30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Q

    Is that a leaning condominium? And is this place called Pisa by any chance? And did you avoid the RWB? And . . okay, I will chill with the questions for now since I’m starting to sound like a bargain basement version of Jim Acosta. But I do feel as if there is some lean to that complex in the background. AmmI nuts? (As far as the lean?).

    Also, I dig that contrast of nature in the foreground, looking on as the earth is razed all around it, whilst maintaining its unique identity. As if to say, “Y’all won’t be here forever. We will,”.


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    • B,

      Special effects. 😉 Frank called it wonky. It is, unfortunately (or fortunately?) a side-effect of:
      1. a photographer who doesn’t know what she is doing
      2. the effects of practically lying down in the grass to get that perspective

      Doesn’t it look like it fans out on both sides? Like an open book.

      Glad you dig. That was what I was going for. And yeah. nature will…


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      • Q

        Well, Frank is wonky so there IS that. And in response to that . . .
        1- She’s expert. She always delivers stuff that is Atlantic Magazine worthy.
        2-Lying down in the grass prevents kamikaze attacks by RWB

        Yes! Yes it does.

        Nature wins. So do you.

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        • Yanno, B… you are right about Frank (it’s why we love him…)
          1. You are biased and I’ll take it.
          2. Yes! As long as I don’t stupidly crouch where RWB’s nest is! I can’t believe I put myself in that position again yesterday.


          And… you, since you enjoy what I offer 🙂

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          • You got a point.

            1- You got that right.

            2- Make peace with some seed. If that doesn’t work? Buy a hawk. Can you tell I’m an American.


            Win? Meet win!


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