Frank here for a bit of Angleisms. Thanks Marc, for sharing your space with me.

Depending on the perspective, there are many viewpoints around freedom: the right to act, speak and think – not being imprisoned, enslaved, or physically restricted – the absence of a government that is autocratic, tyrannical, or oppressive.

Human societies have varying degrees of freedom. They have much in common, including the foundation principle that freedom provides choices that carry responsibilities, benefits, and consequences associated with each choice. That’s freedom.

To some, freedom of speech means they can say anything they want about anything or anyone. In the USA, the Bill of Rights explicitly states the government shall not prohibit speech, but the courts support consequences such as slander and libel regarding speech about others. That’s freedom.

Functional free societies have rules to follow for a variety of reasons. Flyers know the rules during takeoff and landing: seats up, trays up, carry-on items under the seat in front of you, and seatbelts fastened. Rules that don’t restrict rights, and rulebreakers may encounter consequences. That’s freedom.

Roads and highways have speed limits to protect people from themselves. Those limits don’t stop anyone from choosing to exceed the limit, but consequences may accompany that choice. That’s freedom.

In today’s crazy times, yes – people have the choice whether they take one of the Covid-19 vaccines. I respect that – but attached to one’s choice are responsibilities, benefits, and consequences. That’s freedom.

Business owners have the right to decide health and safety decisions. If a restaurant owner wants to require proof of vaccinations for their employees and their patrons, they can. However, they must also accept the responsibilities, benefits, and consequences of that choice. That’s freedom.

Patrons with a vaccine have the right to decide on which restaurant they want to enter – one with restrictions or one without. Whatever their choice, they must accept the responsibilities, benefits, and consequences of that choice. That’s freedom.

Patrons without a vaccine have the right to decide on which restaurant without restrictions they want to enter. However, a restaurant owner refusing to seat and serve the unvaccinated is not a violation of your freedom. If anything, you are violating theirs. That’s freedom.

In conclusion, are vaccination restrictions violating personal freedoms? Not even close. Get over it people, so accept the responsibility, consequences, and benefits of the choice you were free to make. That’s freedom.

Readers, there are two songs below – a new one and an oldie. You have the freedom to watch one, the other, both, or neither. That’s freedom – and I hope you tell us your choice.

24 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I always worry about executive mandates. My trust that Biden handles things well is iffy at best. Yes, everyone should get a shot but I’m not sure using the bully pulpit is the best way to get everyone to want to do the right thing. Joe makes too many mistakes for my comfort.

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  2. Cincy,

    Last things first, the songs you chose. A perfect twin bill of music with which to accompany this excellent look at what freedom means. It’s the kind of lesson too many adults just refuse to accept, some because they have no blessed clue and others because they are obstinate and entitled and they only wish to push the “freedoms” that matter to them, personally.

    I’m sick and tired of these ignoramuses who insist they’re simply doing the leg work for our Founding Fathers. In no uncertain terms? That’s bullshit.

    Thank you for setting the record straight, partner.


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  3. I wish there was an emoji for a fist bump in the air and a Whop! Whop! Whop! You have verbalized exactly what needed to be said. Freedom exists but at a cost and it is worth the cost. Why can’t people understand that?

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  4. Frank!

    How lovely to find you here with such a thought-provoking post. The definition of Freedom depends on who is giving it.

    I remember when the use of seatbelts became law. My goodness did my mother bitch about it. How dare they? It’s none of their business if we do or not! They are infringing on my freedom! Of course, made to understand, albeit grudgingly, over time.

    Hey, you don’t want to get vaccinated? That is totally your right. However, you have to understand that your decision will possibly hinder you. I could go on and on about this but shall spare you.

    Excellent choice of music. I chose to listen to both and dance along. Thank you for getting me to my step goal!


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