The Rundown

A skier races down a snowy hillside, kicking up snow.

That’s France’s Victor Muffat-Jeandet competing in the first run of the Men’s Giant Slalom in Solden, Austria. Which I stuck on the marquee seeing as how there are ninety-one days until the winter games in Beijing. And uh . . talk about worlds colliding, huh?

Atlanta Braves win World Series for the first time since 1995 - | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

The Atlanta Braves lost four key starters over the course of the 2021 season. They didn’t reach .500 until August 11th. Their payroll is smack dab in the middle of all MLB clubs. I wouldn’t be able to name a single one of their starting pitchers. And none of that matters, because they’re World Series champions for the first time in twenty-six years after taking down the Houston Astros in Game 6 on Tuesday night. The great baseball novelist Roger Angell once said, ‘Baseball’s absolute unpredictability makes amateurs of us all”, to which I must agree.

Steve Buscemi dresses as his own meme for Halloween, fans call it 'perfect and ideal' | MEAWW

Okay, how many people can say they dressed as a meme of themselves for Halloween? One person, that’s how many, and his name of course . . is Steve Buscemi. He took a page from his character on 30 Rock and bugalooed it into a Halloween win for his Park Slope neighbors. Here’s hoping he dusts off his black suit from Reservoir Dogs and goes as Mr. Pink next year.

Calvin Ridley explains decision to suddenly step away from Falcons, NFL | Sporting News

Mental health awareness has made the starting lineup across every sports league over the past half decade as more and more athletes are sharing their stories. This past week, wide receiver Calvin Ridley of the Atlanta Falcons announced he was stepping away from the game temporarily to focus on his mental well being. And Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Lane Johnson told Fox Sports broadcaster Jay Glazer on Sunday that his battles with anxiety led to his three-game absence earlier this season. Ridley is a rising star while Johnson is an established veteran with a ring, so their voices will be heard.

Country music star Luke Bryan went all “Dad mode” when he spotted a motorist with a flat tire stranded on a busy road in Tennessee. The Leesburg, Georgia native (Go Bulldogs!) pulled over, grabbed a jack and lug wrench and got to stepping. Courtney Potts and her kids were heading home when all this happened.

“I got out and did a double take and as soon as I heard his voice,” she says. “I didn’t even have time to be in shock because he’s like, ‘Look, we really need to get you out of this road because I almost hit you.'”

Gold records and a heart of gold? Pretty fly for a country music guy.

Micro-Review of Mr. Mercedes Season 2- I was trying to think who Brady Hartsfield reminded me of and then it came to me. Trump. That . . is some scary shit right there.

A special shout out to Margaret Dilullo, who will turn 107 years old in a few days. If you’re scoring at home, that means she remembers a time before Instagram . . . and a lot of other stuff. Yuengling heard about her beer crush and gifted twenty cases of the stuff, which means no beer runs for the next year and a half.

LOOK: Hard Rock Stadium astonishingly empty for second half of Ravens-Dolphins game

The Miami Dolphins will play the Houston Texans on Sunday in a game with no discernible purpose whatsoever. Both teams enter the contest with identical 1-7 records and hold as much chance of making the NFL playoffs as the Milwaukee Brewers. Health officials are swallowing hard on the risky biscuit of large gatherings, but in Florida, that’s a losing proposition. Dolphins PR Director Darius Rucker looked to assuage this concern when he issued a statement which read, in part, “. . there will be more people in attendance at Robbie Siegel’s Bar Mitzvah in Miami Gardens, by a lot. The Dolphins have figured out how to keep Floridians from gathering in large groups. Bad football,”

Dear Aaron Rodgers,

We realize you are so much smarter than the rest of us. You tell us so every time you appear on Jeopardy . . or in one of those super snarky State Farm commercials. And most of us were on your side when you went all Sun Tzu on the Packers front office. But then you went and switched out ‘immunized’ for ‘vaccinated’ and you might’ve gotten away with it if you hadn’t tested positive this week for COVID. Listen, you’re not a golfer or a tennis player. You’re the QB . . in a team sport. And this latest news reminds us, it’s too often all about you.

