Heroes Of The Week!

Brett Favre: 25 Greatest Moments of His Hall of Fame Career | Bleacher  Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

In spite of climate change, Trump attrition, social unrest and oh yeah . . a global pandemic, the NFL is getting its game on once again. There will be story-lines aplenty as we’ll have kneeling players, canned crowd noise, demonstrations and more playoff teams. Tom Brady is now retired and living in Tampa while Cam Newton will do his best Darth Maul impersonation in the hopes of keeping the Evil Empire relevant. Because of the disparity in COVID rules from state to state, some teams will host fans at limited capacity while other teams will have no fans in attendance. The silver lining in this playbook is that Philadelphia falls into the latter category. Sorry Eagles fans, but you still suck. 

And now for a special Tuesday lineup . . . 

Bella Witt, 50 Yard Challenge, Three Hills

Imma start on the positive side of the equation this week, thanks to Dale’s chime about a young lady from Alberta, Canada. 14 year old Bella Witt is going the extra yard this year, fifty times over. She’s taking on the 50 Yard Challenge, in which she will mow fifty different yards in her community. The volunteer movement was started by Rodney Smith, Jr of Huntsville, Alabama in 2015. Those who sign up can tend to their neighbors lawns in a variety of ways- from mowing them to raking leaves and even shoveling snow. The kids get a different colored t-shirt for every ten lawns they complete until they achieve their ‘black belt’ status once they’ve gone fifty strong. 

“Since COVID-19 there hasn’t been a lot to do here and I thought why not help people,” explained Witt. “There’s so much going on right now and I just want to be a blessing to people who have a hard time.”

Oh Bella, you are a blessing to us all. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene wins Georgia's 14th district runoff - AxiosOn the flip side, we have Marjorie Taylor Greene diluting the gene pool down in Georgia. The Republican is running for Congress, and she’s got a lot of Trumpian ideas at the ready. Her newest gem? A claim that forcing boys to wear masks is “emasculating”.  Never mind that more than half a million American kids have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and there’s been a 16 percent increase in these cases since mid August. 

How’s about we fit Green with a duct taped mask? 

Last week marked the nineteenth anniversary of the most devastating terror attack on US soil. So it’s worth remembering in these trying times that if we take the uniforms for granted, we do so at our own peril. The boys at the FDNY came through again recently when they tackled 53 year old Daniel Biggs; who just so happens to have a rap sheet a mile long and was intent on adding to it. As he was riding his bike along the sidewalk in Bedford Stuyvesant, Biggs decided it would be a good idea to punch a sixty year old woman in the face. Two problems: One, it’s assault. And two, he did so right in front of a firehouse. So needless to say, Biggs didn’t get very far before he was brought to the ground by New York’s Bravest. 

These guys ain’t quitting on us, and the feeling is mutual. 

Imma wrap up this special Tuesday edition with a belated tribute to a couple of legends, who gifted the world their immense talents in two different arenas. 

Trailblazing Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson dies - REVOLT

John Thompson changed the landscape of college basketball forever. Before he got to Georgetown, the team was an also ran, having just finished out a 3-23 campaign. Within three seasons, Thompson had them in the tournament. He built a national powerhouse in the eighties, winning a national title and reigning supreme over the Big East conference. But it was the impression he made with his kids off the court that will stand the true test of time. When star center Alonzo Mourning and another player were said to be running with associates of reputed drug boss Ray Edmond, Thompson called for a face to face meeting with him in his office. At the meeting, the coach proceeded to get in Edmond’s grill, informing him he was to have no further contact with any of his players. Edmonds never did associate with another Hoyas player after that meeting. When the news of Thompson’s passing came down, his former star point guard Allen Iverson credited Thompson with saving his life. Interestingly, Thompson was supposed to have been on the United Airlines flight that crashed into the Pentagon, but his place was cancelled. He made these last nineteen years count. 

Chadwick Boseman didn't just play icons. He was one. | National News |  martinsvillebulletin.com

Whereas the inimitable Mr Thompson climbed every mountain set in front of him, there is a profound sadness to the passing of Chadwick Boseman because he had so many more mountains left to climb. In his all too brief career, Boseman wrote and directed several plays and appeared on a couple television shows before scoring a role that would put him on the map for good. 

His portrayal of Jackie Robinson in the movie 42 got the attention of Hollywood moguls and moviegoers alike. Rachel, the widow of the iconic ballplayer said watching Chadwick immerse himself in the role was like being introduced to Jackie again. And from there, the world showed up at his doorstep and Boseman was more than ready to take it for a spin. He played legends like Thurgood Marshall and superheroes like the Black Panther. He was box office magic with a screen presence that promised Oscars, as in plural. But while the world was busy gifting him the much deserved rewards of his chosen craft, life was busy taking him away from us even if we never saw it coming. In 2016, Boseman was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. He never shared this fact with the outside world, and he kept working throughout. He starred in several more films while undergoing chemotherapy as well as multiple surgeries. But it was a race he was destined to lose when the cancer returned this year. And it doesn’t make one damn bit of sense that he’s gone before he even really got started. That forty three years becomes the end instead of another beginning. 

