What’s In A Name?

I am Michonne.

I know, it ain’t the level of bad ass Poe when compared to the likes of Negan or Alpha. But I took a Walking Dead quiz in the hopes I wasn’t found to be their kind of Poe-try in motion. Because let’s face it, once you get past the rock a bye cool shit sounding fascination of saying I am Negan, all that’s left is a frustrated ballplayer who also happens to be a sociopath with PTSD.

Negan has tremendous value as a character, even if Maggie and the gang would beg to differ. It took Angela Kang to flesh out- pun intended- the complicated layers. Here’s a guy who doesn’t flinch when it comes to turning people into mashed potatoes with a baseball bat. And here’s the same guy who goes out into a blizzard to save the little girl of his arch-nemesis. I for one am glad we get both sides of Negan . . . now, and for whatever time he has left. But I’m also a little bit glad I’m not him, from here.

Alpha, on the other hand . . is more evil than an insider trader with a getaway villa. And her backstory tells us she didn’t need no zombie apocalypse in order to become this bitch on wheels. She was already there. She’s more hell bent on fucking people’s shit up than a frustrated Seventh Day Adventist in a shit marriage living in a double wide. The post apocalyptic Alpha harbors not a wit or a wiggle of difference from her previous existence as a serial killer in hiding. She ain’t ever cared. Which makes her the most frightening WD villain yet.

As for these personality quizzes that foretell your apocalyptic self, let’s face it, they’re only collecting intel on a control basis. Because you cannot possibly predict what kind of individual you will morph into once Kraft mac and cheese becomes five star cuisine and prescription drugs replace dead presidents as ching. I relate to Negan in lots of ways- from the leather getup to finding wit in the macabre. And the idea that I might fill out into a sadistic fucker if humanity’s thermostat goes on the blink? I can’t say I would, because I just can’t say.

As for the character quiz I took, I’m Michonne. Which makes total sense from where I am standing presently.

I’m loyal, I keep to a very tight circle and I will cut you loose quicker than Liz Taylor if I feel like you’re messing with the rug that centers my room (Big Lebowski reference). I don’t care what your opinion of me happens to be, until you add dimension to it. After which, we can throw down and I’m sorry, not sorry about that.

My previous iterations were unconventional and yet, there was an abidance to those staples (relatively speaking) just the same. Not anymore. And I dig the fact we can change in such a piecemeal metaphysical fashion as that. Wearing so much more than the one person we were born into. And I dig the idea that we Zen with the one personality, eventually. If we’re lucky.

And if we’re really lucky, we might be good at the one that matters most of all when push finally comes to shove. Because as far as names go?

I like Michonne just fine.









38 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. B,

    Of course I love this. (Helps that I got Michonne, too; even if I was kinda sorta hoping to be Carol – guess my cookies are fine but my ability to blow up Sanctuary, or a ring-stealer aren’t up to par – yet.)

    You are a fabulous judge of character. You get into the nitty-gritty of who they are. I admire that. And you are so right. Negan is a bad-ass (think you can DO leather like him, eh?) villain who has shown us he is more than just a bat-swinging, face-burning S.O.B. Alpha? She scares the shit out of me. There is nothing but a piece of stone where her heart should be. That momentary lapse of emotion does not change a thing.

    And you’re right. We can’t know how we would be or what we would become faced with this new reality. We like to think we’d be tough and fierce but for all we know, we could be Eugene, or worse, Father Gabriel. Nah… no way could we be that bad! I think the quiz told true for you. Even more so than for me.

    From one Michonne to another,


    P.S. And dammit. The video didn’t work for me, so for any other who might not be able to, this link could work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cadvn16N188 Great choice for your post!

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    • Michonne,

      I was thankful not to be Negan. Michonne works just fine, and not just because she knows her way around a sword and can appreciate a good candy bar.

      Alpha is the most disturbing villain yet, because there is no line. And because the apocalypse was the perfect time and place for her personality. Which is why Negan has to be war council.

