32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sorry I’m late!

  1. Dear Dale,

    Y’know this would make a very interesting painting. Shut my mouth. I gotta quit saying that. I’m not going to run out of material…ever. Great photos. They tell a story. Well done as always, my favorite shutter-snapper.

    Shalom and lotsa warm hugs,


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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I’m thinking this will make a lovely Christmas card next year… or a lovely painting now 😉 – don’t let me stop you!
      So very glad like, my favourite writer-painter!

      Shalom and lotsa lovely snowy love,


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  2. Makes you want to suit up, jump into your boots, grab your sled, and go. You brought me back to being a kid, my dad taking me sleigh riding. I loved it, oblivious to the cold, fearless zooming down those hills, one of the few memories I have of him who passed so young.

    Thanks Dale, as always. evoking another heart felt memory. Susannah

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    • So glad this is what it evoked in you, Susannah. I know as I was watching mother pull child, I was brought back to pulling my own kids. Hard to believe that was over twenty years ago!

      Thank you. I always love bringing up good memories!

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  3. Q

    Sometimes, you just have to jump right in with both boots and let ‘er rip! And I mean as a photographer, even though the content would count of course. I love the splashes of red that poke through all the white. Life inside the dead of winter, it won’t be quieted by the freeze.

    And what’s this about late? 😉


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