Heroes Of The Week!

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Unlike most politicians and political pundits, I’m not gonna lie. I never saw Joe Biden happening to the scene the way he has over the past week. I wanted Bloomberg, I feared Bernie and I gained some respect for Buttigieg, even if he had no chance in hell of winning the nomination. See, the thing is, you can’t be civil these days. There has to be some controversy attached to your ass in order to be a viable political commodity.

Thank God for heroes, huh?

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Me Too- Aly Raisman is my hero. I follow one athlete on Twitter . . her. And with good reason, because this young woman is the voice of a movement. A human movement. The three time Olympic gold medal winner condemned the proposed settlement reached between USA Gymnastics and the survivors of Larry Nassar’s reign of horror as USA Gymnastics team doctor. Raisman says the move is a transparent attempt by the organization to push the decades long abuses “under the rug . . . hoping people will forget about it when they watch the Olympics this summer,” She calls for full disclosure by USA Gymnastics and the USOC and I stand with her on this. Her latest interview shows me why I look up to Raisman the way I do. Because she refuses to play the role of victim when tough minded, straight forward advocacy is needed.

It’s why she’s my hero. Every single day.

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I’ll take “Heroes” For 100,000, Alex- Jeopardy game show host Alex Trebek is waging the battle of his life. Stage four pancreatic cancer doesn’t make for very good odds when it comes to survival rates, yet Trebek isn’t throwing back punches for every one that lands on him. He admitted recently that his fight has thrown him into a massive depression most days, to the point where he has questioned whether it’s worth it to go on. But go on he does, and with the kind of spirit and selflessness that has defined his philanthropic efforts for decades.

Trebek recently donated $100,000 to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission; a non-profit organization that provides food, shelter and hope to those in need. He doesn’t advertise his charitable ways but I’m glad someone divulged his latest contribution. Because the world needs to feel good about itself and the people it houses. Now more than ever. And Alex, he’s doing his part. For the win.

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Brave Hearts- When you think of biker gangs, the idea of intimidation comes to mind. And this is exactly how the non-profit organization BACA wants it, sort of. Lemme ‘splain.

BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse and their goal is to serve and protect the most vulnerable among us. John Paul Lily, known simply as “Chief”, created this group more than twenty years ago with the express intent of being there for abused kids. They’ll convene a meeting with the abused at which time they present them with a biker jacket complete with a BACA patch sewn onto it. Once the child is a member, this entitles them to round the clock protection from their abusers; everything from rides to and from school to showing up in court to provide a supportive presence (If the judge allows). The group does its business by the motto that “No child deserves to live in fear”. Lily and his merry band of saviors is working on it. (Thank you to the lovely Dale for this get).

The Strength in our Stars- Avey Cox has dreams that are so much bigger than her eight year old self. But one of the simplest and most cherished of these dreams was taken from her over the holidays when her father passed away. All those future moments went missing, one of which was the Daddy Daughter Dance held at Van Buren Elementary. Without that most special man in her life, the second grader would not be in attendance.

That’s when the school resource officer Nick Harvey stepped in. Once he learned of the girl’s heartbreaking tale, he reached out to her mother for permission to take little Avey to the dance. The invitation provided a much needed smile for a girl in need of just that, and the color coordinated duo danced the night away. Harvey has offered to be there for any future dances should Avey need a partner. I truly believe every star in the sky is a good deed, shone to us inside the darkest of nights. Harvey’s star shines brightly.

Murfee, a 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, won the 2020 Fair Haven mayoral race on March 3.

This last story is dedicated to Sam, who wrote books worth of blog posts on his experiences as a therapy dog over the years. His passing last week leaves a void in the lives of his family and friends and us; all the readers who came to know and love his efforts and exploits. Monika, thank you for shining his light for us to follow. And to Elsa and Stormin Norman . . we love you.

The mayoral results are in for a small Vermont town and voters are raising the (wait for it . . . ) woof. Because the new mayor of Fair Haven is a three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Murfee. This distinguished gentleman is a certified therapy dog who visits nursing homes, grade schools and hospitals as a member of Caring Canines Therapy Dogs of Southern Vermont.

This tradition of electing a four legged animal to office is two years strong. The idea being to use the position in order to raise money for the needs of the community. What a novel concept, huh? So Murfee will lead all the fund raising campaigns with complete transparency, since he won’t be in the back pocket of any special interest groups. The dude raised almost $600 with a bake sale last year so he knows what he’s doing.

My superhero-meter was stoked to find this story, because it involves all the qualities I look for in my Friday vignettes. It’s got spirit and smarts, joy and hope. Because this seemingly innocuous tradition is all about inclusion rather than division. Indeed, according to Fair Haven’s Town Manager Joe Gunter, it appeals to people of all ages; teaching the kids about civics and reminding the older folks that liars don’t run the system unless we let them.

So to all those peeps who insist that the system has gone to the dogs?

We wish.






63 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Ajy and the rest deserve to have the facts brought out into the light of day. Abusing young girls should have gotten everyone who knew a jail term. Alex has taken the position of bravery over fear and should be applauded in his fight against cancer. Love the bikers. It would be nice if the law allowed a hundred boot stomps on the abusers in addition. Nick Harvey is a saint. I lost my dad at ten and such a gesture will be remembered forever. The idea of a four-legged mayor makes so much sense. Eliminates the egos and puts money where it does the most good. Excellent post, Marc.

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    • This young woman has been a constant in her fight for full disclosure. There are a LOT of big names and powerful people involved and you’re right, they should be serving time.

