A Word For Wednesday

The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not mans
-Mark Twain

I told Dale I would post today’s entry because I just do not want to let Wednesday go wordless. Not this Wednesday.

Zeke passed into the mystic on Tuesday afternoon. And as with any brilliant light, the end came much too soon. Because it is always too soon to say goodbye to such a cherished companion. She referred to him as a beautiful beast yesterday and a more fitting description you will not find.Β He lived a wonderful life as evidenced by this montage pieced together by the love of his life.

Good night, sweet prince.

90 thoughts on “A Word For Wednesday

  1. So sorry to hear this very sad news – thank you, Marc, so much for posting the tribute to beautiful, handsome Zeke. Dear Dale, if the success of an existence in this strange world can be measured, I feel it is in the heartfelt responses you have and will receive to mark the passing of your great friend and constant companion, who you couldn’t have loved more than you did and will do forever.

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  2. Oh, I ‘m in tears for the loss of your wonderful companion. I didn’t know that quote but wholeheartedly subscribe to it. Dale, dearest, I send you tons of love, hugs and thoughts. You and your family will need them. K

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  3. If I knew how to write a word that is the Onomatopoeia for the sound of a heart breaking, I would type it now.
    I don’t, so I just say, I feel it.
    I adore Dale… she’s my Thunder and an AGM.
    Whenever she posted a pic of Zeke, I was moved by his charm and beauty.
    Thank you for this!

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