Still Perfectly Frank 12 2021

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This post is a bit of a spinoff of Opinions in the Shorts, a regular feature from my previous blog life. Thank you, Marc, for sharing a bit of your space with me.

It’s grapefruit season – but my grocery stores switched from Ruby Reds from Texas to Pink from Florida. Then again, maybe this is an effect of last winter’s icy weather in Texas. Thoughts, John?

Thinking about grapefruits takes me to spoons. For me, big spoons are for soup and cereal – small spoons for ice cream and grapefruits. End of story.

Do you check your Spam Comments folder? I do regularly – and I have been finding legit comments from readers.

While doing a word puzzle early this week, I asked my wife if tuffle was a word. She said no. Researched verified her thought, but it was in the Urban Dictionary.

Does anyone out there like Creme Cicles or Orange Pushups? How about limoncello? What if those two worlds met? Yahtzee! My first ever batch of Creme CicleCello (orange-vanilla) is a big hit. Cheers!

You may know I’m in Cincinnati and a fan of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. The great football season allowed them to be the first outsider team invited into the final 4 championship series. Of course, the reward was facing perennial content Alabama. However, while I am grateful for their opportunity, I believe the selection committee – regardless of their biases – had no choice and were without reasonable alternatives. Besides, I wonder why schools haven’t filed antitrust lawsuits about the current arrangement – but I’m not a lawyer.

After losing seven straight, huge news out of Miami as Marc’s Dolphins win their seventh straight.

Surprised that they haven’t done so, I’m waiting on the insurance companies to deliver a hammer to the unvaccinated through premiums.

Our national government continues to be a group of elected officials standing in the quagmire of crap. Their main concern is representing their party – not their constituents, and certainly not acting in the country’s best interest. Don’t believe it? All they have to do is talk – so listen. They protect each other and don’t hold themselves to the same standards as they hold to the opposing party. Just ask how much time they spend fundraising for themselves and their party.

Ads for several candidates of the May 2022 Ohio Primary Election are already in full swing. Current ads are stoking fears of a Socialist agenda ruining our country. I would ask these candidates this question: Given your public commitment against Socialism, do you pledge to remove Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Unemployment Insurance from American life? Of course, I would also want a follow-up question because they wouldn’t answer the question. For those who dare, here’s one and the other.

The end of the year is always a good time to review the past year. After all, last year at this time we were hearing that vaccinations for the general public would be starting in January. Here goes.

2021 was a year for insurrection, inauguration, and denial, plus impeachment and acquittal. For vaccines, boosters, reopenings, Delta, Omicron, and more denial. For Lightning, Bucks, Bucs, and Braves.

2021 was a year for hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, and droughts; suppression, bias, and racism. For justice and injustice; love and hate; victory and defeat. For the guilty, not guilty, and pardoned; freedom and tyranny.

2021 delivered withdrawing from Afghanistan, buildings collapse, protests and conflicts, shootings and more shootings, elections, coups, new governments, bombings, kidnappings, culture wars, and increased mental health awareness.

2021 featured billionaires leading people into space, cryptocurrencies, supply shortages, a freighter blocking the Suez Canal, and theaters reopening. For Amanda Gorman, free Brittany, Olympians, Meghan & Harry moving, deaths of people who made an impact as leaders, entertainers, servants, first responders, crusaders, and many more – plus births of people who will deliver much good in the future.

Onto to 2022!

23 thoughts on “Still Perfectly Frank 12 2021

  1. Dear Frank,

    I live in Kansas City. I don’t need to tell you where my football loyalties are. 😉 (How ’bout them Chiefs?)
    It has been quite a year, hasn’t it? God’s Tech Support resonated with me. A young friend of mine just passed away leaving her husband and special-needs child. Nope. They weren’t vaccinated. 😦
    As the saying goes, “If sense was common, we’d all have some.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts.