Facebook Changed Its Name To Meta & Mark Zuckerberg Is Getting Roasted For It - Narcity

Several years ago, I rant-posted on the clear and future dangers of riding shotgun with the infernal algorithms that promised y’all a better social media life. The same way I don’t trust a politician to deliver me my daily bread, I ain’t trusting a guy like Zuckerberg to transform into the Dalai Lama for little ole me. So now we’re supposed to be shocked that he chose profits over peace? He’s mea culping his way to a hooked up crib on that remote island Tom Hanks made famous, which means even if he goes the way of Howard Hughes, he’ll be ayt. But it’s the eternal cloudiness of the spotted mind I’m worried about. We live in a world where people mistake being social media savvy with social awareness. And while we were sleeping, incivility became the latest fashion; to such a degree that a quarter of all conservatives now say violence is the only way to solve our nation’s problems. So fine, change the name of Facebook . . . Call it Meta, call it whatever you want to call it. I call it too little, too late.

Reeling From Surprise Losses, Democrats Sound the Alarm for 2022 - The New York Times

The democratic party is playing like it doesn’t have a choice in the matter, when choice is really the only thing that’s going to save us from a horror movie outcome in 2024. The progressives got slam dunked in much of the country, and as a result someone in the party has to grab a hardhat and get to hammering out a blueprint that emphasizes moderation. Pronto. The GOP continues to be the party about nothing; no fresh ideas, plenty of obstruction and too much black mirror dialogue. And yet, Tuesday happened. Democrats lost the Virginia governorship and then almost lost New Jersey as well. And over the top police reform didn’t cut it in Minnesota.

The good news is, people got out to vote. Let’s hope that doesn’t turn out to be bad news in two years.

A teacher is building confidence in her students -- one heartwarming look in the mirror at a time - CNN

J.K. Rowlings, when asked about the power of words was quoted as saying they are our most inexhaustible source of magic. I got to thinking about that quote whilst reading up on Neffiteria Acker. She teaches math and science at Kindezi at Gideons Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia and she’s working a magic all her own.

She’s taken to a daily regimen with her kids where she has them stand in front of a full length mirror first thing in the morning and say something positive, to themselves. It can be anything from “I’m smart!” to “I’m a good person” to “I’m strong and independent” with the only rule being, it has to supply the feels that will set the tone for the rest of the day.

A lot of her kids are coming from neighborhoods that challenge their ability to have a positive outlook, so it’s understandable if maybe they get stuck at first. And that’s okay, because teach provides cards to help them out. Yeah, she has cards she printed out herself with different affirmations and she’ll encourage them to borrow one and to speak the words. Okay, so maybe I lied. Because Acker has a couple more rules going on: Speak up, be loud and be proud and be true to the person who’s staring back at you.

“The best part about doing the affirmations is the feeling after I say them,” Acker says. “And the feeling I see my students feel or that they express after they do them. Their attitude is better, their self-confidence is lifted and we have a better day.”

When students can't think of any affirmations, Neffiteria Acker offers them cards with positive messages written on them.

She is noticing a change in her students, a good one that speaks to the confidence she is helping to instill in them. It’s been a trying year for most everybody on the planet, but for these kids it’s been a wholly different kind of trying time that has tested their too young minds to the hilt. And even so, the arrow is pointing up in terms of the positive interactions that are happening as a result of the morning ritual. And when words become a source of magic to a child, the world becomes a less daunting place and dreams become that special place worth reaching for. Because words can be used to hate or to love.

There’s a teacher in Atlanta, Georgia who chose love.

63 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. Cheers to high-profile people like Ridley for having the guts to step away for themselves. Thumbs up to Simone Biles starting something important. Braves had a great run – and I’m on the bandwagon for the Brewers making it to the NFL playoffs. I told my progressive friend in November 2020 that the Dems would do their best to put the GOP in power in 2022. Because you mentioned Tom Hanks, did you see that he crashed a wedding? Props to Luke Bryant.

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    • It does take guts. It’s not an easy thing to admit, in such a machismo driven sport. And as far as we have come, it still carries a certain stigma.

