enhancing drug involved. I seriously miss just how much fun I used to be. And so what if it was eighty proofed with a hallucinogenic chaser and nicotine cherry on top? It still fucking counts.

(Editor’s Note: I went back after my couple minutes was up and added some thoughts to the annoyances that supply a particular curse word or several whenever they come to mind. Because not all annoyances are created equal.)

So without further adieu, I give you some annoyances fresh off the top of my head. With no chemically enhanced originality to flavor things up. And, umm . .you’re welcome?

  • White guys who say “My bad” . . . and mean it.
  • Nicholas Sparks
  • The Rolling Stones insane popularity
  • March Madness– The analysts are glorified used car salesmen, the coaches are made men and the best talent goes right to the NBA. It’s a dirty sport . . without the fun. It’s a slap in the face to organized crime is what it is.
  • Kristen Bell
  • Cart Attendants
  • Applebee’s
  • Vaping
  • Sporks
  • BBQ debates– KC says they have the best BBQ while Carolina (pick one) says they have the best BBQ. And I don’t like BBQ. So whatever.
  • Sequins
  • Mullets
  • Apple
  • Red Sox fans– Hey peeps, you have four World Series titles in the last fifteen years and you’re still 18 behind the Yankees. The team has a nice core which can possibly win a couple more in the next decade. But the Yankees will match that. Which means your stinking Sawx will still be looking up at the Yankees a century from now. Slow your roll.
  • Nipple rings
  • People who say “Must be nice . . .”
  • Guy Fieri
  • People who rant on social media while sitting in their car
  • NA Beer
  • MTV
  • Forrest Gump
  • Jenny from Forrest Gump– It figures that in one of the most overrated movies of a generation, Gump has the worst girlfriend. Ever.
  • Assholes who rev their engines at traffic lights
  • Peloton People
  • Commercials
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Match Box collectors
  • Panera Bread acting like it’s God’s gift to food
  • Extreme Couponers
  • Public Restrooms
  • Painfully specific Starbucks orders
  • People who say LOL
  • The wanton use of the word Amazing
  • Cupcake Wars- This show is subsidized by the Department of Defense in an attempt to subvert the term ‘war’. Thereby making it not only more psychologically acceptable, but downright fucking tasty. And if you consider my opinion to be ridiculous, it ain’t any more ridiculous than a show called cupcake wars.
  • McCafe
  • Jeannine Pirro
  • People who give you dirty looks when you walk in a bar, as if you just walked into their living room
  • Running into an ex
  • The sound of tapping on a keyboard in a movie or TV show
  • Baseball caps with a flat bill

I’m not gonna lie, I could have done this all day long. More than ninety percent of the shit I come across on a daily basis is either irksome or downright fucking annoying to me. I have to believe it’s not healthy to be annoyed by so many things so much of the time.

I guess that’s what therapy is for.









106 thoughts on “Annoyances Post #2,632

  1. A whole lot to agree with in terms of annoying here. And that’s just glancing at the list. Imagine my BP would hit the moon if I pondered everything on the list and mulled over why so much of what’s today is annoying. Noticeably absent was millennials. Just saying. Keep ’em coming. That could lighten up my mood instead of paying attention to the news feed.

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    • Monika,

      If given the time, the millennials would’ve been there for certain. But I wanted to keep it as brief (and painless) as humanly possible. I think I achieved at least one of these goals.

      My trick is not to dwell on them any longer. I used to dwell, on everything. And then I got divorced, and then I hit forty and then . . no more dwelling. Most things do annoy me, but now I simply frame it like a show in my head. Complete with a laugh track.

      I was flipping channels this morning before I finally gave up. CNN was talking about Trump, and then HLN (Which is usually much better about it) was talking about Trump, and then ABC . . . and then I turned off the TV and listened to Journey . . .

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  2. How can you do this to me? So many things I want to respond to. I don’t know where to start. You have though given me fodder for some additional pieces of my platform for #Paxson2020. Like outlawing baseball caps with a flat bill and the occasional reliever who wears it slightly askew. Oh, that the stupid thing Kimbrel does with his arm.

    People who say LOL … yes, somewhere around when we’re three or four we are taught to “use your words” so, dammit, use your words.

