Heroes Of Every Week

Photo of health care workers flying to help NY gets love

This is a picture of health care workers from Georgia on-board a Southwest flight bound for New York. A loving army whose mission is to provide the shelter in the face of an unyielding storm. They are the front lines in this battle against a relentless enemy, and they fight not for a particular flag or country or political party. The battle they wage is for humankind. And if this global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to understand ourselves as citizens not of one place but of all places. A lesson brought home by our health care workers.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, wife donate $5M for coronavirus ...

I’ve been an outspoken critic of the New Orleans Saints for quite some time, but then perspective happened. Their head coach, Sean Payton, tested positive for COVID-19. And all of a sudden I couldn’t remember why any of that other stuff mattered as much as hoping he got better. And then of course there is Drew Brees and his wife Brittany, who do great things on the regular. This week came the announcement they will be donating $5 million dollars to various charities throughout Louisiana- one of the hardest hit states. These two make up one hell of a championship team.

Shin-Soo Choo giving $1,000 to every player in Rangers' farm system

With no sports on the calendar, this doesn’t mean the athletes who entertain us aren’t getting things done. Shin-Soo Choo provides us with yet another example of this. The Texas Rangers outfielder is donating $1,000 dollars to every minor leaguer in his organization. The dude doesn’t hide behind his big major league contract when giving back to those in need is a much better idea.

Frank over at the now retired A Frank Angle chimed in this week with a beautiful story about a man and his never ending quest to find the good in this world. I’ll let Frank tell it from here.

Beloved TV Reporter Broadcasts From Home to Help Children With Mr ...

Steve Hartman isn’t an everyday Joe – he’s a reporter for CBS News who captures good stories. Because Coronavirus has taken him off the road, he did an online course for kids about kindness … Kindness 101. I had seen various reports through the week about his project, but here’s the final one that I saw this evening.

A Minnesota trooper pulled over a doctor for speeding and gave her ...

When Dr. Sarosh Janjua was pulled over for speeding on a Minnesota highway recently, she figured there was a debit to her bank account on her horizon. The cardiologist from Massachusetts travels to the North Star State once a month for work and on this particular day, she met the wrong end of state trooper Brian Schwartz‘s radar gun. But instead of a fine, Schwartz gave her a heartfelt reprimand to keep it safe and then handed her five N95 masks. The gesture left Janjua in tears, that for one beautiful moment in time, were joyous ones.

Dale over at A Dalectable Life has chimed in with a couple of winners this week. And yes, Imma keep using sporting terms since there ain’t no sports in sight . .

Susan Ryan and Wynn.

Her first get involves a service dog in training named Wynn who is already earning her stripes and then some as she provides respite to medical staff who find themselves in the midst of a frightening battle in Denver, Colorado. Wynn is being trained to become an assistance dog for Canine Companions for Independence -an organization that provides assistance dogs free of charges to those in need.

“Seeing stuff and hearing stuff that you can’t unsee has an impact on you,” Says Susan Ryan, an emergency physician at Rose Medical Center “That’s where the dogs come in. When you are in the presence of the dog and petting them you are taking a moment to ground yourself at that present time.”

The one year old yellow lab gives the staff something that is in seriously short supply these days: Peace of mind.

Chris Waba came over to Rylee Anderson's house to give her a face-to-face lesson while social distancing.

Like millions of students across the country, twelve year old Rylee Anderson is continuing her education in a virtual classroom this spring. So when the middle schooler from Madison, South Dakota struggled to get a grasp on her algebra work, her teacher took it upon himself to give her some much appreciated one on one instruction. So Chris Waba showed up on her front porch with a whiteboard and his marker.

They spent the next ten minutes working it out from different sides of her front porch door. Because as Waba puts it, he’s always communicated best when face to face with his students. And this current state of the world we live in wasn’t going to change the way Waba has been doing his thing for the past twenty seven years. Because that’s how we make it through this time. By understanding that the little things? Can be a really big deal.

My last story is about an exchange I had with a nurse whilst in line at the grocery store the other day. It was a simple conversation inside this most complex of times, as we adhered to the necessary commandment of a social distance. She was frazzled and scared, even if she never admitted as much. Fear is the kind of desperate knell those in the field of health care dare not ring. But I could tell her stiff upper lip was a trembling mess when there was nobody around to keep score.

I wanted to hug her and tell her that everything was going to be alright. But I knew that was against the rules, and it almost made me cry to think that we really don’t know when things get back to being alright again. And thank God for her, and for all the other people whose job it is to stand in front of a tsunami and maintain that stiff upper lip.

Before she left, she thanked me for the conversation and I thanked her for everything she is doing. She gave me a tired laugh, her face worn down with all the worst case scenarios she must somehow accept in order to do her job.

“I just want to go home,”


91 thoughts on “Heroes Of Every Week

  1. An excellent collection – and only a fraction of the stories that are out there during these crazy times. On the other hand, the stories above are symbols and examples for all the good that is happening.

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  2. Dear Marco,

    The heroes you’ve chosen this week are the true greats. Having seen each of these stories on television this week, I’m still tearing up over this post. I only hope the unity and appreciation for each other will continue when this crisis has passed. Well done.

    Shalom and good health,


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    • Rochelle,

      Always great to see your lovely face. And yes, I think it’s a matter of taking that which we have learned from the sacrifice of others and applying it to the lessons we carry forward. So many people have gone above and beyond in order to keep us safe and to help those in need. To say we owe them a debt of gratitude is an understatement.

      Shalom, good health, be safe, virtual hugs and thank you for always being so lovely.


