There Is No F In Accountability

When I was an old man, I thought I was a kid.

That’s how ass backwards the world feels to me sometimes. Because whenever I opine on how things used to be, it makes me feel as if I Benjamin Buttoned myself into the here and now. Where once I was lost to the thankless mysteries of the world, now I’m finding myself in this vapid little pill that keeps its insanity on retainer.

As with most things that fruit my loop, these changes whittled themselves into a monolithic curiosity with the wicked patience of a well done knuckleball. In the process, they turned yesterday into a bell jar full of pennies, which is about as yesterday as you’re gonna get.

This particular assessment came about as I was telling my daughter what school used to look like. Yanno . . back in the day. She’s a teacher, and as such, she’s taken to wearing steel toe boots whenever she has occasion to conference with those hard pipe hitting advocates known as parents. Because we’re living in an age where an unhealthy percentage of the parent population has gone and shoved accountability out of a speeding car. Why pass the buck when you can burn the fucker to a crisp?

I could never be a teacher, because for one thing . . I don’t like kids. And for another, I don’t like parents. My days would be spent drinking heavily and chasing it with painkillers and anti-depressants. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

“Most parents get that their kid can do better and that it’s a shared responsibility. But every once in a while you get a parent who isn’t having it . . ” My daughter said. Calmly, I might add. Which is why she’s going to be a great teacher, because that kind of thing doesn’t piss her off.

As for yours truly? Hell, nawh.

“When I got a bad grade on a report card, or I failed a test . . I caught hell for it. In waves. First it was my teacher giving me shit and then I got home and I had to hear it from my mother. And if the offense was serious enough, it went into the evening when the old man got home. I earned that shit and I remembered that shit. Because it was incredibly unpleasant shit,” I ranted, rather un-sweetly.

“Yeah . . it’s different now,” She laughed.

No shit.

I tell you what, even in a deliciously vegetative state of insobriety, I wouldn’t be able to stem my Cobra Kai when a parent gave their kid the look-away pass and followed that up by delivering a few misplaced adjectives in my direction. Nope. I would be teaching a very different kind of lesson at that point.

The kind I learned, a long time ago.


52 thoughts on “There Is No F In Accountability

  1. Alas, it is now a cultural thing where no one accepts responsibility for any misdeeds. Like you, I grew up knowing if I screwed up, I’d be held accountable by school officials but even more so from my parents who’d give me the what-for when I failed to muster up. At my house, the motto was no excuses, just results. Nowadays, everyone acts like they’re owed something for just being, let alone for stepping up to the plate and do better than just getting by with minimum effort. I tip my hat to your daughter while sending good wishes for her in making a difference in the lives of young people.

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    • Thank you for those wishes, Monika. I’m proud of my kids who both became teachers . . who knew? But yeah, they grew up with expectations that they would do well in school. I wasn’t the kind of parent who scolded. In my book there is nothing wrong with a C if you’re busting your butt and that’s what it is. I simply expected them to show how smart I knew they were, and they did.

      But you’re right, too many people feel as if it should just be given to them. And we wonder why we have the issues we have . . .

      As for perfect scores, I turned off Avs vs Knights when it got to 6-1 Avs. What a showing for Game 1.

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      • Your job as a parent is reaping just rewards. Well done, dad!

        I only was able to catch highlights and highlights they were. I suspect when Fleury is in net things will be different. No knock on Lehner, Vegas looked tired. They’ll bring it Wednesday. But that last goal of MacKinnon was a thing of beauty. Man that kid can skate and is one tough ombré!

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        • Hugs Monika.

          Yeah, the kid looked like a deer in headlights. I was wondering where Fleury was. There were some goals that just should not have happened, but hey, you can’t score if you don’t put the puck on the net, right? The Avs pushed the pace and maybe it was a result of them being rested while the Knights had to go 7. Whatever. I just hope they have three more wins in them.

