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Why It's Difficult To Find Full Video Of King's Historic Speech : The Two-Way : NPR

Welcome to our first heroes episode of the new year, kids. This patch of grass is still under construction with new this’s and that’s ready to make themselves known throughout the coming year. But the one thing that won’t change is the love that is shown to this here intersection of Friday and the weekend. So it be that I’ve got a little help coming from my friends, as per. Muchas gracias to them, and to you.

As for the above image, not for nothing but, that’s what a big crowd and a real leader look like. In case there was any confusion (much) about such things over the last four years. And while those clueless cretins might’ve stolen a sacred national spot with their despicable act last week? Well, my friend Martin is taking it back.

Now to the lineup . . .

What Giuliani's past tells us about how he may represent Trump - ABC NewsFirst up are the retrograde republicans (no capital letters for capitol seditionists), who perpetrated a terror attack on our nation’s capital on January 6th. From the aiders and abettors in suits- Trump, Giuliani, et al.-  to the mentally deficient warriors who looted a federal building and committed mayhem and murder. The irony is that these mask-less mutts made it that much easier for authorities to finger them by flouting the public safety standards. They should reconsider a civil war, seeing as how strategy isn’t their strong suit.

And now for a double kiss of good feeling brought to you by Dale over at A Dalectable Life.

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen at Rutgers battles student food insecurity | Food ManagementWe flip the script from the clueless to the community minded with news that the ageless rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea just opened their third community restaurant on the campus of Rutgers University. JBJ Soul Kitchen serves up meals free of charge to those patrons who can’t afford it. For those who can, they’re asked for a $20 donation to cover the cost of their meal.

“Hunger doesn’t look like what your mind’s eye might imagine,” Dorothea says. “It’s the people at your church. It’s the kids that go to school with your kids. And I think that was eye-opening for a lot of the community here that said, ‘Oh, there’s no homeless people here.’”

This garden to table eatery has served up more than 100,000 meals so far and they say they’ll keep the hits coming as long as there is a need. Rock on, good man. Rock on.

Theresa Kachindamoto is a Real-Life Black Queen, A True Leader - Hollywood InsiderTheresa Kachindamoto is the kind of leader you don’t hear much about. And it’s because she’s making a profoundly impactful difference on the lives of the young women of Malawi. In a country with one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, Kachindamoto is fighting back. To date, she has annulled more than 3,000 marriages.

In her district of Dedza, where she serves as a senior chief, girls as young as twelve years of age were once forced into marriage by parents who considered it a traditional rite of passage. In 2017, she was an integral part of an amendment which raised the minimum age of marriage from 15 to 18. She also teamed up with UN Women to get these young women an education, which she says is their right. These groundbreaking accomplishments have not come easy. When you combine an entrenched mindset with generational poverty, success is both relative and fleeting. But she forges ahead, one young woman at a time.

It’s the kind of story that doesn’t get told nearly enough because let’s face it, human interest stories are considered more filler than headline. But it makes you wonder what could be more important than an interest in humans?

Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving Big 3 destined to failA shout out to my pal Big Papi for breaking the news to me of James Harden’s beard now residing in Brooklyn. “The Beard” forced his way out of Houston by quitting on the Houston Rockets, and he comes East with the reputation of being a prolific scorer who considers defense optional. He’ll saddle up with Kyrie Irving- when Kyrie decides to return from his hiatus- and Kevin Durant, and not much else since Brooklyn emptied the cupboard to acquire him. Team TMZ in the media hornets nest of NYC? I cannot wait.

Wendy's manager shares the love one drive-thru customer at a time | Whidbey News-TimesImma conclude the day’s programming with a real keeper of a young lady who hails from Oak Harbor, Washington by the name of April DiDonna. Young April works as the fast food manager at a local Wendy’s and she’s serving up way more than hamburgers and fries. Last fall as the world was busy holding on for dear life, she decided to deliver a sentiment that Jackie DeShannon insisted there was much too little of. She told a drive-thru customer that she loved him.

“To know that the little three words could mean so much to so many people, it’s overwhelming my heart with so much more love . . .  I truly believe that if we just love each other, the world would be better.”

In October, she started keeping count of every customer who returned serve with an “I love you” of their own. She’s at over 2,700 and yes, she still counting. Because why not say it? And mean it? And count them? Every single one of the beautiful them?

