The Rundown

40 Funny Quarantine Signs By People Who Haven't Lost Their Spirits Yet | Bored Panda

You can’t look back at 2021 without noticing the hump it was toting around, with that big fat trouble making asshole called 2020 screaming in its ear. So if you came here looking for me to romance the stoned ages of this twin-bill that keeps on taking, I ain’t got T.S. Eliot to compare notes with. But . . . (Editor’s Note: I love big buts and I cannot lie), there was plenty of good feeling to buoy our swim to the shore.

Okay, maybe not plenty, but enough . . definitely enough. Should I shush up and get down to bi’ness?  N’kay . . .


Imma start with the lovely Monika over at Tails Around the Ranch, who put the biscuit in the basket like the great Joe Sakic by leading things off with this one. Yes, I choose to copy and paste it, because I can’t do better than this and that’s okay.

Elected in 2020, 39 year old David Ortiz made history as Colorado’s first bisexual as well as disabled legislator to serve in the Colorado General Assembly, handily defeating his opponent 55-44%. In 2012, Ortiz survived a helicopter crash in Afghanistan while serving as a pilot in the U.S. Army. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Following his recovery at Craig Hospital (a neuro-rehab and research hospital specializing in spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, Ortiz worked as a lobbyist for veterans and behavioral health issues through the United Veterans Committee. Representing the communities of Littleton and parts of the city of Centennial (in the Denver metro area), Ortiz was the prime sponsor of 24 bills during the 2021 legislative calendar, offering more than any other freshman House representative. Among his sponsored bills is HB21-1110, which adopted the public accessibility standards established in the American with Disabilities Act into Colorado state law despite being unable to speak from the podium because of the assembly’s architectural design and his need for a wheelchair. While a beautiful capitol building, it had never been fully assessable to the handicapped with its many stairs/levels. Various updates to accommodate Ortiz were made earlier in the year to the 130 year building but he was still unable to address the body from the speakers podium. It’s nice to see that progress is being made to permit full access for all Colorado citizens…be they constituents or legislators.

See kids? When you open your hearts and minds to what is possible and stop dwelling on the business that ain’t your business . . . great things will happen.

Betty White Preps for 99th Birthday, Says 'Sense of Humor' Keeps Her Young |

We said goodbye to legends in every field in 2021. From Hank Aaron to Colin Powell, Larry King to Stephen Sondheim, Bob Dole, Olympia Dukakis and Cicely Tyson. So many luminaries whose contributions were always going to live well beyond their mortal years, even if they made us believe otherwise. And then in the last breaths of the year, we lost John Madden and Betty White to the blanket of stars above us, and it makes me think that the term legend might be too impersonal of a word to use for these people. Because they were so much more than big names on a marquee. They were passionate teachers and earnest souls who made the world that much better while they were here. And I’ll tell you something else I believe. They didn’t leave the room.

They simply changed seats.

Promising Young Woman — Carey Mulligan turns toxic avenger | Financial Times

And speaking of legends, Nomadland took home Best Picture honors at the Oscars, with the great Frances McDormand leading the way. So, you’re probably wondering why Carey Mulligan’s pretty mug is staring at you and I’ll get to that in un momento.

Saying Frances McDormand isn’t deserving of an Oscar is like saying Ted Williams didn’t earn his batting titles. And it’s not by accident that she has three of these statuettes now, which is one shy of Katharine Hepburn, and I’m pretty sure Frances has her own (well deserved) parking space outside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. But Carey Mulligan pitched a perfect game in her turn as Cassandra Thomas in Promising Young Woman and last I looked you can’t do better than that.

That is all.

Braves win World Series 2021

In sports, 2021 was more Groundhog Day than Heaven Can Wait.

Nothing against Tom Brady, but I’d sooner give myself a Siracha enema than be subjected to another episode of King Pretty Boy claiming football’s Iron Throne. And then the Lightning match his royal flush by hoisting a Stanley Cup and turning Tampa into “Title Town”? Yeah, fuck that. And Ho met Hum when Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide ended their two-year long national championship ‘drought’ by beating Ohio State last January. In basketball, the Milwaukee Bucks won it all. I’m not gonna lie. I watched them win and I still had to look it up when I wrote this, because I’d already forgotten.

