Heroes: The Kids Edition

Hello Friday to Marc’s flock. Frank here as a stand-in to your normal host. Well, he asked me and I agreed. Part of the deal was that I follow Dale. Geez – always a tough act to follow.

Art Linkletter had a phrase, “Kids say the darndest things.” They always have and they always will. However, they also do the darndest things. So much so, adults can learn lessons from their actions.

Avi Gupta is 18-year-old and the reigning Jeopardy Teen Tournament Champion. Toss in his passion as a software engineer, he’s off-the-charts smart – plus has a big heart. The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved his design for a low-cost ventilator. If that’s not enough, the plans are Open Source and he has established a charity to make his design available through the world for people in need. No video, but here’s an article.

Daisy Watt (Norwich, England) is 10. Four years ago she did a painting to bring some cheer to her grandparents during their fight with cancer. Mom noticed Daisy’s surprising talent, then asked Daisy if she would like to paint more as a cancer charity. Long story short, “Mini Monet” has raised over $12,000 (US$) for her efforts.

Taran Tien (Clintonville, Ohio) is 10. As the short report notes that the kid is musically talented – but it’s his heart that matters the most. Several times a week, he sets up in his yard for an impromptu concert playing for tips that will go for the International Rescue Committee supporting refugees across the globe.

But low and behold, this is not my first encounter with Taran. Back in March, I saw this report about what he and his sister did for a neighbor. I didn’t put these two together until preparing this post.

Robbie Gray (Palm Coast, Florida) is nine years old. In his brief time alive, he has been hospitalized several times with brain injuries and passed from one foster family to another. A family adopted Robbie two years ago and they discovered Robbie has a soft spot for dogs at the shelter. Not just any dog – but especially old dogs.

Sometimes it’s best to let the kids do the driving. On second thought, a bad idea. But I’ll give and let these kids show the way by riding shotgun to navigate as I drive on the road of goodness.

41 thoughts on “Heroes: The Kids Edition

  1. Hola Frank!

    Oh c’mon now, you hold more than your own! Glad you decided to do a Kids Edition.

    The art created by Daisy is amazing! My goodness, talk about natural-born talent. And to simply donate everything she earns is outstanding.

    Same thing for Taran Tien. Some kids just have that generosity of spirit ingrained. That can be taught but when it comes naturally like for these kids, it’s a beautiful thing.

    I’m glad I had seen the story of Robbie Gray a while back because the video is not available (grrr) and I tried to find a replacement but was unsuccessful.

    Ending with my sweetheart George Ezra is perfection 😉

    Great job (as expected)!


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  2. Love the idea of a Kid’s Edition. Especially liked the mini Monet. Kid’s are such teachers just by being who they are without too much of their innocent veneer rubbed off. They always remind me to stay in the moment and to be happy where I am…to bloom where you’re planted.

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  3. A kids edition! Dude what a great idea! Plus it seems that when kids step up you get even bigger heartfelt vibes. I heard about the mini Monet. Isn’t that great! But I hadn’t heard of the others The Taran story … mannnn! What a heart. These kids. Some have more empathy than most adults and I feel hopeful when I see stuff like this. Thanks for posting!

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    • Guat,
      Welcome – and glad that you enjoyed this post. Thanks for greeting. There are so many good stories in the world, geez … where to start! But the kids struck me this we. Mimi Monet is off the charts. Taran – I’m still amazed that I came across him twice in recent months. The Robbie – ob boy – does he ever pull at the heart strings.

      Because I don’t know you, are you a regular here?

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      • Heyyyy. Yeah I look forward to his Heroes if the Week. I’m always checking out Marc’s stuff. I know him from his previous blog and followed him over here. You did a good!


  4. Very nice, Frank! I miss your style, so it’s always fab when you guest in.
    I couldn’t get the Robbie Gray vid. It says the uploader is not available in Canada.
    I love dogs, so it would have been neat to see.
    All these kids are wonderful. They deserve to be in a heroes post!
    George Ezra has an amazing voice!

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    • Resa,
      Great seeing you, so many thanks for stopping by to read this. Too bad the Robbie Gray vid gets blocked at the border because it’s a great story. When that happens, Dale tries to find one, but this time she was unsuccessful. 😦 Nonetheless, as a whole, these kids are awesome. Cheers to George Ezra for his music!!!

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  5. Cincy

    Big time props to Avi, for doing his part in making the world a better place. When smarts meets stoicism, THAT good stuff can happen. And does. Way to go Avi.

    Little Daisy really IS the mini Monet! Those are outstanding works by a young lady whose talent with a paintbrush is only exceeded by the heart she brings to the game. And good for her in using those talents to raise money for such an important cause.

    Taran has the name, that’s for sure. And even more impressive is his cello game, which equals a positive difference for so many thanks to his stoic efforts. All that, AND the kid knows to wear a mask as well. Enough said.

    Good for Robbie to see the value in old dogs. The creatures are so often overlooked, but here’s a kid who gets what so many adults never will.

    Well, Cincy, you proved it. The kids really ARE alright. And great idea to use it as a theme by the way. . .

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