Heroes Of The Week!

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It’s been a big week in space, what with the Perseverance rover landing on Mars. The only downfall to this historic landing is that it didn’t take the last guy to occupy the White House with it. But I’m guessing when you’re travelling 292.5 million miles, gross tonnage is a huge consideration. Emphasis on gross . . . and tonnage. But seriously speaking, they best dish up a thank you note to the Godfather of this Star Trekian accomplishment, David Bowie. The legendary singer wrote up the blueprint for this trip more than fifty years ago, so there’s that. And it’ll be easy to find him, seeing as he’s already there.

And now to our heroes . .

Image 1 - Michelob-Ultra-Beer-Can-12oz-A-A

Judging by the image above, you’re probably wondering what in the name of Zoe Kravitz I’m doing, opening this episode with a can of beer. And no, it’s not that impossibly difficult to find good peeps out there. And also no, Michelob Ultra really can’t even be considered beer as per the definition. Hell, there’s more alcohol in most of those kiddie juice boxes  than there is in one of these suckers. Which is why I’m featuring it here. Because Super Bowl winning Tom Brady got waaaaassssted on the stuff last week during a boat parade celebrating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win on February 7th. To watch Brady (here) behave like a frat girl at a rager was almost worth having to listen to all the GOAT talk since. Almost.

Image result for Dak Prescott helps homeless Dallas residents

I’ve got a couple of American footballers who may not be Super Bowl champions, but whose good deeds for the folks in Texas are the stuff of champions. First up is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who helped buy meals for homeless Dallas residents. He had the meals delivered to a convention center in Dallas that was serving as a temporary shelter for people who had been displaced as a result of severe winter storms in the state that have led to numerous power outages. Prescott made sure to keep a light on.

(As a special bonus round hero, big props to Matthew Conaughey who teamed up with Dak in this effort). 

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And then there’s Pierre Desir, an NFL cornerback who is currently looking for a new NFL home but whose perspective is right where it needs to be. The native of Haiti donated 10,000 meals to a Houston food bank to help local residents left without power as a result of winter storms. He’s played for six NFL teams, even if the Texans do not happen to be one of them. To his way of thinking, he didn’t need to have ties to the area when he knew “it was the right thing to do,” He’s a two-time nominee for the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award, which recognizes a player’s charitable contributions to his community. To peeps like Desir, community doesn’t simply mean one place, it means all of them.

And now for something completely hilarious. Thanks to one of Philly’s best, Will Smith

I wonder if he plans on running for President in 2028 . . .

Jason Schweitzer has a long memory and he recently put it to work, achieving a most beautiful outcome for a woman that he’s come to regard as a member of the family. The Toronto native has been frequenting his local KFC franchise since he was old enough to understand the Maple Leafs suck (for us Americans, that’s about five years old). So we’re talking almost thirty five years worth of visits now, and the one constant- other than that vault recipe- has always been the kindly Emilia. Even the name makes you smile, doesn’t it? Well, for this one time immigrant from Portugal . . smiles are her thing. That’s no small feat considering she’s worked in the restaurant biz for more than forty years. So Schweitzer started a GoFundMe page for the seventy year old Emilia, to make life a little easier for the woman who serves up a smile with every meal. So far, he’s tallied more than $25,000. As far as recipes go, this one is priceless.

And Imma wrap up this week’s episode with an assist from the lovely Dale over at A Dalectable Life. She gifted me a story that will get you feeling the warmth . . figuratively, literally and any other kind of blessed -ly you can think of.

Alex Trebek has met these pages before, and I’ve no doubt he’s going to cross our paths here again at the intersection of Friday and the weekend. Because the beloved host of Jeopardy was so much more than a game show host. That job title was where his sidewalk began, but where it ended? Well, that’s assuming it has an end, because his good deeds just keep on providing.

His philanthropy is the kind of historical record that doesn’t get rated, and that’s the point. Doing good things for the people who need it most isn’t a contest, it’s a mindset. For the people whose goodwill is a matter of habit, acclaim doesn’t matter when you’re busy rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. And as it happens, sometimes the world is blessed by a genealogical descendance that carries it forward.

Alex’s son Matthew is the answer to the question “Who’s next”. The kid is a supporter of The Doe Fund– a non-profit that provides a bridge to a better future for people who have been homeless, incarcerated or struggle with substance abuse. Along with mom Jean, he recently donated some of his father’s wardrobe to the cause, which included 58 dress shirts, 14 suits and 300 neck ties. And there was plenty more where that came from, and now it will go to men who are looking to re-enter the workforce. All those job interviews will have an angel stitched in to the fabric, whose good name will not go quietly into that good night.

