Heroes Of The Week!

Another week, another episode of the good, the bad and the dyno-might! And if you’re showing up here on the regular, you’ll see where I occasionally go rogue inside this rose garden. And that’s because my weekly episodes ain’t searching for heroes. Nah, this aircraft endeavors to find the best in all of us.

I think we all get it, the fact that Superman ain’t walking through that door. We get every kind of something hitting our grills on a daily basis and somehow we are able to navigate our way home anyway. Because the good stuff compels us to figure out better conclusions, in the same way the not so good stuff does. And in the end, it leaves us with the realization that the sunny side can’t push us to do good things and the dark side can’t bury us. In the end? It’s up to us.

Let’s get to the roster . . . .

Hitting 'Em Where They Ain't | The Market Cyclist

An ode to Wee Willie Keeler: Vintage hat tip to the Texas Rangers Joey Gallo, who figured out how to beat the dreaded shift. There’s no need to ban it if you simply play fundamental baseball . . who knew? With MLB players all caught up in launch angles and exit velocities in a feast or famine philosophy, stuff like hitting the other way, bunting and sacrifice flies has gone the way of pepper games. So it was refreshing to see Gallo beat the shift against the Angels recently by laying a bunt down the third base line. He could have walked to first base. For one blissful moment, sanity returned to the MLB.

Josh Duggar granted release but not allowed to return home in alleged child sex abuse image case

“19 And Counting” takes on a whole new meaning: I have to ask. Does the Mama Duggar catchphrase about giving birth to a freshman class pertain to her son’s criminal perversity? Was his hard drive a part of God’s plan too? Yes, any chance I get to slam these sanctimonious Baptists, Imma take it. As for Josh, he best hold onto the soap, never fall asleep and take his meals in solitary.

Get Off My Lawn! And Other Grumblings About Sports Today | NCPR News

A priceless beef: A grateful shout out to the octogenarian I stepped in front of the other day at the grocery store. In my defense, I wasn’t sure whether he had fallen asleep while standing up, so I walked in front of him to grab my shopping cart. In his defense, I didn’t excuse myself when doing so. But it all turned out fine when he came to and then proceeded to give me shit by shouting “That’s the problem with the younger generation!”. Needless to say, I was flattered. So I said a simple thank you before bidding him adieu.

Same time next week old timer? God, I hope so.

Officer Clarence; the nations first Police Comfort Dog at the Capitol Rotunda - Album on Imgur

All Creatures Great and Small:Β This is Clarence, an eleven-year old Saint Bernard who, with some help from his four legged pals, was able to achieve the impossible. They brought Republicans and Democrats together. Yeah, that’s no typo, it actually happened when Congress passed a bipartisan bill that will provide comfort dogs for first responders. Clarence earned his Angel First Class wings a long time ago, having visited Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, the Boston Marathon and the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh; providing a moment’s peace for the officers called to the scene of some of the nation’s worst tragedies. As an officer for the Greenfield Massachusetts Police Department, he’ll provide comfort and peace to uniforms and civilians alike. Wherever the need arises, he’ll be there.

And now he brings his friends.

Stranger surprises twins with gifts, a puppy after wish-list balloon to Santa found 650 miles away

When you wish upon a star:Β Props to LA for bringing us this story, which will send us off into the weekend with plenty of sunshine for the ride.

How many of us remember what it was like to believe in Santa Claus? It was a magical time inside the myriad confusion, angst and fears we had about the great big world. The idea of a jolly old man and a sleigh pulled by reindeer was our mobile snow globe. Our belief existed within the province of magic and infinite possibilities.

Letizia Gonzalez wants to raise her two little girls to believe in that place. And the want is even stronger after the last year and a half we’ve spent in a purgatory filled with plenty of that confusion, angst and fear. So mama brought her girls together and created a dream for them to hitch their little stars to. She tucked the Christmas wish lists of the twins- Luna and Gianella- into a pair of balloons and then the three of them released them to the skies above.

The twins' Christmas wish lists.

“It was important doing something special for my girls because of the hard year we had during the coronavirus pandemic. I wanted them to feel like 2020 was another year spent with mom making beautiful memories,” Said mama.

And that’s when Santa Claus made the scene, and his name is Alvin Bamburg. He spotted those two balloons and when he went to collect them, that’s when magic happened. He wondered where the Christmas wish lists had flown in from so he took to social media and posted them. It wasn’t long before Letizia Gonzalez came across his post and well, Christmas was happening all over again.

Two balloons filled with dreams departed from Liberal Kansas and landed in Grand Cane, Louisiana . . . 650 miles away. And if you forgot what it feels like to believe in Santa Claus, listen to what happened next.

Bamburg’s family and friends and co-workers began sending gifts to Luna and Gianella after reading the posts. Alvin and his wife Lee Ann started face timing with the Gonzalez clan as well. And then in April, the couple made the six hour drive to Kansas to deliver one last present.

Luna and Gianella with their puppy, Max.

A dachsund puppy the girls call Max.

“There’s so much sadness in the world right now . . .” Alvin says. “It’s really not hard to spread kindness, and you can never underestimate the impact even just a smile will have on someone’s day.”

