The Rushmore

In honor of the month long joyride me and Dale have been taking on the road to Rushmore, I just had to dish up some eats to go along with all the great music we’ve been poring over as we carve out some history, one note at a time. And so here’s a sandwich that I’ve attached its namesake to.

The Rushmore Sandwich:

The dream began with some fried chicken I’d made the night before. You know how some of the best sandwiches are made? Leftovers, and good ones. So the provocation became inspiration . . and then good fortune started riffing when my daughter made a delicious loaf of oat bread with sunflower seeds. Because once you have the bread, there’s no excuse not to go building something tasty.

My chicken has a first name . . .

And it’s breading, for real. Be eclectic, and really . . you can’t get more eclectic than Zapp’s Voodoo Potato Chips, ground into a fine mist and tucked across the surface. From there it was all disco.

Bread is more than just a classic rock band from LA . . .

It’s the quintessential piece of the sandwich puzzle. Without the bread, all you have is the leftovers. And that’s fine when you cook up a piece of chicken on the level of disco. But you want a side of dynamite to go with that magnificent ball? The bread . . has to bring personality. My daughter supplied with hers, as she’s been doing since she was a wee little lass. Girl has mad skills.

Come a knocking when you hear the rocking . . .

Because if you don’t have the bandmates, it’s not a sandwich for reals. So I had to create a succinct (or is that succulent? . .Β  let’s go with both) list of talented rhymers to go along with my main event rockers. And so muenster cheese supplied me with the creamy sidekick, without hogging the spotlight. Tomato, because I love the color and the cool, very much.

How do you top this? . . .

An egg. Everything, and I do mean everything- except peanut butter ripple- tastes that much better with an egg on top. It takes a sandwich from “Damn that’s good!” to “Damn! What’s my name again!?”. It’s seriously that importante . . .

Speaking of importante, how about that crescendo? . . .

Glad I asked. It happens after you’ve toasted the bread on a pan to achieve those delightfully seductive grill marks. And then you add your chicken and cheese and tomato and finally . . that glorious egg. Now, you can cook up the egg any way you wish but for yours truly, I like to glaze the yolk without taking away that sunshiny ooze that happens when you bite in. It serves as the condiment for this party, and it’s why I show you a capture open faced. And it’s also why the avocado didn’t make it in the doors. Besides, it looks so sexy walking in on Rushmore’s arm, doesn’t it?

What more can I say, other than . . .

Frites. Hand cut by yours truly and done to a crunchy turn. There’s no substitute for DIY when it comes to this side. So take the extra time, and you’ll be happy you did.

Welp, that’s it and that’s all till next time kids. Dish up and dine well.



48 thoughts on “The Rushmore

  1. B,

    I feel a new challenge coming on! No, no, I jest. This is fantabulous!

    The Rushmore. I am taking notes and I just may have some expectations. I’ll need Ari’s bread recipe, por favor. Because you are absolutely correctomundo. A fabulous bread demands a proper something. And that bread sounds perfect.

    Chicken sounds muy tasty. I like the idea of using chips as a breading. Melting cheese is a must as is that nice fresh tomato.

    You know you had me at egg! It goes on just about everything! I can just see that fabulous yolk dripping down… oh lordy, I am so hungry.

    You were absolutely right to keep the avo as a sexy date. There comes a point where too many toppings confuse more than enhance.

    Those frites of yours look spot on. Tell me, are they fried or baked?

    Absolutely love that you used Bon Jovi as your musical accompaniment to The Rushmore.


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    • Q

      Oh yeaaahhh!!!

      I will send the recipe to you. How good this bread was all by its lonesome, that’s what I failed to mention.

      Yeah, the breading came out so well. I was very pleased with the end result.

      It WAS the condiment, and of course it was the only condiment that is truly necessary when you’re talking a sandwich with egg.

      The avo on top would have been a mess. I liked going about it where I took a frite, a bite and a forkful of avo and went to town this way.

      Oh, I fry em. Cold water bath to remove some of the starches and then fry em up to a golden brown. Crunchy on the outside and mmmmmm on the inside.

      Hey, I had to sneak em in there somewhere, yanno?


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      • Ya baby!

        I have no doubt it was delicious on its own,

        Was it true fried chicken or baked fried?

        Oh yeah. When you start slathering on mayo and mustard and whatnot it’s because the base is blah. Which no way JosΓ© was this even close to.

        It would have slipped and slid outta da sides. So yeah…. Mmmm on the side…

        That’s the only way to do ’em.

        Yes you did πŸ˜‰

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        • I had some with olive oil as well. Perfecta? Meet mundo!

          Oh no, I fried those babies up. No baked for this boy when it comes to the good stuff. I go big.

          No HUAY Jose. I hate a sandwich that goes heavy on condiments, because that means the taste ain’t so hot. A legit sammie doesn’t need cover.

          It is.


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          • As you said about us being gourmands. Why go good when you can make it much better than that?

            Hey, I had a McRib this past week. Nothing to write home about, but for nostalgia sake, yanno? And now I won’t have Mickey D’s for a while again. But really, what’s wrong with once in a while when the rest of the time I can make it better than that?



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          • Absolutely.

            Really? You want a shocker? I’ve never had a McRib. It’s an oxymoron. How can you have a rib without a bone? How could you have a sandwich with a piece of meat on a bone? OK, OK… I’m being harsh. But I’m all for that nostalgia thing. I get my sudden urge for Mickey D’s and fulfill that wish a few times per year. Nothing wrong with that. Kinda like opening that box of Kraft Dinner (Mac ‘n Cheese to you) once or twice per year πŸ˜‰



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          • Ever? Like never ever had a McRib? Well, lemme say that you are absolutely, positively . . . not missing anything, LOL.

            Now, Mickey D’s with this boneless business . . it’s a matter of not asking too many questions. Okay, it’s a matter of not asking any questions. Best that way.

            It’s nostalgia and I dig it from time to time. I had a boxed Mac and Cheese this week. Pimped it up just a tad by adding some rigatoni noodles I had left over to it. Works well.



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          • Never ever. Just one of those things. If I’m gonna have an urge for McD’s, it’s usually for a Big Mac (and I’m ALWAYS disappointed) or the McDLT (which I’m not sure you even have)…

            I think it best to leave that question un-posed.

            I had it last week! Natural, not pimped up at all. This time. πŸ˜‰



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          • I love the Big Mac. And did you know that a few years back, they made a Big Big Mac? Which is actually just what the original size of the burger was. It was goooooood.

            We had the McDLT back in the nineties, and I gotta say I liked it.




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          • Yes! I remember the Big Big Mac! Now? A couple bites and… where’d it go?

            THAT McDLT had the hot on the hot and the cold on the cold – remember? The “new” one is basically a quarter pounder with bacon, tomato and lettuce. Still good.




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          • Which is why I rarely partake of the Big Mac when I do venture to the Golden Arches. Not enough bang for my McBuck. I usually go with a couple double cheeseburgers and a large fry.

            I do remember. And I remember the Styrofoam containers that separated the two parts.




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