The Rundown

Bellevue East senior Brandon Schutt was playing a game of beat the clock when the cosmos presented him with a dilemma: Post a time that would qualify him for the upcoming state meet, or come to the aid of a competitor. You know where this is going since I gave it away with the above caption. The Nebraska teen chose the latter when a track and fielder from a rival high school crumpled to the ground.

Sophomore Blake Cerveny of Omaha Burke High School was 100 meters short of the finish line when his cramping legs gave out. Without reacting, Schutt scooped him up and finished the race. It marked the end of his high school career, and given the chance to do the same thing again? Yeah, he would.

Call it his personal best.

Atlanta Braves heading to second-straight NLCS - ESPN 98.1 FM - 850 AM WRUF

Over half a billion dollars worth of payroll was eliminated in this year’s MLB postseason whilst the Atlanta Braves went all Kinsella on our senses in their Cinderella run to the big dance. The Braves finished with the 15th highest payroll and the worst record among playoff contestants, but they’ll be lighting up A-Town this weekend as they attempt to take down the Houston Astros in Game Three of the World Series tonight.

Micro-Movie Review of The Many Saints of Newark- Nope

A Marine Corps veteran did a spot on impersonation of Chuck Norris at a gas station in Yuma, Arizona last week. When a couple of hooded miscreants came into the store hot, this guy doubled down on the heat with a quick right hook that sent the other punk scampering into the night. Then our hero pinned the fool down until police arrived. “The Marine Corp taught me not to (mess) around,”. Semper? Meet Fiah!

Special bond with sister keeps Brett Hundley grounded - Daily Bruin

Shout out to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Brett Hundley who was named this week’s Community MVP by the NFLPA. Hundley and his sister Paris- who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child- founded the Hundley Foundation which provides resources for children living with epilepsy and other disabilities. The league donated $10,000 to the foundation, which hosted a Halloween party in Las Vegas for 250 kids and families who live with the neurological disorder.

Halyna Hutchins 'Rust' Death: Candlelight Vigil Attracts Hundreds - Variety

A lot of people are going to be made to answer before all is said and done regarding the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Throughout production, crew members had  expressed concerns about gun safety (there had been three accidental gun discharges before Hutchins’ death). Nothing will bring back the Ukrainian born mother of one, but film maker Bandar Albuliwi’s petition to ban the use of real firearms on film sets needs to happen.

Cincy “Beach Walks” Angle chimes in with a solid. It’s a story about how a group of dads is helping to curb violence in one Louisiana school. Check out this really cool story . . .

A Build Back Better Haiku

Joe’s deal gets closer.

What could possibly go wrong?

Forget I said that.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie: The sad, twisting saga and what it tells us about America | The Independent

As far as unanswered questions are concerned, there are a million of them in the Gabby Pettito murder case. And now with Brian Laundrie- the only known suspect in her death- also deceased, where in the blessed hell are the answers going to come from? Certainly not the Laundrie family. And can we really trust the FBI after the mess they created? Law enforcement officials will keep investigating. Or was it, they will start investigating?

Halloween Kills' Ending: All the Plot Twists and Deaths Explained

Fresh off the heels of the gruesome murder of a gay couple in the movie Halloween Kills, serial killer Michael Myers is being accused of homophobia. The rumors began, surprisingly enough, on Twitter. Myers’ long time rival Jason Voorhees came out in support of Myers, saying “To question his professionalism is a direct assault on every serial killer who wears a mask!”

Myers could not be reached for comment but his publicist insists the allegations are not only false, but hurtful. “Michael has been committed to his craft for over forty years now. He’s always been an equal opportunity homicidal maniac,”

Sikh men use makeshift turban rope to save hikers in Canada

A big thank you goes out to the lovely Dale for mentioning this next story about a group of Sikh men who used their heads when it was a matter of life and death. Actually, the international students used their headdresses to save two hikers from plunging into rough waters from a steep rock ledge in British Columbia. The five men created a lifeline using their turbans as well as their jackets to pull the hikers up to safety.

When you think about it, the world we live in is infinitely more inspiring than we give it credit for. We rarely stop to think about the love involved in two people holding hands. We quickly forget the compassion that is happening when strangers help strangers. Our humanity gets lost on page forty-two while the lowest common denominator wins the headlines. But it doesn’t have to play out that way. Not if we just slow down to notice the abundance of good things happening around us, like . . all the time.

I’ll tell you one thing I know for certain. There are a couple of hikers out there who are going to be telling the story of how a group of guys, complete strangers, made sure they’d live to see another sunrise by doing whatever it took to make it so. They will tell this story to the people they know and love, over and over and over again.

That’s how flowers grow.



