A Love Scenario For My Favorite Team

The following is a simple thank you to my beloved Miami Dolphins. For being the most relevant 5-11 squad in the history of the league. They somehow out-won the mighty Patriots down the stretch by going 5-4 after that 0-7 beginning; capped by an upset victory in the final week to knock New England off its perch. Last night may have been the end of the Patriots dynasty, and maybe I’m being a tad bit hyperbolic . . but I like to think this wonderful bunch of miscreants played a small part in the final breaths of a dynasty.

Thank you to Monika for suggesting Justin Herbert in the starring role as Miami QB. Not sure if it’ll work out this way, any of it. But who cares? All I know is that I found reason to believe inside this lost cause of a season. And while there is a long road ahead, there is a lot more hope involved than I had bargained for at the get. Sometimes, a season can be that way; it can give you something you never saw coming. Where one minute you’re throwing your arms up in disgust, and the next, you’re uttering that most magical of sporting refrains, and meaning it.

Wait till next year.

New Orleans 2024- Brian Flores sits in his makeshift office inside the New Orleans Superdome and scratches out an idea, whittling it into precise measurements as if a master carpenter. He is a craftsman of sorts, having built the foundation of a championship club from the rubble of obsolescence along with general manager Chris Grier.

It’s as if the moment Flores walked in the door, those couple decades of mediocrity that preceded him hitched a ride to someplace else. He paid scant attention to the collective shrug that accompanied his introduction as Miami’s field boss in February of 2019. And he paid little mind to the vitriol heaped on his club due to the clumsy maneuvering that led to a mass exodus of their most talented players in the name of draft capital. The overpaid suits said it was morally reprehensible that a football organization left its players in harm’s way by fielding a prohibitive skeleton crew.

Their criticism was temporarily vindicated when Flores’ Dolphins team lost his first game 59-10 to the Baltimore Ravens. It reached Chernobyl status when they began the season 0-7. The critics were only too delighted to break out their “Told You So” material, to which Flores responded with three simple words: We’re not tanking.

He was parodied for this, but he never minded that too. All he concerned himself with was drawing up a game plan that would give his fledgling outfit a fighting chance. And just as importantly, changing an organizational culture that was equal parts Caddyshack and Animal House.

Five years to the date when he was named head coach of the Miami Dolphins, he’s sixty minutes away from the Holy Grail of professional football. His opponent- the Arizona Cardinals- present myriad complications for Flores and his defense. But they’ve been up to the challenge all season, and on through January in wins over the Vegas Raiders and then, the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens.

There is irony in that Baltimore was the team Flores beat to get his squad to the Super Bowl for the first time since ’85. But he hasn’t got time to dwell on it with MVP Kyler Murray next up on the docket. Later today. About ten hours from now, to be exact, as evidenced by the bustle of doors and chatter that is making its way to his office now. His guys, come to keep their coach company.

“Hey coach,” Justin Herbert says as he sticks his head in the door whilst munching on a power bar.

“What’s up ten?” Flores says, referring to his quarterback’s number.

“We’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum . . .” Herbert smiles.

“AND WE’RE ALL OUTTA PATIENCE!!!” The guys whoop and holler as Herbert leads them to the field. Flores grins as he moves out of his chair for the first time in several hours and stretches out before moving towards the tunnel of the North end zone. His Dolphins will be the ‘home team’ today- dressed in their dark aqua old school threads out of the time of Shula and Marino. And it’s appropriate, since the feeling is of yesterday once more.

“I can’t believe we’re actually here . .” Justyn Ross, their third year wide receiver out of Clemson says as he looks out over the field.

“Not yet JR . . .not yet,” Flores says.

72 thoughts on “A Love Scenario For My Favorite Team

  1. This is beautiful. It’s a great way to describe the yearning of fans of teams that struggle year in and year out, decade in and decade out. It almost makes me want to see the Dolphins do this. For you and for other long-suffering fans. Almost. πŸ˜‰

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  2. B,

    Yanno… no one is more pleased than I that your beloved Dolphins went beyond your expectations. And won more games that I had predicted, to boot! And to beat the Patriots? That is the biggest cherry on the Football Sundae, EVER.

    Way to go Monika for knowing her stuff πŸ˜‰

    Wait till next year, indeed.

    I love, love, love the scenario you have created for 2024. So you are giving them four years, eh? Why not? I won’t say more as I’m still a neophyte – but I’m learning!

    Not yet… maybe, call me crazy, even sooner…

    Excellent choice of music, as per.


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    • Q,

      You called three wins while I had em at 1.5. And for a while there, I looked like a prophet . . and that somehow they were going to suck so badly that they MIGHT just be rewarded half a win in victory!

      But yeah, beating New England had become sort of like an annual ritual for Miami. When the game was played IN Miami. Winning in New England was akin to taking on Goliath with a rubber band.

      She had this one all the way, LOL.

      The Brooklyn Dodgers used that one their entire baseball existence. Outside of 1955 when they somehow managed to defeat the mighty Yankees.