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          • Lehner is a very good goalie and played well all season but Vegas is something else when Fleury is between the pipes. The butterflies are already forming for Wednesday’s game. That particularly cheap shot Reaves landed on Graves won’t be forgotten. If he isn’t suspended as much as Kadri was, all hell will break loose. Sure it’s the playoffs, but dirty thugery can’t be tolerated. There’s no place for it in this game.

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    • Sadly, you’re right.

      Teachers are really up against it anymore. And I mean, when did that start to change? Where is the middle? Where you trust your kid to apply him or herself but you verify. And then you go from there. Are parents just scared to piss off their kids?


  2. I am so walking that path with you! They say that our youth is our future and I like to think that is a good thing until I read stories about responsibility. I seriously don’t understand how stupid people can be to think that they can get away with anything and it won’t affect the future. Duh! It can make it so much more difficult, nay impossible, to be a responsible adult when you never learned how to be as a child. I am so glad I am not young today! I can rant easily and get away with it.

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    • Just look at what happened at our nation’s capitol on January 6. Those rioters felt as if they were OWED that. They felt as if their feckless leader had been screwed in the election, and they couldn’t stand the fact they lost. These people rail on about how society gets off on participation trophies and then THEY want a participation trophy for the election.

      The adults are to blame. Hold your kids accountable, that’s all. It doesn’t mean you have to scold and berate. But teach? Yeah, you have to do that. And people don’t want to. They want someone else to do it.

      And so we get people who feel as if the world owes them something.


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  3. B,

    It’s amazing how we have reached the age of being able to say “back when I was a kid”… I don’t know when that flip happened.

    Just like I don’t know when the flip happened that parents started passing the buck to teachers to raise their kids right. Oh, I know. When they started giving participation medals just for showing up. Biggest friggen mistake. Ever.

    Kudos to your daughter, and son, for choosing a profession that involves not only teaching children reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, but also how to deal with parents who don’t follow through. On anything. Or worse, accuse the teacher for the lack the kids should have received from the parents.

    I could never be a teacher.

    Excellent song, of course!


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    • Q

      Oh, we are there alright. And yanno . . I wouldn’t trade places with today’s kids for anything in the world.

      Yeah, and it’s funny how the people who rail on about these gimme trophies WANT their own gimme trophies. It’s a nation of whiners.

      They’re great kids and I’m proud of them. I know it’s not something I would ever want to do, for said reasons. But it is a noble profession and if you can carve your place, it will reward you.

      Haha! Same. 😉

      I can never go wrong with Pink Floyd.


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      • I know it. I wouldn’t trade places with kids OR teachers. Today’s kids, as much as everything has been simplified and dumbed down in one way, it has also become way more complicated thanks to social media. You can’t slip up at anything without having to hear it see it over and over.

        Of course they do. It’s the only thing they are ever gonna “win”…

        I know you are, as you should be. Ya done good, Dad. It is a very noble profession. My nephew is following in his father’s footsteps, too. Kudos to them all.

        Oh, that I know… 😉


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        • Ain’t that the truth. There is an insidious crawl that perpetrates every day life in a way we never could have imagined back in the day. Back then, everything was out in the open. Now? You have no idea where the shit is going to be coming from until it hits.

          It’s true!

          Kudos to them all. They do the work of angels, of this I am certain.



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          • Insidious is a good word for it. Scary shit, you ask me.

            It is!

            Oh boy, do they ever. When summertime comes and they are off? They barely have time to recuperate before starting again. And this past year has been stupid crazy for them.



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          • It’s very scary. And it’s no good, for anybody. These kids deserve better, and that’s where the whole parents thing comes in. Sticking up for them when you shouldn’t be sticking up for them ain’t gonna help them down the road.


            It’s been a crush. There has really been no break, and let’s face it. Even the break was not really a break at all.



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          • Yes. And no, it isn’t. Parents have forgotten how to be parents. You need to let them fight their own battles at some times and be there for when more is needed.

