You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

There’s a reason why time machines are a really bad idea. Oh sure, it’s kitchy to imagine yourself as a modern day Marty McFly. But have you ever stopped to consider how ridiculous the future looks? Just for a moment, imagine telling someone in 2000 what history would look like in 2020. Here are ten items off the top of my head . . . .

  • Liam Neeson will be known as an action movie star
  • The Twin Towers will have been gone almost twenty years
  • Phones go mobile and people can literally do everything on them
  • Movie theaters are still a thing. Blockbuster is not
  • Tom Brady (who?) and the New England Patriots (what?) were the greatest dynasty in the history of American sports
  • A pandemic will thrust theΒ entire worldΒ into lock down
  • The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are no longer title punchlines
  • Donald Trump will be President
  • Social media addiction is a thing
  • No one gets lost thanks to GPS, no one goes on a ‘blind date’ thanks to Tinder and everyone remembers your birthday thanks to Facebook

The moral of the story is to remain in the present, because the future is much too crazy a thing to contemplate.



72 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. B,

    Yep. Who’d a thunk? And you only went ahead by twenty years!

    Too many things have lost all meaning thanks to this new easy. People remember your birthday? No. You don’t mean more coz you got lots of wishes. Blind date? No. Only thing that’s a surprise is if they actually put their own photo and their true stats. Getting lost? While it sucks to get lost, we’ve lost that connection of stopping to ask for directions and being told to turn left at the pink house, go through one stop, when you see the lilac tree, take the lane…

    I think I’m good with the lack of desire to time travel myself. I think I’d like to explore the road less travelled…

    And George. You know that’s always a hit with me.


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  2. Dear Marco,

    Going back farther than 2000…I’ve been binge watching Star Trek TNG and DS9. Back when those were made talking to someone on a screen instead of a phone was way off in the future. When I watch them carrying around their electronic tablets…well, can you say iPad? iPhone? (And I’m the first to admit I enjoy technology.) However, I have gotten lost despite GPS and most of them don’t recognize our crazy home address. I am living in the Sci Fi of my youth. It’s still fun to look back on what writers thought the future would look like. Still no air cars and I’m still waiting for Rosey to come and clean my house. No singing the body electric quite yet.
    I’m looking forward to this pandemic being a thing of the past. I am thankful for technology that has me keeping in touch with friends in Sweden, New Zealand, Philly and Boucherville. πŸ˜‰ Nope, you really can’t make this stuff up.

    Shalom and continued good health,


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    • Rochelle,

      Star Trek was the source of many future inventions, one of the oldest being sliding doors. I read how, on the 60’s series, they had a couple peeps manually opening and closing the door.

      Technology is good. Overuse and abuse became the gray and dark areas which just need to be in the forefront of our minds. Always.

      Shalom, peace, binge watching, skyping and most important of all . . good health.


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  3. Someone posted an article about Haley’s comet in 1910 and how everyone feared for the terrible things it would do. I wondered what sort of beliefs we hold today that will seem ridiculous in the future. That future is utterly imponderable. I’ll stick with now and just see when it gets here.

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  4. Apart from some of the more outrageous happenings (I’ll let you pick which ones were the worst), the speed at which things have occured over my lifetime continues to stun me. Some of them make me feel old, others make me feel depressed.

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  5. On it! Even the craziest imaginations couldn’t have thought this stuff up for sure. We were still living off of Prince’s 1999 and loving that we all lived past midnight. Some of those are just … man …

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