      Truthfully? That’s as far out as future Super Bowl sites go, so there’s that. I WAS going to make up a Super Bowl on foreign soil but thought better of it. And why not? In four years, Brady will be running for Congress and Belichick will be in a Gulag serving time for his crimes against humanity.

      Not yet. I got them from the end of Gladiator. True story.

      Seal. How can I NOT?


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      • Yes, I did and yes, you did and they coulda but they didna!!

        Kinda cool that they did their David thing to Goliath in their (Goliath’s) home! Now I have the Veggie Tales in my mind…

        That she did!

        Did they now? You would know… As the only baseball I know is from movies.

        OK. Listening to Brady today, he says he’s not done yet… for all you know he’ll be playing still. But for another team!

        That so?

        Indeed. You couldn’t not.

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        • Wait. What? Didna? Did you just reinvent the English language? I’m calling Bill Shakespeare!

          I didn’t mean to evoke a Veggie Tales episode. My (cartoonish) God!. I apologize.

          She done. Did. Definitely.

          Oh like Bull Durham? You can’t get past the bra scene can you? He was safe at home, but of course you knew that already. πŸ˜‰

          Yes, I believe him too. And I believe he will be playing QB for the Slytherin House. No doubt, he will be a rock star.

          Yes. Duh?

          Of course, I’m messing with you on that above comment. Who knows what goes on in my head when it’s going on? Hells. Not even I know that.

          Seal. You can’t not love him.

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          • Bill? Bill? You ain’t calling William Bill are ya?, And… I’m just adding a little somethin’….

            I have to admit, I kinda loved the Veggie Tales…

            No… not the bra scene! The garter belt scene… to quote Annie… “Oh, my….”

            Well, if he plays for Slytherin, he is done for. Harry and the Gryffindors will set him straight.


            All good. Glad we were able to talk face to face to kinda sorta try to set things straight(ish)

            Agreed. Unless you are Heidi… then you don’t no more…

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          • I called him Bill, yes I did. And I figured it was just a flourish of the keyboard on your part.

            I never saw it, and Imma have to take your word for it.

            Garter belt . . bra. . . I was in the family.

            I didn’t realize Gryfinndor was the powerhouse.

            Ya think?

            We didn’t cover the sarcasm charges though.

            Well, that’s their bi-ness.

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          • Well, at least you are taking responsibility for your action. And yanno… there are times I might have a flourish with the keyboard…

            They had a bunch of little stories. Cutest thing ever.

            Well, potayto, potahto; however, a guy who can until a garter belt one-handed… swoon.

            Really? How could you not know this?

            No. And we shall have to address this situation.

            It is. None of ours…

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          • Taking responsibility for my action . . yep, eggsactly.

            There are times . . quite a few of em.

            Do you know they made it into a porn? Someone at work told me about Veggie Porn Tales once. Is nothing sacred?

            It seems a great trick.

            I don’t know how I couldn’t know this!

            My people will call your people.


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          • That’s a good thing πŸ˜‰

            Hmmm… quite a few, eh?

            Gawd no! Really? Bloody hell… I just will never be able to look at Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato in the same way again now. Not cool.

            It is.

            You did read the first few books to your kids. You MUST know that since Harry is Gryffindor, there is no question.

            You make that happen…



          • ‘Tis.

            You do have a flourish habit, yes you do. πŸ™‚

            No, it’s not cool at all. There is a whole cartoon porn industry, which is just . . God it’s disturbing. And I don’t disturb easily.

            I forget. I mean I figured Harry won a great deal since he was the protagonist.

            Jes maam.


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          • πŸ™‚

            He he he… I guess maybe I do πŸ˜‰

            No. Bloody hell – Veggie Tales are mostly Biblical tales! It is beyond disturbing. What a vile world we live in at times.

            Sigh. What am I to do with you?



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          • It’s a very good thing.

            Not to change the subject, but vile is a good word. It’s a sleek, cool looking word, disregarding the definition for a moment. Just taking into account the word itself.

            I know right?


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          • So glad it is.

            Vile is to evil what chuffed is to pleased. It takes it to a whole ‘nother place, dontcha think? Do we love words or do we love words?

            I can think of a few things…


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  3. A true fan sticks by their team through thick and thin … and you have had many years of thin. Although they may withdraw a bit, but they don’t switch teams. They may not see bright future, but they keep hope alive. All along, stay loyal – waiting – hoping – and once they turn a corner, they are ready.

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  4. Truth be told, I couldn’t pick a single Dolphin from a one Dolphin lineup. That said, they’d be crazy not to start the rebuild around JH-either at QB or maybe even tight end. He’s plenty big enough, has great hands and can run with the best of ’em. Here’s to a better season next year. And by that I mean, beating their NE counterparts. Again. {snicker} #ohhappyday

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    • Fitzpatrick is the only guy most fans would know, because of the beard. But you’re right, it’s a team of no names right now.

      I think progress will be different next season. Five wins this year exceeded expectations, so I would hate for a four or five win season next year to be seen as a disappointment. I think the more important thing is that we get players who we know are keepers. We won’t hit on every pick, but we have to hit on the majority. Plus pick up some keepers in FA. NO big name, flashy types though.

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