Alphabetically Correct

aFrankAngle said goodbye to the blogosphere on Tuesday evening. If you knew him, you are the better for it. If you’re not familiar, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes roaming the grounds. Trust me on this.

Buttigieg winning the Iowa Caucus . . maybe . . possibly . . is the first time I’ve paid attention to what the Democrats are up to this year. It’s progress.

Coronavirus is becoming an issue the CDC is digging its mitts into stateside So why I am so indifferent to it?

Dodgers Win World Series! feels like the headline we will read this October after they got Mookie Betts. And really, if they don’t win with this club, will they ever?

Elizabeth Hurley proves that Instagram isn’t a complete waste of time after all.

Fast and Furious movies should move into roman numerals from here on out, because they’re never going to end.

Gayle King is being criticized for bringing up the Kobe Bryant rape charges, because social media has turned journalism into instant pudding.

Hulu’s Tom Brady spot helped alleviate the tension headaches I was having over the idea that he was ready to hang up his cleats. I feel so much better now!

Iguadola to the Miami Heat is my favorite headline of the Association’s trade deadline week.

Jay-Z stayed seated during the national anthem in Miami on Sunday night. And in other news, I am out of Raisin Bran . . .

Kirk Douglas lived one hell of a life. Godspeed Spartacus.

Lego Masters is a television show, so all those peeps who insist the networks are out of original ideas can just eat it!

Masai Ujiri is the President of the Toronto Raptors and the architect behind Canada’s first NBA championship ever. I wouldn’t blame him for taking on the catastrophe that is the New York Knicks job but I hope he passes. Because James Dolan.

Nancy Pelosi needs to find herself an agent and score a sitcom while there’s still time.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is gonna score five Oscars. You heard it here first.

Pete Rose insisting he should be in the Hall of Fame because steroids and sign stealing happened is the dumbest thing he’s said since the last time he talked.

Quarterbacks like MVP Lamar Jackson and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes have me all hyped for next season.

Romney went against his Senate pals, who are miffed. Welp  . . I’m miffed that they’re miffed!

Shannon Doherty is going to need all the love and support she can get after being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. I’m sending my prayers.

Ted Bundy: Falling For a Killer is a docu-series I watched on Amazon Prime. It is a riveting look inside the personal lives of those closest to this monster. Sobering, heartbreaking and chilling . . it’s worth a look.

USA Today has been around for almost forty years . .  and that makes me feel old.

Vick is a two part documentary on ESPN that I will not be watching. He had a right to make a living after getting out of prison, but I still do not believe it should have been an NFL career.

Wu Yongning was a rooftop climber and social media sensation. The video of him plummeting to his death from a 62 story building is not included in this link. I watched it on YouTube and wished I hadn’t.

XFL football begins this weekend, so please cancel any plans you got . . alright?

Yahoo News feels like an oxymoron and for the most part it reads like one too.

Zazzy is my new old fashioned word discovery. It’s slang from the sixties and it means shiny and colorful. And you didn’t think I’d be able to crush a Z word, did you?



39 thoughts on “Alphabetically Correct

  1. Elizabeth Hurley. Who knew?

    The reaction to reporters and others who bring up the dark side of Kobe’s history is a perfect example of what is fundamentally wrong with how we talk about things these days. It’s just amazing how you’re not allowed to disagree with the narrative.

    Never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but … Mitt Romney is the one member of Congress who did the right thing. Took a principled stand and stuck to it regardless of the consequences.

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    • Yeah not me.

      Ever. You can never disagree with the narrative. Which is not very ‘open minded’ if you ask me. It’s same bad difference as the closed minded individuals whose views of the world are so warped.

      I cannot imagine we are here. In a place where Rubio is heralded for his opposition to the drilling program Trump is pushing in FL and Romney is lauded for being a voice of reason.

      Wow. Just wow.

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  2. The Hurley article I would have missed had it not been for you. Well, lucky her for not having to exercise. (I want to come back as Liz.) Sorry to see Frank go, but I still have you.😊 Best Super Bowl game ever. Once the defensive coaches figured out how to stop the rush Patrick Mahomes was spectacular. Jay Z thinks he is a country so why stand for ours. Pelosi and Shumer are a disgrace. They should move to Iowa where the party really shines. As a believer in animal rights, I don’t think Vick deserves to walk among human beings. Pete Rose needs to get out. Just get out. Kirk Douglass lived one hell of a life. Outstanding post, Marc. A lot to think about here. Thank you.

