Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End


America will never be destroyed from the outside - MeetAmerica

A friend of mine once opined, “God blesses America so we don’t have to,” 

There’s only one place in the world like us. And I know you’re probably saying “Thank God for that”, and with good reason considering the current box-score for the home team. But this isn’t an apology piece for the wayward sons and daughters of democracy, since I think apologies have been relegated to packing peanuts. Nor is it a call to glory, in which I drape myself in red velvet, whitewall tires and blueberry pie. 

Yes, the weather forecast isn’t great, but we’ve navigated some pretty rough terrain over the last couple hundred years and somehow we’re still kicking. We can’t behave as if we’re impervious to the idea that our empire’s cracks are showing but we can’t pretend this all happened in a vacuum either. You can wonder aloud as to what Trump voters were thinking back in 2016, but make sure you save some of that indignance for the four in ten eligible voters (Yes, mostly democrats) who chose not to vote at all back then. And that’s the sticky part of the label, isn’t it? We’re really good at passing the blame but when it comes to sharing in it? Not so much. 

Funny Quotes About America | StyleCaster

But I’m not coming here to bury America when I’d much rather celebrate the things I dig about the place. And yeah, okay . . maybe it’s pennies on the dollar’s worth but I’m not interested in a king’s ransom to begin with. 

In Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to old Hollywood, he draws on the guilty pleasures of living life in the contiguous fifty. From Brad Pitt’s muscle shirts to hippie chicks whose jean shorts provide you with a free show . . to boxed mac and cheese and drive in theaters. Sure, other places have the same stuff. But we’ve achieved Warhol status when it comes to transforming these staples into high art. It’s the blessing of our cursed existence that our American ‘might’ now exists in the form of food, technology and entertainment. 

But hey, art is passion . . and it proves we still have a pulse. 

I love America and I hate it. Im torn... - Quote


A top 10 list of some of my favorite things about America? In no particular order? Sure, why not . . .

Ventura Highway– As classic rock songs go, it’s an all timer. And the band’s name is America. Need I say more?  

Michael J. Fox– No matter how many times Canada tries stealing him, every ’80’s sitcom lover knows the truth. 

Football– Where else can you root for grown men to hit each other whilst you wager on it . . . whilst eating an oversized hoagie . . . whilst sipping on an oversized beer . . . whilst ignoring your oversized gut . . . whilst bogarting the term ‘whilst’ from the Brits? Hmm? Huh? Hmmm? 

Same day delivery!– Results may vary, so keep the receipt. 

Spray Cheese– Proof that we are God’s favorite children. Or his least favorite children. I can’t decide . . .

24 Hour Everything– You can get married, laid, divorced, fed, high and sobered up at any time of the day or night. 

Throwing peanut shells on the ground– In restaurants, ballparks and most public venues . . it’s a thing. Try doing that in Madrid, where the penalty is death by shooting squad. 

Black Friday– Leave it to Americans to come up with a holiday that involves maxing out your credit cards. The Romans would be like “You gluttonous whores!”. And we love it. 

The Grand Canyon– God created it so’s Evel Knievel could try and jump it. And speaking of . . .

Evel Knievel– He was Elvis on wheels. 

Anyways, I hope Frank doesn’t leave us. But if he does, I’ve got a grocery list ready for the occasion. 

Care Package for Frank

Foot long hot dogs wrapped in bacon and deep fried (with Cheez Wiz on the side)
Alka Seltzer

Okay, so everything in my care package is food. Sue me. Which is such an American thing to say . . because we say it all the time, and we do it even more often than that. 

america-humor-demotivational-posters-1325515039 | Frank C Bishop

Imma close up shop with this thought. We’ve gone scorched earth on the idea of achieving a happy medium in this country, which is concerning, given the fact it’s how the system is supposed to run. That’s because we have a two party system in this country, and I’m not talking about democrats and republicans either. 

