The Rundown

Parents reunited with their children in a grocery store parking lot after the fatal school shooting.

Madness visited Detroit, Michigan on Tuesday afternoon when 15 year-old Ethan Crumbley walked the halls of Oxford High School armed with a 9 mm handgun and proceeded to murder four students, wounding seven others. The gun had been a gift from his father, presented to him on Black Friday, after which he showed it off on his Instagram page. His parents were called into the school on Tuesday morning after he was cited with exhibiting “disturbing” behavior, but he was allowed to stay in school.

And that’s when Tuesday turned into the latest nightmare in a never ending loop. It was covered in much the same way most shootings are nowadays. With a somber shrug and the realization that our elected representatives will provide their circumspect analysis of the situation as they watch Rome burn to ashes. And as if Nero isn’t peddling enough indifference to our latest gun tragedy, there’s this; the circus of news caravans don’t even bother showing up unless the body count is horribly provocative.

And it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense, not any of it. But it doesn’t matter any longer and you know why?

Because its who we are.

I was going to write one story today, about the latest gun tragedy in Michigan. And then SB left me a comment about a man who paid for a woman’s groceries when it was obvious she was struggling. And then something wonderful happened. I found scores of stories about men and women and even kids giving back in grocery store lines across the map.

And so the video above is not the story SB was referring to, but it is the kindness she was clinging to when she told me about the video and said “I wish you could find it,”. Well Madame, I did find it, and it’s everywhere. But this here video, which involves your boys in blue, it’s to say thank you for changing the lineup on this Friday morning. Because there are times when you have to clap back at the darkness that threatens to overwhelm us with two very simple words.

Not today.

Weekly Miami Dolphins Report- The Fins are 4-0 since yours truly declared he was seeking a trial separation from the club. To any members of the organization reading this? You’re welcome. 

MLB lockout official, CBA expiration brings baseball to halt

For the first time since the unforgivable season cancelling strike of 1994, the MLB has closed up shop after talks stalled between the owners and the player’s association. That strike proved to be the beginning of the end for baseball in Montreal. After which Commissioner Bud Selig pimped out the game to steroid cheats to get the fans back. As a result, age old MLB records were trampled over, player salaries soared and brand new revenue streams created caviar cribs for more than half of the league’s teams.

Will this time be different, or will fans have to take out a second mortgage to take in a game? Stay tuned . . .

Overdue book returned to Idaho library after 110 years

Okay, I’m dating myself when I admit to having returned an overdue library book a time or two. But hey, I was never 110 years late in returning a book so yanno, there is that.

That’s what happened in Boise, Idaho when a copy of “The New Chronicles Of Rebecca” made its way back to the Garden Valley District Library, formerly known as the Old Carnegie Library. It was technically due back on November 8, 1911 . . . a year before the Titanic set sail for New York City, but who’s counting? The Kate Douglas Wiggin novel, penned in 1907, would have accumulated a fine of more than $800 if not for the fact that fines are no longer a thing because. . . Amazon.

Dr. Oz is running for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania? I can only assume it’s because Joe Exotic wasn’t available.

Snow Strands Dozens For 3 Nights In Yorkshire PubImma wrap up this week’s episode by visiting the other end of this mad spectrum of a world we tend to. Because this story is a million miles removed from the hopeless storm of tragic headlines. Listen, it’s pretty fucking easy to get swept up in the undertow of worst-case scenarios in this sink or swim world.

The good folks of Yorkshire, England chose the latter. Literally, figuratively and every other kind of -ly that rhymes with making merry. When several feet of snow fell across the countryside, patrons at the Tan Hill Inn officially became snowbound. 61 strangers were left to make the best of a pretty great situation, considering there was cold beer on tap, plenty of food and an Oasis cover band to keep them warm. And as if that wasn’t enough, they tossed in pub quizzes and movies and karaoke as well and uh . . I did mention all that cold beer, right?

