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I must start things off by thanking Frank for sitting in for me last week. His take on the week’s heroes was a masterful gem, delivered by the Cincinnati Kid himself. If only his home town Reds could bring it with such aplomb, but that’s another post for another time.

As for this week’s heroes? Welp, I have a serendipitous stew of classics. All good ones, because we need to keep mining for memorable conclusions inside our sheltered existences. A reminder that the great big world outside is still humming a worthwhile tune, delivered up by peeps who understand what matters most of all.

And now for our heroes . . .

Yankees' Giancarlo Stanton donating face shields in wake of family ...First things, Bronx. And while the Yankees haven’t played a game this season, their pinstriped slugger Giancarlo Stanton is still hitting home runs. So far, Stanton has delivered up more than 12,000 face shields to medical professionals in New York and Southern California. He has been working with his agents Joel Wolfe and Brittany Peiffer and Voodoo Manufacturing to get the job done for those individuals on the front lines. Plans for more are currently in the on deck circle, to the tune of 3,000 more face shields. So maybe the MLB gets a season, and maybe they don’t. But Stanton? He’s already getting MVP votes from this writer.

Random act of kindness: Man caught on camera mowing lawn for blind ...

Ann Darby is throwing up her hands and saying to hell with this whole social distancing business. But it’s okay, because her hands ain’t balled up into fists, ready to punch someone’s lights out for taking the last twelve pack of TP. No, Darby is looking for the culprit who did right by a family member recently. It seems a mystery man took to mowing the lawn of Darby’s blind mother, Rebecca. And while the random act of kindness was captured by their Ring doorbell, the good Samaritan is still at large. Because he did this good deed? Just to do this good deed. And maybe Darby ends up finding him through her social media hunt, but maybe this case grows cold. But really, who am I kidding? This story leaves us all with a warm feeling inside. Where it counts most of all.

Police called to Maryland Popeyes 3 times since Sunday, including ...

Don’t get me started on which fast foodie franchise serves up the tastiest chicken sammie, because I’m going with Popeyes every day of the week and twice on Sundays (Since that other chicken sandwicheria doesn’t do Sundays). But there’s so much more to love about Popeyes than their spicy dishes. The restaurant recently announced it will be offering struggling musicians a stage to call their own: In their ads. Those with the time and the rhyme can apply their method to the Popeye’s jingle. And if it’s booms, Popeyes will use it in their national ad campaign. THAT is maximum flavor right there. (Thank you to Screen Chow for the righteous get).

And we have our late inning rally brought to us by the lovely Dale over at A Dalectable Life. Who supplies with not one . . not two . . but three (Yeah, count em) stories that round up this week’s gallery. These three beauties in one help to provide us with the necessary propers inside a pandemic whose uppercut would make the legendary Joe Louis shudder.


Laurent Duvernay-Tardif reached the top of the sports mountain back in February when the right guard won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. It will be a good story for his grand-kids, to be sure. But it’s not going to be the story of his life, because Laurent is a medical doctor; just the fourth such doctor to ply his wares in the league. And while he hasn’t completed his residency yet, he was given the opportunity to man the front lines when Quebec lifted restrictions on medical students and recent graduates. The dude stepped right up, no questions asked.

“I had already wanted to, but when it’s real, it hits you, the gravity involved. Now, the discussion shifts from ‘I want to go back’ to ‘how am I going to go back?’” he wrote. “I discussed with my girlfriend whether we will continue to sleep in the same bed or live in the same apartment. These conversations made me realize even more the sacrifices that people in health care, on the front line, are making.”

Joannie Rochette: from figure skating to med school – RCI | English

And then there’s Joannie Rochette, a former world class skater whose trophy case includes an Olympic Bronze, a World Silver and six Canadian World Championships. Her mother never got to see her win that bronze medal in Vancouver in 2010, having died of a heart attack a few days prior. But Rochette prevailed on that night, thanks to the lessons her mama taught her. And she just recently graduated from medical school and is off to the front lines to make her difference . . inspired by those very same lessons.