On the one hand you have the apologists: These folks believe we need to roll back every last misdeed, as if that was even humanly possible. I’m always amazed by their expectations of America, as if this country hasn’t been straightforward enough in how it handles its business. Our government has committed genocide, laid waste to entire cities and sprayed bacteria over an American city as part of a germ warfare test program. We’re no cupcake party.

And then you have the exceptionalists. It’s a word I just made up, because . . democracy. This group preaches American exceptionalism, which is disturbingly precarious language to anyone who’s reasonably familiar with fascism. They believe hubris is a constitutional right, division is a matter of course and opposition is treasonous. I’m always amazed by their expectations of America, because they behave as if citizenship is a get out of jail free card. 

Two parties, same short sighted mindset: Our ‘equal’ is better than yours. 

So yeah, we’re a long way from better. But we’re not done for, no matter what the oddsmakers are saying. Because if Biden can somehow pull out a victory in November and if a vaccine gets to market and delivers the results we pray it can and if Tom Brady ever starts acting his age . . well then maybe this latest chapter of our American nightmare will have proven to be little more than a shark attack story. We’ll shudder in the telling, we’ll carry the scars, but we’ll have turned the page. 

The founding fathers never said this shit was going to be easy. And as with any dysfunctional relationship, we’re the same as we’ve always been, only worse. But you’ve gotta admit, we’re a genuine page turner. 

Hey, it’s something. 

126 thoughts on “Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

  1. Americans have a LOT to be proud of, not the least of which is their generosity. I like having the US as a good neighbour. Nobody is perfect nor should they be. Oh and Michael J Fox? Born in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. He just likes your weather better. Who doesn’t?

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  2. So much good stuff here. Most of it I agree with, too!

    I’m trying to hold on to hope and thoughts of the good stuff. It’s pretty hard to do these days though. So much energy being poured into hate and rage and conflict rather than, as you call it, the happy medium. I certainly hope we can get to the search for the happy medium again. And soon.

    Here’s to a whole lot of those lazy Democratic-type voters getting out and voting this year.

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    • We have it happening but it gets crushed by the din most days.

      I feel like a voter/citizen without a country sometimes. The one side sees me an an “old white guy” while the other side believes me to be Puerto Rican and opposed to their opinion.

      I always ask kids who bitch and moan about Trump . . . did you vote?

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  3. You are the voice of reason, Pilgrim. There is no reason to leave when there are so many reasons to stay. Those that throw up their hands and pretend there is nothing they can do are the ones that make my blood run north of 212 degrees. If folks look around a bit, there are much worse places to go, but if that is their desire, I will hope their new place welcomes them with open arms. (doubtful, but it is a hope) The point is people have to remain dedicated to the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To let go of any one of these things for the sake of an ideological belief is insanity. Well done you silver handed devil. 😁

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  4. Dearest B,

    This is an excellent response to Frank’s post (with a few exceptions, of course). I have to agree with Pam, Americans have a lot to be proud of. In the past couple of hundred years, you’ve done fabulous things. You’ve also fucked up royally. But you’ve mostly grown (the last four years of regression notwithstanding). You are a generous people and have borne much brilliance. We don’t need to harp on the crap you’ve also created – just look at the guts around you or Frank’s care package.

    We’ll have to talk about your top ten.

    I’m going to count on your IFs… but like you said, they are not enough.

    Much love from your neighbour to the north who uses “U’s” liberally and who loves much about your country and it’s (mostly) fabulous inhabitants,


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    • Q

      There is much to be proud in most every part of the globe, outside of tyrannical regimes where peeps have no rights whatsoever. And that’s the thing, we DON’T live under a tyrant as much as the Trump haters will insist. We live under the rule of a schmuck who thinks he’s above every law, and is frustrated by his impotency when it comes to the biggest pictures. He can’t force us to follow him, and those who do? Welp, they do so at their own peril.

      The care package . . . it wasn’t too over the top was it?

      I . . . uh . . . okay was it the football?

