41 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Could have been taken here. The new popular appliance is now the leave blower. I asked my doorman…what’s wrong with a few leaves on the sidewalk? It’s like Nature’s wall to carpeting. But alas, he just kept on blowing. You and fall Dale, walk hand in hand. πŸ™‚

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    • I loathe those things. My husband bought one and I was so mad at him. Needless to say, it sits unused somewhere in my garage. I rake the old fashioned way, but leaving some behind as mulch.
      As to that photo, I figured it could have been taken anywhere. Our leaves are all but gone up here (save a few spectacular trees which have decided not to follow the crowd; one of which almost made it here but was of ‘meh’ composition to my eyes. It is spectacular, though.)
      Thank you, Susannah. It is my favourite season…

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  2. The seasonal wheel is turning. You captured the best of the yellow before it turns brown. Have you guys had your first frost yet?

    Here’s to a productive winter. Lot of photos and opportunities to show the world what we see.


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    • That it is. You saw on IG that glorious tree standing alone in all its glory? ‘Tis now a rarity.

      We had some snow and a light frost but nothing compared to last year this time.

      Yes! I am so hoping for that.

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  3. Q

    It’s remarkable how nature uses its infinite palette to paint scenes like this. A different hue for every single occasion, distributed in a magical reality whose design tells us the heavens pay attention to detail. As does the expert photog, when a capture, the perfect capture, comes calling on the lens.


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