Oh The Places We’ll Go On The Wings Of A Dream

Dr Seuss oh say can you say. Best quote about rain. | Rainy day quotes, Rain quotes, Dr seuss quotes

This post is in honor of Theodor Seuss Geisel, whose contributions to the world will never be quieted. And to those who seek to expunge his brilliance by indicting his character, may your lives never be interesting enough to require such a posthumous inventory.

What if dreamers were green like the Martians from space,

how would people decide on the matters of race?

Would they judge based on accents or habits or place,

if the dreamers were green when we stood face to face?

Might a song be the difference or maybe a book,

or maybe a gesture, a wink or a look.

Would they judge based on guesses or yesses or no’s,

might they say “She’s a this!” and exclaim “He’s a those!”,

And who would preside over matters like this,

and what would they harp on and what would they miss?

Would they care about heart, would they think about soul,

or would context be deemed as not having a role?

Would the kids of the kids of the kids who were green,

be decried as mad racists and labeled obscene?

Not for what they had done or for what they had said,

but for dreams that took flight from the words that they read.

And what of a world where these dreams go unread,

what happens if all of those words go unsaid?

Do the dreamers retreat . . . do those readers take flight,

or honor the man who inspired them to write?









34 thoughts on “Oh The Places We’ll Go On The Wings Of A Dream

  1. B,

    BRILLIANT! Who knew you had a Dr. Seuss inside of you? This is a fantastic way to tackle this new “thing” that is going about, And I could not agree more with you.


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    • Q

      I learned from the masters of words, and he happened to be one of those voices. And as you can probably tell, I ain’t going quietly into this dark night were books and people are condemned to the depths. As unpoetic as I wanted to be in this instance, he compelled me to step up in weight class.

      PS- My original title was “Don’t fuck with my Seuss”.


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      • I am rather glad you ain’t going quietly into the dark. He was an inspiration to many, no doubt about that – from reading to writing.

        People seem to want to forget history by taking down statues and destroying books. Not that I can see anything wrong in Seuss (and I think those who can have really had to dig to find because… really?) You can’t do that. You can’t make things right by pretending them away.

        A more intelligent way to deal with the lesser marvellous bits of history is to insert a word/plaque stating this is how it was then. We can’t change the past it but we shouldn’t ignore it so that we don’t do it again in the future. But what do I know?

        I like your original title. Then again, you know how people are. The would have stopped at that and not bothered to read the rest…

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        • There’s no context to sweeping away Seuss. And when you provide these critics with the what’s what, they rail on about how stereotypically abhorrent people were. As if this man sat down at his typewriter with the idea to wax profane on race. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous.

          I hope those who disagree don’t read this. I do not wish to change minds. Rest assured, mine is pliable and open minded. Mine resides in a place where sense is common and all sides may be heard. Mine isn’t perfect like theirs, and I’m good with that.

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          • There is none. I just don’t see that he ever had any intention whatsoever. Actually, I would think it were more of the opposite as he brought in quite the colourful cast!

            When you put it that way… It is best to remain open-minded and to hear each other out.

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          • We can’t know someone’s intentions and that’s the point. Why must we hold some to this standard while others skate?

            So to this point of view, Seuss provided stereotypes in his writings that we cannot tolerate but Tupac provided stereotypes in his writings that we must study and learn from. Sorry but . . I choose both sides of an imperfect coin. And if these men were alive to tell their truths, I’d buy their version over someone who tweets “Foul!”.

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          • I know! Who do people think they are? Unless an author or other artist pointedly says this is what they want, we can’t assume.

            That’s the way it is, isn’t it? I think their personal truths would be vastly different from the ones society’s determined.

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  2. Well done. I’m so tired of this. Not only do we demand perfection of foday’s leaders and celebrities, we expect erfection from the past as defined by today’s standards. It’s an impossibility and people need to just chill about all of this.

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  3. Well done, Pilgrim. You just threw a hammer at the nitwits who insist on canceling culture. Rewriting history is the quickest way to forget the lessons history teaches. We are going into a very dark period where thinking about what one says will be more important than saying what one is thinking about. You are a man of many talents, Pilgrim.

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  4. Brilliant tribute poem! And good points, well made.

    I’m baffled that the same people who scream outrage (“cancel culture”) when Seuss’s own family/trust make the decision to stop publishing certain of his older books found it acceptable when Trump was heard admitting on video that because he’s a celebrity he can grope women without consequences, and accept his racism, support of white supremacists and big lie about the election without any sense of outrage.

    Spare me.

    We’ve become a nation of blithering idiots using social media as an echo chamber.

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    • RW,

      THAT! All of what you said and yes . . baffled would be a good word. Pissed off would be another way of putting it, and I am. Don’t get me started on these Trumpists judging everyone but themselves, ugh!

      You’ve hit a grand slam with this comment. Thank you kindly and very muchly.


  5. Well crafted, sir! Some people just have to complain about stuff from former times. Can you imagine the extent of the criticism from the old classic I Love Lucy shows? Or Jackie Gleason? 🙄 Sure attitudes were a lot different back then but jeez, some folks need to lighten up and realize those were different times. Hopefully we’ve learned from them.

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  6. This was a pretty sweet piece I appreciate the Seuss man. I like The Lorax and Places You’ll Go. I find it interesting that his own family/the foundation itself were the ones to pull like five or six books and all of a sudden people are saying cancel culture. I was like whaaaaaaat? Nobody canceled anything they just pulled some books because images were really not appropriate, racist is what they were called and they didn’t want his brand associated with it anymore. I didn’t see any Republican with his fake anger reading from any one of those specific books or showing those pics. So they need to relax with their accusations as it was his own family. This sense of outrage is funny coming from peeps who don’t even listen to the lessons he’s trying to teach in his books, like this McCarthy idiot. Jeeeeez But I am glad you made a little happiness from all this BS. Well done!!!

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    • Thank you Cali, and right? People jumped on this thing and went nuts. His books were becoming “collectors items” overnight by peeps looking to cash in on this unfortunate moment, and his name was dragged through the mud for no good reason. The man did so much good in his life, he inspired so many.

      Take a moment and breathe people. And then maybe read a book.

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