      I’m on the bandwagon for the Bengals to right themselves after that debacle last weekend. I think they can.

      It’s ridiculous. How does the party not see the damage that is being done here? Not just to them, but to the country as a whole?

      I didn’t see that? Dang!

      Big props to the man.


  2. That the Braves won the World Series — it’s one of the great things about baseball. In no other sport would that have happened. Sure, a #8 seed in the NBA playoffs occasionally knocks off a #1, but that #8 never gets any further than that. To actually win the championship when you’re the most mediocre playoff team there is — that’s part of baseball’s magic. The Giants did it in 2014. The Braves this year. There have probably been others too.

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    • I remember the Twins doing it in 1987, when they beat the heavily favored Cardinals. And the Nationals came from out of nowhere a couple years ago to pull off a WS run. It IS the magic of baseball. The rest of the sports give you the perception of that kind of thing, but it’s never the reality.

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      • Giants lore is that they were never favored in any postseason series in 2010, 2012 and 2014. If true, that means they won nine consecutive postseason series as the underdogs.

        It’s kind of amazing. You’d think that in the one game world of the NFL postseason there would be more of these types of upsets and that in seven game series the best team ultimately wins. Oddly enough, it’s the exact opposite.

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        • I remember when they played those series and you’re right. The Rangers and Royals were slight favorites while the Tigers went into the 2012 as solid favorites. And that Detroit team was no joke, with Verlander and Scherzer at the top of the rotation and an in his prime-ish Cabrera batting cleanup. It was Leyland’s swan song as well.

          Still, one of the most memorable pitching performances of all time, to me, was Mad Bum’s turn in Game 7 in Kansas City. Going on two days rest and shutting out the Royals for the last five innings? In this day and age of pitch counts, that was a throwback game for the ages.

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  3. B

    What a great Rundown!

    91 Days! It’s true. Summer Olympics were a year late so of course, the Winter ones are right away, so to speak. Colliding, you say? No kidding.

    Yay to the Braves! I love when an underdog wins.

    Gotta love, Buscemi. Send him a request… maybe you’ll see Mr. Pink next year!

    I cannot help but believe the stigma of mental health diminishes each time one of these athletes comes forward and shares.

    Way to go Luke Bryan! Heart of gold and good ole southern boy doing right. Proof that being a mega star does not negate being human.

    Brady Hartsfield is, I was gonna say smarter, but then I thought that wasn’t fair. We know Trump is smart and now that I think of it, just as evil. Just you wait till you watch no. 9.

    Gotta love that, at age 107, one can still enjoy a nice cold one. What a lovely gift from Yuengling.

    Are you talking about the Dolphins? Didn’t you break up with them for this year? 😉

    Aaron Rodgers – you are an ass.

    You were right and are still right to worry about all these algorithms associated with FB, IG, etc. It is disconcerting to start receiving junk mail because I ordered a pair of shoes on line. It is extremely invasive and disconcerting. And yes, such a high population gets their news and social “awareness” from these sources. Can you imagine if FB and its ilk were around in the times of Hitler? Scares the bejeezus out of me.

    The Dems have to get their heads out of their asses pronto.

    Neffiteria Acker is the type of teacher we should all have – at least once in our lives. What a fantastic project! How can her students not change for the better? When you feel good about yourself, your view on the world is better, with the beautiful result of not wanting to ruin that view.

    What a great song! Thanks for the intro.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Q

      Going INTO China . . . all those athletes. All the political ramifications. Holy Hunter!

      The Braves had that feeling going on when they started getting hot in mid-August. And I’m glad for them.

      Mr. Pink . . paging Mr. Pink . .

      I hope so, I really do. I think it’s happening, but there is a long way to go.

      Luke has known tragedy, and he’s pulled himself up and become an even better person as a result.

      Holy No Way! I KNEW Brady was up to something but I may have underestimated him just the same.

      Go Yuengling!

      Yes I did. Doesn’t mean I won’t trash them every chance I get.