It took three days before the roads were cleared and they were rescued (If you want to call it that), but the memories are going to last a hell of a lot longer than that. But please, don’t take my word for it, check out this weekend review given by one of the stranded patrons on the Inn’s Facebook page.

“We will ALWAYS remember this group of amazing people who came together, and hopefully, in challenging circumstances, enjoyed what we all think was a life-changing experience,”

What may come of simple moments is our divinity. Its truth speaks to what we are when the stars prevail upon us to follow their lead through the storm. And the cold darkness will find no quarter where poetry and song are gathered, because it speaks the language of the depths, so it sinks with the rising sun.

We swim.



45 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. I couldn’t wait, the girl that I am. How wonderfully you penned that Marco.

    When the Dalai Lama says, his religion is kindness, it makes you want to stand up and say, I too belong to that church.

    It takes so little to make a difference. Look at that woman? She’s been raised up by those men in blue. I do love so much.

    …there are times when you have to clap back at the darkness that threatens to overwhelm us with two very simple words.

    HEAR HEAR!!!


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    • I’m really glad you changed your mind, SB. It was thanks to your comment that this post went in a very different direction.

      I do too. I belong to it. We may not always be at our peach pie best, but it doesn’t mean we don’t do kindness.

      I know you do. I thought that was just the story to use.

      Yes, not today. Today is the day we take back.

      Thank you SB

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  2. The Michigan news is a true headshaker on multiple levels. The Fins are on a roll, and Imma told me that your beatdown is the main reason. Players, owners, and MLB make money – lots of money – even the rising cost of ticket prices can be confusing. Like a wise TV show once stated, more means more. (Dinosaurs) … Love stories of kindness, and even in this sorry world we live in, these stories still shine and are more numerous than we realize. Why? Because behind the dark curtain of life, the majority of the world is still good.

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  3. I’m may joke that this world doesn’t make sense but then I read stories about gun violence. What is it that makes a child pick up a gun and senselessly kill another? Is it the violent video games that make them so detached from reality they don’t see it as murder? I’m glad this was the not only story today. I needed ‘feel good’ stories to get me out of my funk. I live in Canada where there is significantly less gun violence but there is still some here. Our rules are stricter but I think they could be stricter still. Guns kill in the hands of people. There’s a simple solution: destroy all the bullets.

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  4. Thanks for stretching beyond the senseless murders in Michigan. I kinda wish the news would just quit covering those stories – might reduce the carnage if the wackos couldn’t count on instant infamy.

    People helping people (or animals or plants or any living thing) is where it’s at!

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  5. B

    Madness, yes. And I am torn over the nonchalance of the media on this. Not that I want them to play it in a loop but to keep people aware so there is more action to fix this damn scenario. I was rather happy to hear on the news this morning that they are considering accusing his parents also. Which is not a bad thing. What the hell kinda gift is that?

    Love the story of the men in blue showing their human kindness towards that woman. At first I was thinking gee, holding a press conference? I dunno. But then again, I think they need to show the people that the cops are mostly the good guys – a few bad apples does not represent properly.

    You keep dissing the Dolphins, bebe. It’s working!

    Sigh. I miss the Expos. And no, I have a hard time believing they won’t have the dollars signs in their eyes. Could you imagine if they actually lowered the cost of tickets? Oh. My. Goodness.

    I just love that library book story! It must have made the day of the librarian who took it back. What a story that book could tell…

    Dr. Oz vs Joe Exotic.. hmmm…

    Now why doesn’t the Yorkshire, England story ever happen to peeps like us? What a fantabulous three days that must have been! Food, drink, entertainment… winner, winner all the way!

    Beautiful last paragraph. You do know how to package your posts.

    And of course you had to put an Oasis video. It just seems so à propos!