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    • Rochelle,
      Thanks for sharing the story about your friend. Even though I shake our heads in disbelief, I still wish them peace. Meanwhile, although they haven’t been as vaunted as in the past, your Chiefs are still a legit threat – and you know they come to my city this Sunday for what is shaping up as a big game! I wish the Chiefs well as long as my team wins. 😉

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  2. Hey there Frank,

    Love these posts of yours (and miss them…) so I’m glad you are able to rent space here at Sorryless. That God’s Tech Support was bang on. Honestly.
    It’s been a helluva year, hasn’t it? Do you remember when this whole hullaballoo started and experts were saying we were not going to be out of it for a good two years? How we all mocked them. Right.
    We’ll have to talk ‘cellos! That sounds delicious. I promised myself I’d make more this year. I’d best get on it.
    Excellent choice of music. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that Alison and Robert are together again for their latest album. Woot!

    Happy New Year, Frank!

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    • Dale,
      As you know, Marc reaches out to me, plus I’m happy to come through when I can. Being his space, I always run the post through him first.

      Glad you enjoyed the music. I liked this one because it has a New Year’s Eve look to it – plus it’s a good song. And as you mentioned, it’s a tip of the cap to an unlikely duet who have a new album. One more thing – AK is a hottie!

      I know you are a cello maker. I rolled the dice with the Creme Cicle – but wow … love it! I may be auctioning a gallon/4 liters at a church event. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.

      Two years … wow … that’s been about right … and still going. Yikes!

      The last beach walk of the year and the first of the new year will have a subtle link. Happy New Year!

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      • Yes, indeed. And hey, your shenanigans are all your own! 😉

        I did. I know that album off by heart and I suspect, I shall get to know this one, too.

        I haven’t made any in eons and really must start again! Good idea to auction it off.

        I know, right? Ugh. It has caused so much grief.

        Lovely, Looking forward to it.

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  3. That was a whirlwind synopsis and a good one. 2021 has left a bad taste in my mouth but I’m simply going to spit it out and then hope something more appealing in 2022. I am an unrepentant optimist and I believe in us, mostly.

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  4. I think you are right about the Ruby Reds, Frank. I haven’t seen them around either. You know my opinion of Congress. I wish there were more voices to replace those who don’t seem to know their job. The executive branch has also become an embarrassment in addition to the lethargy of the legislature. Those who continue to want more Federal help should review the track record of success that federal assistance has achieved. I enjoyed your review.

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  5. Cincy,

    You’re always welcome over here, you know that. I’ve pared my blogging to once a week so there’s gonna be lots of open road over at Sorryless. 😉

    As for the Bearcats, I would love nothing better than to see them kick Nick Saban’s ass out of the CFP. Will it happen? Probably not (Sorry), but I’d love to see that. Instead you can rest assured that your Bengals are MUCH closer to something big than many thought. Maybe not this year, but a Super Bowl run is coming.

    And the Dolphins win streak is nice, but it’s a matter of TL meeting TL. They still gots to beat the Titans, who are tough as nails and then Belichick. Now, I don’t have much faith in the Mac Jones kid, but I do know the Hoodie doesn’t take too kindly to being knocked around, which is what the Dolphins did to them in Week 1. I’d love to see Miami sweep them, but I’m a realist. If they get to 9 wins this season, it’s a springboard to next season. But there’s lots to address before they can reward that great defense with any kind of run.

    Politics? I just can’t, not any longer. It’s been hijacked by the radicals on both sides of the aisle, and a bunch of celebrities who now consider running or have actually tossed their Gucci bags in the ring. Like, we have Dr. Fucking Oz running for Senate here . . and I fear that My Pillow schmuck will be next!

    I miss the “Shorts” Frank .. very much. And thank you for some Allison Kraus, she’s dreamy.

    PS- I just got around to watching ESPN’s “It Happened In Queens” which is a four-part series documenting the 1986 New York Mets championship club. Now, it may not be your cuppa tea, but as a Queens boy, I loved it. And this Yankees fan has to admit, that Mets team was the most fun baseball team the city ever had. Yes, I said that . . . .

