I Ain’t Down With This Block Party

ROCK 'EM SOCK 'EM ROBOTS Game $14.97! - AddictedToSaving.comThe more things change, the more expensive they become. As a creature of ritual habitual, I insist on the ‘Lemme Be’ style of writing/bitching/editing/moaning for my WordPress posts. Which means to say, don’t call me with a change . . . Imma call you. All I ask of this place is to not fuck with my shit, which is all I ask of my government, come to think of it. On both counts, I’m usually getting value subtracted ‘bargains’ that I didn’t ask for and most definitely do not need in my life. It’s like loading up on clearance tchotchke at Target, only without the opportunity to unload it on an e-commerce site.

So when WordPress started talking up their new Block Editor last year? I did what any responsible blogger would’ve done with the information. I completely ignored it. And so for the past six months, the home office has been marching to this idea that a full scale, highly customizable change is coming . . whether we like it or not.

Not wanting to be uprooted from my humble blog abode, I did some research. I sat through three and a half minutes of a fifteen minute instructional video on the Block Editor (Or Gutenberg- an homage to the Renaissance era inventor of the printing press) and I was proud of myself for having made it that far. For one thing, the video feels as if it was made in a subterranean business suite sharing space with a dark web massage parlor. For another, it speaks to the curious state of our existence that there are a proliferation of videos on the topic that run even longer than the one I watched. For perspective, the soldiers who landed on the beaches of Normandy were given a couple minutes worth of do’s and don’ts before their introduction to hell.

If you go on the official WordPress site, this is the starched jingle to their forced mingle.

We call the new editor Gutenberg. The entire editing experience has been rebuilt for media rich pages and posts. Experience the flexibility that blocks will bring, whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living.

As a veteran of WordPress, I’ve seen the platform go through more wardrobe changes than Elton John doing Rio. As a writer, this Block Editor doesn’t feel like a match . . in the least. Not unless I was planning on doing shit other than writing. And it’s not like I have a problem with any of it . . . unless they insist on me switching. Which is where my angst comes in, because it’s obvious that the universal theme to their newest scheme is that yeah . . at some point we’re going to have to drink the not so cool aid.

Which means Imma have to get to my bunker and fetch the old school admin page once this happens. And I really ain’t digging the fact that WordPress is going all Sheryl Crow on my ass by insisting that a change will do me good. But okay . . fine, let them think they have my best interests in mind. So long as my annual subscription doesn’t ask for a Congressional raise this fall in order to offset the small fortune they’ve spent on their ad campaign.

Hey, I’m no blockhead.

69 thoughts on “I Ain’t Down With This Block Party

  1. B,

    I have to start with the end… New Kids on the Block? I love it! Surprised as shit but love it! And have to admit, once again, you chose brilliantly.

    I’m with you on the lemme be thing. Nothing I hate more than being forced to play by rules that make no sense and have no rhyme nor reason to them. Why? I know why. They are creating employment for their employees. How about you deal with the gremlins and the endless, non-stoppable fucking spam instead of trying to fit us all into one block?

    As for this new – do NOT get me started piece of shit Block format? Nuh unh. I am gonna hang tough AGAINST it. And here’s the thing… I never even tried it. Know why? Coz I never even tried the original “simple” block format that exists today. No, I lie. I use it on yours every Wednesday πŸ˜‰

    I mainly haven’t tried it because every single blogger I know who has tried it has cursed it. Vehemently. Two that I know of have been ΓΌber patient and determined to learn it and make it work; for one, her blog is uglier than sin, now. It is so busy and full of boxes and colours I can’t read the damn thing. For the other she’s kept it minimal but now, I find it looks rather drab.

    So no. I will continue doing what I’ve always done and that is use the admin page. The benefit being that I know how it works, I don’t waste time on formatting, only to find out it doesn’t look like I want it to look once I hit publish. Seriously. There is enough aggravation going on in the world – especially now – to have to start fretting about WP.

    Only you could deal with this subject in the most enjoyable to read way.