    Commercials … what? I’ve been able to tune them out while I watch TV. As soon as the commercials start, I go somewhere else with my mind.

    Guy Fieri and nipple rings … aren’t those kind of the same thing?

    Rolling Stones … pfffftttttttttttttttt

    I loved the Red Sox with their first championship season. Since they’ve just become another one of those evil empire teams.

    Nicholas Sparks … couldn’t agree more, but did you know that he claims he got a $1,000,000 advance for his first book. How can that possibly be fair?

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    • Dude,

      Can you imagine if we did a post on this crap? It would be a book!

      Yeah, and about that! The flat bill should be outlawed, but then wearing it slightly to the side like you’re a cast member in the FX original TV series “The Sandlot”? No.No.No.

      Yeah, and you KNOW those LOL people want to use an emoji but oh fucking well . . they’re not mimes so that isn’t gonna work!

      Me too, but sometimes I catch myself watching one. Usually, I’ll pause and then FF through commercials.

      We can group Fieri and nipple rings into the same category.

      The Red Sox BECAME the Yankees to beat the Yankees. So well done chappies!

      I did not know that. But I just threw up a little in my mouth . . . .

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        • Hey – first thing I wondered about (after looking at the title) – oh crap – how many posts have I done?

          I don’t like flat baseball hat bills either. Looks like more like someone who should be pumping gas – but I like BBQ. Never watched Cupcake Wars of J Pirro but enjoy Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives.

          NA Beer should be allowed to have “beer” on the label – then again, same should be true for Bud Light and Miller Lite. Over and out. … back to filling out my March Madness bracket.

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          • Fun Fact. That particular number is significant to a certain baseball streak. I’ll give you a guess if you’re so inclined to take one.

            YES! I could definitely see a gas station attendant sporting one of those company mandated flat bills. And here’s my fear, that the flat bill might become a league rule if they go to advertising on uniforms. Seeing as how the bottom of the flat bill would be primo dollar bills. I like brisket,sometimes. But BBQ is usually too sweet for my taste. I’m quite salty.

            Pirro actually was cancelled by Fox after her remarks about IIhan Omar. I can’t believe I just wrote that, and what’s more, I can’t believe it’s true!

            You really could lump Bud and Miller in with those. Go with the Bearcats. They are in, right? . . .

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          • Boom!
            It also has an NFL connection. 2632 is how many QB’s the Dolphins have gone through since Marino retired . . .
            I haven’t ever really watched her, except in sound bites. I guess I missed my chance!
            Who could forget the fourth Alou brother? 😉

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          • Fitzmagic!
            Which is good news, maybe. If Miami truly is serious about tanking, they better hope Fitz doesn’t have a hot start to the season as per usual. Anything over five wins will be a disaster, in that they might miss out on a top five pick.

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          • The Dolphins have been team 8-8,always picking from the middle of the draft. There IS something to be said for tanking, just so long as you don’t miss on your picks and you don’t do it as long as the Sixers did it. A year or two of sucking and compiling solid drafts, that’s what it takes.

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  3. I knew it. I knew it would be like cleaning out your garage, never mind your closet. The last one may be my favorite since it made me think of Flat Top in Dick Tracy though, running into your ex, or running away rather, is a close second. So funny. And Nicolas Sparks should be fined at the very least. 😉

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  4. Dear Marco,

    First congrats on the lack of mind altering assistance. As for March Madness…funny I worked the term into my weekend writing prompt for Equinox. Aside from that, I dread March Madness when it comes to basketball. I’m not a fan but in March our favorite shows are pre-empted by it.
    Now BBQ…I am from and live in Kansas City. Them’s fightin’ words. 😉 As for Panera, ugh, the McDonald’s of “healthy” food. Awesome is another ridiculously used word. Amazing how that works, isn’t it?
    Stairway to Heaven, according to our classic rock station and my husband, the greatest rock song ever made. It’s great if you like a long, whiny, draggy, drawn-out—did I mention whiny?…song. But then, what do I know? I like Obla-Di-Bla-Dah.
    I have to agree about Forrest Gump to a degree. Two worst overrated movies IMHO were Jurassic Park and (gag) Titanic.
    I detest Applebee’s. And my list could go on.
    Again, congrats on being clean, sober, and arguably crabby.