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  6. Marc,
    I appreciate your hospitality here. But as you know, I always bounce things off of you because that’s what I do respecting your space. Thanks for the tip about the ’86 Mets. Seems it’s only on ESPN+, which I don’t have. Meanwhile, the city is pumped about UC-Bama. I know winning is a longshot, but so was NC State over Houston in the basketball finals. Monumental upsets for the ages happen – but are rare. I hope for a respectable showing. Your Fins are for real – but that’s a tough last 2 games. Same for the Bengals (Chiefs and at Cleveland). LBs are very thin, so to me that says Kelce Kelce then more Kelce.


  7. Totally brilliant, Frank! Funny you mentioned the SPAM folder-several of my regular commenters are beginning to show up there when I’m on Chrome. Ugh. And can I just say that God Tech Support video made me howl!! What a hoot. Yes, a reboot might be our only salvation in 2022. Wishing you and yours a safe and joyful New Year. A Bearcat win would go a long way toward that. ‘Bama seems to be the new “East German Olympic team” and I’ve been so over Saban for years. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the “Fish” and hope they do better. I’ve given up on the “Donkeys” and can only hope new ownership (including Peyton and perhaps brother Eli) will right the ship by firing everyone in the front office and all the coaches. They are pitiful as well as inept. Happy New Year!


  8. Dude. Duuuuuuuude what a great ESPN Postgame 2021 year in review session. You could totally be an analyst with your sharp suit and cool music in the background. Go on Frank. I totally agree with you about having them raise them copay or something I mean with the exception of allergic reactions I feel you on that one. And removing social security, Medicare and all that. I agree with you, I don’t think they’d go for it, or answer your question. They don’t answer questions I’m general, which is why I enjoy Katie Porter ask so many. Reclaiming my time. Ha! But … BUT the spoons. That one had me cracking up the most. Ha! You just laid it out there and said … period. Ha! I laugh so much because in this house the ice cream spoons are soup size and the only small ones are used for tea or grapefruit and we haven’t even seen those Ruby Reds in a while. Great post! Sending you good vibes for a much better 2022.


  9. I for one was not thrilled about 2021.
    I am, however, thrilled about the vid you posted.
    I had 6 loyal followers in my Spam folder today. I check regularly.
    I left 1 in the folder. It’s from some so-called priest guy who says he can sell me spells for whatever ails me.
    He ails me!!!!
    Maybe 1 day you can do a post on my GLAM blog? Perhaps a Rock concert or night at the theatre?
    Happy New Year…dahling!

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    • Resa!
      Greetings and Happy New Year!!! 2021 is officially in the rearview mirror. Whether good or bad depends on compared to what. To 2020? Well … let us not forget that crazy year!

      Cheers to you for checking your Spam folder. But wow – you found 6 loyal followers there? Geez … I’ve never found that many.

      Hmmmm …. Hosting a Concert at the Glam? I imagine Dale could be coaxed into being the matre’D if you outfitted her. I’m sure The Producer would come along too! Let’s share thoughts by email.

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  10. Hey, Frank in Cincy + Marc + Dale + Whoever Else – I love all y’all, mostly because I agree with all y’all a good part of the time.

    You may have noticed my Southernism which I could not help but pick up after 15+ years in TN. I already was not an SEC fan (go often overlooked and sometimes for good reason PAC-12) but I have to say I have had some good laughs about the records “achieved” by the revolving door of UT coaches, including one from UC. And when it comes to pro sports, as a happily returned Angeleno, I certainly have no complaints in that department this year.

    I don’t have enough followers to worry about any of them getting lost in spam. If, however, any of y’all would like to become one of the few and hopefully the proud, here are links

    Starting Over – Because there’s never enough time to do it right the first time but there’s always enough time to do it over (

    My Self Evident Truths… (

    PS to Frank – If you do get a chance to check out the first blog above, you may note that I am considering Cincy as a possible place for retirement relocation. Any thoughts or helpful advice you might have about how comfortable an old person could be there, and how, would be appreciated.


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