53 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Look at him, like he’s posing, just for you, in profile no less. I can just hear him saying…Dale, this is my better side.

    I also simply love the tree…the texture, like some designer dressed it for a party. Nature will always knock me out, especially through your lens. 🙂

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    • Well, he did hop off as we (Zeke and I) approached and “hid” in the bushes… I very slowly made my way around and he froze. 🙂


  2. Q

    Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. But profiles . . the right one is a Godsend to the skilled eye. And it’s almost as if he looked at you with your camera and was like “Okay, hold up, let me switch sides because my left side is definitely my best side.

    You two were in cahoots!


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  3. Nice rabbit capture – he is surrounded by the greens and that tree bark matches the fur

    We have a massive jack rabbit population in our Neighborhood lately – or the cottontail variety – so many

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