50 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’m renaming this color, Dale green. You seem to always capture it as if you’ve brushed it with a fresh coat of paint. Love the daisy peering up like a kid, as if it’s looking at something almost forbidden, like Mother Nature getting dressed. Voyeurism among the flowers. 🙂

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  2. Q

    The first capture brings to mind the plains. A loud stretch of brilliantly muted green that makes you think of the ocean, and the idea that we’re all still children when we come across a beautiful scene like that.

    The second capture, my first thought was apartment buildings in a city. I know, it’s strange but hear me out. The colors that pop when you look at this image, The orange and yellow, front and center, screaming from the penthouse. The white, as life in its relative obscurity being called out with a camera. And the purples in the foreground, those mysterious lights that you see in buildings, and they make you wonder about the lives within.

    Once again. You outdo your expert self.


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