Heroes Of The Week!

Zack Snyder's Justice League: New Clip Teases Black-and-White Version

Another week and another slew of forgettable and worse stories making headlines From the 100 fully vaccinated peeps getting COVID in Washington State to Florida Representative Matt Gaetz being investigated for sex trafficking to yet another mass shooting, this one in Southern California.

This week’s episode isn’t perfect, but hey . . I learned it from watching news. So what do you say we get to it? . . .

Deflategate victory leaves Roger Goodell all powerful in kingdom of NFL | Sporting News

Raja could be here for his latest money grab, in the form of a 17th game. But the NFLPA and the owners were more than happy to go along with it as they move towards an eventual 18 game season so whatever. But no more PSA’s about injuries and early retirements after this, fellas, because y’all signed off on it.

No, the Boss of all Sports Bosses is here because of his silence on the Deshaun Watson front. The Houston Texans star currently faces twenty-one sexual assault allegations. Not that long ago, Watson trade talk was all the rage, and while it has been muted since these charges went public, it’s incumbent on Goodell to freeze any trade talk. Immediately. The idea that teams called Houston after the allegations began multiplying is sickening, and I hope those teams are identified so their people are called to answer for it.

Fox, OAN Shoot Down Matt Gaetz's Dream of Becoming a Right-Wing Media Star | Vanity Fair

A new first on Heroes and it’s happening because I don’t feel like talking about Matt Gaetz this week. But a coming attraction for when I break out a can of whoop-ass on this friend of Trump? Oh hell yeah. Stay tuned . . .

Alright, enough of that nonsense. Next up, I have a double dose of delightful served up by Dale. You dig?

Max with Joe's sleeping bag 1.JPG

First up is an 11 year old by the name of Max Woosey who went on a 365 day (or in this case, night) winning streak when the lockdown began last March. His team? The North Devon Hospice in England. It all began when little Max was gifted a sleeping bag by his neighbor, who later died of cancer. The kid decided to camp out in his backyard with the sleeping bag when he learned all hospice fund raising events had been canceled due to COVID-19. Thanks to his sponsors, one year later, Max had collected more than half a million pounds. He went through several tents as a result of the weather; one gifted to him by the family of a soldier who died while serving in Afghanistan. Thanks to Max’s efforts, the hospice has been able to provide care for the people who need it most. Gives a whole new meaning to good night’s sleep, doesn’t it?

Peak Vista vaccinates 200 local homeless people | News | csindy.com

Speaking of people in need, the homeless population has been overlooked in too many cities as the mad rush for vaccinations continues. Colorado Springs ain’t one of those places, thanks to the Peak Vista Community Health Centers and Springs Rescue Mission. This dynamic duo got together to provide two hundred doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to the homeless in Colorado Springs.

“This is a turning point for the community,” says Jack Briggs, president and CEO of Springs Rescue Mission. “If you think about homelessness, there are three things you’re trying to address: The first is health, the second is their housing, and the third is work. You can’t get to housing or work if they’re not healthy. The COVID virus has had impact in a lot of communities, but particularly in the homeless community — it’s isolated them even more than before. By getting them vaccinated and prepared to re-enter society, whether it’s in housing or work, having this in their portfolio of health is going to be very important.”

This is how a civilized society conducts its business. Bravo to these good people.

To say I’m not a fan of kids is an understatement. I mean, it’s not like I’m the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That guy went looking for the little buggers, after all. So it’s entirely the fault of the peeps at CNN that I watched an entire two minute video where little kids offered up solutions on how to extricate the cargo ship Ever Given from the Suez Canal. And I probably ain’t gonna have to dare you to watch it either.

Imma put a bow-tie on this week’s episode with a story that puts Grubhub and DoorDash to shame . . . .

Editor’s Note: The author of this post made light of your online businesses, but he wants you to know he truly appreciates your services. So concerning any future orders he might place, no hard feelings . . . coo? 

While Chef Steve Chu is familiar with take-out orders at his Asian-Fusion restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, he probably never envisioned fulfilling one like this. But when the owner/operator of Ekiben learned that one of his long time patrons was losing her battle with cancer, he decided to cook up her favorite meal for her one last time. Personally.

