Let’s Have Fun With Words!

16 signs that really shouldn't be spelled wrong · The Daily Edge

Bradyfullitis: A moderate to serious condition that affects the central nervous system. This comes about as the result of extended periods of exposure to Tom Brady. This condition affects more than ninety percent of the American football viewing public, with the exception of Tampa and New England. 

Electoral Dysfunction: A sign of a psychological dysfunction which is the result of acute megalomania. Symptoms include an inability to face reality or deal with its consequences. Those who suffer from this malady will create scenarios in which they imagine they have won an election they actually lost quite handily. Those most susceptible to contracting the sickness are Caucasian, entitled and delusional.

Kardashian-isms: Phrases that have no basis in self-awareness. Some examples (but are definitely not limited to). ” I’ll cry at the end of the day, but not with fresh makeup” and “The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho”.

Swifteritous: The inability of a pop singer to come up with lyrics that do NOT involve an ex. 

Applebees-wax: Listening in on another person’s conversation while seated at a chain restaurant.  This comes about as a result of having to wait on your order for an hour, after which it’s too late to take your business elsewhere.

Wine-ification: The ability to rationalize your way through an entire bottle of wine. Those who engage in this behavior reason that once the cork is popped, the contents will go to waste unless they are properly imbibed. 

Google-octomy: Removing the urge to consult a search engine for answers. This procedure is oftentimes temporary in nature. 

Twitterology: The language of regret. Said to occur when a high profile personality hits “Send” on a particularly controversial topic. This behavior is immediately followed by a public relations created apology which begins with “If I offended anyone . . .” .

Campbelling: When a head coach plagiarizes “Dawn of the Dead” at his introductory press conference in order to show how tough he is. This will be followed by, you guessed it, more inept football by the Detroit Lions. 

Joe Exotica: Art that is intended to arouse an individual’s desire for trashy, exploitative nonsense. And yes, I watched all eight episodes . . .





54 thoughts on “Let’s Have Fun With Words!

    • Rochelle,

      Logophile goes IN the file. Great word in your first sentence, not that I’m surprised in the least. 😉

      I love that quote.

      And that video, would you believe I’d never seen it before? Perfecto!

      My word, what a comment!

      Word up!


      Liked by 1 person

  1. B,

    Is this the idea that you lost and found once again? If so… brilliant! And not that I was intending to read the comments – okay, g’head and call bullshit – I love our logophile friend showed you a video that you didn’t know!

    I could so easily leave a comment on each and every one of these fabulous words.

    Now you don’t really think Wine-ification is a bad thing, right? I mean, I, um… it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    And as for Google-octomy, I feel it is necessary to try to keep those synapses working to resist going to the Google…. till I can’t stand it no mo’!

    Such a fun post with the perfect video, of course.


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    • Q

      Nah, this was what I used in order to substitute for that idea. I STILL have no blessed idea where I was going with my original post. I think it may have been lost to the ether.

      Logophile. Melville File. Stat!

      And nope, can you imagine? Me not knowing a YouTube video? Don’t tell anyone . . I’ll never live it down.

      I think it’s the responsible thing to do. Waste not . . wasted lot is the way I feel about it.

      It’s one of those things where I will try my best to figure it out without help. I only go to the lifeline when there is no choice in the matter. It’s fifty fifty? Maybe.

      Gracias lovely.


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  2. I’ve had Bradyfullitis for years. Can we not be done with him finally?

    It’s like a growth that won’t go away permanently. During a portion of the year, it seems to go away, but then like the winter flu, it just keeps coming and coming and coming.

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  3. Bradyfullitis … HA! Yeah! yeah I’m tired of it. I’m not big on NFL much, the hypocrisy is sometimes a bit much for me but I did catch that game and was SOOOO hoping Rodgers could pull it off. I thought it would’ve been a lot easier to win, but alas defense. So yeah I’m suffering a major case of that. He’s just so … ugh. Electoral Dysfunction … Duuuuuuude I mean the utter lack of shame and scruples astounds me.

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    • It’s an awful condition that has been prevalent since 2000. I read somewhere that Brady is more likely to make the Super Bowl than Steph Curry is to make a three-pointer.

      Rodgers is very shrewd in his public statements. He said he doesn’t want out of Green Bay but he does want to rework his contract. Which is pushing management into a corner because if they agree, it means they’re not onboard with their next QB . . . the guy they wasted a first round pick on.

      Those peeps have kinda gotten quiet though. For now . . .


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