      Funny, but he doesn’t see it that way. He thought he had pulled one over on everyone. We’re all just living in his world, I guess

      Here’s an even scarier question. How do we know these social media platforms are not constructing the perfect beast as we speak. The glossed over, next gen Trump, who says all the right things, knows all the right people and once he takes power . . .

      They do. It’s going to bite us all otherwise.

      She’s one hell of a teacher, and the magic she brings to these kids lives should win her some kind of award. The world needs more of this.

      That’s “Sex and Candy” Marcy Playground, in case you were wondering.


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      • It’s crazy, is what it is!

        How can you not be? Even those who don’t root for them, must have rooted for them. Hell, I did!


        I really hope so, too. Yes, there is a long way to go but man, a few giant steps forward have happened with these athletes coming forward.

        Ever notice it’s the ones who have known hard times who are the first in line to help?

        Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Methinks they are sure to leave us hanging…

        Go Yuengling, for shizzle!

        Just checking 😉

        Of course he doesn’t see it that way. Pffft.

        I don’t even want to think of it. Scares me to no end.

        It will.

        She is. The world needs more of her type of teaching, that is without question.

        I wonder no more…

        Liked by 2 people

        • Yeah, at the end of the day . . .

          I was rooting for em too. You’re right, how can you not?

          It’s muy importante that they take the time when they need to take the time. You figure, how loud everything must be for these guys. When they feel the need to shut it down temporarily, it’s not an easy decision. They want to be there for their team, but at what price?

          It really is. I just read a quote from Cordarelle Paterson who plays for the Atlanta Falcons. “If my mom could go out there and work three jobs, I can go out there and play three positions.”

          And NOW they are gonna leave me hanging for even longer thanks to Premium. That’s okay, I have patience.

          Of course he doesn’t.

          It’s the horror movie scenario

          They need more humans like her.


          Liked by 1 person

          • Uh huh.

            Impossible not to. And seriously, why not?

            I can’t imagine it. The pressure to try to ignore it must be so high. I am so glad they are finally removing the lid.

            Cordarelle has an inspiring mom!

            Goddammit! That is so not cool.

            WE all need more humans like her.



  4. Great post, Pilgrim. I enjoyed your take on the election results and agree the progressives have taken the Dems off the rail. Too bad old grumpy Joe can’t seem to understand the issues. He is tone-deaf to the American people’s desires and it will cost him. He has no idea how to turn things around and his pissed-off demeanor is wearing thin. He can only blame all of us for his inept actions for only so long. Loved the other stories. Arron Rogers thinks he is the only one who knows what is good for others. He’s the Joe of the NFL.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Steve Buscemi…what always comes to mind are three things…one, his Mr. Pink in the film Reservoir Dogs and how much Hicks loved him, and that he was a fireman before and I believe while, he was an actor, and on 9/11 volunteered to help.

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  6. So much in this, as always. I’ll buy the wee 107-year-old a pint when I’m next in town, Love the simplicity and power of your last tale. And your punchy, righteous words. That’s a nice meal. Cheers my man

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Bravo for instilling magic in children!

    As I read your lineup, I had to roll my eyes when I saw the pic of Doofus-berg, I mean Zuckerberg. That bozo can’t begin to wear a black long sleeve tee anywhere like Steve Jobs and should just stop trying.

    To say I was disappointed with the Rodgers story is an understatement. Imagine being a linesman on his team and thinking I have to protect that POS? I used to think Aaron was a good guy, now I’m reexamining my thought process and questioning EVERYthing cuz clearly I got no idea what’s behind the wheel of this life’s bus. His arrogance is only surpassed by his duplicity. Bastard!

    I wanted to cheer for Atlanta’s achievement but then those tomahawk chops from the fans moves all the good feelings to a sad place. Not that I’m any huge fan of Houston but still…it leaves me feeling (once again) pro sports thinks it has no equal or any responsibility with everyday culture.