“I always wanted to do this, and that’s why I applied to health sciences when I went to CEGEP. My mom was a nurse’s aide and I went with her to care homes when she went to feed residents,” Rochette says. “The way she saw medicine, and doctors, is really what brought me here.”

Hayley Wickenheiser poses for a photograph with volunteers during a donation drive for personal protective...

And finally, we have Hayley Wickenheiser, a four time Olympic gold medalist in hockey for the Canadian national team. She’s widely considered the greatest female hockey player in her country’s history, but it’s what she has accomplished away from the ice that lands her in this spot.

Wickenheiser is a dynamo, having worked as an assistant director of player personnel for the Toronto Maple Leafs since 2018. And oh yeah . . she just so happens to be graduating from medical school this summer. She was working on an ER rotation in Toronto when COVID-19 hit, and has been digging in her skates ever since; coordinating PPE supply drives across Canada.

“It has forced us all, I think, to reevaluate what’s important moving forward. Also just how important being prepared is. I think it just highlights all the areas we forget about in life. But you’re grateful, also, for not having to live on the street or struggle through. Just an overall feeling of gratitude.”

Three kids, whose dreams got put to work inside this wickedly mysterious time. Their steps are simple, precious things, far removed from the roar of those sporting arenas that made them household names. But it’s inside the quiet of their future lives that their most impactful differences are happening. And maybe there’s no box-scores or trophies or trips to Disney World that come with these brave new worlds. But the answers to the questions, those are more abundant than ever. And they’ll push forward in relative anonymity, in spite of the very real dangers. And they’ll do so for the most beautiful reason of all.

Because they can.




58 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week

  1. B,

    Frank did a marvellous job last week. Kudos indeed to him.

    Go Bronx! Bravo to Stanton for hitting this one out of the park. Sometimes we are compelled to do something when it hits close to home. It’s better than raging against what it going on, I say.

    Omigosh! That mystery man is what this is all about. Talk about doing for the sake of doing. This is way more than an act of kindness. Definitely feeling all warm and fuzzy of this beauty of a story.

    What a cool thing for Popeyes to do. Remind me to taste their chicken when I next make my way to the States – coz we ain’t got ’em here.

    I was more than happy to supply this trio of stories. Champions on and off the field and ice are all three of them. I love how the three of them are at the beginning of their medical careers yet jumped in as soon as they got the okay. Yes, they won big at their sports but man, is it nice to see that this was meant to be a part of their story and not the whole one.

    And you know you NEVER fail when you use The Piano Guys. Even they are in on giving. They make beautiful music and they give it away too.

    And you, keep shining the light on all these Heroes week after week, with a little help from your friends, because that’s what you have managed to do. You have gotten us involved in wanting to find the stories worth sharing.

    Lotsa love,

    Liked by 3 people

    • Q

      Kudos to his angle.

      It’s great to see one of the Bronx Bombers doing good things off the field. And Stanton is busy doing just that. I love it.

      Doing it because it helps someone out. Not looking for recompense, not intent on being known. Doing it just because he knew it would help someone else. What’s NOT to love about that?

      Popeyes makes a good sammie alright. And since I don’t frequent that other place on account of the fact I don’t dig pious with my chicken . . things worked out quite well.

      All these kids, amazing. To think, as accomplished as they were/are, there is yet another definition; one that exceeds all those accomplishments in the arena. That’s pretty cool.

      I love this song. Well, I love most of their songs, but this one seemed right.

      To Heroes . . . to a little help from our friends . . to you. For bringing it this week. Again.

      Lotsa love back at ya,


      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes. It’s great that he is.

        Mowing someone’s lawn, just because is the epitome of giving, not to receive.