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    • Q

      As soon as I knew I was going to write about this Godforsaken Block Editor shite, I knew what music I needed to tin can the end to.

      Yeah, I mean really! And yanno . . skilled peeps happen your way without needing to force feed us the stuff we ain’t asking for in the first place.

      I am still in mourning over having clicked on the fucking thing. I didn’t realize what would happen, and it took me . . . well, it’s still taking me, to get used to the shit. But once you click . . .

      No huay, not happening. That’s what bloggers get for trying to get down with the sickness, they get drab and/or busy? I mean, where is the fairness in this exchange?

      And like you said, WP can do better by simply cleaning up its act. Offer up tiered formats that appeal to the inner geeks . . and knock yourselves out. But leave the writers to write, without all the hassle.

      Confession. I looked for a J Lo video, but I thought maybe the meaning would go over some people’s heads . . .

      Gracias lovely.


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      • I gotta admit, I saw KITB and thought… whoa. But no, it was perfect.

        This is true. I just hate when they feel the need to tell us our way is no longer good. Sez who?

        Once you click, you are stuck. I’ve been getting notices of “Try our new and easy…” and now “The New Block Editor is here…” since forever. Somehow, I don’t even see them anymore. All those years of being a mother and choosing what to see and what not to, have finally come into play.

        There is no fairness. I’m sure the newbies to WP will learn as they go (coz they don’t know better) and maybe they will figure it out but me? I really don’t feel the need to try every new toy out there at this point in my life.

        That would be brilliant. OK. WP powers that be: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We vote that you offer up tiered formats to appeal to ALL your users!

        You definitely don’t want any meaning to go over your readers’ heads…

        De nada, sweet thing

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        • It had to be, yanno?

          They need to justify the plush corporate digs somehow, and isn’t it just the way of the world anymore?

          The Book of Mama is an excellent reference book, by the way. And yeah, there is no “Try . .”. It’s more like “Click on this and you’re married to a format that will have you looking for the nearest suspension bridge!”.

          I don’t mind a toy that works for me. But I ain’t gonna be wasting my time with a toy that saps my energy and leaves me feeling as if I want to take up welding.

          A menu that serves the blogosphere . . . imagine that.

          No, and the whole Bronx thing was really the only reason she was in contention to begin with, I ain’t gonna lie . . .


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          • It did.

            Pfft. I so hate that. And it is probably the true reason behind it.

            Book of Mama is a powerful tool at times. It’s akin to an arranged marriage sight unseen and you lift the veil and think. Shit.

            And this particular toy sounds like it is a huge energy and time sap.

            Crazy idea. What were you thinking?

            I knew there had to be a good reason deep down πŸ˜‰


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          • There are few times in life where New Kids needs to be called on to keep the fire going. In fact, this is the first time for me . . .

            It’s like when a sports network introduces their talent as “experts” because they have to justify the insane salary they’re shelling out . Because I can find you some guy at the end of a bar- pick a bar, any bar- who can do the same exact thing as that “expert” for say, 50 K a year and benefits.

            The old “Door Number Three” . . . whomp, whoooomp marriage? Yikes.

            And batteries, lots of batteries.

            Evidently I wasn’t. Because here I was, thinking about the vast majority of the bloggers out there who say gracias but no gracias to Block. But of course, that’s not how the world works any longer.

            Respect to J Lo.


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          • I was wondering if it was your first πŸ˜‰

            Not only would they save in the digits, the guy probably would do a better job!

            Exactly that.

            The outsized D-ones that no one uses.

            Vast majority… I honestly do not know of any who actually like the block. Yes, they have conformed to using it, but they don’t like it. No. That is not how the world works.



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          • There really IS a first time for everything. I never believed that until right this minute.

            And that says nothing of the sports commentators who are hired to chum the water, and then when they say the stupid shit they were HIRED to say? They end up having to apologize because the network insists they do so. Talk about leading with your ass.

            Of course.

