Heroes Of The Week!


Luis Alvarez

In this week’s episode, Imma go five strong in the old school style of business. Five stories that run the gamut, from zeroism (my word) to heroism. You’ll notice that I deviated from the typical superhero pic that usually accompanies the Friday edition of Heroes. I decided to go with a real life superhero, Luis Alvarez, who died last Saturday after a three year battle with cancer. The canyons were built for shoulders like his.

“I’ll take clueless about colonies for $1,000, Alex,”- I’ve been a consistent defender of Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protests because I’m democratic and such. But his holler over the colonial flag is more off key than Francis Scott after a night of making merry. Kaep took exception with the design of Nike’s Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July sneaker, which features the Betsy Ross flag design.

Nike, which has no problem making sneakers that cost hundreds of dollars and have gotten many a kid mugged or worse for sporting ’em, decided not to release the 4th of July special edition kicks. Because it was deemed “racially insensitive” by Kaep. It’s really getting to the point where history is being reworked to facilitate rather than to educate, and that endgame is a frightening proposition.

Tanks for nothing- El Presidente decided to take a page out of the Russian holiday playbook, switching out May with July . . of course. The Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence two hundred and forty three years ago, and not a single one of those signers asked for the top rung. They understood the shared responsibilities of a brave new world and were of the belief that no one man was more important than the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by all men. I mean . . they’d fought to get away from that.

And so this brand walk by .45 felt incongruous to what our founding fathers had in mind. The tanks and fighter jets display was inauthentic enough. But his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial was abject showmanship on a day that is meant to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of every single man and woman who fought to gain, and preserve, our way of life.

They make soccer look gooood- The US women’s national team is in the World Cup finals for the third time in a row and will go for their second straight crown on Sunday against the Netherlands. They got there thanks to goals by Alex Morgan and Christen Press, and diamond cut goalkeeping by Alyssa Naeher in a 2-1 victory over England. In doing so, they overcame the absence of supernova midfielder Megan Rapinoe, who was sidelined with a strained hamstring.

As per usual, the ladies got some peeps all up in their feelings with their greatest show on turf. Their sexy forward, Alex Morgan, fancied a cup of imaginary tea to sip on after scoring a goal early on against England. Of course, pub goers across London took to social media with modern day red coats and bayonets after the display. And a few of the gals on England’s team got their knickers all in a knot over the shenanigans as well.

Our girls are hated . . they are real . .

And they are magnificent.

Finding peace and purpose under the sea- What do you get when you combine veterans with PTSD and an ailing environment? Would you believe it if I told you magic? Because that’s what the organization Force Blue is working along an eighty mile stretch of Florida coastline.

The idea of recruiting former military members for scuba diving missions to preserve and rescue endangered coral reefs is the brainchild of Jim Ritterhoff and Rudy Reyes. The genesis of this venture came to be after the two friends went on a scuba diving trip in 2015. Reyes, who had been suffering from depression after serving as a Recon Marine, found the experience transformative.

And so now, the men are changing minds with each new ‘mission’ to save the coral reefs. Because all those cynics who are so adept at refuting scientists, are being told by their heroes that something needs to be done about the damage we’re doing to the environment.

A genius idea that profits the environment . . . what a novel concept.

Luis Alvarez Congress

That is Luis Alvarez on the other side of sixty nine chemotherapy treatments. A ghostly remnant of the NYPD detective who possessed the physique of a linebacker and the heart of a lion. It can be said that Alvarez never did stop digging after those planes reduced the twin towers to rubble.

He lived fifty three mortal years but he lived thousands of lives in the last eighteen years; encompassing the friends he lost, the strangers he helped to recover and the fraternity he fought for until his dying breath. His was not merely the life of a public servant but a living testament to what service means. He lived through hell on September 11th, and then he kept stepping foot back inside of those nightmarish hours; day after day, month after month. Until they all found home.

In a perfect world, Alvarez would have made a great old man. But there’s nothing perfect about a place where people sacrifice everything and still have to fight for compensation on the other side. Unlike those members of Congress who didn’t show up to listen to him speak last month, Alvarez showed up. Every day. Until his body couldn’t do it any longer, until his spirit’s passing left the world a little bit colder.

The angels win, again.






111 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. B,

    You know you rock, right? You chose the PERFECT hero picture this week. He’s the real deal. No superpowers gifted to him by Marvel. His came from the heart.

    I’m sorry…but how in the name of all that is Betsy Ross is using the original 13-star flag in any way racist? (This Canadian actually knows that Ms Ross made the first flag representing the first 13 States to make up the original country that you are living in…) Kaep and Nike – you are both maroons.

    Tanks on the Fourth? I am sure those original signatories would be shocked and appalled by such an act of … I’ll use your term: showmanship. Cannot help but simply shake my head.