Which makes the Atlanta Braves my favorite sports champions of the 2021 seasons. By default. Which, you guessed it, still counts.

Britney Spears' Lawyer Quits Controversial Conservatorship – Deadline

2021 didn’t promise us a rose garden. Nonetheless, there was plenty of bloom to go along with all the gloom and doom scenarios. Like for instance, Britney was finally freed . . and no, I’m not being sarcastic about this. It’s a good thing because she’s a good person and I really believe that.

The Rising Heroes of the Coronavirus Era? Nations' Top Scientists - The New York Times

And not for nothing, but science keeps leaping and bounding into the later rounds of the coronavirus. The world’s biggest brains are harnessing their powers in order to make better tomorrows for everyone. There are constant studies being conducted as more and more vaccinations are administered which means, yes, there is a way back.

Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover - NASA Mars

With the historic landing of NASA’s Perseverance on Mars, humankind has moved that much closer to realizing the dreams of Mulder and Scully and every single person who ever lived out of an RV in the desert. And I have a question. Will Mitch and his GOPeeps be as hostile towards space aliens as they are with human beings?

American bison - Wikipedia

In 2021, we learned that not all of God’s creatures have been lost in the vortex of human progress. Blue Whales and Bald Eagles join Peregrine Falcons, Galapagos Giant Tortoises, American Bisons, California Condors, Giant Pandas and Steller Sea Lions in a comeback for the ages. In the box-score that matters most of all.

You notice how we treat a brand new year with such reverence? We pile all of our hopes and dreams into this sweet new ride and then we drive it out of the showroom . . . and proceed to devalue the shit out of it over the next twelve months. But I think we’re missing something if we were to let our story end right then and there. I think we lose the essence of who we are when we believe ourselves prisoners to some lost horizon that never existed in the first place. We, are more than that.

Last year, there were a million moments of inspiration that helped to create things that will provide thrust to a million future dreams. And there were first teeth and first steps and first words and first ideas and first loves and first journeys . . . and another million such places that help steel the soul against all the many bitter losses. Because the firsts are what feeds our advance into the future. It shows us that here, right here and now, is where the ride begins.

The rest is up to us.






54 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. You never disappoint Marc! I must admit I laughed out loud at your comment about loving buts. You know where my mind went… There are so many great people that have touched us over the years, they will never be forgotten. And that’s a good thing. I wonder how we will be remembered? You have made me think my friend….

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    • You are the sweetest, Pam.

      I HAD to go there when it came into my head. There was no turning back at that point, hahaha!

      I so agree with you. These people were more than legendary. They were important to us all. They made our lives better for having known their lives and careers.

      I want to be remembered as the eccentric dude with the embarrassing shirts. Hmmm . . I have to buy some embarrassing shirts now!

      Thank you muchly Pam

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  2. B,

    You just never fail to deliver. As Eilene has just written, your creative use of language add luster to your luscious. (I don’t have the chops to add a better descriptive!)

    I love the image you used for your intro because damn if that ain’t the whole truth right there!

    2021 didn’t stand a chance in hell what with what 2020 delivered. But (I like ’em too) we don’t have to focus only the shite, do we?

    What a great story Monika supplied! David Ortiz deserves this first spot. It’s amazing how much he accomplished in so little time. Definitely good business.

    We did have to say good-bye to many legends (as we do every year). That we have to end with both John Madden and Betty White leaving us is just the icing to this yearly cake. I love all the comments coming out about Betty. The one I liked best, that of course I cannot find said something to the effect that you know a person has lived a fantastic life when at 99, you think they left too soon… She’s never leaving the room.

    I have not (yet) seen Nomadland and I am not doubting for a moment that it will be good. I have to agree with you that Carey Mulligan was outstanding in Promising Young Woman,

    Yay to the Atlanta Braves! Fantabulous win without a doubt. Enough with the friggen Tampa teams already.

    Yes, dammit. It’s about time Britney be free to be her own self. In every way. I agree that she is a good person who went through difficult times and is now healthy to be freed.

    Yeah to the scientists who don’t and won’t quit.

    Love your Mitch and his GOPeeps. You gotta patent that, they are surely gonna steal it!

    The comeback of all those beautiful animals is a wonderful thing, no doubt about it.

    I’m not touching the last two paragraphs except to say this is why you are here. To share your beautiful words with the world.

