We’re All In This . . .

I forget why I came here in the first place.

Which is what I think WordPress should really be called, because it’s a modern day version of Rousseau’s theory as far as social contracts go. The sort of place where you plate your propers in whatever kind of gratin you so desire. And for me, it’s been the gamut for the last how many years? Many.

So what have I learned in all that time? Well, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head but I’ll get back to you on that . . .

As you can infer, it’s a fluid list with palenty of hits and misses and even the occasional bruising. But to my way of thinking, if something serves a purpose? That means it has one. And so it goes with our current state of residential purgatory. Where it seems there is a constant onslaught of “We’re all in this together” reminders.

Well, what if we’re really not? What if that bumper sticker sentiment belies the fact that we have myriad ways of looking at this most unique of times? Would it really be so bad to say, you know . . we’re really not in this together but that’s okay. Because that fact is actually a strength and uh, not a weakness.ย 


It’s kitschy to fuse ourselves to a hypothetical common ground but it’s important to note we are, in essence, divergent beings whose push always resorts to shoving matches when it’s a matter of us versus someone else. When dealing with any sort of collective embrace, it’s best to wear sneakers rather than concrete boots is what I’m saying. Be a part of the team, by all means. But understand the most implicit of obligations is to yourself, which doesn’t mean to say that your stomach and your ass need to be full and wiped over all other considerations. Because looking out for number one means so much more than that.

And guess what? That’s more than just okay. It’s healthy, in fact. Because to marry yourself to a creed without an out clause is like saying Joe Paterno was innocent because you happen to be a Penn State grad. Abject deference to creeds and totems are built on quicksand.

So I tend to treat this time the same way I consider WordPress. We’re all individuals, whose journeys are wholly separate ones. All I know is that we’re all in this and that there was a reason to here and from here. Bumper sticker sentiments aren’t going to get me or anybody else through this time. There’s only one commonality that really gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling of togetherness. And so what if it involves adult beverages.

It still counts.




64 thoughts on “We’re All In This . . .

  1. B,

    You made me do it again. Had to look up Rousseau’s theory. Yes, people are basically good. And yes, people show what they want to show (or wish they had so they could position themselves on top of the totem).

    I’m thinking it doesn’t matter if one or none items pop up immediately in the hits and misses. Sometimes, we learn through such subtle ways we cannot pinpoint the ah-ha moment. Sometimes those moments come in flashbacks.

    We really are not all in this together. Ironically, a meme I can adhere to is “We are not all in the same boat, we are in the same sea”. We all have our ways of dealing with this situation. So yeah. Strength, not weakness.

    I think the only good thing about the sentiment of “in this together” is it helps people to see they are not alone in living through a crazy thing like we are. I like to think it helps create more empathy but yeah…. pushing resorts to shoving for too may. Got my sneakers on.

    Adult beverages are not to be dissed.


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    • Q

      Peeps want to look out for their own self interests (their asses to put it plainly). And since when was that a bad thing. We’re made to feel it’s wrong when it’s only natural. And there’s a difference between putting others in harm’s way and this.

      I could have done with a lot more subtle. A lot more. But yeah, it comes in all shapes and sizes.

      The same boat thing rarely works. It usually capsizes before too long. So yes, the same sea is a much better way of looking at things.

      But isn’t there a certain “misery loves company” to that? I always thought there was. And I’d much rather people didn’t have to be miserable. I see what you’re saying but I always felt like it meant “Well great! Y’all are feeling equally shitty,”. Maybe that’s me. I tend to be half empty on such matters.

      On THOSE matters I tend to be three quarters to fully empty. But there is always backup!


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      • There is nothing wrong with that and yes, while doing so, one must not put others in harm’s way.

        That’s how it works: a little melange of subtle and in-your-face.

        Monika said what I wanted to say… storm, not sea! But I guess it’s the same difference.

        There is. I, on the other hand, yanno, my Pollyanna side, prefer to think of let’s look at the positives of this, not the shitty misery loves company part. (Which is why I wrote my “Hat” FF ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I am a foolish silver-lining kinda gal. I walk away from those who are focusing only on the shitty, even though I know there is plenty of it out there. I have to hope the borders open in the near future. There has to be a light up ahead.

        Well, on THOSE matters, Imma keep ya company and hey, here’s a bottle, allow me to top you up!

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        • I believe in social distancing ALL the time, so this really hasn’t been much a a change for me.

          Melange goes in the file.

          Either/or. It’s where we be right now.

          You must walk away from those whose opinion remains on the shitty side. It’s for the best. And there HAS to be some light up ahead, you would think . . .


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          • This is true. Not a bad thing (as long as you leave room for an occasional not-so-distant social).


            True dat.

            Yes, we must. They are trying to drag us into their mud but frankly, I don’t want to play there. There HAS to be.


