Heroes Of The Week!- Super Bowl Edition

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I was behind on my news munch this week so I had to run a hurry up offense in order to get this episode nestled onto its Friday morning doorstep. You could say I winged it, and that’s no guac. But I figured out a way to make this a Super edition by including a member of both the Niners and the Chiefs in my lineup. Yanno, in the name of fairness and world pizza.

And now your heroes . . .

Heart of Gold- Richard Sherman is going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer whenever he decides to hang up his cleats, but in the game of life he is already there.

In November, Sherman wrote out a check for almost $7,500 to the Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara, California that wiped out all lunch debt owed to the cafeteria. A month prior to that, he wrote a check for over $20,000 to the Tacoma Public Schools in Tacoma Washington to clear all lunch debt there as well. Since 2013, Sherman’s organizations- The Richard Sherman Family Foundation and Blanket Coverage Foundation- have raised more than $1.5 million dollars to provide students in low income communities with school supplies and clothing.

This dude is already super.

A real Life Saver- For all I know, this might have been Timothy Prather‘s first rodeo. But you’d never have known it from the way the nine year old sprang into action to save his little cousin. Timothy was enjoying a night out at the rodeo when his three year old cousin Connor began to choke. Welp, Timothy knew exactly what to do thanks to a first aid poster he’d taken notice of in the cafeteria at Ramer Elementary School in Tennessee. He applied the Heimlich and dislodged the candy from Connor’s throat. This story had me wondering how many adults know how to apply this life saving move.

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Take this job and shovel it- Remember kids, my heroes run the gamut. They don’t need to score the real world headlines to make mine. They just need to show me some kind of wonderful, and when they do it in the quiet? That’s butter. Fed Ex driver Melvin J. Marlett of Manistique, Michigan supplied the flavor recently when he was delivering a package to Jodi LaFreniere. The kindergarten teacher wasn’t home but the motion sensor on her security camera resulted in a notification text, and when she checked out the video footage, there was Marlett . . shoveling her front stoop. Of all the random acts perpetrated in this crazy world, kindness always works best.


Commander and Chief- Derrick Nnadi was a hotshot Florida State prospect a couple years back until a forgettable workout at the league Combine left his pro career in doubt. But the defensive tackle worked his ass off to overcome that blip, and now he finds himself sixty minutes away from a Super Bowl ring.

Nnadi’s hard work on the field is in keeping with the great good work he’s doing off of it. The league honored him as the Kansas City Chiefs Community MVP of the Week back in September for providing a shopping spree to the family of one of the victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting. That’s his hometown, and it’s where his heart will always reside. He’s pretty good at dishing up these shopping sprees to school kids, having done it last summer in his adopted hometown of Kansas City as well.

“As my father says . . we don’t receive . . we give . .”

When the universe listens- Seven years ago, Georgina Laurie had just lost her husband Dennis and life no longer seemed worth living. She slipped into a depression from which it seemed she might not return.

“A year prior to that, I’d had a stroke, so my whole life completely changed and I couldn’t cope with that,” recalls Laurie. “I got really depressed, really down and I really couldn’t see there was a way forward in life for me.

It was on the night when she began thinking about the end of her life that she was able to find a new beginning. She noticed the card for a suicide prevention hotline called Samaritans by her bedside cabinet and gave them a call. She had no intention of being talked down from the ledge her life was balancing on, but that is exactly what happened. So inspired was she, that this grandmother from the UK later made the decision to become a volunteer for the organization. So it was that Georgina overheard a conversation her fellow volunteer Des McCarthy was having with someone who called into the hotline recently. Des was comforting the person on the other end of the line and the words . . well, they brought Georgina all the way back to that fateful night. And that’s when Georgina realized that Des- her mentor and fellow volunteer for the last four years- had been the voice that talked her down from that ledge once upon a time.

There are no coincidences.





68 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!- Super Bowl Edition

  1. B,

    For a “hurry up” ya done good. Not that I was remotely worried.