Chu, along with his business partner and a restaurant worker loaded up his pickup truck and made way for the parking lot of her condominium where they fired up the grill and cooked up some tempura broccoli. Oh yeah . . did I forget to mention that his long time patron lives in Vermont now? Yeah . . . six hours . . . over five hundred miles . . . and the best damn dish of tempura broccoli. Ever.

The offer to stay for dinner was politely refused, and no payment was taken for the good deed. For Chu, it was about doing right by a customer who had become so much more than a number. It was his way of saying thank you to her for all the times she chose his place to visit. It was his way of giving back to the people who kept him afloat through some pretty tough times. Because sometimes it’s about the journey and sometimes it’s about the destination and sometimes, well . . yeah.

It’s about both.









43 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

    • As Baretta might say, he’s guilty of something. The guy is a cretin.

      I am in the mood for some tempura now. I might have to make some.

      The C-Springs Clinic was about good peeps doing good things. Nice to see outreach working its magic.

      Max is a special kid.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Dale finds some cool stuff. She has an eye for goodness, and a heart full of Thunder!
    The Max Woosey story rocks.
    Chef Steve Chu did good!!!!
    Seems like so many politicians are sleeze balls, or idiots!
    LOL…. painful laff!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. My heart swells with the goodness (Max, vaccinating the homeless, kids, Chu), and I thank you. My brain chooses to ignore the awfulness (Gaetz), knowing fate will have her way with him and those like him.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lots of goodness happens on Fridays. The forgettable gets addressed as if to say . . “You ain’t got the game to keep up!”. And they don’t

      To think, a friend of Trump? A creep? Naaaahhhh!


  3. Your posts uplift me. I don’t need much uplifting on a sunny Saturday morning in spring, with coffee in hand, but it certainly does elevate me to a different place.

    On the other hand… I would really like to see you drop the hammer on this Gaetz fellow. He seems despicable.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Uplifting is a good thing to come across, and on Fridays at least, I got some. Glad you found a little to go along with the sun and cafe. Same here.

      Oh, that asshole is going to be getting the hammer treatment here, there and everywhere.

      Thanks TL

      Liked by 1 person

  4. B,

    I am never going to understand (yeah, yeah, I know, I know. Money, Potential Championships. Whatever.) why there was continued discussion over Watson. First allegation… okay, let’s see and investigate and not assume. But once the allegations make like the popcorn machine at the cinema? Flush it. And bring him up on charges, don’t offer him a position.

    Always happy when I can help with the Hero stories. That Max kid blew me away. Not only to come up with this plan but to see it through every weather situation imaginable? Kudos.

    I hope more and more communities help the homeless with the vaccine. I’m willing to wait my turn for them.

    Yannow… some of the kids’ ideas weren’t all that off the wall…

    Chef Steve Chu. My goodness. To do what he did? That is generosity and love and spirit of giving is through the roof.

    Destination? Fridays. Right here. You always deliver.

    Lovely chose of song that I haven’t heard in a dog’s age!


    Liked by 2 people

  5. Also not a kid fan, but you gotta give those kiddos A for imagination and there might be a future engineer or two among those interviewed.

    Bless little Max for his advocacy. Too often kids are putting adults to shame with their humanity.

    Chef Chu…what can I say? He’s just freaking awesome.

    As for the Florida vermin…I wish I were surprised but his past limelight suggests, this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of cravin grossness. I’m beginning to wonder if Florida is trying it’s damned-ness on vile current and former pols. Eew, just thinking about them makes me want to go shower off the mind ick.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I got a kick out of what those kids volunteered. Nice segment by CNN.

      This is true. We’ve talked about a few of those kids on Fridays. Big props to the kids.

      The Chef with the mostess. He really cares about and appreciates the people who have become like a family to him. Nice to read this kind of thing.

      What an asshole this caricature is. And when he starts denying the allegations . . it’s just parody.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. All stories of kindness had those feel-good vibes but the chef? Chef Steve Chu! My man! How awesome is that dude. I mean c’mon. I feel like he’s the kind of guy that should still be in business. He’s the kind of guy you need in your community. THANKS for posting this one left me with a big smile. Have a GREAT weekend:)

    Liked by 3 people

  7. I’m with Guat, to care that much. We need to all care that much. There’s a lot here Marco, a real buffet of poignant and hopeful with a little spice, like Trump’s crony tossed in like Tabasco making it, hot hot hot. Speaking of the former leader of the free world, wait till Vance gets through with those tax records…you can do a special edition on Mr. Vance. I can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

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