            I haven’t used those since my kids were kids. All the most annoying toys took D batteries . . . like a dozen of em.

            The thing of it is, the common explanation from WP is that the new format was something they delivered up because so many were asking for it. I’m still trying to figure out where those bloggers are.



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          • That there is.

            Ugh. Nothing worse than a scripted sports comment – how the hell does that work anyway? Can they not be relied on to give their two cents on what they just watched?

            I know, right? I’ve got my boxes of AA and C but D? Naw… and yeah, just like the old boom boxes, you need like eight or ten of ’em… If they lasted for more than a week, that would be one thing…

            Funny how that works. Those supposed requesters are never to be found.


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          • Tony Romo just inked a huge deal with CBS Sports to be the lead voice on games. Now, I dig this guy lots, I think he’s really good. But the deal was for an insane amount of money and here’s the thing. Not a single fan is tuning in because he’s calling the game. They tune in FOR THE GAME itself. And to add to that, Viacom just cut a bunch of jobs. So Romo gets top dog status and all the money that comes with it, and hundreds of once vital employees are out on the street. Nice.

            They lasted for exactly six and a half days. I know, because my boom box was on constantly, LOL

            It’s a critics choice kind of deal here.


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          • See? I have a big problem with that. Well, I have a big problem with the salaries in pro sports, period… which somehow don’t trickle down to the guys who actually make all of this work. Nice. Not.

            That long, eh? Why am I not surprised that you would know?

            Ain’t that the truth.


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          • Hey, I am all for market fare. But when players are making hundreds of times more than past players, something is wrong. What IF fans stopped showing up? What then? It’ll never happen because guys need an excuse to get out of the house . . .



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          • It’s fine to escape, but the money too many peeps pour into sports- with ZERO coming back their way- is obscene. Go to a handful of games, don’t have a closet full of merch you don’t wear and cut the cord with your TV subscription and read a book instead. OR . . . bitch and moan about how much money these guys make.



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  2. I’m with you on this new block editor and told WP to go pound sand. After I tried the maddening new editor. I didn’t want to be accused of being an inflexible Boomer. Screw that. I too took a couple of ‘classes’ which are fine if you can follow along with the zoom, zoom “do this, then that, and poof…presto…see a cool new post that’s so groovy” instructional. Screw that. So at the suggestion of an patient Happiness Coach I switched back to the classic editor. The so-called easy to use Gutenberg one was too much of a cluster and took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to craft anything when I could do it in less than a few minutes in classic. I realize everyone gets the same 24 hours a day but mine just doesn’t include beating my head against a solid brick wall for long term excruitating pain everytime I want to post something. I tried, I really did try and gave it some time before switching back but if that’s the game we’re gonna play, WP can go take a long walk off a short pier in my books. Now…if folks will just off my lawn!! 😈

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  3. Dear Marco,

    My thoughts pretty much echo yours and Dale’s. WP has tried twice to update. I cling tenaciously to Classic Editor. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!! And yeah, do something about the spam and trash! I don’t think I know any other blogger who likes or uses block. To whom do we protest?
    I’ve been using the classic format for nearly a decade. LEAVE IT ALONE!!! What’s so irritating now is that when you start a new post it goes straight to blockhead mode. I type in my title and go back to classic editor.
    Do you suppose anyone at WP reads our blogs? Maybe they’ll read yours and get a clue. (You may saaay I’m a dreamer…)



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    • Rochelle,

      We commented on our respective blogs at the same exact time! Give or take a few seconds.

      It doesn’t seem as if the WPeeps are paying any serious mind to the protestations of their citizenry in this instance. Because the replies I’ve read to “Puhleeze don’t make me change” are mostly answered with the classic Sam Cooke refrain that a change is gonna come.

      It bugs me that we can’t be left to our method, yanno?

      I wonder if they might up the spam on my blog if they don’t like what they read. Is that too conspiracy theory-ish?