The mother of three brings this powerful affirmation from a dark place in 2019 when her husband passed away. It turned her life upside down and left her feeling lost and hopeless. As with so many people who find themselves struggling through darkness, she was able to find the light by shining it not on herself, but on the people around her. Paying it forward comes with cosmic receipts and she collected one recently when an elderly customer admitted to DiDonna that she never thought she would hear those words again after losing her husband and then her brother. Of course, such an admission was greeted with a request to drive forward and park so she could receive a hug as well, at no extra charge.

Young April insists the universe is changing and that the stars are aligning for better days ahead, for all of us. And while the cynic in me might wonder aloud as to why anyone would think such a fool thing as this, the realist in me knows better than to argue. Because it’s not crazy or hopeless to believe that things might actually get better.

It’s love, actually.


80 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. B,

    So nice to have the Heroes back for the start of a new year! And what a perfect header image of a true hero!

    Just as well you start this week what with the crap from last week…Thank God strategy is not their strong suit… just think of the horrors that would have caused.

    I’m more than pleased to have had a hand in two stories this week. JBJ is the epitome of the successful person who uses that success for good. And Dorothea is so right. We don’t realise just what hunger looks like.

    Ms Kachindamoto is another beauty of a leader who is forging ahead and breaking from the old ways that truly are not only outdated but unreasonable. A courageous woman who knows what’s right and does something about it.

    Looking forward to you keeping me posted on The Beard 😉

    You know what’s funny? I was just talking the other day to a friend about the lack of meaning to the words “I love you” so often. It is thrown about hither and thither and used as a salutation, almost. However, I’m changing my mind and definitely not including April DiDonna in this. What a beautiful thing to do. So simple. Share the love. And doesn’t this world need so much more of it? And, of course, I’m siding with her. She states the Universe!

    Excellent choice of song.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have 4 words for ya…MASKLESS MUTTS & April DiDonna. Although the average mutt is much cuter, the alliteration rolls off right off your tongue like a Fizzy…and as far as Ms DiDonna goes, she’s the absolute sweetest. That sign killed me. The innocence of it in all its sincere scrawl glory. Could melt ice in the heart of even your average Trumpet. sigh

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hate to break it to them but strategy nor intelligence isn’t their strong suit. Kudos to the Master Rocker for his restaurant work! Now that what a hero’s all about. And as for the women of Malawi…keep on being the women of Malawi, girls! A hug and loads of love to sweet April. Happy weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Excellent first ride on the hero’s horse Pilgrim. These all brought a warm spot to my heart. Hold on. I have to throw one out. You guessed it. Basketball players who jump ship for more money. More money? How much do these people need? Teach the young ones a good lesson, why don’t you.? Whew, thanks for letting me rant. Back to the good. The good today is perfect. I love you. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Life is so big and so intimidating. We live our lives on the big screen. The last few weeks have proven that. And yet it is the smallest of things that can change hearts. A woman quietly declaring Love for a stranger is perhaps the most beautiful solution for a world in chaos. I love you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is, like the ocean. But just like the ocean, it’s beautiful and worth the swim.

      It’s always the small simple moments that make the world go round, It really is. And this message, it echoes. Into the universe.

      I love you.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dear Marco,

    Thank you and Dale for taking the time to remind us there are still good and caring people left on this planet. I hope better times are ahead. We could all use some love and shalom, couldn’t we?



    Liked by 1 person

    • Rochelle,

      It was more Dale than me this week, with an assist from Big Papi, who is nowhere near as lovely as Dale. But he has a good heart, so that counts for lots.

      I hope so too. And here’s the thing. I believe so now. Because we can use it, and man . . we kinda need it.


      And I love you.



  7. Enjoyed this and came back to comment – cheers to Bon Jovi and his wife for their efforts – truly awesome and also the April and her altruism and phileo love with community connecting
    And dang! Just have to say – love ya Marc. As my blog amigo and glad to be in blogosphere together these years
    Peace out

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jon Bon Jovi isn’t just crazy talented, he’ also quite the philanthropist. And he’s been married, for like . . ever. In the music world, it’s pretty uncommon.

      Aww, thanks Prior. I love you too.

      Peace out amiga!

      Liked by 1 person

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