On Tyranny

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According to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst poll

  • 46% of Republicans say President Biden’s election was definitely not legitimate
  • 25% of Republicans say President Biden’s election was probably not legitimate
  • 15% of Republicans say President Biden’s election is probably legitimate
  • 6% of Republicans say President Biden’s election was legitimate

According to a CBS News poll,

  • 24% of Republicans approved the events of January 6th
  • 80% of Republicans see the January 6th event as a protest, not as an insurgence
  • 41% of Republicans were left-leaning groups

According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll,

  • 75% of Trump voters believe the election was rigged and stolen
  • 12% of Trump voters believe Republicans should cooperate with the Congressional investigation about the events of January 6th
  • 10% of Trump voters say the next election will be free and fair
  • 23% of Trump voters justify the January 6th events
  • 26% of Trump voters say the former president himself is the best/most truthful source of information about January 6th

First of all, the extraordinary reality that there’s this research that shows that something like at least 8%, and maybe as many as 12%, of the American people, now say that Joe Biden was illegitimate and that violence is an appropriate tool to removing him and restoring Donald Trump. That’s somewhere between 20 million and 30 million people. That’s a mass movement in America in favor of political violence, which is a new thing. (John Heilman on Meet the Press, 12 December 2021)

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

The data above and the quote frighten me. What have we become? Why? For the record, and in accordance with Ohio law, I’m a registered Independent, therefore I do not vote in primary elections for either party. I also have a history of being a registered Republican.

I look at Republican leadership – those officials elected to national, state, and local offices. Not all of them, but I am confident in saying most.

Republicans are the ones sowing the seeds of discontent. Republicans are the ones promoting the big lie.

Republicans are the ones using echo chambers of their biased media outlets to spread falsehoods.

Republicans are the ones promoting widespread voter fraud, which does not exist.

Republicans are the ones suppressing voters under the disguise of election security. They started this after the nation elected Barack Obama, and continued after Joe Biden’s election.

Republicans are the ones who intentionally blocked a Supreme Court nomination because they wanted the count favoring their view of America. They are the ones who don’t believe the judicial system is for all Americans.

Republicans are the ones promoting themselves as the defenders of the US Constitution. Yet, not only are they the ones who want to amend it, they would like to rewrite the Constitution in their view by calling for a Constitutional Convention.

Republicans, your silence is deafening. Your deflection is ill-guided. Your loyalty is misplaced. Your judgment is selfish. Your denial is absolute. You are the suppressors. You are the greatest threat to democracy. You are the tyrants. You are the promoters of tyranny.

36 thoughts on “On Tyranny

  1. Oh Frank!

    These numbers scare the shit out of me. How can those who represent these numbers not see what they are doing? Well, I take that back. Most of them see what they think is what they want. They are so blind. My God.

    Excellent choice of song. Powerful and poignant.


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  2. Americans are our neighbours, good neighbours. But I am afraid I would not travel there for any reason out of fear. I’m a woman, I am white and I am considered privileged and I am afraid. What about all the people the Republicans are against… The world has reason to fear. The one thing that will allow evil to flourish is that good people do nothing. Who said that?

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    • Pam,
      Fear is a Republican mantra. I continue to believe in the majority of people in the world are good. But when it comes to politics, it seems that has a way of creating blindness and promoting ignorance. Meanwhile – I don’t blame you for not crossing the border during these times.

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  3. I’m the opposite of you. A lifelong registered Democrat who changed to Decline To State several years ago. While I agree with everything you write here, I see similar problems with the Democratic Party. Both parties are being led down a path of rage and division by their extremes. Leaders of both are no longer leading, but following those extremes. To the detriment of our country and the vast majority of the population who don’t want the extremes.

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    • Mark,
      Thanks for sharing. One interesting point about party registration is that the rules are different from state to state. I know some states allow independents to vote in party primaries, and keep their independent stat status. Not in Ohio. Here, “I” means Issues-only ballot. While I am not enamored with the Democratic party, this post focused on the Republicans – so I’m not straying away from that thought.

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  4. A very thought-provoking commentary, Frank. Sadly, the current state of affairs is more than just slightly depressing. Those currently in power are frightening enough, but then I think about the people who put them there…voters. What the heck has become of this country where these kinds of folks get elected? It says a lot about the country as a whole, and not just about those currently pushing us into murky, dark waters.

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    • Monica,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. While I focused on Republicans, I am not saying I support the Democrats agenda by any means. Sometimes I think we get what we deserve. Then again, Kentucky can give us Senators McConnel and Paul, unfortunately, the rest of us have to live with it. The same can be said for various Dems. Your choice of “murky, dark waters” is a good description.

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      • Both sides are deeply entrenched. To the detriment of the country. Besides, I’m sure there are a couple more dozen post offices and libraries that can be renamed since that’s all the Senate seems interested in doing.


