Heroes Of The Week! (Super Bowl Edition)

Patrick Mahomes Is Conquering the NFL - WSJ

Can you believe January is almost gone? It just goes to show, time flies when you settle into a normalized way of doing business. Unless you’re one of those fun bunch investors who didn’t pass go with Game Stop stock until it went Yahtzee. And for their next trick, a Reddit group is going to buy the Green Bay Packers and sell Aaron Rodgers to Fox Sports.

Let’s get to the lineup . . .

We begin with the floor of this week’s episode and it comes out of Seattle. The Seahawks football team has offered yet further proof of just how out of touch the NFL still is when it comes to domestic violence. Their offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was arrested this week and charged with felony assault after strangling his girlfriend to the point where she lost consciousness. When she awoke, he expressed dismay at the fact she was still alive. The Seahawks response on Twitter? Nothing short of sickening.


To be “saddened” rather than disgusted? And later to reference the fact that Wheeler is diagnosed as bi-polar by giving out a phone number? No and hell no. On that second count, his diagnosis has nothing to do with the criminal act he perpetrated on a defenseless woman. So let’s stop taking any team’s word for it when they promise to do right by families and women. They’re a corporate enterprise interested in their bottom line, and so once Wheeler has done his time, he’ll be a free agent. Remember that.

NFL Network's Nate Burleson talks Chad Wheeler arrest on air - Sports Illustrated

Conversely, big props to Nate Burleson of the NFL Network for going off script during a recent telecast and mentioning the Wheeler incident. It wasn’t a part of the show, until Burleson made it a part of the show. This wasn’t a small deal, to break from football talk on the league’s network and tackle a subject the league is still fumbling.

“It was heavy on my heart. As I was going through the show, I thought, ‘We haven’t touched on it and it’s been a couple of days.’ I wanted to make sure we handle every situation like this the same across the board,”

It’s a big deal, and it took a big man to stand up and not be silent. Thank you Mr. Burleson.

Vegan NBA Star Kyrie Irving Buys George Floyd's Family a House | VegNews

Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets has made it a three-peat at Heroes, becoming the first individual to make three straight appearances. Only this time, it’s for all the right reasons. He recently bought the family of George Floyd a home. The dude gives a lot of himself to others without advertising it and so of course he downplayed his beautiful deed by calling it his “service” to those in need. I call it a young man’s best self showing up when others need it most.

Reports: Gary Andersen headed back to Utah State

Head coach Gary Andersen was fired by Utah State last November, with $2.7 million remaining on his contract. Which meant coach was looking at a cool nine hundred thousand graham crackers a year for the next three years to not coach the Aggies. He could’ve booked passage on a month long cruise, or taken a European vacation, or even splurged on a couple court-side seats to a Lakers game. Instead, he told the school to keep their money.

“Waiving my contract is the correct decision and enables the young men and the program to move forward and concentrate on the rest of this season,” Andersen said. “Coaching is not about the mighty dollar. It is about teaching and putting young men in a position to succeed on and off the field. Success comes when all parties involved are moving in the same direction.”

Heroic? Probably not. Stoic? Absolutely. And with public institutions feeling the crunch nationwide, Andersen has done his part. (Big thank you to Frank “Beach Walks” Angle for this get).

6-Year-Old Lily Adeleye is the Youngest CEO to Have Products on Target Shelves

Dale over at A Dalectable Life chimed in with this beauty of a story about a CEO who’s got product on the shelves at Target. Oh yeah, and she’s all of six years old.

Lily Adeleye runs Lily Frilly, a girl’s fashion brand. Being Boss Lady runs in the family, seeing as her mother Courtney runs a haircare company called The Mane Choice. But this adorable young lady didn’t just want to help mom. She wanted to BE mom. And so the dreams of a child have been realized in a way that many adults will never attain. Which just goes to show what happens when you parent your children to follow their dreams.

I’ll wrap this puppy in a shiny bow-tie with a story that provided that light I was talking about just last week on these pages. I’m including the video because I figure it’s best to deliver this kind of story where you can read it and hear it and see it, especially that. And maybe it’s selfish on my part. Maybe I need to cover myself in this kind of good thing because truth be told, my cynical side can behave like a grizzly bear after fasting.

A handful of health-care workers in Oregon were in a bind. They were on their way back from a vaccination clinic when their ride came to a standstill on a snow covered highway. They had six vaccines in tow that were about to expire so they decided to run an impromptu clinic right there. They went from car to car, offering a free vaccination to anyone who wanted it until they had administered the last of their stash, with an ambulance on hand to make sure it all went off without a hitch.

Now, six vaccines may not seem like that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. But I’m sure there are six individuals out there right now who slept a little bit better as a result of this goodwill drive-through. Good is always a work in progress, made up almost entirely of divine patience, brick by beautiful brick, in the quiet of our everyday lives.

That’s how the grand scheme of things gets built.


43 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week! (Super Bowl Edition)

  1. Dear Marco,

    How ’bout them Chiefs?

    I’m not a huge football fan. I’d never be one to sit down and watch just any game, but I did watch the playoffs Sunday. Most of the rules I don’t get but I do understand field goal and touchdown. 😉 Like so many in KC I’ve been taken in by Patrick Mahommes, What’s not to like? Right? Of course, right.
    It’s always a pleasure to read your heroes segment. There are heroes in the world still. And the Mr. Rogers movie segment made me grin.

    Thank you for that weekly portion of happy.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Rochelle,

      The Chiefs look other-worldly right now. It will be interesting to see if Tampa can slow them down or if this train is just going too hard and fast at this point.

      Mahomes is an absolutely delight to watch play. As an ambassador for the game, the league should thank it’s lucky stars this kid came along.

      I love that movie. It puts everything in its proper perspective.

      Gracias lovely.