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  3. I can’t imagine being that nurse in your final story, or any of the other multitudes of health care workers who are dealing with this. The stories out there about their fear and their anxiety and their tears, and they keep going into work, doing the best they can. Meanwhile some of them don’t return home at all for fear of infecting their families. It’s just a pretty stunning thing they are doing.

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    • Neither can I Mr. Midget. This morning, I ran by the makeshift hospital they created in Central Park. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was some kind of carnival with all the tents lined up. It moved me greatly to see, as if I were just an observer, not in touch with how lucky to not be in one of them, fighting for my life.

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    • This is what we have to be mindful of, every day. Fear and angst can be overwhelming as we consider the logistics of this unprecedented thing. But then, to imagine a day in the life of these people who are on the front lines, my God, it’s beyond inspiring.

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  4. Terrific stories, Marc. The best you kept for last. We should all recognize the dedication of these health care workers. It is why I go off the deep end when I see foolish people taking foolish risks. They not only endanger each of us but put more pressure on the system. Thanks for the post and thanks to Frank and Dale as well.

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  5. Hats off to healthcare workers, food system workers, garbage collectors, and all those who provide is with vital services at considerable risk to their own health. We can’t really do enough to thank them.

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  6. Wow. Just wow…another great week of great heroes and contributors. Officer Schwartz’s story brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful ending to a routine speeding stop. And bless the good doctor for traveling great distances in the face of this epidemic.

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  7. I think for the first time since reading these Heroes posts I can’t pick one that touches me the most. So different, yet so much there same relating to these times. Reading these posts each week gives people examples of how we’re helping each other and hope, which is something we can all use now, and for some time to come. Great job!

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  8. Dude these are all so good! And thanks for posting positivity when a lot of people at the top are sucking horribly it’s always good to see how communities are stepping up. That would have sucked if that nurse would have gotten a ticket. Duuuude I was like no, no, and then he gave her masks! Totally awesome. And I saw that teacher Chris story. That was great! Plus your conversation with the nurse man! Dude. High five on that lady. I mean nurses, doctors, all hospital workers and teachers are rocking it! Great Friday post! Sunshine and waves my friend 🙂

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    • Plus I like how ballers are stepping up to give some relief to those that help them out, like giving to the minor league player, like paying salaries of workers at their stadiums, or B-ball courts. Stepping up.

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      • So many athletes are doing it. You don’t hear enough about all of the athletes who do this kind of thing all the time. It’s skewed towards a narrative that presents them as entitled jerks when the overwhelming majority of them are, in fact, big time philanthropists.

        Stepping up indeed.

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    • Cali,

      This time in our history is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Which makes it all the more important to give thanks to those who do so much, every single day.

      I loved that doctor story because it was two for the price of one. The state trooper and the doctor, both heroes. Both giving us their very best as we move through this time, together.

      Sunshine and waves, chica

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  9. B,

    You mentioned this was a more rather “sober” Heroes this week. Maybe yes but I think no. It’s in these crazy times that the low-key, no-hype help matters most.

    Help from one State to another is a beautiful thing. As this thing fans out and New York gets under control, they’ll surely be there to help the next lot in return. At least, I like to believe it.

    Way to go Drew and Brittany. And good wishes to Sean Payton. Sports rivalries take a backseat when real life intrudes.

    Woo hoo! to Shin-Soo Choo! (Sorry. I know I’ll pay for that one…)

    Steve Hartman’s Kindness 101 – such a simple thing with such a huge repercussion. Way to go Frank on sourcing that one. I admit to getting choked up for that sanitation worker who was all choked up. Love. So easy to give.

    Giving his own protective gear to help rather than give Dr. Janjua a ticket is another act of kindness. I’m sure she’ll be keeping just under the radar gun in the future.

    I had been speaking to Monika about the service dogs at this time and where she used to go with the late great Sam, they no longer allow it. I do understand but it is such a bummer. I hope they can find a way to start accepting them again.

    Glad to supply that story and the teacher story. Little acts that mean big help.

    And your story is what it’s all about. You had a chance to see first-hand the toll this is taking on the front line staff. Taking the time to chat with her meant something to both of you.

    We all want to cross over this troubled water to a safe and secure home.


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    • Q,

      It just felt sad to me as I wrote it, even though there is plenty of hope in each story. I am just sad that the world is in this deep, dark place right now.

      It’s incumbent on us to focus on the unity rather than any division that might come out of this time.

      Amen to that! Brees and Brittany have been a huge part of the city of New Orleans since they came to town more than a decade ago. They were front and center after Katrina. It’s no surprise they are doing their part now. And yes, Coach Payton is better and thank God for that.

      Did you chew on that Choo line for a while? Just wondering 😉

      So easy to give, and needed now more than ever.

      The good doctor was handed a message from the universe with her encounter with the state trooper. And the message was simple: Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, not ever.

      I hope so too. These service dogs are so integral to the staffs mental health. Amazing what it means to just BE there for them. No need for words. Just love.

      Two beauties. Not surprised that my WW gal is killing it on Fridays too.

      It was a simple moment that meant so much to both of us, you’re right. I was awed by this young woman.

      It occurred to me that the ‘home’ she was speaking of was not a place, but a time. Before the world turned upside down.


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  10. Another stellar collection of heart-warming and uplifting stories that help us navigate the dark. Thank you!

    I’ve had the joy and privilege of writing several feature articles for Bark magazine about the dogs trained by Canine Companions for Independence and the people they help. Always inspiring and humbling. Thanks for highlighting Wynn, just one of many such amazing heroes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RW,

      There are so many of these stories going on all over the world. It’s what sustains us.

      Service dogs do such great good work every single day. What an awesome writing gig that must have been.

      Gracias for the chime.


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