  5. Frank such an excellent narrative about what’s happening in our country. The Republican Party is corrupted, they have under the leadership of Trump corrupted many of our institutions ( ie; the Supreme Court). We are at a crossroads where we could lose our precious democracy . I feel beneath all this is a primary cause: White Supremacy. It’s all too familiar in the pages of The Third Reich.

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    • Holly,
      Thanks for sharing. I hope this is a phase that will pass. Before our time, McCarthyism was strong – but the shoe dropped and it passed. I am one who prefers avoiding Nazi references for a variety of reasons, but I confidently state that many of the actions we see have common with numerous dictatorships in modern history.


  6. This problem exists in both parties, Frank. On top of the poor leadership in Congress, we have incompetence in the Executive branch, as well, which doesn’t help the American citizen. I really don’t understand the purpose of this post other than to accuse Republicans of Tyranny. (Your headline, not mine) If so, I think you will need better information than polls whose methodology is unknown or opinions on meet the Press.

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    • John,
      Thanks for sharing. 1) I recognize problems not only in both parties but in all branches – but deflecting to those problems doesn’t address the issues that I address. 2) You are correct. The purpose of this post is to accuse Republicans of tyranny. My hope is they change their tune sooner rather than later. 3) Polls aren’t perfect, but I stand with a common theme that is embedded with the results. 4) Meet the Press always has a variety of views on its show. Heilman’s quote stuck me – especially as it relates to the results that I gathered after the quote. 5) If my facts are incorrect, show me the evidence.

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      • Your so-called facts are gleaned from outputs that I have no hope of disputing. I can’t determine how the methodology was constructed to ensure objectivity, so I can’t dispute the results. The idea that you call them facts is further causing me to believe your quest has a single purpose and it would be non-productive to engage in dialog around it. You are labeling Republicans as a group tyrannical. As often happens when you generalize in such a manner there are many who do not fit the category. Since I’m not Republician, I don’t have a vested interest in your conclusion. As an American I do have concern when anyone labels a group in such a general manner.

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        • John – first and foremost – I respect you. I know you are an American who wants what is best for this country. i know you are not a Republican. But I know Liz Chaney is not a tyrant. I know Adam Kinzinger is not promoting tyranny. I know Mitt Romney is not only a decent human being and he has spoken up – and there are others. But my words were directed at elected officials and that I was confident in saying “most” because I know “all” is not true. Their actions, their spoken words influence people – and they have influenced the situation we are in. I hear the words of the state officials in Ohio promoting the narrative. I hear the words of local officials doing the same. I hear those from other states whose comments make the news. I hear local and state officials when I travel to other states. Are there Republicans shaking their head at others? Absolutely. If they are silent, that a problem. Deflecting is a problem. Denying is a problem. You’re a good man, so thanks for letting me rant. Ending it here is fine with me.

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  7. Cincy,

    This is only the crust of this disjointed and illogical pie that America is baking. And it has both sides fixing on a healthy serving, because the democrats are plenty fine at messing this republic up every bit as well. My problem with the GOP right now is with how they have cowered to Trump. The loudmouths like MTG? Well, the other side has AOC. There’s always going to be a tit for a tat in that regard. But the party as a whole is rudderless, which is why they are joined to Trump, still, even after all this shit. Sad.

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    • Marc,
      “This is only the crust of this disjointed and illogical pie that America is baking.” …. I am tempted to answer, “And done.” Although I’ve concentrated on the current state of Republicans, I concede that Dems are also in the kitchen. However, my focus of this post remains on Republicans. I can disagree with the Republicans of the past, but that didn’t mean they were wrong. It meant we disagreed. The current brand has been building for about 25 years, but they have finally gone too far and prompted me to take put it all together and take a stance.

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      • Hey, I get it. I appreciate you writing this here. And I value your opinion, I hope you know that. You can always provide your side here, always.

        I want respect in our dialogue back. I mean, in general. In society. And maybe I’m a fool for thinking it is possible, but I don’t care. I want it.

        I write about a guy I know named Barry from time to time. He’s a Trump guy. We sit on totally opposite sides of the fence on this. But we still talk, debate, disagree. I don’t hate him for what he thinks and he doesn’t hate me for what I think.

        I know it’s possible. And your post made me think about this, so thank you. Really thank you.

        Don’t stop writing here.

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        • I very much appreciate the opportunity. But me being me, I will continue to ask permission before posting. Thank you.

          Good for you and Barry. Avoidance is my general tactic. But there are people I can engage in meaningful conversation, but they are few. Sadly, dialogue is needed – but so is accountability.

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          • Absolutely. We have our process Frank, and I trust it more than I trust the 76ers process, 😉

            That being said, I have a certain family member I cut ties with, completely. Because he will not give an inch in his narrow minded opinions of the world and I’m no longer interested in keeping a relationship just because.


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