    PS I hope you’re not annoyed by people who use the word “shalom” a lot. 😉

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    • Rochelle,

      You have no idea. There was a time when I thought I couldn’t write WITHOUT benefit of my helpers. I call it my Hemingway Period. Yikes, the thought still messes with me.

      March Madness ruins TV for a couple weeks, it’s the truth. They SHOULD move the show to HBO or Showtime, seeing as how much criminal activity goes on with the suits who run the show.

      Oh me God! We have Kansas City in the house! Quick! Make sure we keep Carolina peeps away from this comment! LOL.

      Panera- The McDonalds of “healthy” food. Spot. On. Imma send that to these peeps. Just to see if I get a response.

      People use “Amazing” for everything and everyone. It’s like, these people just finish telling you how amazing you are? And then they spot a penny on the floor and go “Amazing!”, after which they eat their “Amazing” soggy toast and drink their weak “Amazing” coffee. Stop the madness!

      You can’t go wrong with the Beatles. They were mad scientists of experimentation when it came to lyrics and pace. I always loved how they’d write a song that would start one way, jump off a cliff and come back in a startlingly different form. It was . . . wait for it . . . amazing. Only for real amazing.

      Oh God! And how many Jurassic Parks are out there at this point? I think everyone in Hollywood has appeared in at least one! As for Titanic, at least there was no sequel possibility with that one. Although . . the idea of a reboot scares the hell out of me.

      Applebee’s is to corner bar and grills what Panera is to “healthy food”. In other words, an impostor. Their tag line could be “Come for the copious amounts of sodium, stay for the ambulance!”



      PS- I love using Shalom. So peaceful and beautiful. It instantly makes me less crabby. 🙂

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  5. What an amazing reply. 😉 I’ll admit that I do love me some BBQ. But I get equally jazzed over great sashimi or poke. Imma have to quote you re Applebee’s that’s hilarious.and precisely how I feel.
    Movie reboots run rampant so I’m sure there’ll be another Titanic on down the road. Somebody in Hollyood, pleeeease, play the originality card. (After a week in FF of talking pianos or worn out pianos used for planters. Surprise me with something original. Yes, I see the piano in the photo.) I’m still waiting for the remake of GWTW. Although, no longer being politically correct, we might not see that one after all.
    I can see where the ranting could go on. I’ll try to refrain.

    Shalom, ❤ 😀


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    • Yanno, I forgot ALL about Korean BBQ! Umm . . my bad. LOL
      Sashimi and poke . . yes and yes.
      It’s true. All these fast foot sit down restaurants load up with the sodium, which makes their “low sodium” options so ironic.
      I cannot imagine another Titanic. Maybe they’ll turn it into a murder mystery musical. Which might be palatable.

      Sad to say, with all the money involved in making films today, most companies take the safe way out. Excepting for certain production companies like Blum House. Problem is, we as movie goers need to seek out the secondary markets for originality.

      It’s contagious, I’m telling you . . it is.

      Shalom, ❤ 😘


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  6. LOL, Marc. Amazing post. Oops, my bad. Seriously your list and mine would match. I could add people who say OMG and about 100 more. Let’s just say you are the designated spokesperson for my aggravations.

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  7. Wait?! A drinking blog? Sign me up! On to this post, I am dying over here laughing my arse off! But it has given me some insight into your psyche. For example, you are not into sappy sweet (Sparks, Bell). And seriously, think about that book or a podcast at least! Dare I say, LOL!

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  8. B,

    Ya kill me! First of all, I am quite pleased for your sake that you no longer need to be using such enhancements to write. I think you do mighty fine without (and with a coupla John Adams and Bourbon 😉 ) And what is the significance of #2632?

    I should do this exercise myself because, though there are quite a few items (like most of ’em) on your list that would appear on mine, there are others that get my goat!

    You know, like the asshole at the light ahead of you who as soon as the light turns green THEN turns on his flasher to go left? Really, dude? You just realised you are turning left? I could have taken the lane beside you and be long gone by now…

    I don’t care who you are, this is a fine dining establishment, take off your fucken baseball cap – round or flat bill – I always wanna go Tony Soprano on their asses.