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  8. and and not to argue – but I am in full support of Aaron Rodgers
    so many people have been quick to judge him and I am not sure anyone has really listened to him.
    many folks did not even listen to his 45 minute interview.

    and feel that people with confirmation Bias about the untested and experimental vaccine are wit hunting for people that want more proof that that shit even works.
    People are so easily getting injected but some of us do not see the proof of this rushed lab experiment and why do you think they added four slots in a card – they know this experimental crap will need modification – all at the expense of the person – and seriously – we are trusting these billion and trillion dollar companies (for profit and have been sued again and again and again for harmful and rushed products)
    The problem is that some people argue to much in the efficacy of the vaccine and do not have any proof to back it up
    – further, the negative outcomes of injections are not getting in the news – because since the 1800s and maybe since antiquity – the news reports can unfold in biased ways
    My father n law was in the hospital three days getting his lungs drained after his COVID vaccine
    – we know people that had covid arm – and a now retired nurse on the front lines shared about the negative things she saw with the vaccine

    I am not trying to change anyone’s mind here, but this experimental vaccine is not like the polio vaccine
    in addition – there is not inoculation with this – so people still get COVID – and the breakthrough cases are plethora

    I really like what Zach Bush has t say about viruses and human health and think we all need to slow down and really research things and see what is going on.

    I also suggest Shawn Stevenson is also my hero right now with the objective truth he presents about the best way to combat COVID infections
    I am not trying to be divisive – but Aaron Rodgers has a lot of great points – and does his allergy mean nothing ? Does his strong immune system not matter?
    he is in better shape than 98% of the people in our country – yes he is – and the shape that you are greatly matters as to how we respond to this virus
    and so yes – it is all about “him” because injecting unknown stuff into your blood stream is not a good idea.

    we are too trusting of big param when they have been known to recall or allow unhelpful items into the human body –

    I hope you get a chance to hear his interview where he explains it – and I hope people understand some of the points he is making about health

    because long after this NFL season ends – Aaron Rodgers will have his life to live and I think he wants to be around for grandchildren. Maybe he will switch and do some Geico commercials – and I know he can be a diva –
    but getting a shot that you are allergic to and one that is questionable to you can play in a football game?/ come on – I know the NFL is our modern day worship centers
    but Aaron reorders is a human being before he is a QB
    and I hope people see truth with this
    thanks for letting me share that

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t dismiss anyone’s hesitations regarding the vaccine. I myself only got it a few months ago after going back and forth on the matter for a long time so I’m not exactly in anyone’s camp on this.

      That said, Rodgers is playing a team sport for one. And this agreement by the players to be vaccinated or to sit on the sidelines was agreed upon, it wasn’t an order. They are free to forego the vaccine, but in the interest of public health and safety, they are impressed upon to receive it. But like I said, they can say nope and sit. It’ their choice.

      As for whether this particular vaccine is on the up and up, do I know that? No. But I do know too many people have suffered from the virus. So the reason I went with it was because the fear of contracting it was greater than all other fears combined.

      Again, it’s my decision. Someone else, and I know a few people, may think and do differently.

      My problem with Rodgers though is not that he has a different opinion. It’s that he lied. He can do as he pleases, but the lie bothers me.

      No argument with you Prior. I get your side and I listen. I think the problem in society too much of the time is that we don’t take the time to consider such things.

      Liked by 1 person

      • you are so awesome to let comments like that make it through and go out there (some censor – and maybe for good reason – but I appreciate that you didn’t here)
        an thanks for your awesome reply –
        tip of the hat to you amigo

        and re reducers – I think he “deceived” more than officially lied – word play and semantics – but either way – I do agree that he should have gone abut it in a different ay
        but in my humble opinion – folks are not making sense with this experimental and unproven vaccine
        and if it causes sterility in men (and some have argued that it could) well there is reason to be cautious

        and true that are the suffering with the virus –
        but it takes four yers on average to see if vaccines are effective and safe – and so there is not way we had enough time to know this and so I think extreme caution is needed
        especially for children –
        and when children are the least impacted by this we need to not stick them and poison them

        fruther – for profit companies who have been sued nd found criminal are now to be so easily trusted – um, no – yet there is al this misplaced hope in a lab expeiremtal vaccine – partly out of fear and wanting it to be the elixir – and part of the brainwashing we have with big pharma stuff

        and thanks again for your gracious reply –

        Liked by 1 person

        • I don’t like to censor anything, outside of the one time with an ex who replied to one of my posts, but that is an entirely different situation LOL.