The best in all of us should be on everyone’s wish list.





78 thoughts on “Heroes Of The Week!

  1. Since I’m an octogenarian, I have to apologize for the grumpy among us. Usually, it’s because of some major problem involving prune juice and medicare. Hopefully, you’ll have a better experience next time. (The old fart anyway) Loved all the stories and especially the baptist bash. A bunt? Did you get a photo of it? Those two girls are in heaven, so cute. I love the comfort dog idea. Thanks so much for the fun today.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I loved it, Boss. It was quite the compliment, him referring to me as a member of the younger generation.

      Baptist bashing . . almost too easy.

      Bunting. Yanno . . when I was a young ‘un, that was one of my first baseball lessons. How to lay down a bunt. And I remember being thrilled the first time I laid down a successful bunt. I just aged myself . . so much for being a part of the young generation . . .

      I heard tell and then I looked it up on the MLB network and watched. Mouth agape.

      They are! Those two little ladies were the perfect way to end this week’s episode, no doubt about it.

      Here’s to Clarence and all his pals.

      And as for you, when I’m an octogenarian, I wanna be just like you. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nothing like a well place bunt to add some strategy to a ball game. As for the twins…could they be any cuter? So glad someone decided to bring some special joy to them.

    Then there’s the Duggar stain. Could that family be any more foul? What is it about sanctimonious hypocrites that just set your teeth on edge?

    I’ve seen a couple of octogenarians and they can dish as well as anyone. And they can also be the offender just as easily. Just do like Taylor Swift and ‘shake it off.’ If that’s the worse thing you did all week, I’d say you were pretty good. Happy weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? I loved that. And then yesterday, my Yankees beat the shift against the dread Astros. It didn’t win them the game, but it was nice to see nonetheless.

      The twins are just the cutest. And with their new pal Max? I mean . come on.

      I have always had a mean ass disdain for that family. Ugh . . squared ugh.

      This dude had it going, and I loved it because hey, you gonna call me a young punk? Imma take it and say thank you very much! I took it as a compliment LOL.

      Happy weekend Monika

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you!!! The Duggar thing….I think every family on a reality tv show should go through thorough psych evaluation….starting with the kardashians

    Liked by 1 person

  4. B,

    Yes! I love that you have returned to this format that allows you to let your writing shine. Because it does, oh boy does it ever.

    And you are right. It is up to us.

    Now that you mention it… we don’t see bunts often anymore, do we?

    I am so glad you chose to darken this Heroes (because we need the dark, to better see the light) with that sanctimonious asshole of a Dugger. You and I keep talking about how those who spew the “holier than thou” are the dirtiest, filthiest, scum. I hope he does drop his soap… just sayin’.

    Hah! I love the exchange with the gentleman of a certain age… They really can be so cranky but, you, you Whippersnapper… remember next time to nudge him awake with an, “Excuse me? Don’t mean to disrupt your nap but if you don’t mind… πŸ˜‰ ” I hope you do run into him again πŸ˜€

    Awww… would you look at Clarence? What a sweetheart. He must be nearing his last missions…

    Luna and Gianella are too cute for words. And wow to their mother for helping them keep the believe going but an even bigger WOW to Alvin Bamburg. What a generous and selfless thing to do. Love. It’s everywhere we look when we look.

    Of course your choice of song is perfection.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      I loved going back to it. It was the wide open road all over again. I could hear Tom Petty singing me home . . I really almost could.

      It is. I mean, at the end of all this . . we either sink or swim. Why wouldn’t we want to swim?

      I was just saying that one of my first baseball lessons was learning how to bunt. And the first time I laid down a successful bunt, I was thrilled!

      Deodorize the sons-a-bitches via a tiny little spotlight for their tiny ass souls. And then quash them with all the good people, who dwarf them.

      It was my bad. But I ain’t gonna lie, I do like how it all went down. Because I got a compliment out of all the crankiness, and Imma take it.

      Clarence has some years left. Let’s hope he pulls a Brady-like second half of his career. He is an angel.

      Those twins . . I just can’t. LA told me about this story in the comment section and when I looked it up . . home run. I knew it was going to be the capper for the week’s list.

      Santa Bamburg . . . yeah, I like it.

      Gracias for the azucar. πŸ˜‰


      Liked by 1 person

      • I won’t complain if you keep it…or come back to it on the regular.

        I should think we’d all choose to swim.

        I bet you were. It does add some variety and strategy to the game. Something, as we talked about, feels lacking. It’s all “hit it out of the ballpark” now.

        They truly are the cockroaches of society!

        You took it as a compliment (and why wouldn’t you?)

        I hope he does. Big dogs and all that…

        Way too adorable and shout out to LA for bringing it to your attention so that you could bring it to ours! Santa Bamburg!

        You know it. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        • I do so like to write it up this way.


          Launch angles and exit velocities . . . fucking bane of the existence of the game Kinsella loved.

          That word- cockroach- always makes me think of Tony Montana.

          I was flattered, truly.

          He IS a big dog. But such a huggable one.