    At the end of the day…
    It is what it is…

    Hypochondriac Doom Dwellers. Stop. You have an appointment for a (place procedure here). Until then, stop imagining the worst and going on and on and on and on and…. I am slowly losing empathy even if I understand your stress (sort of).

    Blah, blah, blah…., you understand (with or without?) (or French version “tu comprends”) Yes, I do understand. I am relatively intelligent. You need not add “you understand” at the end of each fucking phrase.

    I love that you love to read labels. Can you please 1) move your cart out of the fucking centre of the aisle? 2) back a little away from the row just enough so I can reach for the one right in front of you without me feeling up your belly because I don’t give a rat’s ass about the ingredient list – or already know it.

    Imma stop here. Great choice of song, as per…


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    • Q,

      It was touch and go there for a while. I really had talked myself into the fact that I wrote better under the influence and that I had no ‘edge’ without something. Hemingway always wrote after he got smashed. Maybe it’s why he went nuts.

      2,632 is a baseball streak. Frank got it, of course!

      It’s a solid exercise to do. And seeing as how I’m not the gratitude sort of personality,the annoyances posts always fit me.

      Yes, and then they behave as if they didn’t JUST do that and you’re the crazy one! Or what about the peeps who speed up to pass you, then get in front of you and slow down? WTF.

      Yeah no. And flat bills . . . hells no.

      At the end of the day . . Imma murder the next one who utters that phrase. And after they arrest me, I’ll tell investigating officers that it is what it is.

      And please, please, please HDD peeps! Whatever you do, do NOT, and I mean never ever . . go on Web MD. Because you sure as hell are going to discover that you are in the express checkout. Because everyone who goes on there with any degree of regularity thinks they are dying.

      Those peeps who place the “do you understand?”, have no idea how fucking demeaning that shit sounds.

      And those people take up the entire middle of the aisle as if they own the place. So that they can read a label when you know full well they go to McDonalds all the time.

      I’m trying to think of what song I chose . . . Oh yes, yes. That seemed to fit.


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      • It’s always a question of time, isn’t it? It might work for a bit but in the long run? Something is gonna blow…

        I figured it was something to do with something I know nothing about 😉

        Though I do the gratitude platitude, methinks it’s not a bad thing to balance out 😀 Wouldn’t want to come across as Miss Goody-Two-Shoes,

        Oh yeah! Drive up my ass, I move over, you pass me, then come round to plant yourself in front of me…. da fuck?

        That sounds like a plan. I’ll bring you amazing cupcakes that I’ll have made (and won with) during the cupcake wars.

        I might have brought up that HDD thing because I had just spent a good 20 minutes on the phone with a friend who is positive she’s gonna die.

        It is SO demeaning and bugs the shit of me. And a few peeps I know do it regularly. ugh.

        I know, right? Hypocrites, one and all.

        It did.

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        • It didn’t help that some of my best writing- I happened to believe- came when I was writing madly whilst almost being under the influence of one or more different drugs and sometimes all of ’em. And then cozying up to like minded writers? That made the shit almost biblical.

          I love your gratitude posts. That’s why we’re friends! Because you can write sweetly while me? Dang! But no . . I ain’t calling you no Miss Goody Anything! LOL.

          You would never make it to the finals of Cupcake Wars. Not because your cupcakes wouldn’t be the best, because they would be. But no, you wouldn’t make the finals because your opponent would say something snooty and you’d lay her out. As it should be. I mean, if it’s truly ‘war’.

          Ugh! My father used to drive me nuts with that. When he discovered he could go online to find shit like this out, he went out and bought a computer. True story.

          By the time I get to the bottom of our comments scroll . . I forget what we were talking about! But I agree with you. Because I probably do.


          • I can only imagine… and it must have been intoxicating in all the senses of the word to feel yourself surrounded by like-minded peeps.

            I can write sweetly – as long as I don’t always… gawd-awmighy… You better not!

            You may have a point with that whole cupcake thing… Not so sweet after all! 😉

            Ugh… My sister does that. Mind you, my cousin spent hours trying to find out what was wrong with her son because the doctors could not figure it out. She did, brought them the info and dang if she wasn’t right… Out-of-the-norm story.