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    • Oh . . . there was an article too? 😉

      And I have YOU, John. Let’s keep to the charted course matey. And toast to Frank, because it’s our duty.

      Mahomes has the very real chance to be the best ever. Three years in, he’s making one hell of a case. He’s just a joy to watch.

      Good point about Jay-Z.

      Pelosi and Shumer have become a bad variety show. I’m sad about that because we needed so much more from the democratic party.

      I think he’s done good since his incarceration, but I will never forget nor forgive.

      Pete Rose, I was all for putting him in the Hall based on his playing career. But he can’t shut his yap!

      They don’t write them like Kirk Douglas anymore.

      Thank you Boss. Muchly.

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  3. B,

    I promise I won’t leave 26 notes to match! I will say, Frank’s leaving the blogosphere is bittersweet with a touch of sadness.

    Elizabeth Hurley is one lucky broad if she basically doesn’t do much but be active… I gotta stop eating and sitting, apparently.

    Gayle and anyone else who tries to bring up anything that might soil the truth is annoying and I agree with Mark.

    Brady’s gonna go play for our Dolphins, right? 😉

    Kirk Douglas. Thanks for your fabulous run.

    What a fabulous Super Bowl (I know, I know, I only saw the last nine minutes – but what a nine minutes!)

    Kudos to Romney. You guys need a few more to grow a set…

    No need to give Vick more time. Guys like him should go find a quiet job somewhere and right their wrongs.

    Love Zazzy and this list. A fun read, mon ami. Merci beaucoup 😉


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    • Q,

      No 26 notes, eh? That’s understandable. Especially seeing as how it took me a while to complete this post, LOL.

      I would love to believe the girl but yanno . . we really don’t know if this is natural or some kind of lab experiment. Just saying.

      It’s not about being open minded with these peeps. They are simply the other side of the equation yelling right back at the knuckleheads on the other side. They believe they are right and there is no convincing them otherwise.

      No Brady. We don’t want him and we don’t need him! But of course. if he REALLY has his sights set on being in Miami . . it’s a free country.

      103 years worth of a fabulous life.

      All you needed to see was the part you done seen. That’s where it all happened for the Chiefs.

      I can’t believe Romney actually came through in this instance!

      I am done with Vick. He’s done good since then but it doesn’t matter to me and it never will.

      Zazzy . . am I right? Cool word!

      Why thank you mah cherie!


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      • I thought it might be a bit much 😉

        How ’bout this… no matter how she does it, she looks great. I’m not gonna judge.

        Honestly. I think it’s pitiful.

        Just teasin’, you know that!! We do not heed him.

        Yep. A good life indeed.

        I know, right? I was so bummed to have to work and then finished early enough.

        It’s about time somebody did! Now, if he could get a few more to wake up…

        Yes, he’s been good. Now go away.

        Zazzy is being added to our vocab.

        Mon chéri 😘

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  4. C: coronavirus-couldn’t-care-less. Why should you? Were you affected by SARS (5 times deadlier than C)? Of course not. Media hype and the fearocracy at it again. You’re much more likely to suffer from Corona-virus, common to Mexican-beer drinkers the world over. For me: cabernetvirus or jimbeamitus.

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  5. One of the most fortuitous recommendations I’ve received from you was your recommendation to check Frank out. And I thank you it as well as the digital friendship you, Frank and Dale we managed to forage together. I’m son lucky and I think all the better for it.

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  6. Dude! Kirk Douglas brought zazzy to the universe! So great. That was a hard one. And that Super Bowl game? I didn’t have a team and was in it for the awesome Groundhog Day commercial but it was an exciting one for sure!

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    • And LEGOMasters! Dude. My kids have been waiting for this for at least five years as my son said it way back … they should stop having shows with singing battles and have a LEGO building battles! I’m waiting for the check to come in the mail 🙂

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    • You got that right. Kirk and zazzy were seen together. Everywhere.
      As for the Super Bowl . . I have a huge mancrush on Pat Mahomes. WHY didn’t Miami get him?
      Loved the Groundhog Day commercial!

      Sunshine and waves to you girl


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