36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Holiday Style

  1. Q

    Another beauty, on the pages of a blog whose class quotient increases exponentially every Wednesday thanks to you. And thank YOU for being there this week when I needed to keep my shit together. You kept me together when I needed to be.



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    • B,
      Thank you. I always try to bring it every week. Your words tell me I manage. 😊
      And of course. You’d do the same were the tables turned. Call me one who helps you find your centre (or center).
      Love you,

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      • Well, you definitely bah-ring it every single week, so that’s a given. Manage? Simply manage? As you would say Pffft! You exceed expectations . . all the time in fact.

        This be true. (And yes, it’s both).

        Love you too

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    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thank you! I was asked by a fellow blogger, Instagram peep to use the Christmas tree one… but I still had to have something no one had seen yet 😉 Glad you love!

      Shalom and lotsa Christmas love,



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