The Rundown

Jack Frost got his lazy ass out of bed this week, bringing actual snow to the east coast! Apologies to commuters and homeowners for that exclamation point, but I think winter needs to start behaving more like a mortician with dandruff; as in cold and flaky but nothing too wild.

The week began with winter storms meandering their way from New Jersey down to the Carolinas and stretching as far west as the Gulf of Texas. It delivered up a sequel with a “bomb cyclone” that slammed Buffalo and is working its way down the eastern seaboard. And okay . . I had to find a dramatically appropriate way in which to plant a favorite word of mine into the opening: Meander . . . it’s one of those very perfect words.

I’m shameless.

Hockey Fan Spots Cancerous Mole at Game and Delivers a Lifesaving Note - The New York Times

The lovely Dale gets the game winning goal for this next story . . .

Nadia Popovici is a big fan of the Seattle Kraken hockey club, and that’s not great. But every single other thing about this young woman just so happens to be.

While attending a game in Seattle between her team and the Vancouver Canucks, Popovici spotted a mole on the back of Brian Hamilton’s neck that alarmed her. Hamilton is the assistant equipment manager for the Canucks whose life was about to be saved by a med student who needed to warn him about it. Which is what Nadia did by pressing her phone against the plexiglass with a message about the possibly cancerous mole. She urged him to see his doctor, ASAP.

Well, Hamilton followed this future doctor’s orders and as it turned out, she was right. A cancerous mole with type-2 malignant melanoma was removed from Hamilton’s neck; if he would have let it go another few years Hamilton says ” . . I wouldn’t be here,”

When the team reached out to Popovici to thank her for the life saving gesture, she was sleeping after having worked overnight as a crisis intervention specialist at a suicide prevention hotline. (I told you every single other thing about her was great). And so she was treated to a game, gifted $10,000 from both teams and Brian Hamilton will serve as her official Uber driver in perpetuity. I made that last part up. But he would do it.

Frank Capra probably wishes he was around to write this one up.

Major Matrix Revolutions Character Confirmed for Resurrections | Den of Geek

I wanted to love The Matrix Resurrections. Okay, maybe not love it but like it very much? Yes, I really did. But alas, I really didn’t love it or like it or need to have spent two and a half hours watching it. The only reason I did was because if Keanu Reeves ran for President, I’d vote for him. Yeah, I know he wasn’t born here, but seeing as how we’ll let anyone in the Oval Office, I think it’s time we started ordering out.

Antonio Brown goes shirtless, leaves Bucs-Jets in bizarre scene

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four times with each instance being dumber than the last? You must be the NFL. Because Antonio Brown has found his getaway driver in Roger Goodell’s league. How else to explain the myriad chances he’s torched in the past three seasons, from Pittsburgh to Oakland, New England to Tampa.

In addition to all that nonsense, Brown has been involved in civil as well as criminal charges, ranging from burglary to assault and rape. Oh yeah, and he faked a vaccination card, which happens to be a federal crime. So while I empathize with anyone who suffers from mental illness, I do not suffer nor sympathize with opportunists who are given every chance, afforded every benefit of the many doubts and spoon fed a lifeline, numerous times.

Brown and his agent are busy drafting a narrative to explain his Tragic Mike act, in which he quit on his team in the middle of a game last Sunday. They’re claiming he was injured and his coach was trying to force him back in the game. Even if true, it doesn’t excuse this asshole’s many splintered adventures. At all. If Boss Goodell wants to start earning some of that $40 million birthday cake he’s taking home, it’s time he tells Brown and his peeps to hit the bricks for good. Sure, the NFLPA is going to push hard against that kind of decision, and they’ll win that fight. Just so long as they go on record as having let AB back in again.

That way, when AB ends up killing himself or someone else, we’ll know who to thank.

End-of-life': Old BlackBerries no longer work from Tuesday | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — Technology — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Tuesday marked the end of an era as the BlackBerry now sleeps with the fishes, officially. Its legacy software was decommissioned on January 4th, rendering the former champion to paperweight status. In 2010, it was lording over market share as the top smartphone platform, but that all changed by 2013 when boom went bust. Because in the world of tech, a year is akin to a road trip through Westeros.