          That was my favorite story of the week, no doubt about it.


          Liked by 1 person

          • And you do it so well! I love when you do it this way.

            Seems obvious to us!

            It really is. I sometimes wonder if the players would prefer to go back to the old way of playing. Of course, they all want to hit the hardest and farthest but still.

            Now I’m hearing cockroach in his voice!

            And I get that!.

            Yes. Their lifespan is shorter the bigger they are… sadly.

            How could it not be? So sweet!


            Liked by 1 person

          • I’m sticking to it for now, because why not?

            It do.

            The game suffers when the essence is ripped away and replaced with pinball machine dynamics. They talk about bringing attitude to the game, but evidently, they forgot the soul.


            Sadly is right.



            Liked by 1 person

          • Cool! Why not, indeed?

            It’s true. I can’t understand why baseball lovers still love what’s produced today – it feels soulless.


            But hey, while they are here, they do so much good to the soul!



            Liked by 1 person

          • The flow is just better.

            I watch for my team. I’ll watch if I know a pitcher is throwing a no-hitter. I’ll watch certain hitters, like Soto and Tatis. But it’s snippets now compared to being in love with watching a game.


            They really do.

            It is.


            Liked by 1 person

          • It is all you, when you do it this way. And that is a lovely thing.

            And I know you do. Do you suppose this is one of the reasons? That it feels like it lost a lot of soul?





            Liked by 1 person

          • If you dig, I dig.

            It did lose the soul. And it replaced it with Amazon.com next day shipping sensibilities that do not fit.

            You winking at me?

            Yanni was the cover artist for Kenny G, wasn’t he? Or did he play a different instrument?


  5. Santa letters gone sideways into the hands of “angels” who deliver, and letters in a bottle creating unexpected across-the-world connections – such stories never grow old and always make our hearts swell with joy. Reminders that here is still simple, pure good in the world. For that, I’m grateful. And I’m grateful to you and your Heroes of the Week posts that always remind me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thank you RW.

      When LA sent me that story, I knew it was the capper to this week’s episode. What a beautiful story, and you’re right, those stories never do get old.


  6. Brandon Belt, left-handed hitting first baseman for the Giants for the last ten years or so, occasionally lays down a bunt to beat the shift, but not often enough to cause other teams to stop with the shift when he comes to the plate. And the number of times he grounds out to the second baseman playing in shallow right field far exceeds the number of bunt singles.

    You? The younger generation? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    And as for the final story … the world needs more Bamburgs. I just wish we all could stop and think about how we can help another instead of living our lives so selfishly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re luckier than us. We have Gary “No Sweat” Sanchez who can’t even bother to run out a grounder to second. He just turns to the dugout. It’s HR or K with that guy and now we’re stuck with him for the time being.

      I WAS the younger generation . . . to him. And so what if he looked as if he witnessed Carl Hubbell strike out five straight Hall of Famers at an All-Star game , , , it still counts, LOL.

      Amen to that. Kindness, just because. What a concept!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ya got me with Clarence and Santa. You could almost see Clarence pulling Santa’s sleigh, fuck those reindeer. I love his credits, all the places he went to comfort the sad and grieving and just somebody that may have just needed a little company. I so get that.

    I think every kid should have the magic of believing in the fat man squeezing down that chimney with special gifts just for them. And the ritual of leaving Santa’s snack. i mean…that’s what’s missing Mr. Imma, that innocence that will depart much too fast anyway. Thanks you, as always. These pieces take time. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  8. A friend of mine is all in for banning the shift – whereas I sat the defense can play infielders if they want. Hit the ball where they ain’t. Cheers to the bunt. I wonder how many in the stands have never seen ta bunt. Cheers to LA for finding a great story! Wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Last time I heard the word bunt.. it was a cake.
    I didn’t eat any, as I didn’t want to ruin my girlish figure.
    Enter the virus! Who knew I could cook so great? Now, I have an assorted figure.
    The story with the two girls IS sending me happy into my week!
    Thank you!

    Oh… comfort dogs rule! Sigh!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Hi sorryless – was not sure which post to read first – your current heroes one of come back a little to this one –
    and SO glad I came to this one first –
    Lexi Walker’s voice was a pleasant surprise – I am sure the results of quality training and natural talent – but the full voice was at a top level

    Then Clearance the dog – great photo – and how cool – to bring
    “Republicans and Democrats together”
    which reminded me that the Republicans might need some bringing together within their own party –
    And… the Alvin Bamburg/Santa story was fun – and the new dog Max will keep that love going for a long while (double woof)

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a voice!

      Clarence is a keeper, and may he continue to do his great good work for years to come. And yes, too bad he can’t run for office because the GOP NEEDS a leader right about now.

      I loved that Santa story, brought to us by LA. I knew upon reading it that it would be my capper for the week.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi – I recently heard a young woman sing and at times it was a little off – she is still honing that voice and was not formally trained – and even with some raw talent and lots of practice – at times (only twice) it was like someone grinding the gears on a six-speed Porsche –
        so when this video played I thought “of what a pro” even tho she looked young

        Liked by 1 person

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