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          • I have Howard Hughes in me, but yes, I think the occasional not-so-distant social is a very good thing indeed.

            As Kenny Rogers used to say when it came to such matters. You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em.


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          • As long as you don’t have his phobias – to his extent… I’m glad you do.

            Kenny knew of what he spoke.

            Jeepers! We’re cheersing and saluding on both our posts. Should we worry?

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          • The robes all day thing, I could deal with that one for sure.

            Kenny knew. Except when it came to plastic surgery. But the rest of it, yeah, he knew his stuff.

            Yes we should worry. Well, I should at least since I’m toasting with a cup of java.

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          • Hell, I do that one regularly… well, not robes per se, but definitely jammies ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Oh gawd… that was definitely a wrong move.

            Hey! Guess what? I’m still on my last cuppa! Cheers!

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          • I need me a nice silk robe. Sans the cigarettes since I’m currently on hiatus from the buggers.

            So bad. But what did you expect from someone who penned The Gambler?

            No olives

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          • It would look mahvellous, I am sure.

            Yep. Well, let us not speak ill of the dead. He did what he did.

            So… not this Friday then? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. It’s be nice if we all WERE in this boat together, but I think a more accurate description is we’re all in the same storm. How is it on par when grocery store workers are required to wear masks but patrons won’t? ๐Ÿฅƒ๐Ÿธ

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    • YES! You get what I’m saying. And that’s something we can hold to and know that, yanno, others show the chutzpah to get through it and so can I.

      And you know, I see so much more of it now. A lot of peeps are walking around mask less in defiance of the governor. It’s going to cause problems.

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  3. The bumper sticker path to feeling okay ignores a basic tenet of human behavior. The “I’m okay and you suck” kind of attitude is not covered in the platitudes that lay on the chrome. Most in this world think for whatever reason that they are special. So where does this “we are all in this together ” fit.? I think you are right about adult beverages, silk robes, and even smokes. This song says a lot. https://youtu.be/1s8nRL2bPCU

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  4. You’ve reminded me of one of my favorite movie scenes. Oddly, I’m not sure of the movie. I think First Contact … one of the early Star Trek movies. Vulcans came to Earth and made first contact with humans. The Vulcan told the earthling something like “You humans don’t get it. You prefer to solve problems with weapons and wars, not with your mind.”

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    • Ain’t that the truth!

      My uneasiness is in the question as to what comes next. The last two months have been a quagmire of political machinations that spit in the face of every single casualty. And now we will have competing viewpoints as to what opens when, how it opens, what it does upon opening, etc.

      I’ll wear my mask around others. I’ll abide by a distance and I won’t hoard. Anything.

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  5. Iโ€™ve been thinking about how weโ€™re all in this together is such absolute crap unless everyone does their laundry wearing a mask….but anyway…I have so many thoughts that I donโ€™t know how to express….good post

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    • We’re UNITED says a lot more, to me, than it’s more trotted out line. Because we are most definitely not all in this together, judging by the wide range of behaviors going on. But, we can be united in believing and in abiding by some basic tenets in order to help each other.

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  6. That was a powerful post. As someone mentioned, we are all in the same sea and some of our boats are leaking. All our journeys may be individual but we share a lot of the path together.

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  7. Yes, I heard it said, “we’re all in the same storm, but not in the same boat.” I think that sums it up better. Some are in a luxury ocean liner, well-fed and barely feeling the waves. Some are in a little bitty boat with no paddles at all, just being tossed about in the waves, and knowing they might not make it.

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  8. Thanks for being up front with this. We are all experiencing different things and some weathering the storm better than others. I think I might need a teensy break from the adult beverages, though.๐Ÿ˜

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  9. Ha! Thatโ€™s so funny I wrote a post yesterday with similar title and different angle. But I hear you on that! Here people talking about how hard it is for them yet they have a huge yard, trampoline, swimming pool, b-ball hoop and enough computers for every kid and then there are others who live jam packed apartments with bad WiFi and one computer everyone has to share. Yet they still follow the rules. In it together… well maybe … sort of in it together watching The Wire. Yes! Watching comedy. Yes! Missing sports. Yes!! In it together as in trying to help out the working class? Yeah … some of us trying to make money at the sacrifice of someone elseโ€™s life … ummmmm nope. Weโ€™re all in it together… like in the Titanic … where everyone got an equal chance to get in a boat, like Rose and Jack. Good piece! Needed to be put out there in the universe ๐Ÿ™‚ sunshine and waves to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Cali in da HOUUUUUSSSSSEEEE!!!!

      And yeah, methinks we’re figuring all this stuff out on the go. And by and large, I think MOST of us peeps are doing just fine. We’re all IN THIS. Unifying where need be in order to get to the other side.

      The Wire is great stuff, as you well know.

      Sunshine and waves hermana


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