          No, things are too fractured as it is. What am I going to do? Add to that nonsense by insisting that I’m right? No thanks.

          I’m glad I never had to make that decision regarding kids since mine are grown. But as for Rodgers, like I said, whatever we consider it, it was an end around on the truth (See what I did there?) and it wasn’t cool to do that to the peeps who played by the rules, that’s all.

          Don’t get me started on big pharma. Hey, you ever watch Goliath on Prime?

          Thank YOU for replying back. We all must stick together, even when we don’t agree on stuff.

          PS- Did you see Halston? I did, McGregor was sensational.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hi – thanks for reminding me about Halston – half way through and let’s touch base when I get to finish – but at this point I was super excited to see his connection to the iconic Versailles fashio show (and the battle of Versailles was one of my favorite all time docs in 2020!! And so seeing Liza Minnelli and the models via the halston show was cool

            And I have seen Goliath adversities many a time – ???
            And one more defense for the horrible way this vaccine stuff is going down
            We have a constitutional right to not have to share medical details and it is a huge protection in labor laws and under the disabilities statutes – and every time a reporter or anyone so flippantly asked vaccination s status that is actually protected under our rights
            And not sure how everyone is getting away with this asking and the president’s mandate is unconstitutional and I am not even sure he knows it (duh!) but placing my hope in the courts and judicial branch to step in and help
            Those who believe the vaccine is effective should get and assume they are covered then – but they are the ones calling people idiots
            When if you look at many of those not jumping to get it – they are some of the smartest people around
            With good reasons
            Yet they are called idiots?
            Just the name calling alone shows the infantile attacking going on-
            And how about the 1100 airplane folks who held out – some of the smartest engineers in the world know it is too soon to quickly mass inject!
            A good friend just bucked and got the vaccine because she could not afford to be fired
            So chalk up one more dictator act in these here United States
            Thiught we lived in a democracy
            And no more reply needed about the vaccine but wanted to share that about how this kind of information is private and should be protected and I pray in Jesus name that truth comes out and that this madness stops

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  9. ICH! how did that posting happen?
    cont: Having said that, Steve Buscemi is a fave of mine. Great to see him plop up here re: Hallowe’en.
    Luke Bryan is fab. Wonder who would stop to help if I had a flat?
    Margaret Dilullo scored at 107. I hope when I’m there, I will get 107 cases of red wine.
    SUCKERBERG! Ef FB. Never had an account, never will.
    Biden better get busy in the riffraff race, otherwise he’s just biden- ing his time.
    Neffiteria Acker is cool.
    As a matter of fact, I do the same thing. I look in the mirror every morning, and scream, “who the hell is that”?
    Once I smile, shine my eyes, tilt my head to the exact perfect angle… I say “ohh it’s me! Gee, I’m cute!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Buscemi as Mr Pink next Halloween. it has GOT to happen! And Luke Bryan was a country music ROCK star for his taking the time to help some peeps who really needed it.

      Everyone would stop to help if you had a flat.

      Margaret loves her drink. I love that.

      FB has collapsed into itself. Not that I am the least bit surprised. I’ve had an account on two separate occasions and both times it quickly went meh for me. I don’t get the fascination.

      As for Joe Joe, yeah, his sands in the hour glass are dwindling. And Bidening his time? Buahahahaha! You crack me up.

      Acker is the teacher and human we need in this day and age.

      LOL. You too?

      You are. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe I’ll go as Mr. Pink?
        Everyone would stop… they’d have to! I’d stick out my leg and trip their car!!!
        If I hit Margaret’s age..(NOOOOO!) I’ll be drinking red wine. I mean what does one do all day?
        Poor Joe bidening his time. With any luck, the sands will run out very soon, and the Dems will have time to flip that hourglass over!
        see you soon!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ya mean Mr. Pink if Mr. Pink was sexy? Go ahead Resa!

          I would drink and smoke cigars at that age. What am I saving it for??

          We need some sanity to return to the political process, and I know, I know . . that’s crazy talk.

          Thank you Ms. Pink


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