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  4. I am so with you, Pilgrim. I even tried to give the block editor a try. Holy shit. I couldn’t get back to the classic soon enough. My only problem was like being locked in a glass room. I couldn’t find the friggen door. Finally, I located the secret button and busted out. I’m never going back in there again. I think you and I just may be the last two standing before the bomb with the monogrammed A blows us into block editing.

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  5. After spending the last six days tearing my hair out to get my printer and new computer to play nice together, I do NOT need the stress of the block. So far it hasn’t been thrust on me, but I will probably need to learn to compose on the admin page. Why does a writer need bells and whistles for f’s sake?

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    • Eilene,

      The thing is? We don’t. But WP insists on changing the game, and like I said . . that’s fine. But don’t tell me I need to evacuate my abode for the express purpose of moving into something that doesn’t suit me. I don’t mind change, but it kinda has to work for me. Otherwise I’m just changing for change’s sake.

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  6. Every time I’ve put together a new post in the last few weeks, the pop-up window has invited me to use the new editor. I haven’t done it yet. I’m just fine with the current version and don’t need an “upgrade.” Your description of it is a perfect example of why … making it easier to use other media? This is why I’ll never make it over on Medium or never get huge hits on my blog. I’m just my words (and occasional pictures). I don’t add charts and graphs and TikTok videos and colors and “media.” It’s not why I’m here. I realize that jazzing things up is the way of the world, but not me. If my words aren’t good enough, if you need visuals to keep reading, I’m fine with people skipping my blog.

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    • Mark

      I don’t give a blessed fig about turning my blog into an IG page. WordPress can roll out new changes once a week for all I care, and who knows, maybe they would hit on something that worked for me. But unless or until such time, I like to stick with what works for me.

      I don’t check my stats. Ever. If that was my reason for coming here, then I’d be diligent about it and I’d hop on any new format that promised me more eyes. But yanno, I like to have something that just IS. Maybe it’s the hippie in me, I don’t know.

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      • I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I tried writing stuff on Medium earlier this year as a way to maybe make some money from my random thought writing. But I’m not interested in coming up with graphs and charts and visuals and filling it with unnecessary photos. So, I didn’t get many views.

        When I first started blogging, I cared about my stats. I don’t much anymore. What I care about is whether or not my writing is prompting conversation. I’m not sure it does that very much, but I haven’t given up hope.

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        • I read a ton of articles from publications that run the gamut. Charts and graphs are a big deal. And that’s not to mention the sites that are plastered in social media copy and pastes. Writing has become passe in many quarters.

          And I agree with that. If I’m going to concentrate on stats, then hell I’m going to become an influencer of something. And that just isn’t my bag when it comes to writing. I always end up in something that could be construed as a bar room conversation.


  7. Update 24,000.2 I’m not a fan of these. It burns me out every time something is like hey we have a new updated or you to fix bugs or try this new updated version. That screams lack of imagination in the first place. And if it’s working just fine? I just off doing it. I’ve seen that button and never clicked then it switched on me and was like would you like to try our new editor? And I was like … no … no I wouldn’t. I’m cool with what I’ve got. I mean have you seen my site? Hasn’t really changed since I got it. Ha! Not a fan of ambush makeovers πŸ™‚

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    • Lack of imagination, there you go . . that’s my thing when it comes to this shite. Where IS the imagination?

      Remember Drinks? Simple design, worked for me. It was like Cheers, everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came and hey . . . if I’m changing that, you best give me a good reason for doing so.


  8. This! I thought it was just me kicking and screaming about it. Seriously. I just want to write without juggling through a bunch of crap. I mean I did write a couple posts with it but really, I just want to throw my words out there without a techie video limping me through it.

    So glad I’m not the only freak 🀣

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  9. Can we go back to the classic one? How do I do that? I am considering to going back to Blogger.
    They have being completely disrespectful to the users who have a paid plan. There are lots of incompatibilities with plugins and support people are useless and repeatedly say: “maybe the problem is one of your plugins” when the actual problem is that horrible useless block editor.

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