    These school lunch payouts are wonderful – yet sad, aren’t they? Why they even exist is beyond me so thank goodness for the Shermans of this world.

    Wow! Just when you think the posters put up in schools are not even looked at, you get a Timothy Prather who actually did. That is amazing.

    Talk about random act of kindness. Maybe he felt he needed to work up his cardio and she was the lucky recipient of his efforts!

    Nnadi did a beautiful thing helping out families affected by mass shootings and kids in need. A giver first.

    To not only receive the help needed when she was at her lowest but then to do a 180 and now offer it to others is, in itself, an amazing and difficult thing to do. How serendipitous to find herself next to the one who saved her on her hellish night! Shivers.

    No, you are right. There are no coincidences. And of course, great song! Which did not work for me, so here is another version.. https://youtu.be/58TexsppsSU


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    • Q,

      I know you had my back. ;0

      That is the backstory here, isn’t it? The ‘why’? in the blessed school board is this not covered? It’s not like the lunches are good anyway! Richard Sherman is one righteous dude.

      Sharp kid, that Timothy Prather. Good thing too, because I don’t know how many kids even realize there are posters in the cafeteria.

      That was a beauty of a moment, served up in the quiet. It’s something I love to read about, when someone does something just because they want to do it.

      Yes indeed, Nnadi balances out my “Super” heroes post by scoring one for the Chiefs . . but more importantly for the kids.

      That’s so true and she is a hero in her own right, of course. I guess it helps her to know she’s giving someone else hope. When you are at your living end . . you need something. Thank God she found it.

      Haha! I cannot believe it didn’t translate! 😉


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      • I’ve always got your back!

        No, those lunches are basically garbage but still… thank goodness for the righteous dudes.

        Very sharp. I imagine these posters are looked at when originally put up and then become “part of the decor” for most so his not only have seen it but having really looked at it is beyond wonderful.

        Yes, it was. Those are the best ones. The “Just because” ones. A proof of giving with zero intent of receiving.

        Yeah, definitely a lovely balance.

        She is.. This type of paying it forward is what it’s all about.

        YouTube, copyright laws … sigh.

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        • You’re the diggity.

          I don’t understand why they just don’t offer pay for lunches as well. But the regular old school lunch SHOULD be gratis. It’s great to have good people stepping up, but the good people should be working on the inside . . for the kids.

          I can honestly say that they are like paint. Nobody sees them, it’s like white noise for the yes. Maybe Timothy has ADD. Wouldn’t that be something? If that’s how he was able to notice them?

          I love the just because peeps. There is a stoicism to their lives that is so inspiring.

          Yin to yang is like boom to bang.

          Wasn’t that a movie? Pay it Forward?

          YouTube . . I love you but you’re killing me with all these rules . . .

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          • You’re the hot dog to my diggity.

            We never had paid school lunches and I remember seeing that some places in the States had that and was impressed… now I see it ain’t so free after all. It should be gratis.

            They are like paint! Maybe… or on the spectrum of Autism… Something special about him.

            They are the best! And they just show a beautiful side to humanity.

            Is like to hugs to kisses.

            It was. And it was a fabulous one, at that.

            Yes. YouTube, can you not make friends with all the nations?

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          • Extra cheese por favor. And some chile peppers if you got em.

            It should be gratis. Of course, in elementary school I usually brought my own lunch. Except for the six months we lived in Puerto Rico where I actually loved the school lunches because they were SO good. Spoiled me, badly.

            I think he probably is such a focused kid. And I know most people do not equate autism with focus, but those kids can be redirected in very positive ways. Not saying he is autistic, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

            I just love it. It’s like when you hear about someone being an exceptional philanthropist after they pass and nobody knew a thing about it.

            And then some.

            Big Fab.

            YouTube needs a refresher course in unity. Imma send them the “We Are The World” video . . .

            Liked by 1 person

          • Oh, I’ll give you extra cheese and some nice fresh chili peppers (none of them flakes shit).

            It should. But then, I remember when school supplies were… I went home for lunch. Oh lucky you! You lived in Puerto Rico! I can imagine those lunches were fab!