The BlackBerry joins the Walkman, phone books, carpet sweepers, toasting forks, pay-phones, VCR’s, answering machines, car lighters, alarm clocks, movie rental stores and the Cleveland Browns as stuff that is no longer relevant.

"Will you take care of Boomer?" John Burley asked his nurse, Jennifer Smith. And she said, "Of course, John. I will find Boomer and take care of him for you."

For health care workers, the last couple years have been akin to a jaunt through Cormac McCarthy’s tool box. But they keep on swinging away, challenging all the wicked curveballs humanity throws at them. Because while it’s the job that pays the bills, it’s the calling that steadies their steps into the unknown. These peeps are as well acquainted with the truth of our times as any group: The night is dark and full of terrors.

Jennifer Smith is a nurse at Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Rome, New York, and she’s batting cleanup in God’s lineup. John Burley is one of her patients, and he can attest to this. Last month, he put in a frantic phone call to Smith, telling her that his dog Boomer had been taken to the pound.

When Burley moved from Arkansas to upstate New York, he had no support system, having left behind all his family and friends. So when he was hospitalized with pneumonia and lung problems, Boomer was removed from the apartment. John immediately dialed up his favorite nurse in a panic and she went into action, scouring the area until she was able to locate the pooch at the Rome Humane Society

Dog and Daddy were re-united, with Boomer coming in to visit his old man in the rehabilitation wing of the center on the regular. He spends the rest of his time at Smith’s place until Burley is discharged.

“There are just so many worries in the world right now. If I can take one worry away from John, that’s the least I can do,” Smith said. “I can’t cure diseases. I’m not a miracle worker . . . I made a promise to John to take care of Boomer. I will take care of him as long as he needs me to. John knows that. Right now the focus is on John getting better and taking it one day at a time.”

The night doesn’t stand a chance with people like her on our side.



76 thoughts on “The Rundown

  1. B,

    You’ve hit another homerun with this one! Meander is such a cool word. And yes, in this part of the world, snow is supposed to be part and parcel of Winter. No snow means no precipitation, means drought and all the rest that goes with. Of course, yes, rain gives needed moisture but that’s for spring, summer and fall.

    That Nadia Popovici/Brian Hamilton story is just crazy good. I mean, c’mon… to notice a mole and then to mention it is one thing. For the person receiving the message from… ummm who? and to act on it is a whole ‘nother! Amazing.

    I know I would have been subjected to watching the latest Matrix were Mick still meandering this earth. I probably might have possibly been tempted to watch it – ‘course, that would imply I remember how the other three went, which I don’t. Which means I woulda had to watch ’em first. I’m tired already. And, seriously, how can one not love Keanu?

    This POS Brown. Why in the blessed fuck is he allowed to keep hawking his wares? And why in the blessed fuck do teams turn a blind eye to the reality of this horrible man and hire him anyway? No one is THAT good.

    BlackBerry… I know of one person. One, who was faithful to the brand. Sorry, Armen.

    Jennifer Smith is definitely an angel to John Burley. Period.

    Fantabulous Rundown and perfect tune to cap it. Love the video!


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    • Q

      What’s that? Another home run? And for the record, these home runs are totally clean, no PED’s.

      It snowed today and I went animal, hitting the pavement for some road work. I DID wear long pants today as it was pretty fucking cold and windy.

      If you live ANYWHERE near this young lady, you want to get in to see her once she scores her license. Just saying.

      I don’t remember too much about the trilogy, but the red/blue pill and the fight scenes, that was enough to feed my curiosity. Ugh.

      Brown has value as a player, but anything he brings to a team on the field is trashed by all his off the field antics. Let some other team sign him next season, they’ll see.

      Sad. I remember when it was a BIG deal.

      Imagine, she is calling around to all the shelters in the area. And then she gets Boomer and keeps him with her. It’s a calling, it really is.



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      • I never doubted that for a second.

        You are certifiable. Glad you protected your legs. It wasn’t too slippery? Sheesh…

        No kidding! Talk about someone you want to be taking care your well being!

        I’m sure it would come back to me, should I one day have, like, nothing to watch…

        I think his value goes down with each infraction. I would get to the point where I don’t care how you handle the ball…

        It was! (And Canadian, to boot 😉 )

        Wow. That is just way above and beyond. Beautiful soul.