      Anyone but Father Gabriel. I still don’t like him and I never will. How he could be part of ANY quadrangle is beyond me. He’s still a weasel, knowing what he did.

      Jim Croce had a way about him. Master storyteller with a guitar.

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      • Michonne,

        I feel ya. I didn’t want to be him either. Plus, she rocks the dreds.

        She is and yes. Negan must be part of the war council. Guess we’ll find out some time next friggen October, eh?

        Gah. Why he wasn’t killed off years ago, is beyond me. How the hell could such a hot babe like Rosita can choose him is beyond me.

        That he did. His son is amazing too, AJ Croce. Love him.

        michonne (I’ll give you the capital “M”)

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        • She does rock those dreds. So much so that I don’t think there’s any going back. Sort of like how Carol has to go short with her hair. The long hair ain’t work.

          I’m just glad he didn’t meet his end in that blizzard. That would have sucked. But he HAS to be war council, because he’s the only one who can get in Alpha’s head.

          There is no way Rosita goes for that. No way. Totally BS storyline.

          We both scored the capital M if you ask me.

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          • Oh please, PLEASE, Carol, cut your hair!! She looks way sexier with the short pixie cut. The long hair just doesn’t do it for me (even if I understand the why behind it).

            Same. You never know with these writer peeps. They can just lob off ten heads and spike ’em (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s part of the comic…) So yeah, he has to be in th war council.

            Puh-leeze 😎🧐 (one for each of us 😉 )

            You right, you right. MM all the way

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          • Now she can go back to her short pixie badass mama ‘do.

            I just noticed she was in a movie called “The Mist”, with future WD cast mates Andrea and Dale.

            The comic readers were bummers when that happened. They knew it already, with slight variations as per who’s heads were on sticks.

            That about covers it!

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          • Yes!

            No way! Hmmm…

            Which is why I don’t want to read the comics. I like the element of surprise AND I’m not disappointed when things do go according to said comics.


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  2. Wow. first barbecue, NOW Jim Croce?! WTF? My dear friend we are living on different planets.

    I do, however, wish I had your flare for words!

    Much Love,


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  3. Michonne has always been very appealing as a character. Level headed, thoughtful, and smart, yet she will drop you like a dime with that badass sword. When she cranks that million watt smile…you know you’re in good company and glad she’s on the good guys’ team. I’ve been a big fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan even when he’s doing Negan full on for a long time. Could anyone die more sweetly than him on Grey’s Anatomy, even for way overdone Katherine Heigl. Sorry to see Lauren Cohan step away from TWD. She’s a breath of fresh air and another actress with a great smile.

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  4. Jim Croce is the only name I have a clue about what you’re talking about. I like the parts about your personality, though. And, of course, I liked the song. 🙂

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    • It’s okay, Walking Dead is a ship that has sailed at this point. It’s the longest I’ve ever committed myself to a show. Hell, it’s the longest commitment I’m gonna have other than my kids, LOL.
      It was the only show I watched from the get. I usually steer away from “the” show once the buzz starts getting ridiculous. Every ‘popular’ show in its day, I came to later, from Game of Thrones to Seinfeld.

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      • Well, don’t come to commit to Sunday Song at taraparay.com/blog late. 🙂 I understand about the shows, etc., though. I’m the same, usually, except for True Detective. I was all over that, and told EVERYONE ON EARTH to watch.

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  5. Negan is very charming 🙂 all his “I know shit because I was born this way”-attitude just make us love him even more lol
    Never took any test about it. But I’m worried what if I’m michonne too: she’s way toooooo quiet :/ she says no shit at all 😂😂

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    • Negan’s charm got him to here. He wasn’t just talk, until the writers kind of pigeonholed him into that corner for a spell. But his man of words and action qualities should provide for a much larger role in the battle against the Whisperers.

      You? You’re definitely a cross between several characters. Walking Dead hasn’t made the Victoria character yet . . but watch out when they do!


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