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  6. A super tour de force, Pilgrim. Those officers deserved the applause, as does SB for her open heart, The Oxford situation is sad, and the fact that it seems like that’s who we are is even more unfortunate. We notice that the animal that ran down all those people in Wisconsin is now off of page one. I read a report where he feels people are making him out as a monster. Well Duh. I also read that the defense lawyers for that kid at Oxford will plead innocent. At least one had the conscience to walk away from that horror show. I’m proud of you for sacrificing yourself for the good of the Fins. You are the man. MLB? Not sure the public is going to cough up more dough to make whatever comes out of that lockdown a reality. We are all suckers, it seems. The book story was good fun and having been snowed in once I can identify with the good times had by all. Thaks again for an enjoyable post.

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    • Very much so, Boss. As I told her, if not for the comment she left me, this post was going in a very different direction indeed.

      I hear the parents are being charged as well. And now there is a search for them.

      WTF . . . as if he forgot that he mowed down all those parade goers? Asshole.

      The Dolphins owe me a playoff share if they make it . . .

      I’m not coughing up more money. I didn’t before this and I sure as hell ain’t gonna do it on the other side.

      How about that book?

      I could only wish I was snowbound in a pub.

      Thanks Sheriff

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  7. Fab Runover! 😉🙃
    I just saw on the news that the 15year old shooter’s parents have each been charged with 4 counts of Involuntary Manslaughter!
    HA! Baseball. Do I care?
    The food story rocks!
    So does the Snowed Inn!
    The 110 year old late library book tale has me chuckling.
    I’ve been boycotting Amazon for 6 years now, and I own a Library Card!

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    • Good! They deserve to be charged. Not sure it’s going to stick, but why shouldn’t they be charged?

      I love that video with the cops.

      Right? How great would THAT be?

      Can you imagine the life it’s led? I wonder as to where it went, or if it was just stuck in someone’s attic.

      You go girl!

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  8. Sadly, yet another week of ‘thoughts and prayers.’ And we wonder why this country is so messed up? Loved SB’s story-it allows a spot of hope in this world of madness going on. And well who wouldn’t love the English pub story? Well done, sir. Have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sadly . . again.

      Gun Nation . . it’s our national seal.

      I came across so many of those stories, and the cops hit me right in the feels.

      You know the only thing better than getting stuck in a pub for the weekend? Getting stuck in a pub for the week.

      Gracias Monika

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  9. I have to ask, what the hell were the parents thinking? Who buys their child a flipping 9mm! I mean first, teen suicide and second worse case scenario, as in this case, murder. The mother’s text to being told her son was searching ammo, “LOL I’m not mad just don’t get caught.” No words.

    And thank you for including some upbeat. We need it!

    Mixed emotions on MLB. I stopped attending games a long time ago. One, I cannot drink that much anymore and it really can be a long and boring event. In the end, the cost of the ticket doesn’t make sense for the torture of sitting on those benches. But you know, no baseball would be sad.

    Oh, I miss real books. Turning the pages. That unique smell. But yeah, love my instant downloads more.

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    • Yeah, on so many levels that is confounding to me. It’s abject ignorance/arrogance/stupidity . . all wrapped up in a murderous ending.

      Thankfully I was veered off the course I was taking.

      I attend independent league and minor league games now. Fraction of the price, free parking and get this . . they cater to the fans! Wha?

      Nothing like a real book. The folds that bristle gently between your fingers, there is a peace to that feeling that cannot be replicated.

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  10. Hey – been missing your rundowns – and glad to have checked out this post – cheers to the NYPD for helping the lady and also for the man who was able to grab a photo –
    that truly was uplifting –
    and last year – my friend and I met at the short pump mall and a vet with PTSD was drubk and crying because his wife had a miscarriage – they couldn’t;t find his family and the Henrico County police came and were amazing – so was the mall security – and I did get a few photos but I never posted them – now I feel bad because we do need to do shoutouts. whew – people sometimes only see the bad but I remember the NYPD guy who bought a lady boots a few years back – and there are so many amazing stories we don’t hear.

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