        De Nadia!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ye of much faith.

          It was quite spotty at certain junctures, such as entering and leaving my running area. But other than that it was just cold as fuck. Cold enough for long pants!

          Seriously. She will be very popular. And for good reason.

          It’s Keanu and Carrie-Anne Moss aaannnddd . . . that’s it.

          This should be the line. Hell, the Raiders should have presented every other team with a template, but talent wins. Even when the person in question is facing criminal charges. Some day, they’re all going to have to explain themselves.


          A truly beautiful soul. It isn’t her second nature, it’s her first. It’s her, it’s who she is.

          Nicely played!

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  2. Hi Marcus, Not been around for a while, but always glad to come back to your effortless prose. Wee bit of snow here mate, but small potatoes. Oh, and I still use an alarm clock, by the way. Cheers

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  3. Well, Pilgrim, You’ve done it again. You’ve written up one heck of a post. There are glad and sad tidings, but all served up in your own style. The Blackberry story hit hard since that was the only smartphone authorized at one time at work. I had my own iPhone but the old Blackberry was a stand-by. All great stories. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If we continue to reward bad behaviour we will continue to be surrounded by it. Shame! Shame! Shame! But at least we have good people in the world who understand and without seeking reward, do good. Having said that, I’m going to take a meandering moment in a magnificent meadow. You knew I could not let that go! I like that word immensely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re hitting me with a Game of Thrones reference? I love it!

      I agree completely. It seems that the bad behavior IS rewarded, it’s celebrated. We vote them into office . . .

      Meander is a Hall of Fame word. I will take every opportunity to use it.

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  5. Running late this week because it’s been a busy week filled with transitions. AB – now that’s a double-edged story. I saw the Kraken story earlier this week. Good find. Not sure I’ve ever held a Blackberry, le. Thumbs up to Nurse Smith and for the chuckle courtesy of the Cleveland Browns. Thanks for SInatra.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cincy!

      AB is a bad joke. I was diagramming his moves from Sunday and he did not (DID) disappoint. First it was his touches or lack thereof and how it was going to mess with his incentives. Then, when people weren’t listening to that, he pulled the injury card in order to gain sympathy. It was so transparent.

      Q sent that to me. I was floored by it, in a great way.

      The Blackberry was tough to get used to. It made the flip seem so much easier.

      Here’s the Jennifer Smith and ALL the health care workers everywhere who are keeping the light on.

      The Browns are why I can never be totally dejected as a Dolphins fan. And the Jets too. Because I can always say, “At least I’m not a fan of THAT team!”.

      Ole Blue Eyes, as they say in college football, travels well.


  6. I really just don’t get enough of your beautiful writing, especially when you’re writing about the beautiful (soul) people. Some medical people really do have the best bedside (or rinkside) manner!

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  7. laughing at how you added the Cleveland browns go the out items – lol – and recently someone was reprised I knew it was called the dog pound. I am not totally into the NFL but I do know a few things – hahah

    and the mole story was inspiring and reminds me that we do need to speak up more – but sometimes people just don’t – glad the med student did

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nah, you are pretty good with your sports. Good luck to your Bills this weekend as they look to exorcise some demons.

      Right? What a great story. Communication . . saving someone’s life. Wow.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It is really hard for me to truly root for the Bills – feel like the letdown is always looming – isn’t that sad – even though they are my hometown team so because of classic conditioning I automatically root for them – hahah
        and it is oh so sweet whenever they beat New England

        Liked by 1 person

        • Uh, join the club sister. Miami had a great end to their season and so what does the owner do? He fires the head coach . . and now we’re back to square one. WTF.

          I think they can/should win. Josh Allen needs to have a solid, mistake free game and they will.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I heard about the Black Monday fall out – and maybe the Vikkngs, Giants and Bears needed it – but why the Dolphins? likely the owner was displacing his disappointment of the season ending while forgetting the aerial view.

            and glad the Bills no longer have to face the dolphins when they had “Dan “F**king Marino”

            Liked by 1 person

          • Those teams definitely needed a different direction, I agree. And I can’t really understand Miami’s reasoning on the Flores firing. The owner says the relationship between Flo and the GM was not ideal. So uh . . fire the GM, who was there longer and who wanted Tua. Flo wanted Herbert, who has turned into a stud in his second season.