        I’ll have to take your word for it

        Yep. So many do their sport and expect to make a living at it but let’s face it, the life expectancy of pro sports is rather short (save for those few which we won’t name). Those who can, move on to broadcasting but let’s face that, even less of those jobs around. So extra kudos to these kids for having a plan.

        The Rascal Flatts song or The Piano Guys? 😉

        Spreading the love!

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  2. Dear Marco,

    With so many conflicting stories out there, it’s nice to read something uplifting. Listening to the piano as I write and smiling. Speaking of the Chiefs…we have our heroes off the field…at least two Tyreek Hill and Patrick (don’t we adore him) Mahomes. Both are out lending a hand where they can.
    Thanks for this weekly portion of sunshine.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Rochelle,

      You guys in Missouri are so spoiled as far as your NFL team is concerned. But it was a long time coming, so you deserve it. Lots of good guys on that KC squad.

      Here’s to all the good guys and gals.




      • Hi Marco…again…

        Y’know…I’m not a big sports fan but I’ll admit to hooting and hollering with family at this past Super Bowl. 50 years ago I watched the Chiefs take it, huddled around a tiny black and white TV with other kids where we worked. The manager of the restaurant, who happened to be my dad, sat right there with us. Imagine that, we got paid for watching a football game.

        L’chaim to the heroes and to youse guys who write about them,


        Liked by 1 person

        • Rochelle

          I really thought they were going to win it all the year before, excepting for those stinking Patriots. But I think that experience, coupled with the fact that all anybody talked about all year was Baltimore, made this year’s Chiefs that much more of a feel good story.

          That’s a cool memory. Back in the days of their cigarette smoking QB, Len Dawson. 😉




  3. I love the Yankees, so that made me smile, and also like the clipart you used.

    The lawn guy, how great is that. Random acts of kindness with no fanfare is always mighty impressive.

    I’m not at my best today, but wouldn’t miss Heroes, no matter what.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Over the top, Pilgrim. You, Frank, and Dale continue to keep the pressure on great hero stories. How about those athletes turning into doctors. Just doing that is something but jumping in to help is beyond the call of duty. Like Susannah, I enjoyed the lawn mow guy. There is a guy who deserves that monster mowing machine for his good works. Great episode.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Late to the show – Thanks for the shout-out and glad to do my impressive of Jerry Lynch & Manny Mota as one. I can’t imagine being in any phase of med school during this time. Whew …. Cheers to the mower guy. Of course I get my feathers ruffled when seeing a sign a few houses down the street where a lady is selling masks … premium price! I say give them away. Can’t go wrong with The Piano Guys.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cincy,

      It’s a spot on impression.

      Those kids are just amazing.

      And as for the lawn mower guy. I like that they don’t know who did it, because it creates a whole bunch of suspects. Of the best variety.

      Christ, people’s greed has no end. And in times like these when it matters most? Sad.

      No you can’t. Those guys are good stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow…just wow…there are almost no words adequate to commend these folks and their acts of heroism. And big time kudos to Miss Dale who is in a category all by herself for sharing those 3 feel good stories. Way to go thumbs-up to one and all! 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey!! Another great installment! I’m loving these and enjoyed how John Krasinski took a page from your feel-good book and ran with it. 🙂 you inspire the spread of goodness. I had heard of the remain hockey player and was like SHE IS AWESOME! But I hadn’t heard of the Kansas City Chief doctor guy ha! That’s great! Love that they’re doing for those in need. And Popeye’s! C’mon now! They are spreading the live and it the hate 🙂 good on them. Thanks for another round of positivity. Keep it up if you can because it sure sends out the vibe that hope and good people are out there even when the ugly is so loud. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cali

      That was so cool to see, and the dude is no stranger to such things. Not by a long shot.

      Popeyes . . me loves them. And now that a fellow blogger let me in on the fact that Chick fil A has fifty two different ingredients in its chicken sammy. . . which I always considered overrated to begin with.

      Thank YOU for chiming in.


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