    You know I’m supposed to nail you for the “sexy” part of your comment – you know how all those politically correct peeps will be up in arms… However, I’m not that kinda gal and hell, she is sexy so… And they are cocky and they have attitude and they also have mad skills and, comments on my FF story kept on mentioning how they outplayed those Brits (comments by Brits, by the way) so yeah. Go Ladies! Let’s see what you do agains the Netherlands – but don’t be too cocky, they want to win as badly as you do 😉

    Wow to Force Blue! What a most fabulous endeavour for these Veterans! Brilliant idea that will help all involved. The vets, the ocean, the environment…

    53. I keep maintaining only the good die young. He remained humble through everything he did manage to accomplish. That he had to suffer so is sadness itself. That he had the backing of the likes of Jon Stewart is amazing, even if it did come too late for him. That he showed up every day is testament to what a true hero is.

    Ya done really good, B… Really good.

    Lotsa love,


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    • Q,

      I was searching for a quick minute before it came to me that Alvarez had to be the pic for this week’s entry.

      Yanno . . this latest Nike episode has me believing in every single one of those Ray Bradbury sci-fi bad endings as far as humanity is concerned. We are heading off the cliff, full steam ahead!

      Trump made it all about him. What a shocker.

      Yeah, I know I ain’t supposed to use the term “sexy”. But I am, after all, over the age of fifty after all. So now I can play my “out of touch with reality” card! Yanno . . there’s a board game idea in here somewhere, lol. And Morgan and the girls (ladies, women, humans) are sexy, skilled and ninety minutes away. I don’t think they’ll let the moment get the best of them.

      It was such a genius idea. I’m reading it and marveling at how they turned this into a profitable venture for humanity and the environment. Let’s see the cynics dispute their findings . . . let ’em try!

      Gracias so very much Q.

      Lots of love back atcha!


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      • Glad you didn’t waste your time finding another one – you can use one next week 😉 This one is just find as is.

        Full steam… with a turbo boost!

        You know I tease. I sure as shit would not hesitate to use the term sexy for any male sport professional (and if we are to use the out of touch excuse, then I’m with you on that one). And Morgan is sexy, for shizzle. Tall drink of water (if’n I was to swing that way). I hope they keep their momentum.

        Absolutely a genius idea.

        De nada, B.


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        • I was taken aback by the enormity of this man’s efforts. I mean, we’re talking about more than 16,000 people were affected by the conditions down at Ground Zero after the attacks. So Alvarez was there rescuing and then recovering and then rebuilding this shattered fraternity. It was his whole life. How could Superman, or any other fictional hero compete with that?

          Hey! Does Nike make a sneaker like that?

          All that, AND they’re an absolute riot to watch. They play with such a synergy, it’s just a pleasure to watch. For those who say soccer is boring, they’re watching the wrong teams maybe.

          It was, is. Will be.

          You mean Nader? 😉

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          • That is crazy when you look at those numbers. I bet most people have no idea…
            No way in hell Superman can compete with that.

            Ooo… good question.

            I haven’t been able to watch a single game. Damn work and it’s taking up my time.

            We shall see.

            Nope. That one is yours. I am not pilfering that particular one… 🙂

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          • And the saddest part was how those Congress people didn’t even have the decency to show up for the hearing. All this “Never Forget” talk, and where were they? I’ll tell you where they SHOULD be. Gone. Kick them out.

            As long as Nike is sensitive to my feelings and is willing to charge a fair price for shit sneakers? I’m in!

            Dang, you’re right! And you’re back to it when they play the Netherlands.

            Muchas gracious for that!

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          • I know… “Never Forget”… unless it involves them personally, they are just empty words.

            Ha ha ha! Good luck with those sneakers!

            I’m right? Dammit. They only play on Sunday? Shit.

            It’s all yours. I would not feel right using it. Unlike Imma or a coupla others I’ve “borrowed”..

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          • This is why terms have to be limited. These bastards shouldn’t be able to camp out on the taxpayers dime whilst doing the bidding of special interests.

            Nike has a genuine disconnect when it comes to social responsibility. They’re too busy polishing up on an image. They’re a great example of how branding cannibalizes priorities.

            They played Wednesday vs England . . you worked. They play Sunday . . .

            Imma is from James Brown and a few other legends, so I borrowed it too. 🙂

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          • Absolutely! It’s like anyone who works in any job for too long – they become complacent and start believing that they deserve whatever comes their way… what? Work? Surely you jest…

            I have never been a fan of Nike. Never owned anything created by them… Don’t think I’ll start now…

            Damnation. Well, I have the control of the remotes so damn the golf channel… Imma put it on the game! What time?

            I hear ya… I may have seen/heard it elsewhere 😉

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          • And what’s even worse is when they start believing THEY wrote the book. It’s like the holy rollers who quote psalms as if they were sitting at the write hand.

            I’m not a brand person, so I’m not given to the Kool Aid that Nike has gotten monolithic on.

            11 am. Oddish time but hey . . I guess they want to give the victors as much daylight as possible with which to partay.