            Definitely. And those who don’t equate it, don’t know or understand it. They are way more so, depending on where they are in the spectrum.

            Yes! They are the true philanthropists!

            We just have all the right words, don’t we?


            Great idea!!

            Liked by 1 person

          • I am ALL flaked out, but the good news is I have several different hot sauces at the ready now.

            Arroz con frijoles rojos and cerdo chunks with plantains. I mean, after that, a freeze dried hamburger just ain’t gonna cut it.

            So many brilliant industry movers are autistic. It’s the matter of gaining that focus for the direction it is needed and then anything becomes possible.

            I love the stories.

            We have a million of em. If ever there was a Word War (sans the L), we would rule the woild!


            Ya think?

            Liked by 1 person

          • No need for the flakes – they are all dried up anyhow! 😉 Sauces, fresh – always the way to go.

            No kidding. Ugh. (on the later) YUM on the former!

            Yes. And many highly successful and brilliant peeps have ADD – Einstein, Churchill, to name but two.

            Me too.

            We would do mighty find, that is for shizzle!


            I KNOW!

            Liked by 1 person

          • I have taken to adding stuff to my pizza that brings the heat. I bought a frozen pie the other day and added my leftover chorizo burger to it after I crumbled and fried it up in hot sauce. Deelish.

            The old Ugh and Yum, huh?

            Yes, and yes. You know your stuff. 😉

            Me three! Okay, no . . let’s keep it to two. We ain’t chronicling.

            Welp, you know what they say . . where there is smoke, there’s usually some FIAAAAHHH!!!



            Liked by 1 person

          • My boys do that ALL the time. I like to add the spicy oil as a finish.

            Yep… Yin and Yang all over again.

            I’m that Trivial Pursuit person… a little of this, a little of that – enough to keep the conversation going, yanno?

            Not here… No chronicling here…

            Ooops… make that FinE, not FinD 😉 FIAAAHHHH is always good to have!


            Liked by 1 person

          • I love adding my own stuff to a store pie, it’s like re purposing a cool piece of furniture.

            I dig, I dig!

            If it’s Sports, I do fairly well on Trivial Pursuit. That or some history. Some history . . .

            No, this ain’t a gin joint.

            Al Pacino called, he wants his FIAAAHHH back. I told him “Are you kidding? I spent three hours waiting for Joe to explode in the last flick you were in. No deal!”


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  2. Love the Sherman story (which I didn’t know). Interesting how I’ve read of others doing something similar. I’m not dissing the Sherman story here – but rather supporting it because if it encourage others to step up – mission accomplished!

    The kid doing the Heimlich? That’s a superstar! (I hope you know that Dr. Heimlich is a Cincinnatian. I recall seeing him on the evening we ushered at plays. He passed a few years ago at over 90).

    Winner for me in this series – the FedEx guy!

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy the game – and I like both teams. Cheers to no Pats!

    Liked by 2 people

    • The NFL is full of guys like Sherman, who give back all the time and never forget their communities. He’s positively impacted so many people, but you’d never know it if you watch ESPN.

      I did not know that, but glad I caught a Cincy connection on this . . . the last Heroes post you will read as an active blogger! See? That’s why I don’t believe in coincidences.

      Me too! I love that simple act of kindness that was done just because he wanted to make someone’s day just a little bit easier.

      I am going with the Chiefs if you wanna know. I’m simply in mad love with Patrick Mahomes.


    • RW,

      I am plenty fine with that, because I have the prescriptions at the ready. It’s good to know this is becoming a feel good dynamic. The comments like this one, they mean more than you know.


  3. Heimlicking at such a young age is certainly impressive. I’m not too sure, I could a save a cat performing it. You need to have your wits about you, and my wit, is really the only one I have. That’s the cutest picture, by the way.

    As for kindness…it could change the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Despite being on vacay with next to no wifi signal, when I found some I just had to say Richard Sherman is amazing. Gotta love it when pro athletes give to their communities so impressively. Bravo for chasing down this amazing hero story and athlete!

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