A Momentary Lapse Of Season

Miami Dolphins

We learned something about ourselves inside that darkest of nights. We learned that the cause was not lost, and that it hadn’t even been missing. And once seen, it could not be unseen. It possessed us with a most magical ability. We believed in tomorrow . . .

What a difference two months makes.

Exactly two months ago in this very spot, I penned a bad romance of a love letter to my favorite team in the world, the Miami Dolphins. There was no need to read between the lines since I was as brutally honest as a Jim Bob Duggar paternity test. The Dolphins were all set to rewrite history . . in crayon, and the only reason I wasn’t doing somersaults is because I am on a strict somersault diet. But I was all chips in on a losing hand because I was under the impression that less would equal more in the long run.

A funny thing happened on the way to NFL ignominy. The Dolphins stopped sucking.

By winning their third game of the season, the Dolphins would basically have to get Tony Soprano to serve as their draft point man in order to score a top three pick right now. Say adios to quarterback Joe Burrow and defensive end Chase Young- the top studs at their respective positions. A couple more wins and not even Tony Soprano will be able to un-fuck the situation.

And guess what? I’m kinda loving the zeitgeist of these formative moments that are busy trashing the temporal sensibilities- like standings and draft positioning. Because what Brian Flores is coaching up in South Beach is a bulldog mentality that doesn’t give a blessed fuck about gutted rosters and tank jobs.

Because maybe all this worrying I was doing about getting a top name in the NFL draft was for naught. Maybe it doesn’t matter one little bit whether we draft first or fifth . . or wherever. Maybe what matters more than that is what’s going on, right now. What Brian Flores is doing with the skeleton crew of a band that started the season 0-7 but has gone 3-2 since. He isn’t winning coach of the year, but he’s damn worthy of getting someone’s vote, out of principle. It would be a fitting apology, after Flores got trashed for presiding over what many sportswriters were calling the biggest sporting abomination of all time. Which is hyperbole at its most hypocritical when you consider all the real world shit the sports world has thrown at us.

This might sound strange, but this team is the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Because that country club mentality which had worked its insidious vines into the heart and soul of a franchise for the better part of two decades is withering just a little bit. It’s by no means dead and gone, but it’s no longer being allowed to retrench itself. Because maybe they’re figuring out that most prized possession of all; more vital than a blue ribbon prize in the NFL meat market. Maybe they’re figuring out a culture that transcends big names and splashy acquisitions.

Ask the Steelers what culture means, because they pretty much wrote the book on it. They lost their star quarterback, running back and wide receiver in one calendar year and yet they’re standing at 7-5 after beating the Browns today. The Steelers have had three head coaches in the past fifty years. In that same span of time, there have been five Popes. Enough said.

And look at those Browns, with all their big name talent- including quarterback Baker Mayfield, who oh by the way . . was the first pick in the draft a couple years ago- who are busy making vacation plans for January after falling to 5-7.Β  If ever there was a cautionary tale when it comes to falling in love with top picks and big names? They are it.

If I had to choose one word for this season, it would be perspective.

Lamar Jackson beat the stuffing out of us in the opener, but he’s done that to a lot of really good teams since. And it’s worth noting that thirty teams overlooked him in the draft. And okay, putting up a thirty seven burger on this Eagles team isn’t nearly as impressive as it might have seemed back when everyone- including yours truly- was penciling them in as a playoff team. But it still counts.

And so what if they’re not the worst team of all time, destined to take home the top prize for their futile efforts? And so what if they’re light years away from having a legitimate shot at knocking off guys like Mahomes and Jackson? All that really matters is their allergy to the canvas, because they refuse to lay down on it. And it’s not much, not really.

Not yet.







131 thoughts on “A Momentary Lapse Of Season

  1. B,

    Funny how that works, eh? Two months ago, you ‘splained to me the what’s and whyfores of your thinking. Okay, fine, I already was a fan of the Dolphins from way back when – even if I hardly watched the NFL anymore – so I was easily swayed, but still I got it and I get it.

    And honestly, it’s probably a good thing you are on a strict somersault diet. Just sayin’.