Somewhere up there, Bowie just gave Alex a high five.


69 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the space technicians first started planning these journeys into space. “Uh, how do we communicate with the rover?”

    “Send it a signal. It’ll work.”

    “Yeah, but … BUT, it’s 95 gazillion miles away.”


    “Won’t that take a while. And how do we know it will receive the signal.”

    “It’ll send a signal back.”

    “So … like, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will get to find out if any of this works.”

    “No. It’s not like that. How did you get your job here anyway?”

    I don’t know. The idea of communication across those distances is just beyond my ability to fathom.


    Liked by 3 people

      • Here’s the other thing … I think I read somewhere that Mars is around 92 or 93 million miles from earth at the moment (it varies depending on the orbits of both). Perseverance was launched approximately 180 days ago. That means, to get to Mars, it traveled approximately 500,000 miles per day. How. The. Hell? That breaks down to about 350 miles per minute. Per minute!!!

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  2. wanted to ask about Mars… Musk told us that she’s going to build a hotel there /in 50 years or so, lol/ – would you like to be the first tourist on Mars? I mean would you switch between, lets say, Italian cost and Mars?

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  3. B,

    Love that you used Starlight 😉

    Here’s a little Canadian connection for you regarding the Perseverance… Farah Alibay leads the team of 50 that controls the rovers movements on Mars… I’m thinking she’s particularly glad of not having that extra tonnage to move around… (and gorgeous enough to be part of an invitational, to boot)

    I am killing myself at thinking of just how many of these “beers” you and I would have to drink to become tipsy.. Ya gotta think that to be such a lightweight, the boy probably never, ever, EVER drinks at all…

    I must say I’m not surprised McConaughey Helped Dak Prescott to help out fellow Texans. And that’s a beautiful thing. Better than a certain someone who left his peeps to freeze while he warmed up his tush in Mexico. Asswipe.

    Bravo to Pierre Desir as well. Doing the right thing simply because it is and you can – what more can we ask of a hero?

    Oh lordy. That Will Smith video was hilarious! And to think that under his tshirt is a body probably rivalling his poster…

    What a lovely thing to do for Emilia. Could you imagine working in a fast food joint for over 45 years? Bloody hell. That in itself is worthy of the gift she has received!

    I am mighty pleased you shared the Alex Trebek story. I love that his son honoured his father’s legacy by donating clothes to help young men get a new start in life. Sometimes that is the only thing they are missing to make that first good impression.

    And thank you for that lovely Bowie song that I didn’t know! You do rock these pages, B.


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    • Q

      One of the few likable enough characters in the show, truth be told.

      Yeah you know, as I read that piece on her I was thinking the same thing. She’s got plenty of beauty to spare, from here to Mars and back. And brains to boot!

      The dude worked in Boston for twenty years and never once did he go out for beers with the fellas. I mean, that’s just, I don’t know if I can wrap my head around that. As far as drinking MU, I think we’d definitely have to chase it with bourbon to get rid of that nasty flavor, so the results would be skewed since the bourbon would be doing the job.

      And isn’t it ironic that guys like Cruz are always slamming professional athletes for moving outside the arena into social issues? Well, thank God they are because Cruz didn’t give a flip about his own people. Jesus.

      Yeah, he ain’t eating too many sandwiches.

      I cannot imagine. It’s a different mindset altogether. She deserves this.

      His family is following his lead, and that’s such a cool thing to see. Especially since, in too many instances a star’s death is followed with a lot of ugliness. The Trebek family is different, in the best kind of way.

      Iggy to Bowie. They were great friends once upon a time, so there’s that. 🙂


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  4. The combo of the workout video and your comments about Michelob light are a great combination. Of course, I think about Budlight and wonder why the brewers who do so many flavors of it. Hello – they have to sell that crap!

    Cheers to the many pro athletes who are good guys – humanitarians! Love the Trekek story. You know how those Canadians look after each other.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Love the all-hero (plus funny guy) days. I’m glad some people are looking out for Texans, because their government and energy industry sure don’t give a rip. Maybe they’ll do something about that. Nah.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Kudos for the NFL’ers for helping out fellow Texacans when the junior bozo senator miserably dropped the ball. In particular, Pierre Desir sems like a real stand up guy. Denver probably could use him but they don’t seem to have vision for a good guy. Not to mention enough space in the salary cap. 😬 #damnElway

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I didn’t comment last time I was here. I was swooshed away by the timer on my stove dinging away on Ted Cruz’s head. (I wish) It was actually dinner that I didn’t want to burn.
    Anyway, love the Alex Trebec story. Thank you Dale, and you!

    Liked by 1 person

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