30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’m in love. Look at them. Like a little cavalry on the move. There’s an actual turtle pond in Central Park where, on a sunny day, you’ll see dozens all sunbathing as if it were Miami. Turtles on the rocks, if you will.

    I think this is one of your very best. Put it on Instagram as well. The blue of their shells with cheer all who see them. Susannah

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    • Aren’t they great? I love how they’re all lined up, their heads in the air, on alert. I was so happy when a couple let me know they were there as I would have missed them. I was also glad I had a zoom lens as I just couldn’t get closer.

      So glad you like, Susannah!

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  2. Q

    And the most impressive part . . the turtles were not compensated for their synchronicity in this shot. It was ALL improvised, from the formation to the photog who captured the shot . . and I’m not sure you could have gotten that shot if you tried!

    This is the Abbey Road for those who live in a shell.


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