            Marino . . how I miss him.

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      • PS. – here is an image aI grabbed a while back – because a few of us were watching the game and there ws discussion about glove logos and money being made when caught are made and the brands are shown – crazy eh?
        was there ever a time that football was just football?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Brands started happening in the eighties when the big personalities such as Deion, the Boz and Bo started carving their singular boom into the team dynamic. Highlight shows started featuring names, individuals. . . and from there it became monetized.

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          • Re: such as Deion, the Boz and Bo

            I had to look up Boz Brian Bosworthm and vaguely remember that name – and could be because I am east coast and was limited to our divisions – or just not that exposed to all the NFL stuff
            but I think you know I am a Deion “Prime Time” fan – but didn’t always like him – and I can vividly recall him on TV – snacking his lips – wearing a banana – talking smack about how good he was – but he changed – and was humbled and I Gave away his book to a few folks about 10 years ago – I like his story of trying to kill himself by driving off a cliff – and then God saving him and then he got insight about faith and living life for different things – such a good story –
            and then Bo… I remember his long run when he kept going going and going – He might have had a lot of those long runs – but I think the one I saw live was the first really big one – and then of course there are the “Bo Knows” commercials –

            and monetized sometimes means greed and manipulation

            Liked by 1 person

          • Bozworth was supposed to be the next great linebacker, but he was more style than substance. And his mythological super powers were quashed when none other than Bo Jackson literally ran him over in a prime time game.

            Deion was always a different cat. He didn’t endear himself to the purists, and he didn’t much care about that. I remember him being an excellent two sport player, as he played for my Yankees for a spell and later on the Braves. But football was his path to greatness.

            A lot of these players dealt with depression and never shared their stories for fear of being stigmatized. This was before society deemed it okay to do so.

            Liked by 1 person

          • You are so right about the depression it just the setback and trials so many players go through – this might sound cheesy but sometimes I pray for players after a hard loss or when a game ends on a stupid play of one player – I pray that God will help them cope and all that —
            Because as we mentioned with the brief Aaron Rodgers talk – about him being a man before being a QB (well both of course but his health should always be considered firsts IMHO))
            Anyhow – I never ever really want the Steelers to win but when I saw Big Ben smile the other day when they scraped out a win – I smiled for him! And I’m still pissed about Big Ben “getting the job done” against the Broncos back in 2005 (we now watch important games at home because that loss kinda sucked that bad)
            Anyhow – recently saw a Bills shirt for Scotty Norwood and the numbers on the back were slanted – off to the side like his missed Super Bowl kicks. My heart always goes out to Scotty because even tho a team loss to end like that is painful,
            boz example
            Reminds me how sometimes the college star is not the NFL star
            And I wonder if Aaron rodgers wouid have sucked too had he not had to wait so darn long for Bret to go
            And same thing with Brady – starting slow as an underdog can have perks

            Liked by 1 person

          • I don’t think that’s cheesy at all. I think it’s honest and beautiful is what I think. Praying got stigmatized somewhere along the line, well, in some corners. I pray. And I should pray more.

            As for these players, I hope AB gets the help he obviously needs. Does he behave like an asshole? Sure does. But that doesn’t mean I want to see him or someone else harmed. I just don’t think he should be playing football anymore and I think the Commish has to grow a pair and say so.

            The aughts of 2000, they seem so long ago now, don’t they? To think, Ben outlasted all the other quarterbacks in that class. I think?

            Did you know they made a movie about Norwood? It was called “Buffalo ’66” and it was a crime comedy drama.

            Nope, that’s true. So many big name college guys like Johnny Manzell, who never panned out in the pros.

            I think Rodgers would have caught up quickly. But yeah, I think there is some value to sitting, even for a little bit.

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  8. Wow, Misses Popovici and Smith deserve a standing “O.” Well done, ladies. And yes, I’m a sucker for feel good stories with dog at the center. As for AB, a rank disgusting pox on both he, Goodell and the league that continues to sanction his antics. They deserve one another.

    Stay warm and safe.

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