63 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. Another wonderful collection of winners. The marine didn’t hesitate – boom! The Sikh men may have been my winner in the group, but you are the one who delivered the goods in your “When you think about it” closing paragraph. A tip of the cap to you. Nice tune – a touch of Broadway is a good thing!

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    • NONE! No hesitation whatsoever. That was very impressive, not to mention, it probably saved people from getting hurt or worse.

      The group of students, the way they were able to think about how to create that lifeline in the moment, that is WOW. We all like to think we would be able to come through in such a way when things looked their bleakest, but these guys actually did.

      Why thank you sir.

      I dig Billy Porter, very much. What a talent.


  2. A terrific post today, Pilgrim. Each story was better than the next. The sad thing about the Pettito case is the Laundrie parents seem to be in the middle of things yet have been very unhelpful. More to that story for sure. I loved the Michael Meyers spoof. We all need more laughter in that area for sure. The gunplay on the Rust set is shocking. I understand live rounds should never be on a film set yet the police said there were tons of them. Behind every “accident” thee lurks incompetence. Thanks again for a super post.

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  3. An amazing rundown of heros this week! Kudos to the Nebraska teen. Millennials take note of how you’re supposed to act.
    While the Braves have made the Rockies lives miserable since Day 1, I may actually be rooting for them (such as I root for any baseball team these days). As you know hockey is my jam but it’d be nice to have someone different in the big show (it’s been swhat at least what 20 years since the Braves have been in the series?).
    Semper Fi indeed! I loved that video.
    It seems Hollywood is posed to make some significant changes, not that they’ll help Halyna Hutchins at this point. The series…The Rookie has already banned live guns on set and I suspect a lot of other film projects will follow suit. With all the CG abilities available, there’s no need for live guns and bullets to be on set. Course, I expect the stupid Second Amendment contingent will probably challenge it.
    As for your Haiku…I wish there was a LOT of pressure on Synema and Manchin to right the bill since all they can do is only say no. They won’t say what they will agree to which makes me believe they are just in it for the attention. Bastards. Be part of the solution, not contributing to the disfunctional problem of Congress these days.
    The Pettito/Laundrie debacle is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many WOC who remain missing and have received zilch coverage, either from media or law enforcement.
    And finally, thank goodness for those Sikh Canadians to the rescue! Well done, fellas, well done.
    Great contributions from all!
    Have a super weekend, Marc.

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    • I think there are plenty of kids out there who are doing the right thing. It kind of gets drowned out though. And let’s face it, the adults ain’t exactly serving as great examples all the time.

      The Braves are growing on me. A plucky bunch that has been here before and suffered much heartbreak, but this year, hopefully, will be different.

      That dude had ZERO hesitation. And really, it probably saved people from getting hurt or worse.

      The fact real guns are still on sets? I just don’t understand.

      It’s a golden opportunity for the democrats to rise above. Hell, we need some middle ground after the mess that has been going on in Washington for too long.

      And so they will air a story as such, after which the next missing person story . . we’ll be back to business as usual. Sad.

      They came through in a big way, and how clever was that?

      Gracias Monika and you do the same

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  4. Whenever I begin to despair of the human race and man’s inhumanity to man, I remember your posts. That a man would give up a sure future to help a rival is incredibly touching. You always do that for me. Tears included.

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  5. B

    I am LOVING this Rundown! Glad you switched it up, giving us the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny.

    Brandon Schutt is a beautiful example of what good sportsmanship (and humanity) is all about. Can’t tell me today’s yutes don’t have what it takes!

    Love that… “went all Kinsella”… i may just have to tune in for an innng or two…

    So. Nope?

    Way to go Semper Fi! He had zero hesitation and look at that… no shots fired…

    When one has someone they love with a disease or disability or whatever, one is moved to ack. I love that Brett and Paris founded a foundation like this. Wonderful.

    I am with you on the Halyna Hutchins senseless death. In today’s world, why, why, why would there sitll be real guns on set? It’s not even close to necessary. THREE accidental gus discharges too many.

    I love that Dads on Duty story! Proof how communities that come together achieve much. (Thank goodness for my VPN allowing me to see it)

    Excellent haiku!

    I hate that Gabby Pettito’s family will never get answers now… because, let’s face it, with him dead, “what’s the point?” – I put that in quotes because I fear that will be the case…

    Haha! Right! Like, puh-leeze… as if Michael Myers gives a fuck whether they are black white, gay, half-human… they in the way? they dead…

    I loved that B.C. rescue story. And for every reason you can imagine. Human beings helping out other human beings, regardless of race, religion, or whatnot.

    Your last three paragraphs say it all… Beautifully done, B. And LOVE your song selection.


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    • Q

      Loving it huh? Imma take it!

      Brandon came through in a big way, and as I said to Monika, it was no surprise to me as I see a lot of this among the current generation. There is a lot to dig about them.