    I do believe I said they would win three games to your belief of a maximum of two. Maybe, just maybe we both will be wrong πŸ˜‰ And, on top of that, first draft picks are no guarantees. Even I, who know nothing, have seen that sometimes those chosen had already hit their peak before joining the big leagues (can we say that in football?)

    Did I mention that I am really digging Brian Flores? (What has come over me that I am actually learning coach’s names? I’m blaming you.)

    Why is it strange that you are enjoying watching a team who doesn’t give up and who is looking at long-term goals? Maybe this team is what all those sports movies are about. Unless there is a tragedy, you only get to watch movies about those who beat the odds, amiright?

    And it’s so funny because of “This Is Us” I have come to see what a Steelers fan is all about. Man, are they ever faithful to their team no matter what.

    Perspective is a very good word to choose.

    Lamar Jackson is one of those we were discussing (see above comment) – those who are not first draft picks but who suddenly has everyone wondering, huh? what?

    So what indeed? And you know that thing about time and how fast it goes? Light years might happen sooner than later.

    Don’t stop indeed.


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    • Ms. Dale β€” the reason we Steelers fans are so loyal is because they have been the most consistently competitive team for 45 years now. They offer stability in a sport that rarely sees it, in a world gone mad.

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    • Q,

      The sport is always disappointing me with its look away progress when it comes to domestic abusers and bad acts who get multiple second chances. But my team will always prevail in my scorecard, even if they have always let me down as well, LOL.

      I have done a single legit somersault in my life. I shit you not when I say it was higher than a gymnast and more death defying than Cirque du Soleil. Total accident. Completely hilarious. And if YouTube would’ve been a thing back then? I would have been a star. For better and worse.

      I agree with your professional opinion wholeheartedly. πŸ˜‰

      Drafts are crapshoots, so it’s best to keep the crap to a minimum. Joe Burrow is the hot name. Right now. Which means exactly nothing in the long game.

      And I think Miami could win another one, maybe two with the schedule they have. Although I would trade in wins against the likes of the Giants, Jets and Bengals for a win over the Patriots in Foxborough. Fat chance, but that would be my choice.

      Brian Flores is a most interesting dude. He’s got such an immense task on his plate as he battles something worse than bad football. But he’s got a tenacity to him that I enjoy very much.

      Yeah, right? What I dig about this team is, they’re obvious underdogs in just about every single game they play. And with few exceptions, they’re like watching a Rocky movie where they are outmatched but refuse to stay down.

      Steelers fans have to share the state with Eagles fans, which is totally unfair.

      Perspective is a favorite word of mine.

      I love Jackson. I was one of the naysayers not long ago, until he proved me wrong. I’ll always take being wrong that way as opposed to thinking some kid is going to blow it up and then he doesn’t.

      Yep. It’s always moving, and all it could take is a solid couple drafts before the team takes on a completely different flavor.

      Love that ditty!


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      • I was not gonna bring that up and let your team prevail.

        I would love to know how THAT came about! I used to do somersaults back in my elementary school days – on a mat and later on, off a diving board. Now? No way in hell I’d even try!

        Uh huh… no placating the chick who knows nothing, eh?

        Drafts are absolutely crapshoots – coz there are no guarantees.

        Oh yeah… That would be sol cool if they beat the Pats!

        Flores is and yes, he does have other shit to battle, unfortunately.

        Yes! And Rocky did eventually win πŸ˜‰

        Yeah. What up wit dat? Should be illegal to have more than one team per state.

        It’s a good word.

        Glad you aren’t afraid of changing your tune and admitting you might have been quick to judge.

        It is and we can’t predict what will or won’t happen so, let us being open to the possibility.

        It’s a good one!

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        • They did prevail. At least for a day, and that’s all that mattered. Today. It was fun.

          It was a wheelbarrow, a roaring fire in my parents back yard and me rushing to get back to the festivities. And then . . .

          What can I say? I didn’t feel the need to placate as you were going plenty strong.


          It won’t happen, but that’s what makes it so much fun to think about.

          The weeds of this organization go far beyond wins and losses.