    Excellent choice of song (I knew you’d come through)!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Q

      You are much too kind. But yanno what? Imma take it! Because, and maybe you noticed it, I went a little rogue with this episode, More snark to go along with the goodness. I feel it is time to unleash the beast . . the mostly good natured one who calls his shot.

      2020 WAS that stupid ass fat bastid, piggy backing on last year and basically gaining our attention once again. Well, guess what? We’ve had enough of that.

      As I told Monika, it’s the kind of good stuff we need more of. We have to change our expectations, about people. Ditch labels and the requisite nonsense and get solid, competent people in positions of power.

      When I was scanning all the names we lost last year, I had to take a breath. There were just so many names, household ones. It was a WOW moment.

      And no, Betty White stick. As does Madden. They painted the hell out of this world, and they left the palette robust for generations to come.

      Carey Mulligan’s turn was actually that good. I would never slight Frances, not ever. She is a legend. But Carey nailed this.

      Fuck Tampa. Go Braves!

      And yes, Britney is a good person and I like her. I hate how we turn these people into one dimensional characters so easily.

      SCIENCE! It’s a real thing!

      Mitch and his GOPeeps deniers can all go to Tampa. (That’s code for hell).

      All God’s creatures, coming back. Good stuff is happening as well.

      Oh, you scratched the itch right there, you know you did. 😉

      Love her! Gracias.


      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m as kind as I feel like being when it is deserved. And you know I did. It felt way more Marco than it has in a while. Yes. You keep that beast unleashed.

        It was. And I’ll not speak of it again. It’s 2022. Let us move forward.

        Yes, absolutely. Please. Enough with the labels. May the best person for the job get it – all the other stuff should not even be part of the discussion.

        Yes. It is breathtaking to have them all there in one shot.

        They did paint the hell out of this world and will be remembered forever for it.

        One does not have to denigrate the other. They are both fantastic in their own right, Carey nailed this role. Period.

        Go Braves!

        I like her too. I think she was much maligned and very badly guided. She was so young when fame hit.

        Get outta heah! It is?

        I like your code.

        Yes. There is lots of good stuff!

        You know where to come for any itch scratching 😉

        She’s great!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Welp, it felt good to swing away. Not sure where it was, but it’s where it needs to be right now.

          Onward! Upward!

          As it should be, as it always should have been. And from here, the way it absolutely, positively has to be going forward.

          The New York Times ran an article about all those who passed during the year. There were over 100.

          Forever, and a day.

          I think a tie would have been okay, just this once.

          Till next year.

          So talented and rich and young and troubled. We imagine these kids are supposed to be perfect. It’s nuts.

          It is.

          It’s a good code.




          She is, shizzle.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I’m glad you did, that you’ve found it and you will continue to use it, yes?

            Hear! Hear!

            Yes. It must be the proper way.

            Man, oh man. It’s amazing when they make these lists. You remember some that were announced and are shocked at others that you somehow missed their obit.

            A tie works for me.

            Yes. Next year will be another story.

            How the hell are they supposed to deal with it. My God. If the parents don’t have a firm foot on the ground, they are lucky if they don’t all lose it.

            I’m blown away 😉


            All we have to do is look 🙂

            Ya baby!


            Liked by 1 person

          • Well, its gotta be this way. I see that now that I’m back to doing that. Maybe there was a thought that it had to be different, I’m not sure.

            Yes! And now I wonder how many were missed at last year’s Oscars. Or was that already the story of last year’s Oscars?

            Brittany has nothing to apologize for, or feel lousy about.

            Blown away?!!

            Woo BABAY!


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          • I am very glad that you have come to your senses. Though it is okay to question.

            Yeah! I usually count on the Oscars to bring me up to date! I dunno. I didn’t watch it.

            No, she doesn’t.

            Yessiree !

            Uh huh!


            Liked by 1 person

          • I came to my senses alright. All two of them . . .

            I didn’t watch the Oscars for the first time since the Truman administration. Okay, I lie . . I watched it during his term,




            Liked by 1 person

          • Haha! Say what you will. I know better.