There’s no song I could attach to this, because truthfully I didn’t come into this post expecting it would take me here. And now it doesn’t feel right, to put these final thoughts to music. So instead, I’ll place a picture of Boseman’s visit to St. Jude’s Hospital in 2018. Right in the middle of his stoic battle, he took some time for the kids, his fans. And this picture, I don’t know why but it fills me with peace. 

Sometimes there is music in the silence. 

Inside Chadwick Boseman's Emotional Visit to St. Jude's | PEOPLE.com

49 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. B,

    I have to say that the NFL, and while we are at it, the NBA, MLB and even the NHL can all take a long walk off a short pier. We gots us bigger fish to fry. Course, I’m not anywhere near being a rabid fan so I’m probably just talking through my hat (a word-for-word translation of a French expression)…

    I know there are lots of young peeps like Bella, doing the right thing right now in both of our countries. I like to think that these young heroes are going to turn into fabulous adults who will make a difference. Rodney Smith, Jr’s movement is so simple yet helps build a good foundation. I love it.

    Do they make duct tape in extra wide? Coz seriously, eejits like Greene all need to be fitted with one.

    How serendipitous that asshole with the long rap sheet (I ain’t giving him more air time, so to speak) chose to do this just plain mean thing to an older woman right in front of a firehouse. We already know the FDNY are natural born heroes. They don’t need much to jump into action and I’m so glad they did. He should be put away for a long time.

    How courageous John Thompson was. Not only did he build a wonderful team but to go face-to-face with a drug boss? That takes cojones. And his number wasn’t called for in 2001 so he did right by those nineteen years.

    Chadwick Boseman was a hero of another sort. It takes courage to not sit home and lament the cards dealt to you but to go out and continue doing your thing, which included so much good. It is a sad day when no matter how much good you do, you still have your date with the next life. And so young. Still, he used his time wisely. He inspired so many young blacks with his Black Panther movie as well as taking on important roles playing real-life legends.

    I have to agree with you. There is much music in the silence, especially when accompanied by such beautiful smiles.

    You are good peeps,


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    • Q

      Sports has its place in the grand scheme of things. Let’s face it, everyone has a “sports” in their lives. It’s like Gaffigan says about McDonalds, you don’t have to actually eat the stuff to consume it. Sports is relative to Twitter or reality TV or energy drinks. Anything that wastes time and/or money without giving back anything in return, that’s sports to me. The NFL keeps on because it’s easy to follow and it’s joined at the hip with gambling.

      It’s going to be a close call as I wagered the end of the world arriving in 2042. So get to stepping kids!

      If we had to duct tape all the peeps who say stupid shit (and worse, mean it), I think we’d have to increase production of the stuff a hundred fold. Yikes!

      Yeah, a lot of the talk about uniforms is reactionary. I want to know how many civic minded peeps are going to get in between a guy coming at them with a knife, or run into a burning building. The FDNY rocks.

      When the story of Thompson’s heated conversation with Edmonds came out, there was fear of reprisal. Of course, Thompson shrugged it off. Cojones, brass ones.

      I think the world of people who volunteer their time to anything. They truly understand it’s about more than lip service. To actually make a positive difference, it requires rolling up the sleeves and getting down to it. Boseman did this, even when he barely had the strength to make it through a day. The world loses actors every day, but to lose a beautiful human being . . that’s a tough one.

      Better without the tune. The pic carried one all by itself.



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  2. The tribute to the legendary John Thompson is beautifully and so well written. What can one sad about the too-soon passing of Chadwick Boseman, a dynamo actor and incredible human. We need more like him as well as the Bella’s of the world.

    As for the NFL…yawn. Still the same old package with new wrapping paper. Disappointing at best on their roll-out. Think the NHL & NBA did a far superior job. Until the billionaire owners get religion, it’ll be a watered down version of the same-ole. They ‘say’ they’re supportive, yet haven’t heard one team owner say we’d love to have you (Kaepernick) on the field with us.

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    • Monika

      Thompson was a unique individual who was speaking on the issues many peeps are currently ignoring. He was doing it a long, long time ago. And Boseman was special, in more ways than his on screen talents. Bella is hope for the future, big hopes.

      Here’s how I do the NFL these days. I check in on my Dolphins from time to time as they continue to do Dolphins things. I skim some pieces on the league as a munch on something and that’s about it. I’m sure I’ll watch a game or two this season, probably.

      The NHL and NBA got it right.

      And nope, the owners come into the league boasting about the accomplishments that got them here. And then they lose their balls when it comes to the important stuff. Pathetic.