      Liked by 1 person

    • Too much hatred, and darkness. But we can’t pretend it’s not there or that it’s just going to disappear, because it’s not.

      Instead, we do our thing. Together. And I know it will get us where we want to go.

      Thank you Pam

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  2. B,

    January? Zip! Gone. Just about, anyway…

    I am completely disgusted with the Seahawks response to this animal… seriously. “You’re still alive?” God almighty, to say such a thing! And they are “saddened”? No. I’m sorry, but until they start reacting less with dismay and more with anger and intolerance at such behaviour, this crap will continue. And don’t get me started on this whole bullshit bi-polar crap.

    Kudos to Nate Burleson for standing up (despite not getting the a-ok from the bigwigs).

    A lovely gesture by Kyrie Irving to the Floyd family.

    Wow to Gary Anderson! That Is amazing in this day and age. Hell, in any day and age.

    Isn’t that lovely Lily Adeleye precious? This is not a case of mama pushing her child to do something she doesn’t want to but is encouraging her by being a role model and not dismissing the little entrepreneur.

    I love this Oregon story! Waste not, want not. And while I’m sure plenty would say, big deal about wasting six vaccines, I say hell no! Every single one counts and should count. Beauty.

    Perfect ending video for this episode. One of my favourite scenes in the movie.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      Just like that!

      With the NFL, it’s always going to be this way as long as they’re making bank. If say, an entire fan base went on strike, maybe they would listen. Maybe.

      According to Burleson, he did what was in his heart. And thank God for that, because I wonder when the show was going to fit this story in otherwise. Or were they?

      Third time proves to be the charm for Kyrie here at HOTW.

      Not the first time he’s done this either. Imagine he could’ve gone on a nice long vacation on their dime but nope. That there is damn near unheard of.

      She’s such a little cutie. Let’s wish her all the success in the world going foward.

      Six lives. That’s what they are, six lives. And those lives touch countless other lives. This is what “every little bit counts” really means. Because in the end, it’s not a little bit, it’s a lot.

      I love this scene and the movie.

      Gracias for the get and the sugar, sugar.


      Liked by 1 person

      • SNAP!

        Maybe. But too many folks will turn a blind eye, especially if their team wins.

        No show was going to fit it in. I love that Burleson could not let that happen.

        A redeemer for Kyrie!

        Not the first time? Wow. Who knew there were folks like that?

        She is. Can you imagine her at 20? My goodness.

        Every little bit counts should always be the mantra.

        It’s the best!

        You know it, darlin’.

        Liked by 1 person

        • They will complain about it but you’re right, they will still go to the games so long as the home team is looking good. Which is why I invest bupkis in my sports teams anymore. I watch if I feel like it, I don’t buy merch and I don’t have the NFL ticket because why pay for someone you rarely watch?

          Burleson’s off script performance should become the regular. Of course, that would mean bucking heads with the suits, and few on-air personalities want THAT kind of hot take.

          Third time was the charm for Kyrie. Full circle.


          She is a special young lady.

          Brick by brick, just like a house.

          It is.


          Liked by 1 person

  3. Kudos to Gary Anderson. I wish more coaches would recognize that they aren’t worth all the money they are paid, particularly once they’ve been fired. Somebody sent me an infographic of the 50 states which shows who the highest paid public employee is in each state. And guess what — in almost every single state, it is either a college basketball or football coach. That’s just disgusting.

    Meanwhile … I’m not on the same page about Wheeler. Yes, he committed a horrible crime. Yes, he should serve time for that crime. But when did we stop considering mental illnesses that occasionally drive people to do things like this. He clearly was not himself that day. Again, this doesn’t excuse what he did and he needs to be punished for it, but if you have bipolar disorder and it’s serious enough, it’s a hard disease to overcome.

    Liked by 3 people

    • And the beat goes on. The people running these state universities are using it as a sell for their schools. Get big time, and the revenue stream will follow. No end in sight.

      As for Wheeler, I appreciate your ability to see what a horrible thing mental illness is. And bi-polar disorder is something I’ve seen up close and personal for much of my life. That said, I can’t accept that Wheeler’s diagnosis will be used not simply as an excuse but as a defense. It allows him a way back into the league when I don’t believe he should ever play another down again. The team should be responsible for getting him the help he needs, yes. And they should be responsible for making sure he is gainfully employed on the other side of this. Just not in a football uniform. That privilege should be gone. I look at it this way. If we allow Wheeler this exception, the question should be asked. Would people in other professions be given such a card to play? Or would they lose everything?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Mahomes v Brady …. damn … hoping Mahomes – but each time I watch a game from Arrowhead, I think about the commercial of the guy who painted the endzone, but misspelled Chiefs .. but who are the Chefs?

    I just saw the Oregon story several days ago. Awesome!

    A tip of the cap to Burleson and the many of good guys in the NFL. … and a three-peat for Kyrie is quite the honor!

    Glad you enjoyed the Anderson. Did he also tell Oregon State to keep the money? And Auburn recently paid $21 million to their fired head coach. I’m sure he needed the money. Have a good weekend … and thanks for the shoutout.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think Mahomes too, and maybe I’m hedging just a tad . . but I think Mahomes serves notice he’s the new sheriff in town.

      Love that story. The presence of mind and the attitude of those people, to make sure the vaccines didn’t go to waste.

      Burleson won the day with this performance. And Kyrie made the third time a charm.

      I believe that he did. What a solid thing to do.

      You got it Cincy


  5. I’m here reading thinking, I know zip about football, just what I learned in the film, Heaven Can Wait, and then I meet Lily. How cute is she, and I LOVE THE MANE CHOICE. CLEV—ER..
    You always get me Mr. Imma, one way or the other.

    You have such loyal regulars by the way. That should tell you something. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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