            I know what you mean! I often have to open another window to keep track! LOL!

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          • The stuff was intoxicating. The rest was a train wreck.

            Told you, I ain’t all that familiar with the Goody to your pair of shoes. 😉

            I’m telling you, there is no way I could deal with some douche or diva trying to hashtag me. I’d be giving them the fists or the four letters.

            And that will only fuel her.

            I was pretty good with this round, buahahaha!

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          • Like all things… too much is… too much.

            Maybe I’ll have to dig out a pair 😎

            I have been AMAZING with my restraint.


            You were outstanding…

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          • You ain’t kidding.

            Oh no you ain’t! That’s mine lovely. Sorry, but you’ve gotta find a non-shady emoji for added emphasis.

            I’ve forgotten what we were talking about as far as restraint goes. Oh yes,the cupcake peeps. Wait? What? You’ve gone on the show? Is it on YouTube?

            Thank ya . . . thank ya very much.

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          • I ain’t.

            Oh yes I did! Ayt. I don’t like “mine” so Imma choose…🧐 till something else tickles.

            What? Oh hell naw…only YouTube with me you’ve seen. Nary a cupcake in sight.

            For shizzle…

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          • Wait a minute! Hold the boat! . . . A monocle emoji! I think you’ve scored! A hat trick no less!

            You didn’t even so much as throw a cupcake now that I think about it . . .

            Shake and bake bebe!

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  9. Dude. I admire your restraint. (and I hope you don’t add women who say “Dude” to the list.)


    And to the woman at Starbucks who always asked for half a Splenda… go Splenda yourself!

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  10. I don’t know where to start…:) Is there any part of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness you left out? I’ve never heard March Madness linked to the mafia in any way except, of course, the betting, which is no small bones.
    Amen to Red Sox fans. Enjoy the moment but you will NEVER be anything but second best, at best.
    Flat cap bills are so annoying!

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    • Nope, I just about covered all of it.
      Welp, it’s more college basketball in general being a dirty business. Of course, they COULD do something about it if they paid the players. But they’re holding off on that until they have no choice.
      The Sawx fans who lived and died through all those impossible winters are fine with me. They love this new turn of events just fine, but I know a few of them and they are STILL rooted to their old ways. They still think their team will blow it in the end. It’s the generation that feels as if the Red Sox have always been this good that annoys me most of all. Oh, and the post 2004 Red Sox ‘fans’.
      I can’t stand the flat bill. The first thing I always did when I bought a cap was bend the bill.

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  11. Duuuuuude. This list. Yes! I completely agree you with on so many levels. The “must be nice” people make me want to resort to violence, and grown-ass people who say LOL or ANYONE who says LOL maaaaaaan, like nails on a chalkboard. I just can’t deal with all these abbreviated conversations. I loved your annoyance lists and I’m happy that you’re feeling good about it being a non-alcoholic post. I enjoy your writing in whatever manner you feel works for you that day. I’m a fan. I rushed over thinking I’d see one of your old St. Patirck’s Day posts … but maybe those have retired. But I still have my Drinks Well With Others green t-shirt and it rocks. Buen Camino my friend!

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    • Cali,

      You MUST get that, living on the West Coast . . . people who say “Must be nice . . .”.

      I’m glad you are one of my carryover readers, because you get to read the sober rantings of me now. I’m not gonna lie, more than a little bit of what I wrote on Drinks was written under the influence.

      YES! The Irish Post! Those were fun to write indeed. Not sure if I go back down that road, but it’s very cool that you remember them. AND you have a t-shirt! Bonus round!

      Peace and love to ya sister


    • That there is called hitting a nerve.

      Tell you what, sometimes this blog gives me a moment where I read something and end up laughing so hard I almost piss my pants.

      This, is one of those times.


  12. really funny you are….
    and I hate BBQ too –
    and wanted to share a quick story. My son1 only drives stick shift.
    His first car was a stick and he dropped us off downtown and was till learning hills.
    So we get out, shut the doors, and stand back -. some folks walk up and my son “revs” the car – but not to be cool – cos he was still learning the clutch – but the guys that walked up were rolling their eyes and laughing (but I know what they thought – they thought he was revving to be cool – but he was just a scared one… – ha

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