30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. There is something about clouds and the sky that is special. Maybe it’s the fact that they are constantly changing and we don’t know what we will get – so catching special special is a wow moment.

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  2. Wow…reminds me of what the western plains used to look like when buffalo roamed. I’m in the throes of a Teddy Roosevelt book at the part when he’s in the Badlands trying to heal from the death of his wife, so your picture of trees and sky is very timely.

    The clouds look like big balls of cotton that, if you reached up, could take hold of them.

    So lovely, as usual.

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  3. Q

    Brilliant contrasts going on here. I love how the light fuses with the ‘MacBeth’ to paint a powerful composition. Yanno . . . you’re really quite good at this stuff . . . 😉



    • B,

      Thank you, kind sir. I literally was stopped in my running tracks when I saw this cloud and then, was able to frame it like I wanted to… I thank you for saying so… I do try 😉



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