35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Look at him, so majestic, like an eagle. He might very well be one in his mind and heart. I say, his self-esteem seems pretty high. Nice to think highly of oneself.

    See what a photo does to the imagination of a girl propped in bed in oversized pajamas and an Audrey Hepburn coffee cup? Another grand slam, knocked outta the park. 🙂

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  2. Q,

    Without knowing anything about this bird, I can tell you what this capture provides me in the way of a clue. This is one bold bird, sitting on its perch with its chest out, surveying the scene. #bossbird.

    That’s a great zoom job, and I love the slight blur of certain of the branches which brings out even more of the bird’s attributes.

    Another winnah!


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  3. Some people get all offended by invasive birds such as this European starling. However, it was a human who brought them here and you have to admire their success story. The sight of the murmuration of a large flock is a wonder of nature. You’ve caught a gorgeous pose in fresh plumage (the spots eventually wear away). I’ve enjoyed watching them dunk their long yellow bills into the ground to pluck worms – even better at it than robins!

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