      Alex is remarkable. Still doing his thing. He won’t stop working and he will never stop making a positive difference in the lives of others.

      I LOVE that biker story. Dale picked a great one there.

      Wow, so that story really hit close to home for you.

      I am down with a four legged mayor. It’s the kind of change we need right now.

      Thank you Sheriff

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  2. Biden has got to be thinking black women are heroes of the week since they seemed to propel him to front runner status beginning last weekend. Who’d have thunk it?

    As for Aly…she’s a hero on and off the mats.

    Finally…thank you so much for the dedication. It comforts my heart knowing Sam brought happiness to peeps in person as well as through his digital presence. We should all be so lucky for the world to go to the dogs. Hugs and tail wags from me, and the Odd Couple. Stormin’ Norman began the process of joining the pet therapy program this week. Let’s hope he comes close to filling Sam’s paws-he will then make loads of people who need it the most, smile…always a worthy life aspiration.

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  3. Lots here, starting with Sam. Sigh. I see service dogs everywhere here in the Big Apple. Goldens that lean into their blind master to let him know, it’s okay to cross. There’s an autistic kid on the block with a spaniel that looks much like Sam, named Luky, who he’s never without. I remember the late Joan Rivers making seeing eyes dogs of New York, one of her charities. They’re truly poignant to see at work, no pun intended.

    Biden, yes, he did well. And I think he’ll get the nomination but will he win against you know who? That’s why I thought Bloomberg was the better guy since, he may be a billionaire but he’s one with integrity. I think he gets a special nod for saying, he’ll back Biden because, as he said, the most important thing over him being the nominee is to unseat President Donald J. Trump. See, it wasn’t all about Mike who I believe tossed his hat in the ring in the first place because these are such desperate times.

    Those bikers. I LOVE THEM. They always get such a bad rap but not here, not in your story this March day.

    I do look forward to Heroes. Standing up in this day and age when you’re pelted so easily for your passionate convictions takes courage and your Olympic Lady is the Joan of Arc of athletes.


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    • I see service dogs quite frequently, and the only thing I wish I could do is pet them. Which I can’t, of course, and I understand completely.

      I got into it with someone I know because he was like “Why doesn’t Bloomberg donate the money he pissed away on his campaign to the homeless instead?”. To which I educated him a tad bit on Bloomberg’s many philanthropic efforts.

      I love those bikers too. What a good thing they do.

      Aly is that, isn’t she? Well put SB. 🙂

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  4. Go Harvey! And the bikers mission is a top take away – because preventing child abuse and helping in that area really helps “tomorrow” more than we realize – and should get more attention!!
    The message in the song today was awesome – about having the “music in you”
    And also a flood of hope and uplifting for sure – however – not sure the message in the video was the best pairing for the lyrics.
    The video almost seemed pro only gen z and then was this like “taking down the man” with the nets and crowding –
    Seemed to be a rebellious and sophomoric – maybe more infantile – theme in the video story.
    But the song lyrics and the music 🎶 was a good song – I just give the video creator a D

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  5. The USOC and US Gymnastics are a joke. It’s beyond anyone’s comprehension why happened to these young girls over so many years while adults did nothing. Good for her…and good for all your heroes. This weekly blog of heroes is so important these days. It reminds us that people are good, life has merit and hope is ever present.

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    • They really are a joke, it’s sick what they, along with MSU have done. And not done, in the wake of these abuses.

      I think so too. Just to kind of check ourselves when the news becomes too much for us to swallow. Knowing there is plenty of good, it helps.

      Thanks George

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  6. B,

    So glad you don’t lie. It always comes back to bite you in the ass, eventually. Though, by the time Trump gets his, he ain’t gonna have none left.

    Thank God for heroes, indeed.

    In an age where this type of abuse is rampant, kudos to Aly Raisman for standing up to them and letting them know she is not one to be fooled into believing this is fair. It’s not. I just don’t understand why others don’t rally behind her.

    Alex Trebek – what to say? When most would be “woe-is-me-ing-it” and looking for pity for their cause, here he is giving himself a reason to stay alive. Wouldn’t it be grand if, by some miracle, his generous, selfless act of kindness came back and kept him with us longer? I know, I am dreaming, but still.

    I am so glad the BACA story made it to this week’s (OK,OK, last week’s – I’m late!) Heroes. It’s funny, I had read the story and knew it was a great one but I just now watched the whole video. How sad that they needed to create this gang. How wonderful that they did.

    What a heart of gold has Nick Harvey! Such a simple act bringing so much joy…

    I am beyond chuffed that you have dedicated the last story to Sam (and Monika). Yanno… there are towns that could use more four-legged mayors… just sayin’. What a great tradition!

    Excellent tune to go with this wonderful quintet!


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    • Q,

      I wonder when it will be, that Trump gets his. As much as I want Biden to crush him in the debates, I wonder if this is just a fait accompli into another four years.

      We need em, more than ever.

      Aly has graced the Heroes pages before. I came upon her when looking back on the last year and a half of Heroes. What a great young woman she is.

      And to think, I used to make fun of his snarky, know it all attitude on the show. Now, I’m simply humbled by his grace and compassion and strength.

      The BACA story was the hit! A couple peeps I know brought it up. The idea that these hurly burly peeps have such big hearts underneath all that leather and motor oil, it’s just beautiful.

      Harvey came through, big time.

      Sam is one of a kind. I use present tense because he’s still here. With us. Always will be.

      Gracias as per!


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