            No. They had to constantly adapt and readapt to the governments’ changing minds. This summer, hopefully, they don’t have to play catchup and can get the rest they duly deserve.



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          • My parents were no cupcake party and I had contrasts to consider back then. But still, I had teachers who held me accountable and it mattered.

            I hope so.



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          • Same. I just didn’t consider fucking up back then. Go figure. I was one of those good students with good grades. My biggest issue was talking too much (I know, who would have thunk?) By high school, I was a slight bit more rebellious but boring to other standards.

            I like to believe so.



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          • Truth be told, I didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing. It just came naturually, I guess. 😉

            Good grades? What’s that?

            And you? Talking too much? No . . no way. I do not believe that you were a talker. I just don’t believe it . . .

            And rebellious to boot? NO.



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          • Haha! Right. Some of us have more of a capacity for attracting trouble…

            Something I used to get with zero effort.

            I know, right? Surprises the hell out of me that I should be so unjustly…. yeah. nevermind. I was/am!

            No? Oh yes. I do have my moments, yanno!



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  4. I’m glad COVID is under control of the way you two are throwing kisses back and forth. “Not my job” is becoming a more frequent phrase around the schools these days. It is not the custodian saying that it’s the parents. I remember when we moved to Texas in 2001 (a strict 3 R state) from California. (A everything is okay if you feel okay state). Youngest Daughter was in jr high and a member of the band. She was also selected to be part of a master’s program for advanced music studies. She was playing volleyball as well and at one practice broke her hand. The master’s program required her attendance after school. She played the flute, so she needed both hands. Long story short, her teacher gave her an F on masters for the weekly grade. Incensed, The Producer and I rushed into the school and sat with the teacher and asst. Principle. The teacher acknowledged the broken hand but said the daughter had missed two days of master’s training. He then asked me if we had read the Master’s manual. I had to admit we had not. He turned to the page on attendance and read the part where there is no excuse for missing the class.. He added she could have fingered the notes without playing. We crept from the building, having learned a lesson on parent involvement.

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  5. No way I could ever be a teacher – then or now. Sounds like you’ve reared a couple of winners! Congratulations.🎉
    I occasionally run into the sorts of parents who make me fear for the future, but fortunately, I see more who give me hope. Maybe it’s something in the Colorado air (and woods and water and…).

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  6. Today’s post had those nice adjectives and “make you think” phrases that are original sorryless flair!

    Things really are different in education – and I am not sure where the comic is – but I have it somewhere – and it fits right in with this post – has then back then as bad grades were looking at the student – and then the now had the fingers pointed at the teacher –

    It sounds like your daughter will do well – and side note – you can thank her for me – for choosing such a meaningful career – steel boots and armor needed!

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    • You know I like to bring the fun, Prior.

      It’s nuts the way things stand now. And mind you, I know most parents ain’t down with letting their kids slack off. But it seems as if too many parents are advocating for their kids rather than communicating with them.

      I will tell her. 🙂

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      • True that!
        And did we mention this before ? The celeb that was caught with the college scandal – getting the daughter into a good school – well I heard a quick news story that showed the daughter in an interview and she said she was not really even into college – or something like that – but it seemed like the mom was being defined by the daughter’s college and well – a little communication between them would have helped.

        And a bigger issue here also relates to some of the oppression found inside school systems – public and private
        There can be such an autocratic approach we end up only rewarding compliance and those with leadership skills can be squelched the most!

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        • Yes, I do remember reading something about that. Sad, really. There is so much perception oriented behavior going on out there, and it’s so damned shallow. And you’re right, where’s the communication?

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  7. Funny, authentic and insightful post.
    How many pennies in a bell jar! I’d have to see it to make a guess. Will you be running a prizeless contest? That would be priceless.
    Kudos to your daughter!
    PS. I’ve looked for my brick for years……… Oh, it’s my brain! DUH!

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