            I’ve missed them more often than that. Some years I hadn’t seen a damn nominated movie! Why bother …



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  3. Remind me what the prize is for penning such a terrific rundown? Thank you for spotlighting the good in this bad ravaged world. And while we foist all our hopes on new years, let’s hope the Year of the Tiger delivers a knockout punch on the crap that’s been resurfacing the past few years. Blessings and joy to you and yours, Marc. Keep up the great work!
    P.S. Thank you for sharing the David Ortiz story; it was particularly inspiring, considering the end of the year wildfire disaster that closed out 2021. Human nature may fixate on the ugly but we all need stories of triumph to buoy our battered psyches.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was my first thought, Big Papi of Boston way . . but this story, it’s so hopeful isn’t it?

      Betty White was an original. I remember so many classic episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, I still laugh, so hard.

      Here hear!


  4. This rundown is def a runaway… from last year.
    Funny poster at the top.
    However, the David Ortiz story is a great reason to embrace 2022, as opposed to running away from 2021. Thank you, Monika!!!!
    BETTY WHITE — le sniff… and to all the others, les sniffs!
    Are the Bucks the team… well on the news I saw a guy take his jersey off during a game and quit. Then they said he was fired… career over!
    I’m sure you know what I’m taking about.
    I’m glad Brittany is freed!!!!!
    Who is Mitch and his GOPeeps?
    I’m not too keen on moving to Mars, but I’d sure love to go live with the Blue Whales and Bald Eagles join Peregrine Falcons, Galapagos Giant Tortoises, American Bisons, California Condors, Giant Pandas and Steller Sea Lions. OR GIANT CATS!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, dahling!
    Like the song… she’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That poster! I just HAD to!

      And I agree with you most definitely . . embrace the new year and just be grateful for all the good that happened in 2021, and there was a lot of good happening.

      Betty White was stolen to the stars above. The angels win again.

      As for the Bucks, I think they play basketball . . . And you’re speaking of Antonio Brown. An insanely talented chap who is really, really bad at football relationships. His career is over . . for now.


      Mitch and his pals ain’t worth talking about. Not no mo . . .

      I do so love the world where we can run free with all these magnificent creatures. The best kind of drug.

      Giant cats? I . . am . . . there!

      Happy New Year good looking!


  5. I’m a bit late here, but you got me at Betty White since, I so loved her, from Betty Anne Niven to the last Golden Girl to make the train out.

    Someone on Instagram posted a photo of all them embracing with the caption…Finally, together again.

    Made me cry.

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  6. First off that sign is hilarious. And yeah totally true I feeeeeel that. As Jesse Pinkman would say … YEAH SCIENCE %#! 🙂 That sign right there is the sign of 2020 and 2021 let’s hope it doesn’t carry over. And let’s clap it up for Ortiz! Making a difference bit by bit. And the lovely Betty, I could have used her patience and grace this week as I was hitting my parent failures at every stride on Wednesday. Be more like Betty :)we lost a lot of good people this year. Plus all those animals making a comeback, dude Betty would love that! And your closer … combing all the firsts into beautiful souls strong enough to overcome the setbacks and feed our future … that was a beautiful piece of writing right there… gave me all the feels 🙂 High-five to you for lifting me up! Sunshine and waves to you hermano for a great New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? And let’s just say that all these fools who are behaving like petulant children? History will not be kind to them.

      So many people, so much talent. And Betty White, I remember her well from the Mary Tyler Moore show. She was one of a kind.

      Thank you muchly hermana, you are the best, you know that?

      Feliz Ano Nuevo!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. What a great ending- I mean REALLY GREAT:

    you wrote: “I think we’re missing something if we were to let our story end right then and there. I think we lose the essence of who we are when we believe ourselves prisoners to some lost horizon that never existed in the first place. We, are more than that.”
    true that amigo

    and still laughing at this “biscuit in the basket like the great Joe Sakic ”
    never heard that before

    Liked by 1 person

    • I get a little miffed/pissed when all the noise results in absolutely no change. As a person who is NOT a social butterfly, as an individual who does not wish to be a part of the community (I mean that in a non-derogatory way), I watch society scream at each other and none of it changes anything.

      There’s all this space and time with which to accomplish amazing fucking things, and too many people are content to piss it away for what? So they can stick out their chests and cry victory?

      Well, the amazing stuff is still happening. And it matters more. Even in the quiet. Because it doesn’t want to own, it doesn’t need to win. And that there is the point.

      Sorry for the rant and please excuse my French.

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