      If gets you to the door, but it ain’t enough to push you inside without the help of those peeps who choose to stay home on election day.

      To Canada! And everything about the beauty of a place! Excepting for Tim Hortons, because no.


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      • This is true. No, he’s not. Schmuck is a good term.

        Li’l bit.
        And.. No… not the football 😉

        No, it’s not enough to just get to the door. And we know there will be shitloads who will stay home on election day. And then have the never to be surprised that things turn out the way they do.

        Yay! And our two countries have much beauty. Yeah. No. Timmies can go hang out with Dunkin’ – somewhere far away.

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        • Yeah I hate giving him that much credit

          And speaking of sports, the world of hockey suffered yet another punishing blow last night when Tampa Fucking Bay raised the Stanley Cup. Sorry but this is just wrong.

          If they stay home this time, they are heretofore banned from all social media. You can’t go around blaming everybody else if you are too damned indifferent to affect change. That’s the problem, no accountability.

          Same meh donuts . . . .


  5. Yes … absolutely much to be proud of in America. Democracy can be messy, just so happens we are going through a very messy time. Hope you realize that with a Care Package like that, it actually is an encouragement to leave!

    Gotta love the Godfather of Soul …. aka James Brown … great song and video. I’m going to toss in a bit of Neil Diamond because it tell an important story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ttDUGM-1mU

    PS: I mentioned MJF being born in Ohio and I got growled at.

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  6. I probably don’t get out enough, but most of my encounters with my fellow citizens are pretty positive. It’s easy to look at our federal governance and think that’s all there is, and when it’s bad, the world’s about to come crashing down. Not so! Many great things happening at local and regional levels. Maybe the last four years have been a wake-up call to the non-voting laggards. Sure hope so.

    And we should not weep about the Supreme Court. If it fails to reflect the norms of the American majority, it will be sidelined as irrelevant. We the people and all that.

    And yeah, we get to claim MJF. Totally ours.

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    • Eilene,

      I couldn’t agree more. I know voters from both sides of the aisle and while I do not engage in political chat with most of them, they return the favor. And somehow we are able to coexist! Imagine . . .

      I think Trump has proven to be an anomaly, which SHOULD be a good thing when you think about it. If he lets us see that hey, maybe things weren’t as bad as all that before he came along, well . . it’s something.

      No court rules above the people, I believe you are right about that.

      Haha! I’ll keep that between us. Those Canadian folk are mighty possessive of the guy.

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  7. Well stated.

    With each new social and/or political outrage, I mutter, “I’m watching history being made.” That’s my shorthand for remembering to not totally freak out because somehow we always survived awfulness before, and context is everything. Context often doesn’t make sense until historians have a chance to collect all the evidence and reflect. In the meantime, we muddle through, we let our better selves shine, and we survive.

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    • You knocked it out of the park with this thought, RW. And yes, context will sort this out. And I think it begin with the idea that four years ago, people were itching for something totally different from the norm. Welp, they got it.

      My whole thing is the blatant disregard and complete lack of respect the man shows for so many. Policies can be debated and disagreed on all day long, whatever. But hold yourself to a standard and understand that in the end, you represent, or you’re supposed to represent us all.


  8. I don’t know how much of an informed, intelligent right I have to comment as I am not aware of all the ins and outs of Trump but I do believe there is a kind of crazy ill informed mixed up innocence about the guy and it is hard to paint him as a demon.. And just because you are currently facing so many crazy difficult scenarios and challenges that in no way negates anything of value or good in America is completely undermined…I always find Americans so open and friendly.

    Trump is a schmuck.. its a good term..I am just praying for you he doesn’t get another term in office…. schmuckdome does end up creating some unholy messes but he certainly is good value for a laugh…The news program The Project in Australia delights in sharing some of his more hilarious announcements on any day and it always lightens the atmosphere. Keeping a sense of irony at it all maybe the salvation… intensity does at times breed a kind of mania that doesn’t lead anywhere good.


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