          And then he went Hollywood. Which I hope doesn’t happen with the Dolphins. Not that I care where they play, but LA already has two NFL teams they don’t care about . . .

          Tell that to New York! And California! Okay . . . I’ll stop.

          Love it.

          I always own up. One of my most charming traits.

          And hey, if Tom Brady goes to LA next season . . the Patriots will cease to exist as we knew them. Probably?

          You know it!

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  2. I believe the Dolphins got over how horrible they are supposed to be, and have taken a WTF approach to the thing.

    I love that they are running plays you just don’t see in the NFL – a league that desperately needs shaking up.

    And thank you for the shout out for the Steelers, but you skipped a few details. Losing an all-world RB and WR before the season started. Then losing their starting QB. Then losing Schuster and Conner and now starting their third string QB. And they’re finding ways to win and stay in the hunt.

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    • Dude, it’s as if they went all John Belushi on the season. The critics are pulling all manner of historical stats out of their asses and they were like . . . “Toga!!!!”

      They do that. It’s what comes with having nothing to lose. All they need now is some Ferris Buehler sightings.

      Oh, I missed lots. But you guys HAVE a season that’s still simmering on the griddle. You don’t need any help. I gave you a paragraph, Jeez! πŸ˜‰

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  3. awesome post – and whew – so glad they stopped sucking.

    and watching Houston possibly take New England down tonight – (please God)

    and favorite line from his post:

    Maybe what matters more than that is what’s going on, right now.

    true that

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    • For now, Prior. I’m tempered in my excitement, as I’ve learned that my overtly emotional ways are no bueno.

      Yes please God? With pretty on top? I’m watching it too and wanting the next twenty one minutes to go buh-bye quickaly.

      True thing, huh? πŸ™‚

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          • yeah – not my fav at all….
            and did I tell you we have a neighbor who hangs his dolphin flag all the time – and in the summer we noticed he got a dolphins bike – well maybe not NFL licensed (ha) but a teal two-wheeler that reminds me of those uniforms today

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          • Yard flag fans are akin to face paint fans. It’s like, when did your rooting interests become a Geraldo episode, anyways?

            All kidding aside, I dig the old school Dolphins uni’s just fine. It’s the new threads that do nothing for me.

            Mind you, I don’t wear jerseys, either way. I am not a jersey wearer.

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          • laughing at the Geraldo reference – although flags have value sometimes. For example – we met some awesome steelers fans years ago – down the road a few blocks – and we never would have met them had their steelers flag not given us something to connect with –
            and I am not a jersey wearer either
            hubs bought me a BILLS one a while back – and it weighed like 100 lbs and I gave it away to a family member –
            but if… big if — I ever did wear one again – it would be a lightweight replica with Bills on front and broncos on the back

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          • I guess all things are relative, even with yard flags.

            I have a very sexist opinion on jerseys. I feel that women can wear them, but men never should. I know, I am a relic.

            Hubs bought you the old school real deal! That there is love.

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          • He idd buy the old school kind of one – from some random place in china and cheap – but well made – shhhh – don’t tell the power brands – lol – and it took like 8 weeks to arrive –
            but we don’t use them anymore.
            and side note – my hubs is not that into jerseys anymore – he is down to three – and he has lost weight on the last three years so the XL’s were silly.
            and I have a Peyton Broncos jersey (the real deal and it was a gift from a group) that I saved from his big discard – and in the fall ran into a die-hard broncos fan and this is the size for him – so guess what he is getting in his stocking? this jersey – only worn twice (but I will wash it first – lol)

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  4. Just when you think your mediocre team might score big in the lottery, the fools go and win a game. Just ask the Donkeys. Bastards. Still, they continue to take giant strides in the ‘could give a rat’s hat’ regarding the season generally. Maybe your team could call my team and give them some advice on how to have some heart when it comes to the game.

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  5. Dem Fins are a rollin’!!!! They must be getting ready for the streaking Bengals. Who would have thunk a weekend of Fins win, Bengals win, and Redskins win! But hey – my Bengals still have the inside track for the top pick. I’d take either Young or a OL. … but before trading down but staying in the top 10.

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