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          • Yes, much worse.

            Neither am I. If I do happen to have something by a brand, it’s coz I happened upon it at a fair price and the logo is hidden.

            Guess what? I only start at 4! Woot!


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          • Yeah, my brand is affordable and quality, LOL. When peeps start buying solely based on brand, they leave themselves open to less rather than more.

            In that case . . . . gooooooooaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!!!!


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          • Yep. Exactly. I’m laying off the cheap – coz you realise rather quickly that you get what you paid for… but nope, ain’t buying no brands just for the brands…



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          • Fist bump, then a high five, then a shoulder knock . . . but not too hard, and finish up with another high five to a low five to a fireworks fist bump in which we wind up and let loose!

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  2. Immeasurably sad yet awesomely inspiring. Thanks for sharing — we don’t hear enough stories like that of Luis. I just hope his message will be heard through the politics.

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    • MEL,

      The idea that we mustn’t ever forget shouldn’t be an “idea”, yanno? It should be how our elected representatives work. Gawd I sound so naive.

      With people like Jon Stewart helping to move the message forward, I have confidence Luis’s story and all the stories like his will not be forgotten.

      Thank you for the chime.


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  3. You certainly hit a poignant note Mr. Imma especially showing what Mr. Alvaraz looked like then and when he took flight. Made me weep. He was brave right to the end knowing how he looked, having little doubt it was the end, the last Responder. I’m very moved by your tribute. Susannah

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  4. No surprise Mr. Alvarez is the topping on this week’s addition. As for the US women’s soccer team, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. They can play – but they have to play well to beat a good Netherlands team … oh …. .and scoring one more goal helps. Alex Morgan is a hottie!

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    • Yes, they are arrogant. So like I said, you gotta win to carry the day. Otherwise you become the ’86 Miami Hurricanes, who were embarrassed by the Nittany Lions in the desert one night.

      I have confidence our gals will be ready to go ninety strong.

      And Alex Morgan . . Lord help me yes! I see a future Vera post with her in it.

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    • A lot of those peeps are lying their asses off for one thing. For another, I just shrug every time Nike goes the social justice route. Here’s a company, after all, that sells product for dollars on the penny, shipped over from third world countries. And then jack up the price to where kids can’t afford them, and to where many kids pay a price for doing so. But I guess Kaep isn’t as concerned with that.

      I just wonder if Betsy Ross had sewn a “Y” inside her circular flag . . . maybe she could have diffused any controversy.

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  5. Re-listening to the Alvarez vid brings tears to my eyes and an immense sense of sadness and shame in my heart. I’d love to send the “Senate Turtle” countless views of this brave man. #havetheynoshame

    After last night’s minefield of incredibly noisy fireworks in my neighborhood, the hijacking by the orange mango leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. July 4th is supposed to be the celebration of the birth of the country, not a May Day parade to demonstrate the size of his hands. I have never been so ashamed.

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  6. I may be taking a break from social media, but how can I resist your heroes of the week feature.

    I’m glad you took a shot at Kaep and Nike. I 125% support Kaep’s right to protest as he did, but this shoe thing is where he and Nike have officially jumped the shark on their whole gig. It’s just ridiculous. And that he has that type of influence with the company??? Sheesh, grow a pair, Nike.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Mark! Hope your hiatus is going well, and thank you. 🙂

      I don’t get it. Nike is so full of it, and Kaep too. The dude really needs a history lesson before he starts going off. And Nike, well . . they get what they get for standing behind this nonsense.

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  7. You have hit a home run, Pilgrim. Mr. Alvarez’s message can cover a lot about the failures of Congress. Glad you kept it front and center. Tanks and places and the 4th oh my. The first Yam has outdone himself. Cheers for the Soccer team. Loved the tea demo. Nike and social justice? Tell that to a third world kid who just got 50 cents for working twelve hours stitching $200.00 shoes. Two people I wish would go away. Colin Kaepernick and Phil Knight. Phil should have ended that Betsy Ross nightmare before it started. Like, “How ould you like a big cup of shut the fuck up, colin?”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Alvarez, and the fight of so many, will remain front and center thanks to the tireless advocacy by peeps such as Jon Stewart. And thank God for that.

      I call yesterday’s show the “brand walk” because that’s what Trump was making it. The only thing missing were solid gold tanks, and who knows . . maybe he had them too. I didn’t watch.

      That tea gesture was clever. Loved it.

      Amen Boss! I mean, Kaep’s fight for social justice must stop at the shorelines. And Phil Knight is a shameless hustler who has sports leagues in his back pocket.

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  8. thought I left a comment – but see it not!
    enjoyed this post – although seeing Alvarez made me feel a little sad – but I hope his mission is accomplished fully int he years ahead – and wish his family peace.
    and also – because I read this post – you helped me be int he know.
    I was the one to mention the teacup celebration of the soccer team and it made for a bit of good convo – so thanks for some current event news hot off the press last week –

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