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  3. You provide a public service with these posts, Marc. Some things I don’t quite get, like the NFL, but the humanity and the hope – and your story-telling – are inspiring. Anger good too. Some right wing bawbags over here I’d like to duct tape. Cheers.

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    • PM

      I don’t get most things. Like, Snapchat and young women who dig dad bods . . and ordering at Starbucks, I don’t get that at all.

      The NFL is a cash cow that ain’t going away anytime soon. Here’s an enterprise that has lost a ton of money and yet their owners are still spending like salesmen at a strip club. I don’t go to games any longer because I feel it’s an overrated experience. But they don’t miss me. They’re getting along just fine.

      Gracias for the props, brother.

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  4. Great edition, Pilgrim. Thompson and Boseman were giants and too soon they left us. Let’s hope they get to play in a different venue at their destination. Bella is the best, Greene is the worst. Loved the firefighters. Thanks for keeping on.

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    • Boss

      Thompson was once asked his thoughts about being the first black head coach to win an NCAA title and he smacked it down. He didn’t like the implication that a black man had finally caught up with his white counterparts. Thompson was talking on today’s issues . . . decades ago. He was ahead of his time, on and off the court.

      Boseman was the rare cat who got it. He wasn’t full of himself, he didn’t forget where he came from. Those are often used cliches, and he was having none of it. His talent was just the beginning.

      Bella has her work cut out for her come winter. Shoveling snow up her way requires a full team of sled dogs and a week’s supply of food. But I believe she’d get it done.

      Greene and her ilk have been empowered by that guy at 1600. Saying stupid shit used to get you booted, now it gets you elected.

      The FDNY rocks. Always has, always will.

      Thank you for tuning in to the Tuesday edition of Heroes. Your regularly scheduled edition will appear later this week, as per . . . .

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  5. Great take on both Thompson and Boseman, both of whom are worthy honorees in this series. The 50-yard challenge is awesome … never heard of it, love the idea.

    For the record, the NFL will file bankruptcy by years end. Take it to the bank – well – that’s according to the Shotgun Nostradamus guy I wrote the wrote about a few weeks ago. Surely you remember the predictions he has made that I sent you. No – he and I haven’t talked – but my source is his son.

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    • Thompson was a different cat. He didn’t take any shit from anyone, and you have to remember, it was necessary for him to be that way considering how he came up through the high school ranks and took over a big conference program. That chip on his shoulder served him, and everyone who learned under him, well.

      As for Boseman. It follows in the tragic history of talents such as Winehouse, Ledger and all the rest who left the world long before their work was done. Sad just doesn’t say it.

      The 50 yard challenge is good stuff. I heard Brian Flores is going to challenge his club to try and gain 50 yards at least once this year . . .

      Well he’s part of the crowd who insists the ratings tumble in the league is a result of all the social chatter. Which it’s not. Hey, I’m not of the opinion that painting BLM on NBA hardwood accomplishes anything, but I know it’s not going to matter when it comes to watching the games. Not for me. Imma watch.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Loved the Flores challenge. That’s quite the innovative approach! Bengals have a few upcoming games they could win … but I did say could. Meanwhile, regarding the guy’s NFL bankruptcy prediction – he’s the same guy who made great predictions about Viszquel’s 40 HR season and Crenell bypassing Lombardi.

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          • The Reds won again last night while my Yankees have now lost two straight. And while the Bombers seem to have corrected themselves to some extent, I still think they’re too streaky to survive in October. As for the Reds, if that pitching is on . . they become a tough out in a short series.


  6. Duuuuude I love Thompson. He was awesome. Didn’t always like the Hoyas although I thought Ewing was the man. But there’s always one or two college coaches where you’re like man this guy is just awesome. He had a lot of stars come out of there and YES! He definitely made those 19 years count. Sad about Boseman. Really. I couldn’t believe it, fighting cancer and while doing all that. Dude. Such a sad loss. And that duct tape duuuuude definitely. That woman is a total disgrace super embarrassing to have someone like that be called into Congress … and the bar is set pretty low for Reps to begin with … don’t know what it says about the people voting for her … no … I do know. But I want to end on a positive. So … let’s rock those 50 yard challenges 🙂 Go 50!

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    • Those clubs that went to the finals in the mid eighties were as good as the conference ever had. They would have won it back to back if not for Villanova’s perfect game in 1985.

      Boseman’s passing is yet the latest theft of talent and soul. The world can’t afford to be taking such losses.

      To me, both parties have failed. But they were never quite what we have now. Trump is the anomaly. He allows for the likes of this woman to spew her idiocy. He’s their get out of jail free card.

      Go fifty yards! I admire that, seeing as how i find it extraordinarily inconvenient to handle one!

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  7. Agree – music in silence.
    Bella is beautiful ( and all like her as well).
    Adore the Fire Fighters case and tackle.
    How about we just fit Green’s entire being with duct tape?
    RIP, to this weeks heroes, gone!
    Thank you for this Sorryless post!

    Liked by 1 person

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