      The Braves are a feel good story. While so many teams (Yankees included) have thrown bad money after more bad money in the name of winning, the Braves have been a tad more industrious.

      The movie was a caricature of mob flicks. Ugh.

      Mr. Marine was Kung Fu Fighting. And he was fast as lightning.

      Hundley has been at this since his days at UCLA. He has always been involved in giving back, which is why I have faith in this generation.

      The Hutchins story was turned into a meme by Trump and his people. Can you imagine? How horrible is that?

      Dads on Duty rocks. And now they’re talking about expanding. Which is going to be good for everybody.

      Haiku Ca Choo!

      So many questions I have about this case, and the chances anything will ever be answered now, not good.

      Myers is a killing machine . . doesn’t matter who you are, who you vote for, what your favorite food is. If you are in his way, you’re beef jerky.

      And how clever were they? To think like that in such a high pressure situation?

      How sweet are you?

      Billy Porter is a brilliant storm of a talent I discovered on NPR.


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  6. You got me twice, once with Hayla Hutchins and then again with Gabby and Brian who I feel as if I knew after all that upsetting news coverage. It had an OJ/Nicole feel to it, all those warning shots over the bow…the noted violence between them, even a cop separating them for a night till they cooled down. They were young, they had everything life could offer, right in front of them, which brings me to Hayla.

    Again, warnings…lack of safety precautions…carelessness, cutting corners to save a buck rather than a life. It’s very disturbing to say the least, and now the hunt for Alec. Yes indeed, we’ve seen nothin’ yet Mr. Imma. Fox as we speak is seasoning their poisonous brew.

    What has happened to us? I ask you.

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    • I was in the middle of a reply when I was called away. But yes, we get to know these people in a way. It’s not correct, it’s not accurate, but it’s still personal. I cannot imagine what Gabby’s family is going through. I would have been in prison for going after the suspect, right or wrong. It’s my mafia side.

      It’s a heartache, that this talented, beautiful young woman with so much in front of her is gone and it could have easily been prevented.

      As for Fox, and the Trumps, and all the hateful shit that has come of a tragedy? If I wrote a screenplay like it, they would tell me no fucking way, that’s too dark.

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      • That wish to destroy another just mystifies me. Nothing seems right-sized right now Mr. Imma. Everything tilts like in fun house mirror without any of the fun.

        Trump still wailing about a cheated election. Biden fucking up at the speed of the light as if he’s President of another country, not ours. And i can’t blame him for his errors since, look what he inherited and they’re waiting for him to fall. One strike you’re out Joe. Where Trump got away with murder, and that’s exactly what happened at the Capitol that day.

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  7. Really great, Sorry less.
    You found some cockles warming stories in sports. I never expect that.
    Brandon Schutt = A+
    Hundley and his sister Paris = A+
    I don’t understand the Atlanta Braves bit. No offence, I just don’t understand.
    The Marine is fabulous! He might get signed for a movie.
    At the risk of getting pummeled, the Michael Myers story reeks of too much PC. I mean when and who & why does it matter who gets killed in a slasher movie? It’s about KILLING everyone, anyone & all! Equal opportunity deaths, I say! We are encroaching on not being able to breathe, if our exhale is in the wrong tone.
    Ah the Sikh rescue story is very cool. Once in awhile someone on the bigot side will ask, Why do Sikhs have to wear turbans? First off, they are pagri, not turbans. Second, now I know the answer; life saving equipment.
    (am I banned from earth?)

    Lastly, Gabby Pettito & Halyna did not deserve what they got. RIP, sweet girls!

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    • Brandson Schutt has quite a future ahead of him with an attitude like that. And Hundley and Paris, them too.

      As for the Braves, it’s a kitschy baseball thing. Underdogs and all.

      The Marine didn’t hesitate! Sign him up . . .

      So true. I think this kind of thing gets in the way of real progress. It’s so absurd. What with all the real problems in the world, who in the hell is choosing this?

      I did not know that term, so thank you. You are NEVER banned. Ever. Never.

      No they did not. And so many questions as far as the two young women. Gone too soon.


  8. Hits the spot every time. Enjoying the new style, pared back but just as powerful. Thanks, pal. Btw, watched Many Saints of Newark, thought ‘you’re telling the wrong story here….’ Cheers laddie!

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  9. So much to enjoy in the rundown here in this post – but the top takeaway for me was hearing about Brandon Schutt and I bet he made a friend for life
    have you seen Lauren Greenfield’s documentary “generation wealth”?
    it is so good and depicts a part of the youth culture that is wealthy and surface like in s much – and I know a few areas with teens and young adults like the
    However, Brandon Schutt showed us that empathy and serving others is NOT dead – and I bet he made a friend for life.
    I also expect that he will have a lot of success – personally and professionally because of this empathy he has – and hope his running career is all of what he wants it to be

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